Posted by: DebbieS

TORINS PASSAGE - 10/13/02 12:45 PM

Hi, Are the scroll handles in Torins Passage supposed to move up & down? I took a look at the wt here and at the vulture's nest and harem you're supposed to scroll down. I only have L & R movement. The game is also full screen, I'm not sure if that makes a difference. And I'm running it in win98 but dos mode.

Debbie (Dasgutt)
Posted by: Witchen

Re: TORINS PASSAGE - 10/13/02 01:23 PM

Hi Debbie.......The scroll handles should allow you to see the part of the picture outside the view screen of the game. Are you clicking and dragging?

Love, Witchen =O) smile
Posted by: Witchen

Re: TORINS PASSAGE - 10/13/02 08:06 PM

Hi there, Debbie....I don't know but maybe there are several versions of the game on the market, but the manual in my game says: "The Scroll Handle: Many of the Torin's Passage screens are larger than the visible window. Click and drag the scroll handle(s) to see the rest of the picture. Occasionally, using the scroll handle is required to solve a puzzle." Maybe if the game screen is taking up your entire viewing area, you can't readily access the scroll handles. Keep trying and maybe Tally Ho will have more help later.

Hope that helps..... that's all the instructions I could find.

Love, Witchen =O)