a suggestion for a game?

Posted by: The Haze

a suggestion for a game? - 11/09/07 05:13 PM

smile I'm sure you've all discussed this before, but I need some educated opinions. My mother is bright, literate, in good general health, and 84 years old. She hates television and is tired of playing Freecell on my old computer. She wants to try a video game. Since she doesn't wish to kill things, and she is still pretty bright, I am tempted to set her up with MYST and see what happens. Given that I need something with fairly simple gameplay and no violence, does anyone out there have any other ideas?
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Re: a suggestion for a game? - 11/09/07 06:28 PM

Hi, The Haze

I would suggest for Mom...Anacapri the Dream ...Its a lovely game with great scenic views..

Not at all complicated..

luck with your game search for Mom catrub
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Re: a suggestion for a game? - 11/09/07 08:49 PM

I'd love to help you, but all my games are about killing things! devil Anyway, I'd love to help you out. I'd recommend www.gamespot.com and look under adventure or puzzle and trying to find a game with a relatively low learning curve. I'm not familiar with Adventure games, I guess you could call me an MMORPG guru.

Anywho, enough talking. Like I said, that website's pretty good for stuff like that.

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Re: a suggestion for a game? - 11/09/07 08:51 PM

A lot of people got their start in adventures by playing Myst, so it wouldn't be a bad choice (though she'll probably need a walkthrough at some point).

Does she like Agatha Christie? Evil Under the Sun is a lot of fun, and has a hint system that should help a newbie just getting her feet wet in adventure gaming.

Another recent release that has logical puzzles and might be good for a beginning adventurer is is Destination: Treasure Island.

You might want to also consider East Side Story. The interface is very easy to use, and the gameworld is lovely.

If she'd like a puzzle game with lots of puzzle variety, you might want to have her try Magicama, which also has a Hint system.
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Re: a suggestion for a game? - 11/10/07 05:20 AM

Pandora's Box is also a very good game for someone who loves puzzles.

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Re: a suggestion for a game? - 11/10/07 06:48 AM

What about Safecracker? All puzzles and nothing that needs quick fingering luck
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Re: a suggestion for a game? - 11/10/07 11:46 AM

I second all the previous choices , and absolutely recommend Syberia , also !