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Aftershocked! - 11/17/02 10:15 AM

You know what? I have not needed help with this game until now! I am helping out the drug dealer here and now he wants me to find something good that will replace the zombie brain meat. I mean, where am I supposed to find food that Jimmy is willing to pick up with his bare hands. He's not willing to take the turkey in the house on the beach. I can't put sugar in the cauldron instead. I can't put a gold leaf into the cauldron. (At least, not yet anyway) I don't know what I'm supposed to give this guy as a replacement for zombie brains. Can anybody help me out here???? <img border="0" title="" alt="[Confused]" src="confused.gif" /> Thanks! wave wave
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Re: Aftershocked! - 11/17/02 10:56 AM

You need to go hang out at the dairy or farm place and fix their meat grinder. Have you been out there yet? Also this game is very non-linear in places or at least stretched out. You have many things you work on at once. It may be that although you know what the Drug dealer dude wants - there is much other stuff you need to do and solve.

Have you sorted out the school?
Have you helped the kid in the playground?
Have you dealt with a soul eating fish?
Have you helped the zombie in the closet find true love?

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Re: Aftershocked! - 11/17/02 11:02 AM

First off -

I need to catch a crab with a corncob pipe. How in the world do I go about doing that????? I've just about given up on the crab. Yes, I have give the zombie kid his arm back. No, I haven't taken care of the soul-eating fish. No, I haven't found the zombie in the closet's true love. Would she happen to be the zombie that sits in the classroom with the other two zombies? Let me know! wave
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Re: Aftershocked! - 11/17/02 11:53 AM

Mac, as far as that crazy crab is concerned, let me quote Laura:

"maybe if you ate something that is claimed by Mom's everywhere to make their kids run around like crazed rabbits - you would be fast enough to catch the crab. It is something you should have picked up at the grocers in the back room."

There is a five page thread here , which is as close to a walkthrough as I can find at the moment. There were hints on the home page for Aftershocked, but right now I can't access the site.
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Re: Aftershocked! - 11/17/02 11:56 AM

How in the world am I supposed to get Jimmy to eat the bag of sugar, though? Please help!
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Re: Aftershocked! - 11/17/02 12:02 PM

Mac, it's been a long time since I played Aftershocked and unfortunately I didn't take any notes. But it seems to me that there is a "use" function, isn't there? Try clicking on the sugar in inventory and then "use" it on Jimmy.

If that doesn't work, I'll fire up the game (I do still have it on my computer) and see what I can discover...