Ghost in the Sheet

Posted by: NYLady

Ghost in the Sheet - 02/23/08 08:58 AM

Big Fish Exclusive... it's on the front page and I got an email for it at my nonmember address so it available to everyone.

Can someone tell me what it is and how hard it is? I'm looking for a good weekend game.
Posted by: Rushes

Re: Ghost in the Sheet - 02/23/08 09:28 AM

It's an adventure game - a good one! thumbsup

Becky gives a great review of it HERE
Posted by: NYLady

Re: Ghost in the Sheet - 02/23/08 11:32 AM

No wonder I put it in the wrong forum... It said simulation and I wondered what kind of game it could be.

I'll read the review and decide if I want it. Most Adventure games are too hard for me to solve without a WT pasted to my screen.
Posted by: widget

Re: Ghost in the Sheet - 02/23/08 02:55 PM

I have almost finished it, I enjoyed it, but then I prefer the point and click games, it is a bit hard, you need time and patience, well I did!!!!!
Posted by: Darleen03

Re: Ghost in the Sheet - 02/23/08 03:54 PM

I totally enjoyed this game...Very humorous..

Delightful game to play thumbsup

Some may not like the interface, but I found it different..I liked the different skill levels when you advance in the game <Neat>
Posted by: Volkana

Re: Ghost in the Sheet - 02/24/08 03:32 AM

I agree with Darleen. This game was very entertaining... Really had a great time playing it smile
Posted by: dragonuk44

Re: Ghost in the Sheet - 02/24/08 04:42 AM

They made this game easy and amusing no probs .Easy to play and fun
Posted by: Phoebe

Re: Ghost in the Sheet - 02/25/08 11:31 AM

NYLady is a wonderful game, i have a great time and very fun played.
Posted by: raylinstephens

Re: Ghost in the Sheet - 02/25/08 12:59 PM

I feel safe to say most of us played the $20 boxed game so $6.99 club-member price at BFG is not to be beat.

I thoroughly enjoyed playing Ghost and it is the kind that could be enjoyed again if I ever run out of games to play. I say that as I sit here surrounded by boxes of yet to be played games.

Ghost is different and not a high-end production but a fantastic addition to the genre. IMHO the game was wonderful.