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Posted by: maggie57

Question for Mods - 07/19/07 11:31 PM


You all do such a wonderful job, I hate to ask something special. But you remember Post Mortem? What is the chance of another one, set in Europe?


Maggie wave think
Posted by: Butcher

Re: Question for Mods - 07/20/07 05:00 AM

Wasn't Post Mortem set in Paris?
Posted by: MaG

Re: Question for Mods - 07/20/07 07:31 AM


Are you asking about a sequel to Post Mortem set in Europe or any adventure game set in Europe?

Still Life, the sequel of Post Mortem has some parts set in Europe. The sequel to Still Life is still unknown.

There are lots of adventure games that are out and will be released set in Europe. Some set at different time periods.
- New and old Agatha Christies, BS4.
Coming are AnaCapri, AGON4, Belief and Betrayal, Culpa Innata, Nostradamus...
Posted by: Butcher

Re: Question for Mods - 07/20/07 10:12 PM

Post Mortem i think was released in Europe wasn't it? I bought my copy from a US store so i didn't look for a European release.