Overclocked question (contains spoilers!)

Posted by: Sally(MG)

Overclocked question (contains spoilers!) - 05/19/08 02:40 PM

I just finished Overclocked (what a great game, btw, for those who hasn't played it yet) and there's a question nagging at me when the ending came around.
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Whose huge puddle of blood was that? That big puddle just in front of Laura's door.

There has always been just the five of them, and the five of them survived. "Whoever it was...he's dead" but who?

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Since the Pentagon was on the project and they were willing to kill everyone who knew about it, wouldn't the main characters still be in danger despite that one guy they killed?

to my cynical self, it seemed that...
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The ending camera zoomed into the car behind Kim as they had their reunion...could it be a trap? She did make things seem pretty final the last time he saw her.

Loved the game tons, but either I missed something or those were meant to be unanswered questions. Any ideas?
Posted by: dragonuk44

Re: Overclocked question (contains spoilers!) - 05/19/08 02:46 PM

it was funny where all that blood came from .Maybe a set up
Posted by: RayBres

Re: Overclocked question (contains spoilers!) - 05/19/08 05:23 PM

OK, I wondered about some of these things too.

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1. The pool of blood remained a mystery at the end. The only one
in the game who could have supplied it was the deer caught in
the barbed wire, but how did it get moved inside? And to what
purpose? That looks to me like an undeveloped plot point that
the writers dropped.

2. The 4 remaining dispersed in NYC. The Pentagon may want to get
them, but first it would have to find them. That at least
would be plausible.

3. I dunno. Kim would have to have a motive to betray him. What
would that be?
Posted by: seagul

Re: Overclocked question (contains spoilers!) - 05/19/08 06:21 PM

I believe
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[the blood is part of the experiment to enrage the subjects.

Kim could read the file about her husband and so, of course, she forgave him (at least, that's what i hope..).

I liked the game - it's definitely not for children but an important theme for a game.
Posted by: LadyLinda

Re: Overclocked question (contains spoilers!) - 05/19/08 09:13 PM

I thought:
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1) The same as seagul regarding the blood - it was there to test them just like the scene where the Pentagon guy shot at the doors.

A few questions I had were:
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1) Who and why did they kill Laura (cell 2)?

2) Two of the five escaped the island via rafts, but how did the other three get off? In the same vein, how did Jon get to the island in the end?

I enjoyed it - it was different in the way it presented the story backwards and it kept my interest. woozy
Posted by: Volkana

Re: Overclocked question (contains spoilers!) - 05/20/08 10:41 AM

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I think the last scene was a trap... They wanted him so they tell his wife to go and meet him... He would not run away...

also i have one more question...

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what happened to that poor girl in cell 2? Did she actually kill her self?
Posted by: mcc

Re: Overclocked question (contains spoilers!) - 05/20/08 11:31 AM

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[/spoiler]I think the girl in cell 2 was killed by the Dr. after he heard she was making progress [spoiler]

Posted by: Volkana

Re: Overclocked question (contains spoilers!) - 05/20/08 03:46 PM

Yes but
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later we found the dr overhearing the conversation on cell 1 and the guy there was a lot more talkative than the girl in cell 2
Posted by: mcc

Re: Overclocked question (contains spoilers!) - 05/20/08 04:38 PM

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As I see it the Dr didn't know what Laura knew, only that some progress was made, at the time of overhearing the conversation on cell 1 the Dr probably realized that all of the patients would remember and decided to change strategy.
Posted by: Sally(MG)

Re: Overclocked question (contains spoilers!) - 05/20/08 05:28 PM

The doctor's observation...
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I find it hard to believe that the cells in staten island wasn't bugged. If they were conducting an experiment where David is part of, all the rooms would be bugged and there would be no need for the doctor to listen outside their doors.

About the blood,
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Before the ending actually came about I thought there might be a scene explaining the blood - likely "cliff" killed a guard of some sort, but no scene explained it. Unresolved mystery I guess...

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I never even thought about that! How did those people get back to Manhattan? As for Jonathan, there WAS a boat at the pier - maybe he stole that. Otherwise, I have no idea. Maybe he found Laura's raft?
Posted by: SirGraham

Re: Overclocked question (contains spoilers!) - 05/31/08 12:47 PM

The most odd thing out of the above holes is
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the fact that in the very end of the last cutscene the focus switches to a POLICE car, not just any car... have they come to arrest him or did they just kindly escort his wife there to meet him? This one shouldn't have been left as a mystery, bad move.

I found some other thing missing, which I didn't see mentioned anywhere:
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I seem to be missing one recording - "Cell 5, Nov. 9, night, part 3". I do have parts 1,2 and 4. It's either a bug, or intentional, or I missed it somehow and was able to finish the game anyway. Can someone please check if they have this recording in one of the latest saves of day 5? Thanks.
Posted by: LadyLinda

Re: Overclocked question (contains spoilers!) - 06/01/08 10:04 AM


I thought...
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The police car was kind of a set up for perhaps a sequel to show that "someone" is still watching him. I didn't get the impression that they escorted his wife there.

I checked my game and...
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There was no part 3.
Posted by: SirGraham

Re: Overclocked question (contains spoilers!) - 06/01/08 02:54 PM

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while this is probably the most logical scenario, I think that in the real world they'd use something more incospicuous than a police car to watch him smile

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Well, I guess it's an oversight then rather than me missing something, thanks for making me more relaxed! razz
Posted by: GuybrushThreepwood

Re: Overclocked question (contains spoilers!) - 06/01/08 07:04 PM

I've only played the demo, but I liked it.