Having Fun w/ Blackwell Unbound :)

Posted by: Tracy

Having Fun w/ Blackwell Unbound :) - 02/16/08 10:53 PM

Hi everyone. I just wanted to post that I've been playing Blackwell Unbound tonight, and am having a ball with it! I just love the graphics they use in these games; it's sort of old-school in a wonderfully creative way, and the characters are just great! I want to tout this game as a great way to spend an evening (or more) because I've just been having a blast. smile

Not only do you get to look at adorable graphics and enjoy getting to know Lauren (Rosa's Mom I believe), and Joey the ghost, but you get to solve mysteries and play private eye right along with them. It's so neat to have a game that's light-hearted and fun, but with a spooky edge to it, and I think Dave Gilbert has done a fantastic job with these Blackwell games.

I just wanted to toot a horn in honor of them, and to share my thoughts in case anyone else is sitting at home tonight bored and wishing they could find something really enjoyable to play. I think you'll have as much fun with this one (and its predecessor) as I am!

Cat, off to log back into the game and into the mystery!
Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Having Fun w/ Blackwell Unbound :) - 02/16/08 10:56 PM

I'm glad you are having a great time! Happy Gaming!

Ana wave
Posted by: dragonuk44

Re: Having Fun w/ Blackwell Unbound :) - 02/17/08 02:55 AM

I cant wait for nbr 3 another game I need lol
Posted by: misa

Re: Having Fun w/ Blackwell Unbound :) - 02/17/08 11:05 AM

I love Dave Gilbert's games! When you're done Unbound and are waiting for Convergence, check out his game The Shivah as well. Different characters and story but you'll notice one familiar name at the very beginning.

Another great game of his is Two of a Kind which is free.

I love indy "underground" games. smile
Posted by: jldcat

Re: Having Fun w/ Blackwell Unbound :) - 02/19/08 10:00 AM

Funny enough I just started to play Unbound myself over the weekend and am also enjoying it immensely. Sometimes, I kind of get sick of all the spectacular blow your mind type graphics and just want a plain old story driven, clue finding game.
Posted by: Celtic Lark

Re: Having Fun w/ Blackwell Unbound :) - 02/19/08 10:11 AM

I played Blackwell Unbound a few weeks ago, too. I didn't know what to expect but I'd seen a lot of people post here about the series so I downloaded it. Cat pegged it exactly - light-hearted but with a spooky edge. Makes you a little apprehensive but nothing terrifying.
Posted by: sierramindy

Re: Having Fun w/ Blackwell Unbound :) - 02/19/08 11:55 AM

Oh yes! Blackwell Unbound was a great game and I enjoyed it very much all the way. Joey is fun and Lauren (Rosa's Aunt actually) was a neat character to play too. It is a game that involves the player, not a technology showcase with the game as something just added on as a secondary feature, or so it seems to me.