REALLY enjoying Culpa Innata

Posted by: robedits

REALLY enjoying Culpa Innata - 01/27/08 04:33 PM

Had read some great reviews,some mild ones and some tepid ones,so I decided to test this game for myself.
Very enjoyable! I've played better-looking RPGs that I've become bored with in short order;such as OBlivion and the Gothics (more enjoyable than Morrowind series IMHO,but still a tad boring).
This game is anything BUT boring.
Although the outside environs could use some sprucing up,and the overall rez could have allowed for higher than 1024/768...the interiors are all beautifully designed (talk about colorful!)and a marvel to look at,and the character facial animations are first rate. Getting around is easy once places have been opened up as you progress..the city,though somewhat devoid of human life,is interesting from place to place...the integration of the storyline and mission-handling (that is,conversing with key players) is spot-on good. Interface is a breeze,too.
Let the better reviewers go into the details;suffice it to say that an adventure gamer like me (who has been playing them for years) is really enjoying this game a whole lot.
If you were thinking about this and were undecided,do yourself a favor and get it now. It's really good!
For a first effort,these guys rocked.
Rob "the voice over guy" Brooklyn, NY
Posted by: Becky

Re: REALLY enjoying Culpa Innata - 01/27/08 05:36 PM

Hi robedits -- nicely informative. thumbsup Thanks!
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Re: REALLY enjoying Culpa Innata - 01/29/08 09:36 AM

Hi smile

Great !! Always love to read such positive "player" comments !!

bravo bravo bravo


Mad wave
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Re: REALLY enjoying Culpa Innata - 01/29/08 08:45 PM

Hi robedits ...

Thanks for your opinion on the game...

I also enjoyed it Big Time