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Posted by: oldmariner

Broken Sword Info - 12/18/07 02:03 PM

Just a little tidbit for anyone who is interested. I went looking for a copy of Broken Sword 2 and found it at Startup software ltd. They had a reissue of BS1 & 2 for 4.99 (pounds). The price includes international shipping. It took 14 days to arrive on the west coast US. Both games were on one cd and loaded up on XP without any tweaking. As these are the European Versions BS 1 is titled The Shadow of The Templars, not Circle of Blood. What I found interesting is my old saves (us version of BS2 ) were coded differently. Saves in the US copy were titled ( savegame.000 ) Of course they ran in series 000, 001 etc. The European version would not recognize them. I noted this version's save format was (sword2alt.000) Living dangerously I renamed one of my old saves to the European format. To my surprise the doggone thing worked.

I also purchased BS3 for 7.99 in pounds including shipping. The British version does not include starforce it uses securom 4.85 which is far less threatening to your pc than what the us release has. In case some of you avoided the game because of the protection here is an excellent alternative at a very reasonable price. I have not checked the save game folders on 1 or 3 yet so no comment offered there. Here is a link to the store for anyone interested.
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Re: Broken Sword Info - 12/18/07 04:50 PM

Thanks, oldmariner. These are all wonderful games.
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Re: Broken Sword Info - 12/19/07 02:58 PM

I've used Startup Software to - they're a treasure trove for those of us who like the oldie games!