Evil Under the Sun--Loved it!!

Posted by: sadirose

Evil Under the Sun--Loved it!! - 01/04/08 02:17 PM

Just finished & have to say I enjoyed it more than anything I have played recently. You are requiredto think rather than solve frustrating puzzles(the scorpions in Mystery of the Mummy,the annoyiung skeeball & perpetual motion machine in Crystal Skull & the dreadful rotating rooms in Mystery of the Mummy& Blackmoor Manor come to mind)Not to mention the dreaded slider puzzles. I can't say I was bothered at all by the lack of timed puzzles. It was easy to move around also. some puzzles that I enjoyed had some confusing geography. I was constantly getting lost on the island with And There Were None. The walkthrough was great--thanks for that!
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Re: Evil Under the Sun--Loved it!! - 01/04/08 02:21 PM

Hi Sadirose and welcome to GameBoomers! welcome

I agree -- this one was a lot of fun. grin
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Re: Evil Under the Sun--Loved it!! - 01/04/08 07:54 PM

I enjoyed the game too, I thought Poirot was just perfect. The guy operating the sea tractor was so patient with me, the amount of times I rang him up to trundle Poirot across to the mainland and back. He must really have loved driving that thing. lol
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Re: Evil Under the Sun--Loved it!! - 01/04/08 08:39 PM

Hi smile

Thank you !! grin

Always like to read a favourable report bravo bravo

[This is another on my "to play" stack !!]


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