The Forgotten

Posted by: acornia

The Forgotten - 01/05/03 10:12 PM

We just may have a sequel. Troyan Turner just posted over at the Dreamcatcher board in miscellaneous section. Thinking about getting the rights and has six chapters mapped out. Wants to know if anyone is interested in a sequel. If so post over there.
Posted by: Liz

Re: The Forgotten - 01/05/03 10:13 PM

Wow.....that would be great!! I really liked that little game! happydance

Thanks for the info!! thumbsup
Posted by: lasanidine

Re: The Forgotten - 01/05/03 10:50 PM

Sure thing! I am interested. thumbsup
Posted by: dmtomchick

Re: The Forgotten - 01/06/03 08:38 AM

Wow!! That's great news!! I liked this game, and thought it had so much potential. I was sad to see it end so abruptly only to find out that there were several sequels scheduled which had been cancelled. I would love to see a part 2 so I could continue that adventure! I'm heading over to Dreamcatcher to post right now!

Dawn (now playing Harvest)
Posted by: MacDee

Re: The Forgotten - 01/06/03 09:21 AM

I really enjoyed The Forgotten, I'd love to have more!

Posted by: nolalou

Re: The Forgotten - 01/06/03 09:33 AM

I never bought "The Forgoten", mainly because I heard it was very short, and that no sequels would be forthcoming. If the series continues, I would be interested in checking it out. (it would be nice if the original game could be re-released to coinside with a sequel, or maybe even packaged together with the next in the series).

I hope this all works out!

Posted by: colpet

Re: The Forgotten - 01/06/03 10:33 AM

Same here, Nolalou. I was interested in playing it, but was put off by the 'unfinished' comments.
Posted by: gatorlaw

Re: The Forgotten - 01/06/03 11:31 AM

I got The Forgotten and enjoyed it - even though it was on the short side. The premise was so great and they even had future sequals named and such. That was the torment - getting glimpses of the future storyline and then poof - it never came to be.

I would love to see it finished.

On my way to check this out.

Posted by: JonathanBoakes

Re: The Forgotten - 01/07/03 09:34 AM

I loved The Forgotten.... spooky hotels and all that! :-)

I would love to see what is inside some of the other buildings we saw in the town, and also what lies beyond those gates at the end of the road!

It would be great if the series continued.
Posted by: acornia

Re: The Forgotten - 01/07/03 05:46 PM

Know what you mean. Kept wondering if the hat was an easter egg or if get to do something with it and also with meat/bone grinder. Wasn't too curious about the skeleton and candles though but did want to use the train tickets.
Posted by: Advpuzlov

Re: The Forgotten - 01/07/03 11:36 PM

More! More! More!
happydance laugh happydance
Posted by: housewife

Re: The Forgotten - 01/08/03 09:59 AM

Sure why not. We could never say no to another good adventure game. I like the game, the problem it was to short. If they are going to make short games at least make sequels.

Liz wave
Posted by: Skcull

Re: The Forgotten - 01/09/03 03:31 PM

Hey Everyone! Troyan Turner here. Just monitoring replies and developing my arsenal to pursue finishing the Forgotten. Thanks again for everyone's support. I'm doing what I can to continue the series.
And just FYI, 1)There is something beyond the gate. 2) You will use the tickets 3) You will visit the street, hotel and buildings in each installment.
Keep it coming.
Troyan Turner
The Danse Macabre Multimedia
Posted by: burpee

Re: The Forgotten - 01/09/03 04:28 PM

mad mad I gave away my Forgotten. If there is to be a sequel I would love to have it back. That's just way life is, I guess frown

BTW, I am interested in the sequels.
Posted by: Maritje

Re: The Forgotten - 01/09/03 04:42 PM

Hello Troyan Turner laugh

I hope you do continue The Forgotten. I really enjoyed it and was looking forward to all the other chapters.

I still have the game and incidentally it's the Mac version.....hope you will continue this for the Mac as I would be disappointed to have to play it on the pc.

Please hurry happydance happydance
Posted by: Singer

Re: The Forgotten - 01/09/03 07:18 PM

Hi, TT.

I wouldn't mind playing more games in The Forgotten line, but only if each "episode" feels like a complete adventure in and of itself. It's OK to allude to a larger story, of course, so long as the player doesn't feel cheated by what's withheld.

Even if it's possible to release all planned episodes, my interest wouldn't carry me through an entire serial game. Each installment would have to sell me on its own merit.

That said, best of luck in getting the project in motion again. thumbsup

Posted by: Skcull

Re: The Forgotten - 01/09/03 09:14 PM

I couldn't agree more. They will. I'm an avid gamer, just like all of you. The pitfalls of the initial game could not be helped. Developing a game is a huge undertaking that requires putting a lot of faith in many people. Unfortunately, at the time, I didn't have a lot to choose from. Different story, now.

Posted by: Norma

Re: The Forgotten - 01/09/03 09:57 PM

I would love to see more sequels to The Forgotten.
Posted by: Kim

Re: The Forgotten - 01/09/03 10:34 PM

Hi Troyan, wave
I would love to see this adventure continue!!
Posted by: DrAndrew

Re: The Forgotten - 01/09/03 11:05 PM

Hi All!

Count me among those interested! My only beef: The first installment was way too short.


Posted by: Jenny100

Re: The Forgotten - 01/10/03 12:40 AM

I liked The Forgotten OK, but I'd only begun to solve the mystery when suddenly the game ended. If the series is started up again, I hope they can make endings that feel more like endings.

But yeah, I'd consider buying the next one.
Posted by: granny

Re: The Forgotten - 01/10/03 02:50 AM

My Forgotten has just been sitting here all lonely and forlorn, gathering LOTS of dust. happydance happydance

I would love to have a continuation, then they could be played together, and both be very, very happy laugh laugh
Posted by: advgamer

Re: The Forgotten - 01/10/03 07:43 AM

I would buy more sequels to The Forgotten!
Best of luck to you to get it going.
Posted by: mimuncu

Re: The Forgotten - 01/10/03 09:26 AM

I'm sorry to be the first one expressing the lack of interest in a potential Forgotten 2...The 1st one wasn't only short, was disrespectfull with the adventure gamers in a manner never experienced least by me. No plot, no brain stimulating elements, quite dated graphics, too much ado about nothing...I think that it was a ripp-off and I'm sorry of selling it, it should be trashed right away...wish you luck in getting Forgotten X and I'd be happy to help you even by subscribing on a wish-list, but without being interested in playing it.

Hoping that I'm completely wrong,