Jack Keane

Posted by: Mr 2 u

Jack Keane - 04/11/08 06:06 PM

Is anyone playing Jack Keane? I've been playing it the past couple of days and its absolutely BRILLIANT! havn't had as much fun playing an adventure game in ages.
Really cant reccomend this game enough. thumbsup
Posted by: Darleen03

Re: Jack Keane - 04/11/08 06:20 PM

Hi Mr 2 u..
I am playing & loving every minute..When I finish I will let you know about the ending what I think...

Its a neat game so far.. yay
Posted by: Bitty Kitty

Re: Jack Keane - 04/12/08 03:48 PM

I just got this game yesterday in the mail and am getting ready to start playing it as soon as I get offline. I am glad to hear that I made a great choice when I bought the game.

Posted by: old lady

Re: Jack Keane - 04/14/08 12:12 PM

I've just finished Jack Keane and loved it. thumbsup OK, some will find that having characters who claim to be British with strong American accents annoying and the graphics are not the best. eek Having said that I found the humour very funny and the puzzles good. No sliders or mazes. Only 1 place that had a bit of a timed element but if I could do it with athric fingers I think that would prove no problem to most gamers.
Strong story that was quite rediculous but funny. rotfl
It lasted me for over 2 weeks so about 30 hours.
Good value for money I think.
Still, different folks,different strokes and I have a feeling some people will hate it. think
Posted by: Mad

Re: Jack Keane - 04/14/08 12:20 PM

Hi smile

I just LOVE reading "happy gamer" remarks !!!! thumbsup thumbsup


Mad wave
Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Jack Keane - 04/14/08 12:34 PM

Me too Mad! Glad you enjoyed it old lady!

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Posted by: chrissie

Re: Jack Keane - 04/14/08 12:37 PM

Originally Posted By: old lady
Strong story that was quite rediculous but funny. rotfl

Thank you old lady, sounds right up my street! lol
Posted by: gaily

Re: Jack Keane - 04/14/08 12:40 PM

I've liked it, although silly, it is entertaining. The puzzels are fun. I was interrupted by Overclocked, so I'll have to go back to finish it. Now there is a contrast in style and content in the extreme!
Posted by: Bitty Kitty

Re: Jack Keane - 04/15/08 06:49 PM

I am still playing this game and I agree that it is very funny exspecially Dr. T!! Although I have a question for all of you who have played Nancy Drew before does Amanda sound like Nancy or is that just my imagination going crazy again?

Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Jack Keane - 04/15/08 06:54 PM

Bitty Kitty, Lani Minelli does a host of game voices and you are correct in guessing that they are one and the same.

Ana wave
Posted by: gaily

Re: Jack Keane - 04/15/08 10:07 PM

I thought the same thing, but forgot to ask.... she does sound like, and I guess is the same voice for Nancy D. Thanks to you both for the question/answer. wave
Posted by: Bitty Kitty

Re: Jack Keane - 04/23/08 09:10 PM

I have to say it is very weird to have a face and body to put with the voice after all these years of playing ND games. However, I also think it is nice that for once we can actually put a face with her voice instead of just a voice or a body shape.

Posted by: Sherryah

Re: Jack Keane - 04/23/08 10:12 PM

i also love playing Jack Keane, got fickled and left it for a few days to win overclock, but now I have returned again. After such a serious game like overclock, it is good to laugh at a game again.
Posted by: menahune

Re: Jack Keane - 04/24/08 12:50 AM

I'm playing the demo, and know I want to buy it ... where did you find it?

there's one at Amazon, but it may be different ... it's named "Jack Keane and the Doktors' Island"
Posted by: Becky

Re: Jack Keane - 04/24/08 06:28 AM

Menahune -- that is the same game -- the North American version just added the extra bit about The Doktor's Island in the title.
Posted by: Bernard

Re: Jack Keane - 04/24/08 06:34 AM

Just wondering, I played the German version and I don't have the English one yet. In the German version the voice of the British agent really resembles the voice of John Cleese. How does it sound in the English version?

Posted by: Mad

Re: Jack Keane - 04/24/08 10:26 AM

Hi Bernard smile

Can't say I have heard any sign of a John Cleese voice at all - but I did recognise Nancy Drew !!

Sounded so weird to hear her in such totally different circumstances lol


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