Posted by: catlee

Sanitarium - 01/04/03 05:21 PM

Ello Boomers, lol

I thought some of you would whant to know.

So far is selling for $ 100.00. eek eek


Posted by: Advpuzlov

Re: Sanitarium - 01/04/03 05:54 PM

Sell my SANITARIUM? Are you kidding? I intend to play it again in due course of time. I hold it close to my bosom. rolleyes
Posted by: Betje

Re: Sanitarium - 01/04/03 07:02 PM

As far as I know, Sanitarium fetches 22 - 45 bucks on eBay. I haven't seen it anywhere for 100 dollars. Where did you see that?

Posted by: catlee

Re: Sanitarium - 01/04/03 07:35 PM


one was sold at Amazon for $100.00. That one is gone. but you can see more there at Marketplace.


Posted by: Cynch

Re: Sanitarium - 01/04/03 08:26 PM

Wow! That's amazing!! eek eek

I presently have a boxed copy for sale at isn't attracting much attention so far.
Item# 1949481273 if anyone is interested.
Posted by: catlee

Re: Sanitarium - 01/04/03 08:48 PM

Hello Cynch, bravo


Posted by: Betje

Re: Sanitarium - 01/04/03 09:03 PM

Yes, you're right. There's one for sale right now: only 90 dollars. Like wow! smile The Dig is rising like a comet too: there are 3 NIB's on offer for $59, $99 and $125. I don't get it. Why would anyone pay that kind of money for a game that will cost far less elsewhere.

Posted by: catlee

Re: Sanitarium - 01/04/03 09:38 PM


not evebody like to shop at e-bay.

I sell adventure collections to the Japanese and they pay lots dollars for it. The rich Japanese, like to be anonymous. Some time, i have to fallow their orders via 3, 4, different e-mails. to contract with them. Long story....

Also, some americans, like to stay on the dark side when i sell them items.
Some buyers, look my items at ebay, and contact me personally. They also do this at Amazon: and send me a private e-mail.

Other people, shop at Amazon course they are at office or at work. They don`t have much time, and usually buy and pay instantly. This people, usually are high professionist.

Posted by: Bryansmom

Re: Sanitarium - 01/05/03 12:54 AM

It's good to know you are on e-bay, Cynch! I've placed a bid for a game of yours (not Sanitarium, though). I'm Aspectsfan on e-bay (I've never sold there, just bought!) It's always good to see someone on there that you know you can trust.
Edited to add: Amen, Advpuzlov! Sanitarium is a true "keeper."
Posted by: Cynch

Re: Sanitarium - 01/05/03 12:50 PM

Hi Beth....
Yeh...after GBs, eBay is the most fun ever! I've been buying/selling there for a long time. It's another one of my addictions. rolleyes

It's great fun to watch the fluctuations in price for the various games...a lot more fun than watching the Nasdaq/Dow. laugh I never make any money with this hobby, I buy more games than I sell. lol
Posted by: girlgeek

Re: Sanitarium - 01/05/03 02:36 PM

Man, this kind of sucks for me. My CD 1 to this game exploded in my drive, so I have a copy of CD 1, although the rest is original. Guess I shouldn't be upset though. I have all the original papers and box, etc. in perfect condition, and heck....I probably would never get rid of mine anyway! It's one of my favorite games!
Posted by: taf4

Re: Sanitarium - 01/05/03 04:35 PM

I too noticed that the price of the Dig was going quite high.. It used to go for around just $5.. but I noticed in the last month it has gone up considerable (although certainly not $100 eek ) I wonder if Lucasarts stopped sellign it... (I know they had it on their site for $20 brand new just a couple of months ago)
Posted by: taf4

Re: Sanitarium - 01/05/03 04:39 PM


Well, I couldn't find it on the Lucasarts site! eek They were always so good about selling their old titles.. that is disapointing frown But that does explain why the price has gone up !
Posted by: MacDee

Re: Sanitarium - 01/05/03 04:47 PM

This is amazing. CD Access was selling Sanitarium just 2 weeks ago. eek

Someone looking for The Dig?

Posted by: Fongo

Re: Sanitarium - 01/05/03 04:56 PM

About 2 -3 months ago, LucasArts dropped a number of their older titles from their on-line store.

If anyone's interersted, I've got some older LucasArts games available (including The Dig) over in the Trading Post.
Posted by: Betje

Re: Sanitarium - 01/05/03 05:46 PM

Thanks for the info, Catlee.

I don't think there's any danger of The Dig ever becoming one of those really rare games. And didn't I read on this forum that LucasArts has announced a new Entertainment Pack which includes The Dig?

Posted by: catlee

Re: Sanitarium - 01/05/03 05:50 PM

Hi Dee, wave

i am always interested on games, e-mail me. thumbsup

I am start get it e-mail from Europian collectors for the 'Dig'. laugh bravo

Love, <img border="0" alt="[kiss]" title="" src="graemlins/kiss.gif" />

Posted by: catlee

Re: Sanitarium - 01/05/03 06:01 PM

Hi Betje, wave

collectors don`t look for 'pack' games, they whant the 'first original boxed single game', if they find one or two. thumbsup


Posted by: Betje

Re: Sanitarium - 01/05/03 06:42 PM

Yes, that's true. But the rich collectors can have their first editions and there will still be enough "pack" games for the rest of us ordinary people. smile It wouldn't be like Alice, Celtica, Monet or Dinotopia.

Posted by: catlee

Re: Sanitarium - 01/05/03 07:15 PM

I am with you on this Betje.

I like see company and developers put out games, especially 'pack' games for the regular gamers, including myself. It is good for the economy; it open jobs for people, and make money go round. Also keep people busy with their mind and ands, wich is very important, instead sit in front of TV and do nothing but, deteriorate their brain and their body. Gaming is very good for any uman age.

Course, i don`t mind see rich people circolate their money in good investment as adventure games.

Posted by: Josie

Re: Sanitarium - 01/06/03 12:46 AM

That's the boat I am in to with my copy of it. I probably would of never got rid of it either tho. What if the people that pay $100.00 for it play it and their's explode too?! That's alot of money to be out.

Josie smile
Posted by: catlee

Re: Sanitarium - 01/06/03 07:06 PM

GirlGeek and Josie, wave

don`t give up just yet, on your Sanitarium.
As long you have the box, manuals and the rest of original cd`s, the value still up there. Just hold on a little longer.
I have sold rare games to collectors, with one burned copy, but the rest of the CDs were original. wink

Wen a collector looks for a rare game, and he(usually my clients are male) can`t find, he will buy what he can. As long he has the box, original papers and the rest of the original CD`s.

love, <img border="0" alt="[kiss]" title="" src="graemlins/kiss.gif" />

Posted by: kjos

Re: Sanitarium - 01/06/03 08:09 PM

I just finished playing Sanitarium for the third time and it sure is a good game, but it isn't worth 100.00 dollars. Maybe to a collector it is. I think I will hold on to it a little longer.
Posted by: Coreoverload

Re: Sanitarium - 01/06/03 09:14 PM

No offence Catlee, but I think the Sanitariums are disappearing from Amazon because the people have given up trying to sell them. lol You won't catch me spending more than $20 for it.
Posted by: Coreoverload

Re: Sanitarium - 01/06/03 09:16 PM

There is boxed Sanitarium for $60.