'GAMEBOOMERS' changed ownership ??

Posted by: LenG

'GAMEBOOMERS' changed ownership ?? - 07/24/03 05:28 AM

(From today's JA+ "Eye on Adventure") ....
The grand ole gal Gameboomers has received a front page makeover and is looking pretty nifty. A new look, new owners and new attitude all add up to the best adventure forum on the internet (well, next to the most wonderfulest forum in the world of course!)
I don't know if this is the right place to query the above?
Is this true?
What's happened to Bob & Karen?
I hope everything's all right with them (I know Bob had a LOT of very serious back trouble).
Please let us know the situation! blush

{{Later}} Altered subject title. Maybe I missed something some time ago ... although as an old time 'Boomer I visit GB at least twice a day! eek
Posted by: burpee

Re: 'GAMEBOOMERS' changed ownership ?? - 07/24/03 06:44 AM

I don't know either Len but I don't see Bob and Karen's names at the bottom anymore so it may be true. I suppose, life marches on and circumstances change, so it's very possible. If it is true, I'd like to wish them the very best and thank both for starting such a wonderful place to hang out :kiss:
Posted by: dadguy

Re: 'GAMEBOOMERS' changed ownership ?? - 07/24/03 06:47 AM

.... and who is the new owner?

Posted by: LenG

Re: 'GAMEBOOMERS' changed ownership ?? - 07/24/03 06:59 AM

Burpee :-
If it is true, I'd like to wish them the very best and thank both for starting such a wonderful place to hang out
Seconded ... most sincerely! bravo

Also very many thanks for providing us with so much interest, info, and enjoyment for so many years ... free, and AFAIK voluntarily (with no cash benefit for themselves).
Posted by: nolalou

Re: 'GAMEBOOMERS' changed ownership ?? - 07/24/03 08:33 AM

Gee, they don't even tell the moderators anything. Think this was a 'misprint' by JustAdventure? I think we would have heard if there where new owners of Gamerboomers!

Syd, Wictchen, anybody have any info??

Posted by: Kickaha

Re: 'GAMEBOOMERS' changed ownership ?? - 07/24/03 08:47 AM

A lot of work goes on behind the scenes to make Game Boomers what is.

My heartfelt thanks to those who have done this work, to those who are doing it, and to those who will do it.
Posted by: BillyBob

Re: 'GAMEBOOMERS' changed ownership ?? - 07/24/03 09:16 AM

Feel like you're in a new "game" called "Guess the Owners Now!". Since we were not notified, assuming there ARE new owners, then what happens to all our real names and EMail addresses? With 5,000 + registered I hate to think how valuable that info might be to someone who wants to spam us with new "offers".

There is a link at the bottom of the pages called "Contact Us". Perhaps we should do just that and ask the question directly if it doesn't show up here soon. And how can the Moderators, etc., not know if the ownership has changed? <img border="0" title="" alt="[Confused]" src="confused.gif" />
Posted by: syd

Re: 'GAMEBOOMERS' changed ownership ?? - 07/24/03 09:31 AM

Good morning everyone laugh

As to Randy's article about us - yes, it's true. GameBoomers has been "under new management" so to speak since May of this year. Bob's medical problems have made it impossible for him to continue running the board so he turned it over to [drum roll please] Marita aka Mags laugh

Marita didn't want a big deal made out of it which is why nothing was said formally on the board and we respected her wishes. I will tell you all - that she is a wonder and Peter is correct - there is so much more to running this site than simply hitting the reply button.

BillyBob calm down - your email address and everyone elses is safe - they have not left the building lol Yes, the moderators knew about it when it happened. You're the new kid on the block Louis and I just didn't think to mention it. I apologize for that.

Posted by: MacDee

Re: 'GAMEBOOMERS' changed ownership ?? - 07/24/03 09:48 AM

Marita (MaG) has done an outstanding job. Nothing is really changed here at GB, unless you want to count the Game Store Page, the Free Game Page and the Homepage. GameBoomers is still in the family. wink Marita wanted the transition to be smooth as possible for the members.

Bob had no choice because of his health problems. It was very difficult for him. Bob is still in the background kibitzing wink We all want to thank him for creating such a wonderful board and wish him the very best.

If it wasn't for Marita, there would not be a GameBoomers.

Kudos to you Marita! bravo :kiss: bravo

Posted by: gatorlaw

Re: 'GAMEBOOMERS' changed ownership ?? - 07/24/03 10:11 AM

Yawnnn what's going on - oh you have revealed Mags secret identity eek

She is a wonder woman - you know. Like Dee said.... :kiss:
If it wasn't for Marita, there would not be a GameBoomers.
Posted by: Witchen

Re: 'GAMEBOOMERS' changed ownership ?? - 07/24/03 10:24 AM

Hi ya', Gang......Not much I can add here as its all been explained above. Thanks to Marita, and a terrific staff, Gameboomers is surely rolling along with scarcely a visible hiccup during the transition in management. We do certainly wish Bob and Karen the very best!

Off we go into the wild, blue gaming yonder with great prospects for a wonderful and growing Gameboomers future!

Love, Witchen
Posted by: nolalou

Re: 'GAMEBOOMERS' changed ownership ?? - 07/24/03 10:41 AM

Thanks for filling us in. Best of luck to Bob & Karen, and thanks Marita for a great job.

Syd, no need to appologise, just don't let it happen again! wink


P.S. I'm still waiting for my official Moderator's manuals.. opps..wait I think I see a fleet of trucks comming down my street !!
Posted by: Rckasea

Re: 'GAMEBOOMERS' changed ownership ?? - 07/24/03 10:59 AM

Best Wishes to Bob and Karen.
The Best Adventure site with the best of people.
Best of Wishes to Marita(Mag).
Does this explain the April forbbiden stuff?
(heavy traffic)
To everyone, BAAG ON !!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by: tigger

Re: 'GAMEBOOMERS' changed ownership ?? - 07/24/03 11:00 AM

Ohh so long as we have our great site, with the usual Moderators.. it will still be the best place to be!!

Thanks Mag for all your hard work.

Thank you Bob and Karen for giving us a safe haven!! Bob, hope you can overcome your health probs and come back to us whole and hearty.


Tig wave
Posted by: Liz

Re: 'GAMEBOOMERS' changed ownership ?? - 07/24/03 11:03 AM

wow......interesting!! And we all know what a wonder MaG is.......!!! She's phenomenal!

Good luck to all....i know you'll keep up the good work....it's obviously been a really smooth transition if we all didn't even know about it!! smile
Posted by: JonathanBoakes

Re: 'GAMEBOOMERS' changed ownership ?? - 07/24/03 11:39 AM

The moderators have done a wonderful job keeping the place going, and also maintaining the freshness and life that these boards boast.

Well done, keep up the good work!

Posted by: Mad

Re: 'GAMEBOOMERS' changed ownership ?? - 07/24/03 12:13 PM


Well, the proof is "in the pudding" as they say and this change over went so smoothly that I for one just went blithely and blindly on - expecting Gameboomer Mods and Members alike to be at my instant beck and call as per normal wink

So sorry to hear about your health problems, Bob, and hope you get some relief soon. Back problems are just horrible frown

Of course, we'll want to see posts from you now and then to hear how you are doin'. You can't really expect to escape altogether bravo

And Marita !!!!

Not making a big deal outta this as per your preference but ....


Hehehe :kiss:


Mad wave
Posted by: gatorlaw

Re: 'GAMEBOOMERS' changed ownership ?? - 07/24/03 12:47 PM

P.S. I'm still waiting for my official Moderator's manuals.. opps..wait I think I see a fleet of trucks comming down my street !!
Some things even Fed X won't deliver - we uhhh had to make special arrangements. What's that Syd - ohhhhh he needs how much feed? laugh

Posted by: syd

Re: 'GAMEBOOMERS' changed ownership ?? - 07/24/03 01:04 PM

Well geeez nolalou if you haven't gotten the manuals yet no wonder you didn't know what was going on (guess I shouldn't have been the one to give Tilde directions, huh?) evil
Posted by: nickie

Re: 'GAMEBOOMERS' changed ownership ?? - 07/24/03 01:52 PM

Marita is doing a fantabulous job, and it can only be a credit on her list of many attributes that she didn't want to receive the attention for scotch taping the transition so smoothly. The woman works non stop like she's possessed! bravo to each and every one for making this such a great place to be!
Posted by: syd

Re: 'GAMEBOOMERS' changed ownership ?? - 07/24/03 02:13 PM

Rick what happened in April was what we told you - we just plain overloaded the server laugh
Posted by: Rckasea

Re: 'GAMEBOOMERS' changed ownership ?? - 07/24/03 03:46 PM

Thanks syd,
I must have spent too much time with the trivia,mind benders mysteries.
Posted by: SuMac

Re: 'GAMEBOOMERS' changed ownership ?? - 07/24/03 05:25 PM

Many, many thanks to Bob and Karen for creating such a wonderful site. :kiss: :kiss:

And once again, I'm totally amazed by all the talents of our new manager/owner Marita! bravo bravo How lucky we are to have her, And all our Mods, old and new! thumbsup
Posted by: mszv

Re: 'GAMEBOOMERS' changed ownership ?? - 07/24/03 07:40 PM

Thanks to Bob and Karen, congrats to Marita, and thanks to all the moderators! Wow, what a site, and what a forum, as always still great.

Wasn't that great of Randy (owner/editor of Just Adventure) to mention us? That's so great, considering they have their own forum. Thanks Randy.
Posted by: Advpuzlov

Re: 'GAMEBOOMERS' changed ownership ?? - 07/25/03 12:02 AM

BOB and KAREN have built up a great Adventure game site, attracting wonderful moderators and members. It is a blessing that MARITA is carrying on their tradition, which bodes well for the future of GameBoomers.

I am sorry to hear that BOB's back is getting worse. I hope it is of a nature that it can be treated so that he can obtain relief. Now that they are not carrying the burden of all the work of managing the site, they may have time to chime in more frequently on threads. Hope so!
Posted by: Rae

Re: 'GAMEBOOMERS' changed ownership ?? - 07/25/03 12:55 AM

It is indeed a credit to MaG that this transition went so smoothly. And to all the moderators, too! This is a fun and friendly place to chill at the end (or beginning, or even middle) of the day. Keep up the good work! thumbsup
Posted by: Bea

Re: 'GAMEBOOMERS' changed ownership ?? - 07/25/03 02:20 AM

syd actually explained this when I asked where Bob and his crayons were a few weeks ago - but I must admit even I had a frisson of panic at the words "new ownership"
I had just assumed that everything would carry on as before as it is still the same people running everything. I am grateful for Bob for starting this and hope that he will still feel up to popping in and letting us know what is what smile smile
Posted by: MaG

Re: 'GAMEBOOMERS' changed ownership ?? - 07/25/03 08:23 AM

Thank you for all your wishes and kind words. I really appreciate it.

With the growing GB family of great and wonderful Staff watching over the Community, we continue the tradition set by Bob and Karen for a place to have fun and enjoy gaming.

GameBoomers exist because of the best Members in the gaming community and because of the love and caring that holds it together.

I would like to thank the Staff for the great job they are doing in keeping GB the place we know and love. They are generous with their time and expertise to keep us abreast of news, fun and help in gaming as well as with other things. They are the ones maintaining the site.

bravo Dee, Syd, Laura, Stacey, Jenny, Jenny100, Sue, Jerry, Nickie, Becky and Louis.

Posted by: Linds

Re: 'GAMEBOOMERS' changed ownership ?? - 07/25/03 08:44 AM

I alway said you were the best.

To all the moderators- You are all fantastic and it's a pleasure to be a member of this wonderful place.

All the best to Bob and Karen.

Susan bravo bravo
Posted by: Josie

Re: 'GAMEBOOMERS' changed ownership ?? - 07/25/03 01:16 PM

Good Luck Bob And Karen.

Mag keep up the Good work, your doing a Good Job. smile

Josie smile
Posted by: Bruce Fielder

Re: 'GAMEBOOMERS' changed ownership ?? - 07/25/03 05:25 PM

I really love the new look to the first page of the site. This is still the best, most friendly and most civilized gaming site on the planet IMHO.
Many, many thanks to everyone who makes it happen so flawlessly.
Posted by: granny

Re: 'GAMEBOOMERS' changed ownership ?? - 07/25/03 06:52 PM

I actually thought Randy was starting a new 'Urban Legend' when I read it. Just proves, 'When you snooze, you lose'. lol

Kudos, MaG, and the rest of our brilliant Mods for being so smooth no one even noticed.
Posted by: Zanthia

Re: 'GAMEBOOMERS' changed ownership ?? - 07/25/03 09:28 PM

We are all very blessed that marita has taken over the helm at gameboomers. Noone could be doing a better job than she. It seems she never takes a break in making gameboomers a better site. We all owe her so much gratitude and thanks.
Posted by: Jude

Re: 'GAMEBOOMERS' changed ownership ?? - 07/26/03 01:46 AM

I add my thanks to Bob and Karen for their inspiration and hard work. Good luck for the future, do hope you will let us know how you are getting along and that Bob's back gets better.

Here's to a fulfilling future with us for Marita too.
Posted by: Mary

Re: 'GAMEBOOMERS' changed ownership ?? - 07/26/03 03:13 PM

I would like to thank Bob and Karen also, for all their years of work to keep GameBoomers the great site it is! Bob, I hope you get some relief from your back problems.

It was kind of strange, though, finding out about the change in ownership from another site. Kind of had me scared there, for a while.
Posted by: KarenNJ

Re: 'GAMEBOOMERS' changed ownership ?? - 07/26/03 06:53 PM

My thanks to Bob and Karen also, and prayers for
Bob hope he is feeling better soon. Its amazing that no one knew about the changeover but then Gameboomers is a wonderful place moderated by an amazing group of people. thumbsup