Darness Within

Posted by: bkrytr

Darness Within - 04/03/08 12:40 PM

Following the posts I thought this sounded like a cool game. bravo Playing it I have an entirely different opinion, it seems, from everyone else. oops Not only is it a dark game, but depressing. I play a little bit each day because I paid good money for it, but it's harder and harder to keep any interest going. cry Does anyone else have this problem? think I'm starting to doubt I'll finish it. Only other game I felt this way about was Shady Brook. I finished it and, considering the way it ended, was sorry I did. frown
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Re: Darness Within - 04/03/08 02:51 PM

I didn't like it much myself. I didn't really find it depressing and dark, just thought it was boring. I did finish it , but I never changed my opinion of it.
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Re: Darness Within - 04/03/08 03:02 PM

duh We have here a classic "Different Strokes..." example. You are both correct that it is gloomy, dark, and depressing. I think that's why I really liked it. I recently finished playing it (twice) and am writing an extremely positive review about the game mostly because I enjoyed all the gloomy stuff you seem not to have liked. The only problem I had with finishing it was that I couldn't play it in the dark and it became too scary to open the doors.
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Re: Darness Within - 04/03/08 06:03 PM

I agree that is a dark game but not depressing, i think that it has a atmosphere very scared and dark. But i think that is the high poitn of the game.I really enjoyed the game and for me the better thing of the game is the atmosphere really dark.

Love Maria hearts
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Re: Darness Within - 04/03/08 06:29 PM

I actually enjoyed this game as much as any I played this year until Culpa Innata and Lost Crown. The dark,depressing mood brought me into the story. The graphics and atmoshpere were hauntingly gorgeous,and the main character's voice was a notch above most adventure game acting,bringing me further into it. I cared how he was feeling throughout. Sure,it was depressing. It's titled "Darkness Within",not "Sunshine All Over" :-)
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Re: Darness Within - 04/03/08 06:33 PM

Originally Posted By: robedits
Sure,it was depressing. It's titled "Darkness Within",not "Sunshine All Over" :-)

Too funny! rotfl
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Re: Darness Within - 04/03/08 06:41 PM

The whole idea, if you read the journals, was darkness-the main character had written off society, and likely future happiness in the interest of his old house, which should have been and was, welcomely bleak and desolate. There is something peaceful abhout this guy, he was happy in his old mansion and his occult interests, and didnt care who maintained derision about his choices-the house's creaks and old furniture were done well.
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Re: Darness Within - 04/04/08 07:21 AM

The Haze is right, this is CLASSIC "different strokes"!! But I didn't find it dark, or gloomy, or depressing, or even scary ( all of which are my favorite things in games!) I just thought it was boring and it was probably my biggest disapointment of last year's games.

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Re: Darness Within - 04/04/08 10:10 AM

when you make out the title to the "darness within", i thought that was pretty funny and was an unintentional fraudian slip about your feeling of this game...