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Lighthouse..HELP!!! - 08/20/02 07:56 PM

In the top of the lighthouse..I`m supposed to replace the old bulb with the one I took from the lab.Problem.When I try to click the bulb on the hanging wire..nothing happens. PLEASE HeLP
Posted by: Tally Ho

Re: Lighthouse..HELP!!! - 08/20/02 08:15 PM

The hanging wire must be plugged into the ceiling fixture; and the new bulb must replace the burned-out one that is inside the big lens. Look for a way to open the lens. (You have to take out the old bulb first, if I recall.)

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Posted by: Tom Sr

Re: Lighthouse..HELP!!! - 08/20/02 11:01 PM

Yes, you must have the fresnel lens assembly raised to the upper level before you can install the new modulator tube. You'll find a lever in the lab below that raises it.