Baby Boomer

Posted by: Zoyd Wheeler

Baby Boomer - 01/16/03 11:02 AM

Hey there, Boomerpeople.

I've just registered and I wanted to say hello. I've been reading the topics for a couple of months now, but only as a guest. Now I've decided to register, and I'm glad I did.

I guess I'm a "baby boomer", since I'm only 21 years old. <img border="0" alt="pacify" title="" src="graemlins/pacify.gif" /> From what I read, most of you are much older than that.

But anyway, I've been playing adventure games for like 10 years now. I guess the first I played was the original Maniac Mansion. But my favourite ones are the LucasArts classics (Fate of Atlantis, DOTT, Grim Fandango, Full Throttle, Sam and Max, Monkey Island), some Sierra ones (Space Quest 3 - really underrated! -, King Quest 6, Larry 2) and others like Willy Beamish (the one that REALLY got me hooked), Longest Journey, Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes 1 and Myst Exile.

Well, that's about it. I hope I'll be welcome here, with my fellow adventurers.

Sorry if I had a few grammar or spelling problems, I'm from Rio de Janeiro and English is not my native language.

Pedro lol lol
Posted by: gatorlaw

Re: Baby Boomer - 01/16/03 11:33 AM

Well hello Zoyd Wheeler/Pedro

To Boomers

Great game list there. So Willy boy got you hooked - cool game to start with happydance

Posted by: Jen

Re: Baby Boomer - 01/16/03 12:18 PM

I'm a baby boomer at 17 <img border="0" alt="pacify" title="" src="graemlins/pacify.gif" /> I'm sure theres someone here younger than me though!
Welcome to gameboomers! <img border="0" alt="[kiss]" title="" src="graemlins/kiss.gif" />
Posted by: nolalou

Re: Baby Boomer - 01/16/03 12:38 PM

Welcome Zoyd! Nice to have someone here from Rio!

In case you are not farmiliar with the term "Baby Boomer", it refers to people born after WWII, up to the early 1960s, beacuse there was a large population increase during those years. (known as the "Baby Boom" ).

Since you're only 21, you would't qualify as an offical "Baby Boomer", but we'd be happy to consider you honorary "Baby Boomer"! laugh

Posted by: Liz

Re: Baby Boomer - 01/16/03 12:50 PM

Welcome Zoyd.......this is a great place to hang out!!! bravo
Posted by: Zoyd Wheeler

Re: Baby Boomer - 01/16/03 01:15 PM

thanks louis! but I knew the origin of "baby boomer", I just thought it would be a nice wordplay.

anyways, thanks for the warm welcome. I've been a spectator on the forum for quite a while, but I decided to join the club now.

well, I'm writing from work, so better go now!
see ya later
Posted by: Glenna

Re: Baby Boomer - 01/16/03 02:01 PM

Welcome Zoyd! You are welcome, baby boomer, or not. I was in Rio in October and I loved it!
Posted by: Witchen

Re: Baby Boomer - 01/16/03 02:08 PM

Welcome, Zoyd! laugh bravo

And, yes Jen, I'm sure there are some folks hanging at Gameboomers that are younger than you are. But not much. smile Seventeen is a GREAT age and I hope you are taking full advantage of it.

Love, Witchen =O) smile
Posted by: Bastet

Re: Baby Boomer - 01/16/03 04:23 PM

OOOLLLLÁÁÁ PEDRO!!! happydance

WELCOME! I'm from São Paulo and I believe we are now the 2 only Brazilians registered at Gameboomers! happydance

wave Glad you joined! We have the most special members and moderators!!!! Bob, the boss, is the best too! lol
Posted by: KarenNJ

Re: Baby Boomer - 01/16/03 04:51 PM

Welcome Zoyd, everyone is welcome here young and old its the best bunch of people you will ever meet. And don't worry you are not graded on spelling or grammar. bravo
Posted by: Witchen

Re: Baby Boomer - 01/16/03 05:08 PM

Hi there, Bastet and Pedro! laugh laugh laugh

Actually there are at least three Gameboomers Brazilians that I am aware of. Rubens is the third. He is also from Sao Paulo! I'll send him this thread! smile

Love, Witchen =O)
Posted by: Liccle Dragon

Re: Baby Boomer - 01/16/03 05:24 PM

Hi Pedro nice to have you.

Posted by: MacDee

Re: Baby Boomer - 01/16/03 05:48 PM

Pedro! As you can tell from the posts, you're very welcome here. smile If you have been reading for a while, you already know these are nice people. wink

Don't be a stranger and be sure and visit the other forums. whistle

Posted by: Polo

Re: Baby Boomer - 01/16/03 05:49 PM

Welcome Pedro! wave

Posted by: syd

Re: Baby Boomer - 01/16/03 06:07 PM

Welcome Pedro - and don't you worry about your age - I was 21 once - come to think of it I was 21 twice lol
Posted by: burpee

Re: Baby Boomer - 01/16/03 06:19 PM

Welcome Pedro!!! Hey, now that we're such good friends, when do I get to come visit and where will I be staying? laugh wink

Just teasing! Happy to have you aboard wave
Posted by: Zoyd Wheeler

Re: Baby Boomer - 01/16/03 07:56 PM

Hey, don´t be shy!
Do come over! Just bring some adventures with you.

Although, I guess if you do that, we won´t be seein´ much of the beach. laugh
Posted by: Liccle Dragon

Re: Baby Boomer - 01/16/03 07:58 PM


I'm 21-again EVERY birthday!
Posted by: Mugsy

Re: Baby Boomer - 01/16/03 09:45 PM

Welcome to GameBoomers Pedro. This is a great place to find others who love adventure games. wave
Posted by: nickie

Re: Baby Boomer - 01/16/03 10:53 PM

Glad you're here, Pedro! wave
Posted by: Wizball

Re: Baby Boomer - 01/17/03 04:57 AM

Hi Pedro thumbsup

I'm 27 so I might still qualify as a fellow "baby boomer" wink

Enjoy this awesome place smile
Posted by: Midge

Re: Baby Boomer - 01/17/03 05:41 AM

Welcome Pedro. We're just one great big happy family here. I send you a big hug from the group. Come back everyday for your game boomer fix. happydance bravo wave
Posted by: lasanidine

Re: Baby Boomer - 01/17/03 08:17 PM

Welcome Pedro, like Syd said we were 21 once or twice but who cares, it is the adventure that counts.