broken sword #3

Posted by: deleterman

broken sword #3 - 08/21/07 02:36 PM

just finished BS#1 & #4 both good! why in this day & age would anyone play a game ( BS#3 ) that is only key board and not mouse driven ?? i'm just starting BS#2 hope it is good as the first one , just finished BS#2 not bad..i guess no ones playing BS games..i just don't see anything about them..starting Ankh-heart of Osiris now..hope this is even better than the BS games.. deliterman.
Posted by: deleterman

Re: broken sword #3 - 08/28/07 12:19 PM

no better!!!
Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: broken sword #3 - 08/28/07 12:23 PM

lol Have you tried the first Ankh? I enjoyed it much better than the first.

I love the Broken Sword Series but to me my enthusiasm wanes with each one because of the controls and a few stealth/action bits. I will of course continue to buy them as they come along. laugh

Ana wave
Posted by: Becky

Re: broken sword #3 - 08/28/07 12:59 PM

Deliterman -- believe it or not, there was a time when many people were saying that keyboard-driven games were the inevitable wave of the future and that point and click was dead.

Broken Sword 3 was, as I recall, also developed for the PS2, and I think this influenced the interface for the PC version.