barrow hill

Posted by: deleterman

barrow hill - 09/02/06 10:26 PM

Hi just started the game ,Great.just left Pete Aston's room with the lantern going to the woodland got to the 4 stones on the left and lamps on the right but got to close to the sentry standing stone that blocks the path , how do i get around it and i got to close and got i guess that i have to start over from my last save point ? any answers for this problem ? help cry Deliterman.
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Re: barrow hill - 09/02/06 10:50 PM


You don't need to start over.
This is a very non linear game. You can do anything and go anywhere you want to.
That standing stone can appear anywhere he-it wants too also. So be prepared. eek
As for going forward - just go somewhere else and check other places. Later, you can come back and see if it is still there. Turn around and go back to the path. Go to the service station or go left of the main road to the west side of town.
Posted by: Jim

Re: barrow hill - 09/03/06 01:15 PM

MaG Hi I am at the same place as deliterman and hope I understand the advise. Can I avoid the stone and go my merry way. Go to other areas and tasks and then return to the Sentery Stone area. Will it be gone so I may continue on the path that time???? I have seen enough vegetation to last me awhile. Ha. I would appreciate any clarification. Jim
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Re: barrow hill - 09/03/06 01:22 PM

The stone apparently moves around, Jim--I've been running into it all over the place. So just go to another area, work on some other puzzle, and then try back again... wave
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Re: barrow hill - 09/03/06 01:23 PM

Hi Jim,

Yes - turn around from the 'hot rock' as Sue calls it and check other places; do other puzzles, talk to Ben; go west of town where there are puzzles to do and clues to pick up.
Not a back to nature calling for you, eh... laugh
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Re: barrow hill - 09/06/06 07:47 PM

Hi;every thing was running smooth,but now I have run in to a snag!!I am starting the water blessing , have tossed in some coins for good measure , lit the blue candle and then the brown , but now i don't hear the heavenly music and can't click a egg cup on the water and no flash of light, have done everything as per the w/t and went back and checked every thing over again!oh when i back off the candles go out.. mad help!! Deliterman.
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Re: barrow hill - 09/06/06 08:05 PM

Deliterman have you read everything that concerns the blessing? Did you find the sheet music? Be sure that you light the blue candle first and then the brown one. I think the "brown" candle you need to light is more toward the lower center of the set of candles.
Good luck

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Re: barrow hill - 09/06/06 08:41 PM

Hi Sue,thanks for your reply,yes i did , i read every thing , you know the candle far right looks brown to me but i heard that the right one is to the center bottom. will try that!! praiseDeliterman.
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Re: barrow hill - 09/07/06 02:24 PM

Hi guys,

I've finally gotten around to the four stones to the left of the lighted path and no "hot rock" is standing my way. The WT says to look close at the pile of soil left of the hanging strainer frame. Derned if I can find a pile of soil or anything that looks like a strainer frame. I don't even know what a strainer frame is! Maybe Marita could be a little more specific?

Love yez,
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Re: barrow hill - 09/07/06 02:32 PM


Go forward pass the 4 stones to the Soil Heap area. You will see a strainer frame at right side of the path - you'll recognize it when you see it.
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Re: barrow hill - 09/07/06 07:58 PM

Hi Sue; yes your right ,it is the one at the bottom @6oclock ,didn't look brown to me,but after that everything was a piece of cake ,what a cool game huh?thanks for your help again thumbsup thanks Deliterman.
Posted by: texaslady

Re: barrow hill - 09/07/06 08:17 PM

I'm glad you figured it out Deliterman! I thought it was a wonderful game. I had a blast playing it and the cracking of the leaves as I was walking through the wooded areas completely creeped me out.

Sue wave
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Re: barrow hill - 09/10/06 01:33 PM

Hi guys,

I'm at the seven stones and trying to make the appropriate offerings to each but lost track of what the different offerings are in the row of cups at the top of inventory. Can someone tell me what they are? From left to right? This game identifies nothing in inventory. Also, is there any way short of going to the last save, that this puzzle can be reset?

Please and thankyou,
Posted by: texaslady

Re: barrow hill - 09/10/06 01:54 PM

Jerry I thought the cursor near the egg cups would tell you what was in them.
If not, the order to place them in is fish, oil, plant, barley,blessed water, fruit juice and salt. I don't remember how they are arranged in inventory but the colors or textures of the ingredients should help you arrange them.
The puzzle can not be reset. If you put an incorrect offering on a stone, you will know immediately and will go back to a prior area before you started placing them.

Posted by: BillyBob

Re: barrow hill - 09/10/06 03:21 PM

In OPTIONS you can turn on the Identification of the Inventory. laugh