This Forum and Syberia

Posted by: B. Sokal

This Forum and Syberia - 07/15/02 04:42 PM

I've been reading for the past month or so all the messages on this board related to Syberia.

I'm trully honoured and greatful to all of you. I'm proud that we were able to reach you with the story we designed and the images we created.

I just wanted to thank you for all you wrote.

B. Sokal
Posted by: Gog

Re: This Forum and Syberia - 07/15/02 04:52 PM

Thank You, for a wonderful game. Be sure to let them coming, as long as you make them, we┬┤ll keep getting them and enjoying laugh wave
Posted by: Space Quest Fan

Re: This Forum and Syberia - 07/15/02 05:02 PM

Hi B.Sokal. I had to order the game after reading Gatorlaws review and all the posts here. I can't wait to immerse myself in this game. wave
Posted by: SuMac

Re: This Forum and Syberia - 07/15/02 05:28 PM

Even though I can't play Syberia on my present computer, I'm going to buy the game anyway, and save it for my upgrade. I've read so many enthusiastic comments on this board, that I know it'll be worth the wait. smile wave
Posted by: Jenny

Re: This Forum and Syberia - 07/15/02 05:49 PM

Hello, B. Sokal, and to GameBoomers!

I hope by now you realize what a bunch of fans you have here for your game, and how eagerly we are waiting for news of any possible sequel. All I can say is, if Syberia doesn't win everyone's All-Around Game of the Year Award, something is seriously wrong!
Posted by: infernoj13usa

Re: This Forum and Syberia - 07/15/02 06:11 PM

A truly wonderfully sensitive game that left you wanting more. I loved the idea that while the backrounds and "set design" were breathtaking...I didn't leave this piece to end it "whistling the sets" * <img border="0" title="" alt="[Cool]" src="cool.gif" /> theatrical jargon <img border="0" title="" alt="[Cool]" src="cool.gif" /> * The story held its ground and made for an incredibe well rounded journey. A keeper, one to be savored much like a fine brandy.
<img border="0" title="" alt="[Cool]" src="cool.gif" />
Posted by: gatorlaw

Re: This Forum and Syberia - 07/15/02 06:42 PM

B. Sokal,

What an honor and delight to see your thread here at Boomers. smile

I can only hope that Syberia will be but the first of many more delights that arise from your creativity and passion. Bravo Benoit. happydance

Posted by: syd

Re: This Forum and Syberia - 07/15/02 06:48 PM

I just wanted to add my welcome and thank you for helping create such a wonderful game. I finished it last week and can still picture it in my mind.
Posted by: MacDee

Re: This Forum and Syberia - 07/15/02 07:08 PM

to GameBoomers! We are so pleased to have you post.

While I'm not a big fan of third person adventure games, I'll have to admit that Syberia certainly got my attention. I was awed by the opening scenes, and lulled by the music. The artwork is breathtaking. I have only just met Oscar, but I'm looking forward to the rest of this captivating story. Congratulations to you and your team on your outstanding work.

By the way, Amerzone is and always will be one of my top favorite games.

Posted by: ramona

Re: This Forum and Syberia - 07/15/02 07:19 PM

Thanks so much Mr. Sokal for personally taking the time to thank this forum and its members. From the reviews from the fellow Gameboomers, I too will be purchasing this game as soon as it is available in the U.S. this September. I am looking forward to experiencing this beautiful game firsthand. Thank you for creating it and please continue to share your visions with the rest of us. wave
Posted by: Space Quest Fan

Re: This Forum and Syberia - 07/15/02 07:42 PM

Ramona I ordered the game from CDACCESS and they told me they will be getting more in stock this week. happydance
Posted by: Jenny

Re: This Forum and Syberia - 07/15/02 08:12 PM

I just checked CD Access and it says they have ten in stock at the moment, so if you want one you'd better hop right over there.

Also, The Dragon's Den is going to have it back in stock on Thursday, for $5 less than CD Access. You can see that page here .
Posted by: Cherie

Re: This Forum and Syberia - 07/15/02 09:50 PM

For years the gaming world has had "Myst" as the benchmark for sensational games. I see "Syberia" as a new benchmark for the adventure gamer. You can be very proud of your production and we are quite grateful to reap the rewards of your talent and energies. Thank you for Syberia.
Posted by: Space Quest Fan

Re: This Forum and Syberia - 07/15/02 10:38 PM

Jenny thanks for the Dragon Den link. I just noticed they have Mystery of the Druids for $9.95 which is a great price if anybody is interested and much less than I paid for the game. <img border="0" alt="[talky]" title="" src="graemlins/talky.gif" />
Posted by: nickie

Re: This Forum and Syberia - 07/16/02 12:47 AM

How wonderful of you to join us! I have bought Syberia but not played it yet, however, I know I will love it since I loved Amerzone. It's wonderful to walk away from a game and feel good. Thanks so much for that!
Posted by: Thatldu1421

Re: This Forum and Syberia - 07/16/02 01:18 AM

Mr. Sokal,
Welcome to Gameboomers from the beautiful Pacific Northwest! Amerzone is my all time favorite game, and now Syberia. This is wonderful eh??
Posted by: Kickaha

Re: This Forum and Syberia - 07/16/02 05:49 AM

Dear Benoit Sokal,

I haven't seen much of Syberia yet but what I have seen has impressed me greatly. Thanks for this expression of your art.

Best wishes,

Posted by: emma

Re: This Forum and Syberia - 07/16/02 06:21 AM

I'm as blown away by the beautiful graphics as the rest of the guys here, really can't think of anything more to add! lol I do, though, wish for you to let the person who wrote the music know, how much I (and many more with me!) loved the score! After all, beautiful imagery is greatly enhanced if the music supports it, and in this case, the combination est magnifique!

Congrats on a piece of art that probably will live on like many other great masterpieces! And thank you for showing the world the potential of gaming!
Posted by: ces

Re: This Forum and Syberia - 07/16/02 12:26 PM

Dear Mr. Sokol,

Welcome to Game Boomers! It is an honour and a pleasure to have you here!

I, too, am waiting for Syberia to be available here in the United States. I am not rushing to get it right away as I want something for September when the weather here in Portland, Oregon is not so summery.

I loved Amerzone! In fact, I loved it so much that I got one of my husband's gaming friends who lives in Paris to order the Amerzone comic/graphic novel for me from Castermann! Even though it is in French, which I don't know a word of, I have enjoyed the book immensely.

Your artistry is beautiful! Please design more games for us!
Posted by: Rowan

Re: This Forum and Syberia - 07/16/02 12:45 PM

Thank you for the beautiful Syberia experience. The graphics portray a vision, the music touches the soul, and the story leads us into a new reality.

Row smile
Posted by: Schwab35

Re: This Forum and Syberia - 07/16/02 06:36 PM

Oh, I wish I had seen this thread yesterday!
Syberia was the most enjoyable game I've played in awhile, at least since Anachronox..thank you so much for writing such a unique and touching story!!!
Posted by: lasanidine

Re: This Forum and Syberia - 07/16/02 10:21 PM

Dear Mr Sokol, thank you for the beautiful games and the perfect execution, it is so nice not to have to hunt for patches before we can play. Your amazing talent shines thorugh not only the graphics but your undertanding of human nature and the gentle humor it is presented with. Kathy
Posted by: mszv

Re: This Forum and Syberia - 07/16/02 11:41 PM

Wow - Benoit Sokal replied in person! Welcome Benoit Sokal!

I haven't played Syberia yet - just seen the movie, played the demo and I've played Amerzone. I shouldn't comment yet, but that hasn't stopped me before!

I love the look (what I've seen of the game), it looks like "one game". Even though a number of people worked on the game, it doesn't look like the game was done by a committee; it appears to have a unique, integrated look to it, and it's beautiful too. The puzzles are integrated into the story (from what I've seen), and the story seems to be perfectly integrated into the game. I'm less story driven than most gameboomers (Game visuals are really, really, important to me), but I can't fail to be impressed by the story line, what I've seen of it, it's got a "page turning" quality to it.

I think the game (again, what I've seen of it), looks like a movie, down to the lighting, the "camera" angles, and the movie soundtrack. Are you (and Microids) planning to do animated films? Come on, you can tell us, here at gameboomers we won't tell anyone!

It's also great that someone from outside the game industry came to make games (I know, with other game professionals on the team), bringing so much to our game experience. I think the game industry is so much richer for it.

The sketches on the Syberia web site are also great - I'm really enjoying looking at them.
Posted by: sami5901

Re: This Forum and Syberia - 07/17/02 04:21 PM

WOW!!!! this game has left me breathless. I agree with everyone What a beautiful game,story line, everything about it was wonderful. Syberia goes down as my all time favorite. Thanks for all your talents. Diane wave
Posted by: tigger

Re: This Forum and Syberia - 07/17/02 04:29 PM

I have not had the pleasure of playing Syberia yet... but if it is half as good as Amerzone, I know I will adore it!

Thank you for sharing your talent with us and making many folks very happy!


Tig wave
Posted by: Angela

Re: This Forum and Syberia - 07/18/02 11:17 PM

Thank you B. Sokal for all your wonderful work, and thank you for taking the time to post here at GameBoomers!!

I love Amerzone (I've played it three times), and I am really looking forward to playing Syberia. I played the demo, and it looks terrific!!
Posted by: Audrey Wells

Re: This Forum and Syberia - 07/19/02 12:24 AM

Dear Benoit,
I've played many memorable and well done adventure games in my time, but Syberia has managed to outdo almost every one of them - Ok, ok, EVERY one of them. smile

The music, graphics, and of course, the storyline are all top-notch. Despite an overtime job I managed to finish the game in a couple of days - that's how drawn I was to it. Randy at JustAdventure will kill me when he hears that I'm putting off a review for JA in order to play Syberia, lol!!

I look forward to your future works, and I must say that I much prefer the 3rd-person format and hope you continue it. Thanks for such a beautiful game!

Audrey Wells
Just Adventure
Posted by: JCH

Re: This Forum and Syberia - 07/19/02 04:54 AM

I also have to jump in and thank you for such a fantastic game. It truly is one of the best adventure games I have played in years. happydance
Posted by: gatorlaw

Re: This Forum and Syberia - 07/25/02 11:38 PM

Thought I would push this up for all the recent newcomers to the Syberia enchantment to enjoy. smile

Posted by: ratracer

Re: This Forum and Syberia - 07/26/02 06:21 AM

I'll add mine to all the other welcome msgs...

I'll ask you a question, though: I read the Amerzone comics and it's a little (more than a little!) different from the game. Did you change your mind (and decided to rewrite the story) when doing the game or was the comics not really adaptable to a adventure game so you had to change all those bits???

What other comic books did you write? (I only know of Amerzone). Sorry for being so curious...
Posted by: Silver Sarge

Re: This Forum and Syberia - 07/26/02 10:22 AM

Yes, thank you. My husband picked the game up for me before we left Quebec and I was only able to complete half of the game before the movers dismantled the computer, but now after three weeks I can continue the adventure. I would like to add that one of the reasons that I thouroughly enjoy the game is because while it is very challanging, it is solvable on your own. It is not diabolically difficult to the point of resorting to a walk through every five minutes like Schizm. Thank you again, and I hope to be purchasing a sequel in the future.

Silver Sarge
Posted by: vermin

Re: This Forum and Syberia - 07/26/02 10:38 AM

Mr. Sokol -- Thanks so much for such a gorgeous game. The graphics were breathtaking, the music delightful, but what really made the game for me was the character development. Kate's transformation into an independent woman is a fascinating journey, one I would love to see continued. And I want mammoths! PLEASE, MORE!!!
Posted by: Witchen

Re: This Forum and Syberia - 07/26/02 10:44 AM

Hello there, Mr. Sokal! laugh

I just wanted to add that I surely agree with all the superlatives above, concerning Syberia, that I am playing it as slowly as possible. A gem like this is deserves to be savored! wink

Best wishes, Witchen =O) laugh