3 Skulls of the toltecs help

Posted by: Coreoverload

3 Skulls of the toltecs help - 09/28/02 10:52 AM

I'm stuck at the Foft Apache. I can't get the sergeant to take the whisky. Every time I give him the bottle he says "I'm sorry. I'm a teetotaller." But he is suposed to drink it, because that is the only way to get the other skull and the Star of free Mexico I tried talking to him. I tried everything. There are a very limited amount of walkthroughs for this game. And I looked at several and they didn't help. Any ideas? <img border="0" alt="cry" title="" src="graemlins/cry.gif" />
Posted by: Jenny

Re: 3 Skulls of the toltecs help - 09/28/02 01:09 PM

Have you tried just putting the bottle on a shelf and leaving the rooom? Maybe temptation will get the better of him, and when you go back in later he'll be drunk. At least that's the way I think it's supposed to work.....
Posted by: Jema

Re: 3 Skulls of the toltecs help - 09/28/02 05:36 PM

Jenny is right - you have to put the whiskey on a shelf, leave the room, and come back later.

You say you can't find the shelf. When you talk to the Sergeant, does he tell you to put it on the shelf? If not, my guess is there is something you haven't done that will trigger that response and then you will see the shelf.

In this game there are so many things that are triggered by some prior action by the player.

There is an excellent walkthrough at http://www.mrbillsadventureland.com/walkthrus/3skullsW/3skullsW.htm

It takes you step by step through the game. My suggestion is read it from the beginning to the point where you now are to see if there's anything you haven't done.

Hope this will help you.