New Adventures of the Time Machine

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New Adventures of the Time Machine - 09/06/02 12:07 PM

Level 4. I am unable to get out of prison. Can't find the guard room. Pleeeeese help.
Posted by: Tally Ho

Re: New Adventures of the Time Machine - 09/06/02 03:15 PM

pawolverine -

Hi, and Welcome to GameBoomers!!

Can't find the guard room? Well, I don't have a map, but picture yourself at the cell where you and Ashamira were imprisoned with your back to the cell. If you go down the closest steps to your right, and make sort of an 'S' turn, you will find an entrance to another corridor. Go to the end of that one and you should find the guard room. To help with your sense of direction, if you go instead down the other set of steps, to the left and past about four other cells, you would find the bell on the wall. This route takes you farther away from the guard room.

Hope this helps, and I'm doing this on months-old memory, having not played this segment of the game for some time.