games for pocket pc?

Posted by: carlitos

games for pocket pc? - 08/18/07 04:53 AM

Hi everyone
This is my first post here, although I have been coming to this forum for years to read what other people think smile
I recently purchased a pocket pc and I fell in love with the option of playing adventure games on the go with it.
I already have fade, syberia 1 and scummvm with a copule of lucasarts adventure games. I know that broken sword is available, but I already played it on so many platforms, so I don't see myself shelling another 29 dollars for it.
Can anyone please tell me of any other games available for the pocket pc?

PS. I really loved fade, so if there are any other games like that I would be very happy
Thanks in advance
Posted by: Becky

Re: games for pocket pc? - 08/18/07 06:41 AM

Hi carlitos and welcome to GameBoomers! welcome

I'm not aware of other adventure games for the Pocket PC, but perhaps another Pocket PC owner will stop by and let us know if there are other adventure titles for this platform.
Posted by: gamenut

Re: games for pocket pc? - 08/18/07 11:04 AM

i think original Myst.
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: games for pocket pc? - 08/18/07 01:44 PM

Yes there is Myst for PocketPC, and Riven too (though I don't know how well Riven plays on such a small screen). Here are some more, mostly remakes of PC games:

Atlantis Redux
Egyptian Prophecy
Gilbert Goodmate
Return to Mysterious Island
Secret of the Lost Cavern
Syberia 2

and some other games (these may have more dying in them than the previous group, but are usually considered adventures)

Deja Vu 1 and 2

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