Penumbra, Black Plague (Story spoilers)

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Penumbra, Black Plague (Story spoilers) - 05/20/08 12:15 PM

These are spoilers about the ending, do not read unless you have finished the game

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[/spoiler] What I know (or think I know): an alien virus (Tuurngait) arrived in Earth many centuries ago, it remained hidden until it was freed some time later, a secret group was studying the virus and built a shelter for this purpose in Greenland.

What I don't know: How it exactly ends, who or what survives after the last scene. I read that "the game ends in a definitive and satisfying conclusion". I obviously missed some part. Can somebody explain it to me?[spoiler]
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Re: Penumbra, Black Plague (Story spoilers) - 05/20/08 09:44 PM

mcc...I'm not sure how many folks here have played the game. Hopefully someone who has will want to discuss.

Ana wave
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Re: Penumbra, Black Plague (Story spoilers) - 05/21/08 12:29 AM

I finished the game. Without any spoiler, I entirely agree that the finale does not provide total closure. In fact, if I recall correctly, there is a new Penumbra in the works now.

the end sequence is very philosophical and does not gel well with the rest of the game. the explanation also makes little sense.
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Re: Penumbra, Black Plague (Story spoilers) - 05/21/08 07:21 AM

Well, that does it. Now I have to back in and finish the game! laugh Very philosophical?
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Re: Penumbra, Black Plague (Story spoilers) - 05/21/08 08:50 AM

Philosophical? Yes you could say so, it talks about mankind being good but individuals bad and other "facts" but those would be big spoilers and anyway I may be wrong with the interpretation.
The game is worth playing though, personally I prefer having the option of killing or sneaking because unless you know exactly what to do sometimes when trying to sneak you find yourself cornered if you are not fast enough and takes a lot of wasted time.
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Re: Penumbra, Black Plague (Story spoilers) - 05/21/08 10:40 AM

The game developers aren't going to make that 3rd game at least that what I read a while ago.

Yes, the ending was very hard to understand a little off beat for this game.
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Well, I thought I understood the ending.
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If you veiw the ending of the game in light of the opening screen, then I thought Phillip sent the exact coordinates of the Tuurngait tomb and implored whomever he sent it to to bomb it into oblivion. His conclusion being that no matter the Tuurngait could offer, the costs were too high

However, I might be wrong wave
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Re: Penumbra, Black Plague (Story spoilers) - 05/21/08 03:40 PM

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Yes, I think that is so but I didn't follow his thoughts to arrive to that conclusion and I didn't understand why he couldn't conclude the mission and get his friend to do so, would his friend be able to be successful?

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Also at one time during the tests he was dead and alive at the same time, I think ...
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Re: Penumbra, Black Plague (Story spoilers) - 05/22/08 11:27 AM

There is an absolutely unique walkthrough on utube in 6 parts where there a movie of someone playing the complete game.