Why do we use Walkthroughs?

Posted by: Cherie

Why do we use Walkthroughs? - 06/03/02 10:26 AM

I have been asking myself this question for a long time. I have found that I like to read a walkthtough like it were a book. Then do the game, not unlike reading a book then seeing the movie. I already have the story line and find greater enjoyment in the game when I know how it flows. Then of course if I get stuck I can refer to than portion to help myself with the test I am facing.

I would be interested if others have the same approach as I do.
Posted by: tigger

Re: Why do we use Walkthroughs? - 06/03/02 10:35 AM

Hi Cherie,

I resort to a w/t when I have exhausted every logical action I can think of...... OR if I am faced with a maze!!!! Some mazes I have managed to do on my own, I did the one in Necronomicon then couldn't figure out just HOW I had done it.... Banjaxed the game later and hadn't saved just after doing the dratted thing, so I resorted to a w/t.

I find that if I have a w/t on my hdd I will go back to it after looking once.... if its not there, I use my brains a bit more. As I have only so much time for games, I do like to be able to continue without getting frustrated.

I think it boils down to whether you get more pleasure out of doing something all by yourself, or if you want to have a little help every now and again.

Some of the best w/t's I have looked at do read like a story, some of them are just great to read whether you have completed the game or not.


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Posted by: MacDee

Re: Why do we use Walkthroughs? - 06/03/02 11:08 AM

I think the only WT I have read completely through was Amerzone. It read like a journal or diary. It was great reading. happydance

Like Tig....I resort to a WT when I have no other means to get unstuck.... <img border="0" alt="pacify" title="" src="graemlins/pacify.gif" /> However, if I enjoyed the game, I'll look over the WT to see what approach the author took. <img border="0" alt="[winky]" title="" src="graemlins/winky.gif" />

Posted by: DocPaul

Re: Why do we use Walkthroughs? - 06/03/02 11:30 AM

I will use a walkthrough when I am totally stuck and I am feeling too impatient to submit a post here. If I feel I only need a hint, I will submit a post here first.
Posted by: Jenny

Re: Why do we use Walkthroughs? - 06/03/02 12:48 PM

Since Syd and I play together we can usually get each other unstuck, and if that fails, then we whine on the Hints board. A walkthrough is the court of last resort.....

However, I normally read through the best walkthrough I can find after I've finished a game. It helps to tie up loose ends and jog my memory on the little stuff that I missed while trying to figure out the hard puzzles. So naturally I prefer those walkthroughs that read more like a story to the "bare bones" ones.
Posted by: CyFurr

Re: Why do we use Walkthroughs? - 06/03/02 01:14 PM

Stuckiness ofcourse. I think I use walkthrus more so for when I don't really like a game, but, want to go through the whole thing, at the same time want to get it over with. <img border="0" alt="woozy" title="" src="graemlins/woozy.gif" /> rolleyes
Posted by: acornia

Re: Why do we use Walkthroughs? - 06/03/02 01:26 PM

A bunch of reasons. One time would buy a book of walkthrus and use it to pick out what games wanted to buy. Now just come here. Also use them so can find the next puzzle faster, finding items, and use it if get really stuck. Also like the Amerzone walkthru and while reading it, almost forgot was playing a game. Went wait a minute am no where near this point in the game. Reread when got down and was almost like replaying the game.
Posted by: nolalou

Re: Why do we use Walkthroughs? - 06/03/02 03:35 PM

Why do we use Walkthroughs? Cuz we're all lazy shiftless bums who want a quick answer intead of using our heads! eek laugh laugh

Not Realy! I TRY to only use a walkthrouh as a last resort, but sometimes I don't want to wait for an answer to a post on the hints board, so I'll take a peek at the walkthrough. (or maybe 2 peeks if I'm real stuck!).

I don't think I've ever read a walkthrough from begining to end, and never before I actulay start playing the game.

Posted by: gatorlaw

Re: Why do we use Walkthroughs? - 06/03/02 04:05 PM

Good topic,

I use WT's on replays as although I don't really recall how I solved it exactly the first time - since I have beaten it once - the thrill of doing it again solo is gone. SO if it's a tough puzzle - I'll just use the WT.

The primary way I use WT's is that they are a great resource on older games. If I am trying to decide whether to get this or that oldie - a quick glance at the beginning of a WT for it - will tell me for a fact whther the game play is adventure and would appeal to me.

I also look through WT's after I have finished to see if I missed anything on longer more involved games like easter eggs and the like.

I rarely use them for first time game playing unless there is no help from any place and I have exhausted my patience with the stuckness part. I will pound at something for quite a while before I give it up.

Posted by: flotsam

Re: Why do we use Walkthroughs? - 06/03/02 05:54 PM

I generally use them only when I am well and truly stuck. And as I play a fair few games with advpuzlov, that is rare cos she is really good smile
But what constitutes "stuck" will depend upon the game itself and the mood I am in. If I am not finding the game terribly interesting, I will probably be less likely to spend too much time being stuck - basically I just want to get on and finish the game.
Conversely, a game I am finding enthralling is one which I will spend far more time pondering over, and will rarely peek at a walkthrough.
Paradoxically, some games in which the story is gripping start to niggle me if I am not advancing the story as fast as I would like. I may well peek at a walkthrough so as I can get on with finding out what is going to happen.
And I will also ocassionally look at a walkthrough after the event to fill in holes in the story or give further insight into certain puzzles.
And I agree with Dee - I had been told to read the Amerzone walkthrough when I had finished and it was great.
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Why do we use Walkthroughs? - 06/03/02 08:18 PM

Originally posted by tigger:
Hi Cherie,

...Some mazes I have managed to do on my own, I did the one in Necronomicon then couldn't figure out just HOW I had done it.... Banjaxed the game later and hadn't saved just after doing the dratted thing, so I resorted to a w/t.

Anyway, I use walkthroughs for
1. Annoying puzzles that I don't want to do (like mazes or timed puzzles where you have to figure out exactly what to do before the time runs out)
2. Stuckness - especially if I suspect a dead end or game bug.
3. Introductory advice - especially warnings about potential game bugs or dead ends. It's best if they're listed at the beginning of the walkthrough as well as later on when the bug could occur.

Most walkthroughs don't make very interesting reading, but some are amusing or storylike and those I'll read through.
Posted by: Josie

Re: Why do we use Walkthroughs? - 06/03/02 11:33 PM

I use a WT when I am stuck and because I am Stupid.

Josie smile
Posted by: housewife

Re: Why do we use Walkthroughs? - 06/03/02 11:44 PM

You guys may find this strange. But I find myself reading walkthroughs before I buy a game I am interested in and can't find a review about it.

It kind of gives me an idea of what the game is about, what actions to take, or if it is an action game or adventure game, or if it is a point and click. After that I get a real good look of what is expected of the game. And if it sounds fun. I buy it. After that I have an idea what the game is about, but won't remember how to solve the puzzle, so it doesn't spoil anything for me. But when I get stuck, I will look for some help if not, I will ask you guys for help.

And definitely if I really like this game. I will print out the walkthrough for replay, just in case the walkthrough is not available anymore.

Liz. laugh
Posted by: Tamia

Re: Why do we use Walkthroughs? - 06/04/02 09:19 AM

Did anyone see this "An Adventurer's Guide to Seeking Hints" at Just Adventure? This was hilarious because this is me. I start out trying not to look, get stuck, then wonder if it is a bug in the game ( it couldn't be me! ) and so I better check just in case!
Posted by: Nellie

Re: Why do we use Walkthroughs? - 06/04/02 11:32 AM

If I think the puzzles are fair in the game (based on the puzzles I've solved so far), I really, really try not to look at a walkthrough, and usually succeed. Sometimes I'll sneak a peek and then hate myself for it afterwards because I know I could have done it myself. Nothing beats the satisfaction of having completed an adventure game with no outside help. smile

If I don't think the puzzles are fair, or I suspect a dead end/bug in the game, I'll look at a walkthrough to make sure. If I then discover it was a fair puzzle I could have solved myself, I go 'rrrrnnnnnghh!!!' and my head explodes. True story.

If I just don't like the nature of the puzzles ('Black Dahlia', for example), I'll happily use a walkthrough the moment I get bored on any particular puzzle.

The first look at the walkthrough is the big one. After that, you're less and less able to resist the temptation of looking at it again...
Posted by: Brian

Re: Why do we use Walkthroughs? - 06/04/02 11:54 AM

Simpy put we use Walkthroughs because we can. Now some of prefer to ask for hints as evident by the Hints Section here but the majority of use Walkthroughs because widely availablem, free and as mentioned a quick fix that allow us to return to our game relatively quickly. Personally I prefer the Universal Hints System files because it allows you to think the problem out before giving you the answer as a result I get more gratification as seems that I am able to solve the puzzle "on my own" without having to ask someone for help or consult a walkthrough.

I suppose this is why sometimes if I give hints in the hints section they sometimes seem to be cryptic and often don't just describe in elaborate detail what to do incase anyone was wondering.
Posted by: JonathanBoakes

Re: Why do we use Walkthroughs? - 06/04/02 12:07 PM

I have done the same as you, Housewife, in the past. That is, read a hint page to see if I will like the game or not. If the hints read "use corkscrew on banana, then cook banana, feed banana to the big tree in garden etc etc etc"... then I try to steer clear. Having said that, I've completely lied. I would actually buy that game just to see if the puzzles were as bizarre as they sounded.

Posted by: Mary

Re: Why do we use Walkthroughs? - 06/04/02 12:45 PM

Can't say that I've ever read a walkthrough BEFORE I bought a game, or even before playing the game. I use them when I'm at a point in the game where I've tried everything I can think of, and still nothing works, or it is a timed sequence that I can't get the knack of. Right now, I'm stuck with good old Tex in Overseer in a place that gives you VERY little time to complete a chore. Yep, I've read the W/T, and re-read it. I'm still getting killed, but I'm determined. I try not to keep the W/T too handy though; it's too easy to just read your way out of a puzzle, instead of thinking it out.
Posted by: granny

Re: Why do we use Walkthroughs? - 06/04/02 04:22 PM

I love to read walkthrus of any game I am interested in buying. As said previously, I don't remember any of the puzzle solutions, I have looked at HOW it plays, and have a rough idea of the story, (if there is no story, bye bye) it's like a review, but more in depth.
As for using a WT, I find it's better than getting very frustrated. I play games for FUN, not STRESS!!!
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