Sophie's world.

Posted by: sami5901

Sophie's world. - 02/18/03 09:58 AM

Just wondering whistle has anyone received there gmae yet. I had prablems ordering it so not sure if I have one comming or not. Thks Diane wave frown
Posted by: gatorlaw

Re: Sophie's world. - 02/18/03 01:30 PM

Where did you order the game from?

Posted by: sami5901

Re: Sophie's world. - 02/18/03 01:50 PM

Good Question <img border="0" title="" alt="[Confused]" src="confused.gif" /> I bought it through World wide pay. I think it was in England. I guess they never sent me a confirmed e-mail only from World wide being shipped 1st class post. Postage free. Maybe it's to soon to expect it yet. Order was placed 1-30. Diane smile
Posted by: SuMac

Re: Sophie's world. - 02/19/03 05:30 PM

What kind of game is it? I read a book a couple of years ago called Sophie's World, about a young girl learning about the history of philosophy, that causes her to question what is real, and how do I know that I exist. Before long, you weren't sure what was real and what was fiction. It was actually a very enjoyable book - made you think. Is this the basis of the game?
Posted by: gatorlaw

Re: Sophie's world. - 02/19/03 06:54 PM


That's exactly what the CDRom game is based on. It starts with the young girl talking to her father - but it's just the voices with the stars on the screen. Very touching beginning.

It's more of a philosophy journey than a traditional game with a plot. I liked it very much though. It is different. Like Ceremony of Innocence or Lotus Spring.

Posted by: girlgeek

Re: Sophie's world. - 02/19/03 10:12 PM

Does anyone have a link for Ceremony of Innocence or Sophie's World....preferably BOTH??!! These games sounds very intriguing to me. I LOVE the "non-traditional" type stuff! It's refreshing once-in-a-while! Examples of non-traditional games/multimedia experiences would be: Point of View, Tender Loving Care, and Peter Gabriel's Eve