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NiBiRU..Hmm - 02/11/08 05:33 PM

So.. I just finished Nibiru after a long time because of bugs etc. in the game.. So.. I think it was an excellent story line.. However.. I did think the ending was VERY poor.. So dissapointing..
What do you think?

- Zeyyil
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Re: NiBiRU..Hmm - 02/11/08 05:37 PM

i thought it was a bit tedious at times but i have played a lot worse...Tunguska reminds me a lot of Nibiru...i started it couple months ago and have not finished it...sort of lost interest.
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Re: NiBiRU..Hmm - 02/11/08 05:47 PM

I'm sorry you didn't like the game Zeyyil. It was one of the games I really enjoyed.

Ana wave
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Re: NiBiRU..Hmm - 02/11/08 05:47 PM

I actually haven√łt tried Tunguska.. Well I didn't loose interest in it, but the ending was really badly made.. I believe the makers could have been a lot more creative.. But no.. Very dissapointed in that
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Re: NiBiRU..Hmm - 02/11/08 07:03 PM

Hey Zeyyil

I not agree with you. Nibiru is a great game, with very good story. Nibiru is involving of begin to the end. I really like very much of game.
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Re: NiBiRU..Hmm - 02/12/08 12:58 AM

Zayyil -- welcome to GameBoomers!

You didn't enjoy the
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science fiction themes at the end? Or the fact that, at the end, Martin was stymied in his quest to prove that aliens had visited the earth?
Posted by: Volkana

Re: NiBiRU..Hmm - 02/12/08 01:40 AM

I did enjoy Nibiru but i agree the ending comparing with the rest of the game was very poor. I will play it again though... smile
Posted by: Tomer

Re: NiBiRU..Hmm - 02/12/08 03:56 AM

I just posted my review on the game about a month ago.
The game overall is fine. I don't think that the ending is the only flaw at all. The main character, Martin, is very very plain and 3-dimentional, and the puzzles were kinda random.
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Re: NiBiRU..Hmm - 02/12/08 02:29 PM

I lost interest in NiBiRU, too. It's still on my computer because I got halfway through it and meant to finish it but I can't seem to drum up the interest to continue on. It wasn't a bad game, it just didn't catch my interest somehow. I think I found it too linear and I was relying on the walkthrough so much that it stopped being a game. Maybe my brain just doesn't work that way but some of the things I had to do would never have occurred to me without the walkthrough like...

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...having to strap the dynamite onto the rat to get into the secret room. Maybe I just need further training in explosives. lol

I haven't uninstalled it because I hate to leave games unfinished so I probably should just go back and complete it.
Posted by: Rushes

Re: NiBiRU..Hmm - 02/12/08 03:29 PM

I agree that the ending was a bit of an anti-climax, but this game is still a real favourite of mine, one that I've replayed and will play over again. The graphics are beautiful. I thought the puzzles were well integrated and not too difficult, and I enjoyed the linear style of gameplay. I liked Martin; he wasn't exactly dripping with charisma, but at least he didn't irritate the bejeebers out of me. wink
Posted by: Oranger

Re: NiBiRU..Hmm - 02/24/08 10:45 AM

Originally Posted By: Zeyyil
So.. I just finished Nibiru after a long time because of bugs etc. in the game.. So.. I think it was an excellent story line.. However.. I did think the ending was VERY poor.. So dissapointing..
What do you think?

- Zeyyil

I'm with you here! I played NIBIRU shortly after the Black Mirror, and keeping in mind the overhelming end of this game I was looking forward to the great climax. Nothing like that happened! I myself could have coined up a dozen of more thrilling ends than that of what we have. Looked like the developers got tired of the story and the main character and felt just like getting rid of the project. Or they were behind of their schedule...
Posted by: chrissie

Re: NiBiRU..Hmm - 02/24/08 11:16 AM

I really enjoyed playing this game & it would have been one of my favourites if it hadn't been for a very disappointing ending - I'm with you there too! smile
Posted by: Iva

Re: NiBiRU..Hmm - 03/02/08 08:17 AM

All I'd like to say about this game that it was quite easy for me, but I think it can be a good start for beginners in this genre.

I agree about the ending but the game itself is OK.
Posted by: Mad

Re: NiBiRU..Hmm - 03/02/08 08:41 AM

Hi smile

I thoroughly enjoyed this game - and at least it did have a start, middle and end !!

Some modern books and films are nowhere near as complete whistle whistle


Mad wave
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Re: NiBiRU..Hmm - 03/02/08 10:19 AM

Though I would not rated it high among a top 10 games list, it was an enjoyable game. Not too hard or too easy and well worth the time to play.
Posted by: Jehane

Re: NiBiRU..Hmm - 03/11/08 09:39 PM

I enjoyed NiBiRu a lot but the ending was, as some of you have pointed out, badly done. It just left too many questions unanswered, it was too abrupt. This, however, is the only complaint I have about the game; Martin will never be my favourite character but at least he wasn't annoying. It might not be a great game but it's good enough to replay it some day smile