Rare games?

Posted by: Janie Lane

Rare games? - 06/18/02 11:44 PM

Just curious what rare games you can name off the top of your head!

And if you know, how they got that way?

Just thought this would be an interesting topic.
Posted by: gatorlaw

Re: Rare games? - 06/18/02 11:55 PM

I figure any game that Syd doesn't have must be rare indeed eek

There are a lot,
Orion Burger,
used to be Duckman

All you have to do is run by EBay for the auction leaders. wink

Posted by: Janie Lane

Re: Rare games? - 06/19/02 12:06 AM

Yeah, I have gone by there a few times. But the word smile rare can be overused on Ebay.

I think the highest I have seen something go for is the Gabriel Knight Sins of the Fathers in the funny shaped box.
Posted by: nickie

Re: Rare games? - 06/19/02 02:55 AM

For goodness sake, don't let TSS see this post! Just kidding, Rick.
There are a lot of reasons for a game becoming rare (as in seldom found), and not all good. But a couple big reasons are that it wasn't distributed in the U.S., it got pulled from the shelves almost right away for company problems or whatever reason, or it just didn't appeal at the time with lots of competition.But you'll notice on ebay if one shows up and gets a big price, others will often follow, and you see that the "rare" game is not really hard to find at all, i.e Neverhood.
Off the top of my head, hard to find: Treasure Hunter, Alice-Interactive Museum, Alien Incident, Touche, Jack the Ripper,Blue Heat, Chewy-Escape from F-5 and SFPD homicide.
Posted by: lakerz

Re: Rare games? - 06/19/02 11:48 AM

I'd put Treasure Hunter at the top of the rare list. Others off the top of my head are Alice Interactive, Yellow Brick Road 1&2, Blue Heat, Master of Dimensions.
Posted by: lakerz

Re: Rare games? - 06/19/02 11:49 AM

Oh, another title that should be there is A.D. 2044.
Posted by: nickie

Re: Rare games? - 06/19/02 11:58 AM

And Celtica, Nippon Safes, Dracula's Secret, Bud Tucker in Double Trouble. laugh
Posted by: Janie Lane

Re: Rare games? - 06/23/02 11:24 AM

Interesting...but kinda sad. I grew up playing those games, and now how high other people sell em for...
Posted by: Magician

Re: Rare games? - 06/24/02 08:41 AM

argh - 5000 units...? jeez...
It's a pity tss cannot deliver to Australia though - sigh... oh well smile
Posted by: Soren A

Re: Rare games? - 06/24/02 08:56 AM

How about two that are pretty old: CHAOS and C.H.A.O.S. Continuum. I have never seen any reference to either of them on a GB board. The first has a heavy dose of chaos math theory.
Posted by: syd

Re: Rare games? - 06/24/02 08:58 AM

Guess who has both? wink I found them in the bargin bin bundled together and I paid $1.99 for them about 6 or 7 years ago laugh
Posted by: Polo

Re: Rare games? - 06/24/02 09:00 AM

i did have the police Quest Collection. but i havent seen it since i lent it out to a friend then a i moved home lol doh ah well
Posted by: Janie Lane

Re: Rare games? - 06/24/02 04:44 PM

Ah the Police Quest Collection is great! I have problems running my favorite one, PQ3. Right when I start driving, I crash. Darn newer computer... mad
Posted by: Magician

Re: Rare games? - 06/25/02 03:06 AM

hehe - zombieville received VERY bad review on justadventure.com - apparently it's so badly made that the company who made it is not even prepared to acknowledge that they indeed made it...
Posted by: Magician

Re: Rare games? - 06/25/02 04:36 PM

You might want to read this one actually..


according to the reviewer, the release version was actually an alpha version (one that's even before beta testing). And it's very bug ridden and almost impossible to complete...

Of course, it might be that the version you've got is a later version and is one that's the true release version, not the alpha version...
Posted by: Janie Lane

Re: Rare games? - 07/01/02 05:50 PM

What is Yellow Brick Road?
Posted by: lakerz

Re: Rare games? - 07/01/02 06:30 PM

Yellow Brick Road 1 & 2 are both Adventure/RPG games developed by Synergy (I believe), the same company which put together Alice Interactive, L-Zone, Gadget, etc. I'm almost positive they were never released in the US. I know they were released in Japan, not sure about other countries. Really, the only mention I've seen of the game is a walkthrough at JA+. I never knew a sequel existed until someone emailed me a picture of both game boxes they had in their collection.
Posted by: Coreoverload

Re: Rare games? - 09/15/02 12:48 PM

How about Myth? That game is rare.
Posted by: tigger

Re: Rare games? - 09/15/02 01:39 PM

Weird.. I picked up CHAOS Continuum for peanuts in the UK.. still not played it but hadn't realised it was 'rare'

If you shop around or visit 2nd hand game shops/ charity shops/ car boot sales then anything isn't that rare or expensive.


Tig wave
Posted by: Geezer

Re: Rare games? - 09/15/02 08:12 PM

Try finding Adventures of the Smart Patrol by Inscape.