Sacred Amulet (Aztec)

Posted by: desertlilac

Sacred Amulet (Aztec) - 10/14/02 01:16 PM

Could anyone send me a saved game at the point where the main character is to kill two birds (near end of game)? I cannot control my cursor well enough to make any headway. Am getting very frustrated. Have so many other frustrations in life -- this is the last straw. Thanks so much.
Posted by: Fongo

Re: Sacred Amulet (Aztec) - 10/16/02 08:40 AM

If you're game for another try, the best method I've found is to aim a little below the centre of the bird's chest when shooting the blowgun.

It also pays to walk around and look for the bird's body on the ground - the bird always looks like it flutters away, but you may have hit it.