Lost: Via Domus

Posted by: Darleen03

Lost: Via Domus - 02/29/08 08:06 AM

Is there any information on this game here at Boomers.

I see someone on the TP has bought it...Is it out in the USA?

Any info will be helpful to me...

Thanks monky
Posted by: MaG

Re: Lost: Via Domus - 02/29/08 08:42 AM

I see that Ubistore has it for sale. Here.
Posted by: Darleen03

Re: Lost: Via Domus - 02/29/08 08:56 AM

Thanks, MaG

I was wondering about the gameplay also.
Before I buy it...I would like to know if there is panning? Is it a first or third person?

Is it inventory based? What kind of puzzles?

Hope I am not asking too much think
Posted by: Becky

Re: Lost: Via Domus - 02/29/08 09:00 AM

Darleen -- we need to hear from a fellow Boomer who has played the game. We will post a GameBoomers review eventually, but the game has literally just released.
Posted by: Darleen03

Re: Lost: Via Domus - 02/29/08 09:02 AM

Thanks, Becky

I didn't see anything here about the release...So I was curious about the game..It looks very good.. yay
Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Lost: Via Domus - 02/29/08 09:04 AM

You can piece together your own info from This Article and there are numerous links on the bottom of that page.
Posted by: Dyl'smom

Re: Lost: Via Domus - 02/29/08 09:26 AM

I am just starting to play this game, however it is the XBox version as my son and I are serious Losties.

I can tell you that it is 3rd person, and so far through 3 chapters there are very few adventure-like puzzles. You can die in this game, and although the action elements are rather easy (especially for my 14 y/o), the real attraction to this game lies in being a Lost fan who know the characters and the island mysteries.

There are great flashback scenes which advance the story of the feature character (not a real Lost character), and pictures need to be taken to complete these scenes.

I am really enjoying the game but I doubt many adventure gamers would like it as it does have a significant amount of stealth, there is a trading component (to get useful items), and there are fixed save points (rather frequent) in the game.

However, if you do like Lost, its alot of fun to interact with the characters and visit areas previously encountered in Lost.

BTW, if you like Lost, last night's episode rocked!
Posted by: Becky

Re: Lost: Via Domus - 02/29/08 09:33 AM

Hi Dyl'smom -- thanks for the info! wave

I'd also be very curious to hear from anyone playing the PC version -- sometimes the PC version is an entirely different game from the console versions.

EDIT: Hmmm. I just read the Wikipedia article that Ana linked to, and it would seem that the PC version and the XBox version are, in fact, the same.
Posted by: Darleen03

Re: Lost: Via Domus - 02/29/08 09:36 AM

Thanks, Ana

Thank You so much, Dyl'smom...I was reading one review about a stealth part where
Click to reveal..
You are running from a black smoke
This part was in the PC version.
Posted by: Dyl'smom

Re: Lost: Via Domus - 02/29/08 09:56 AM

Yes I think the games are the same on all systems, although I can see where the console game allows better control of the character ( for me anyway, I never mastered the mouse/keyboard stuff).

Yes you run from the smoke, from guys shooting at you, and through dark caves with---uh oh--pitfalls--GAME OVER!!


Posted by: Chief

Re: Lost: Via Domus - 02/29/08 09:58 AM

And Darleen, you could also have a look at the Trailers found at the Latest and Upcoming Adventure Games section for this game that you can link to from the top of this page.

Posted by: Belgar

Re: Lost: Via Domus - 02/29/08 10:05 AM

Bought it at BestBuy yesterday.
The game on PC is $29.99 which a lot better than the $60 for console.
It plays well, graphics are good, facials are very well done, voice are the ones of the serie. Still, it does feel like a budget game.
I just noted the very long load times that seem to happen too often.
Also seem to be many pathfinding issues with little suitcases on the beach that seem to be like walls, environments might seem static at times.
Movement are easy, keyboard and mouse for freelook. Puzzles are very easy as well.
Game feels as you are playing the episodes, every chatper ends with flashbacks of previous episodes.
Great for those who love the serie and want to see or explore stuff that were not in the serie.

I would give it a 6.5/10
Posted by: Becky

Re: Lost: Via Domus - 02/29/08 10:35 AM

Thanks for the info, Belgar! thumbsup

Those of you who are playing it -- how would you estimate the balance of the gameplay -- what percentage is made up of puzzles, exploration, stealth, action.

Is it a game that those of us with slower relexes could play and enjoy? grin

Dyl'smom -- it sounds as though there aren't many puzzles, but there is a lot of stealth. How difficult is the stealth?
Posted by: Dyl'smom

Re: Lost: Via Domus - 02/29/08 10:48 AM

Hi Becky,

In three "episodes", there have been only a few puzzles (mechanical), exploration only in the sense of finding the next area to go to, and alot of dialogue (voice acting not too great but dialogue spot on).

The stealth part is not hard, I've played much worse in the Broken Sword series for example. Definitely the action can be handled by most adventure gamers. The area of exploration is not huge, as was mentioned, and so far I have not gotten lost in Lost (as oppposed to Limbo).

I think that this game is 20% puzzles. 20% stealth and action, 10% exploration and 50% story.

Posted by: Belgar

Re: Lost: Via Domus - 02/29/08 11:31 AM

It is worth mentioning that the PC version comes with Securom (or a secured program as mentioned on the box). I don't know why UBI needs to keep using this anti-piracy software. I say this, because Serurom has been known to render some PC's very unstable after this program is installed on their HD.

Posted by: Belgar

Re: Lost: Via Domus - 02/29/08 11:39 AM

French jeuvideo.com http://www.jeuxvideopc.com/test/test-10769-2-lost-le-jeu.php has posted a review online, gave it a 9/20.
The minus were a game time under 5 hours that if the long load times and cinematics were removed would be of less than 4 hours, they say it was unexcusable. Also metion that the game was badly optimized for the PC and a lifeless gameplay. They end by saying we were lucky that is was only 30 euros.

The plus sides, were same as my review; nice atmosphere, graphics, good control, good portayal of the serie.

I bought it because my gf and I are good fans of the serie. It's a fun game, nothing special, but for $29.99 it might keep you busy for the wknd.
Posted by: Becky

Re: Lost: Via Domus - 02/29/08 01:23 PM

Thanks Dyl'smom and Belgar -- extremely helpful info.
Posted by: Darleen03

Re: Lost: Via Domus - 02/29/08 01:46 PM

Thanks, Everyone for the info...It really did help me decide whether to buy the game...

I appreciate the replies...