7 Games of the Soul

Posted by: joanie39

7 Games of the Soul - 09/26/03 09:16 AM

I am in the 3rd Episode and at the point to put Frank's 1st Prize on the red light but when I went to get it, it wasn't in my inventory. I went back and checked and it's not in the frame either. I had it but I don't know where it is or how to get it now. Can anyone help here? Thank you. Luv, Joanie <img border="0" title="" alt="[Confused]" src="confused.gif" />
Posted by: Jenny

Re: 7 Games of the Soul - 09/26/03 11:21 AM

Joanie, I haven't heard of anyone else having this problem (aren't you the lucky one? frown ). I know there is a patch for this game, but I don't know what it is supposed to fix. However that might be worth trying--just move your saves to another folder before installing it, since some patches wipe out your saves.

Otherwise, the best thing I can think of (which isn't a whole lot of help, I know) is to go back to a save and play up to this part again, using a walkthrough to make sure you do everything in the correct order...
Posted by: Se

Re: 7 Games of the Soul - 09/26/03 12:25 PM

Hmmm.... Worth a shot: Try clicking the menu on, then scroll(or move your mouse) extreme left or right. It might be hidden beyond the windows/menu frame. Had the same "problem"... smile
Posted by: joanie39

Re: 7 Games of the Soul - 09/26/03 12:25 PM

Hi Jenny,
Thanks for the help. It stated on one site that there wasn't a patch for this game. You are so right about me. Before I ask for help, I check to see if anyone else had the same problem but no one else seems to have the same problems. think Also I have been using a WT <img border="0" title="" alt="[Confused]" src="confused.gif" /> I was wondering if his 1st prize could be somewhere else like down on the bottom? Oh well, I guess I'll have to start this episode over. <img border="0" alt="cry" title="" src="graemlins/cry.gif" /> Thanks again Jenny, Luv, Joanie
Posted by: hawkavonpuka

Re: 7 Games of the Soul - 09/26/03 01:41 PM

Did you try scrolling your inventory side to side, it rolls off the screen when you have lots of stuff in it. Just mouse click and I think drag to each edge. I thought I lost something also, then when I used something it came back into view.
Posted by: joanie39

Re: 7 Games of the Soul - 09/26/03 01:49 PM

Wow! Way to go guys!Thank you so much! I found it!
I am now on my way again! Luv, Joanie
Posted by: hawkavonpuka

Re: 7 Games of the Soul - 09/26/03 09:48 PM

evil I tryed all sorts of ways to get back into it, finally since it seems nothing was there, I uninstalled the game, including the whole program folder for 7. There was an error message in the folder, saying something I did not understand. When I tryed to reinstall the game I get a setup failure, saying cannot create or replace arxrin3. There has been a sharing violation. The source or deestination file may be in use, then M:\arxrin3.fon could not be copied. I checked on this and it is a Font program. <img border="0" title="" alt="[Confused]" src="confused.gif" /> I have installed it on my laptop, but I have to start all over again and it is hard to play with the touch mouse. Any help out there, I will try to double post this on tech also. To make it worse, I can't get my Windows ME to do a system restore, don't know what is going on there either. I just thought, like usual that I could go back and do whatever it was doing before this happened, out of luck <img border="0" alt="cry" title="" src="graemlins/cry.gif" />
Posted by: MaG

Re: 7 Games of the Soul - 09/26/03 10:00 PM

Hi Hawk,

Yes, the people at glitches maybe the ones to help you. You're the second person I heard this problem today. The other one was worst - she ended reformatting her hard drive.

I can understand the frustration, aggravation, misery, annoyance, chagrin, irritation that you must be feeling right now.

Good luck at glitches - hope they can get you through.
Posted by: Se

Re: 7 Games of the Soul - 09/26/03 11:46 PM

Have no fear señorita Hawk, for i Mister Calavera -Call me Manny- have all the saved games! smile
Posted by: hawkavonpuka

Re: 7 Games of the Soul - 09/27/03 12:13 AM

Send me one after episode 5, start of episode 6, I can save it to a floppy and hopefully get it onto the laptop. I have a bunch of saved games on the computer, but they don't say what they are. Of course if I can't run the game on the computer, I can't open the saves, grrr!! Maybe I should send some to a floppy and see what they say on the laptop. Lord I can't imagine doing the envelope puzzle with a touch mouse. Are you really in Singapore?
Posted by: Se

Re: 7 Games of the Soul - 09/27/03 01:18 PM

¡Aloha! Yes, im REALLY in Singapore.

Send me an email using that email button up there and i'll email it over to you!
Posted by: hawkavonpuka

Re: 7 Games of the Soul - 09/27/03 08:27 PM

I think I have got it to work on the computer, as opposed to the laptop. I did the whole maintenance thing and it seemed to install ok. Of course no saves so I will email you with the address. What folder do I put them in, is it data? I have only done that once, with Syberia for someone else. I was trying to find my saves (to save them) but weren't sure what they are called. I did a search for "saves" but only found Syberia and Sanitarium.