old myst comics

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old myst comics - 09/05/07 08:03 PM

think Does anyone now where I might get/ find/ buy a copy of the old MYST comics from Dark Horse? I've tried various searches, but as soon as you use the word "Myst", you get about 2 million hits. I have a copy of MYST #1, but would like a copy of "MYST #0; Passages." I'd appreciate any information or suggestions.
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Re: old myst comics - 09/06/07 08:01 AM

The Haze, could This be of help?

Good luck with your search luck

Chief wave
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Re: old myst comics - 09/06/07 08:54 AM

Thanks, Chief! smile
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Re: old myst comics - 09/06/07 11:41 AM


I discovered this page, where you can buy the Myst comic:


Therefore click on this link:


and choose a local Dark Horse retailer where you can get the Myst Comic.

On this page you can even see some pages out the comic:


This is a link to a news about the Myst Comic where the comic was discribed a little bit with details who it looks like:


And this is an interview that darkhouse.com Comics has done with Ran Miller:


Friendly Greetings from

Moe Perry
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Re: old myst comics - 09/06/07 03:31 PM

Thank You all! I found it; bought it; and must now hope I get to the mailbox before my wife does.

You are all really helpful!!