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Adventure/RPG - 07/18/02 10:32 AM


After my recent post about Zanzarah, I got to wondering what's going to happen in the future about game categories <img border="0" alt="woozy" title="" src="graemlins/woozy.gif" />

Some of the newer games out have really been "Adventures with RPG elements".
Designed, I suppose, in the hope of attracting a wider sales market smile

I realise that in the shops it doesn't make a scrap of difference as they invariably have all kinds of categories mixed up on their "sometimes labelled" shelves <img border="0" alt="[winky]" title="" src="graemlins/winky.gif" /> but for discussion and review purposes I was wondering whether a new "hybrid" category might come into being ??


Mad wave
Posted by: MacDee

Re: Adventure/RPG - 07/18/02 10:49 AM

Good question Mad..... wink

I tend to shy away from a game that says Adventure/Anything. I can't help it, I know what I like.... rolleyes

Posted by: infernoj13usa

Re: Adventure/RPG - 07/18/02 10:56 AM

Wouldn't it be great if when loading up one of these "hybrid" games, you could have the options of having "action/shooter" elements or not having them. You know, like the way you can choose to have subtitles or not. In that way it could still reach a wider market. Is that even feasible???
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Re: Adventure/RPG - 07/18/02 10:58 AM

I don't pay any attention to the labeling of games (and especially books) - invariably a game (or book) is not "pure" - i.e., it isn't just an adventure game, or just a strategy game, or just a rpg - it's a combination of 2 or more. I just read the blips, look at the screenshots/pictures, & decide yes or no.

Besides, what one person calls adventure another calls action another calls strategy etc.
Posted by: gremlin

Re: Adventure/RPG - 07/18/02 11:04 AM

Besides, you can get some very good hybrid games... like DragonRiders, which has some minor RPG character development (you can't go certain places or do certain things until you have achieved some level in strength, knowledge, or reputation), but there is plenty of adventure about the game.

Anyone else think of some good Adv/RPG hybrids?

The Gremlin
Posted by: Salim

Re: Adventure/RPG - 07/18/02 11:54 AM

Most games, would take alot to have the options of action/shooter in them. ICB, says its adventure but to me it was perfect, talk to people ge this, disable that search here, very fun, wont find too many games like that any more.
Posted by: Zanthia

Re: Adventure/RPG - 07/18/02 12:07 PM

Quest for Glory series is adventure/RPG.

Anachronox has a lot of adventure elements in it.
Posted by: Mr 2 u

Re: Adventure/RPG - 07/18/02 12:12 PM

I second "Anachronox" to me its as if the r.p.g parts were an after thought because nearly 80 percent of the game is Adventure.
Posted by: Polo

Re: Adventure/RPG - 07/18/02 12:15 PM

I get bored with just RPG, if its got some adventure elements then i tend to get into the game alot better.. Like Morrowind for example i like exploring mines and dungeons that kinda gives the sense of adventure.. but not the "pure adventure" with puzzles and stuff

its weird really lol rolleyes

Posted by: Salim

Re: Adventure/RPG - 07/18/02 12:26 PM

Thats right. RPG's are like too much fantasy and they dont offer much but killing monsters with good backround graphics. I've played diablo 2 and didnt like it so much.
Posted by: Mad

Re: Adventure/RPG - 07/18/02 12:30 PM


Thanks for responding folks smile

nfernoj13usa's idea is one that I've always favoured but I suppose it would just be too expensive to build in an "action/no action mode ??
[Not being a "techie type" I can't be sure but finance IS usually a major decider in just about every aspect of everything rolleyes ]

Probably the nearest I've been to that was Indy and the Fate of Atlantis where you could choose from three different modes.
Of course, most of us would have a go at all three modes anyway, just to see if we could do 'em lol

And I have played something else that offered "more towards adventure" or "more towards action" settings but I can't think what it was. However, I'm sure someone else out there has better recall than me and will be able to identify it immediately <img border="0" alt="[winky]" title="" src="graemlins/winky.gif" /> !!

Yes, gremlinuk, Dragon Riders is just the type of game I had in mind when I posted this topic. And, although I couldn't get it to run, I think Ananchronox is another. There are quite a few knocking about and more, I'm certain, in the pipeline.

I suppose a major category could be called "Hybrids" and that category itself could be subdivided according to what elements a game might contain ....................

Action/Adventure. Adventure/RPG. ETC.

On the other hand, apart from "picky" people like myself, maybe nobody is really that bothered anyway laugh


Mad wave
Posted by: fildil

Re: Adventure/RPG - 07/18/02 02:22 PM

I wouldn't mind playing an RPG if I didn't have to kill anything. Are there any RPGs out there that fit?
Posted by: Salim

Re: Adventure/RPG - 07/18/02 03:35 PM

Mostr of them u have to kill so thats why i dont like em.
Posted by: Zanthia

Re: Adventure/RPG - 07/18/02 03:36 PM

salim, Have you ever played a REAL RPG such as Baldur's gate for example. Diablo series barely qualifies as an RPG. It is very action oriented.

fildil, I have never played an RPG on the PC that has no action and I have been playing them for 10 years. In many RPG's the combat is pretty easy especially if you play one that has turn based combat where you get plenty of time to control each character. Reflexes are not needed at all for turn based RPG's.
Posted by: Mad

Re: Adventure/RPG - 07/18/02 03:38 PM

Hi fildil.

I'm afraid I don't know of any frown but if any exist, I'm sure someone here will certainly be able to tell you.


Mad wave
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Adventure/RPG - 07/18/02 04:05 PM

It's possible to play the RPG Might and Magic VII without killing anything. Check out this victory post at Google Groups for details.

Here's an excerpt:


In Harmindale we found our castle full of rats and goblins.
The butler suggested violence.

"Good gracious NO! We wouldn't *think* of harming those poor creatures!"

So the butler left for an indefinite stay at the inn. And we had another problem; we were almost out of gold. Now, unscrupulous adventurers have been known to hunt down various creatures, savagely attack and slaughter them, and steal their treasure. No wonder those creatures react so negativly when they see adventurers aproaching! It's time to break the cycle of violence. We would earn our gold only by honorable means -- like gambling.

Posted by: Salim

Re: Adventure/RPG - 07/18/02 04:09 PM

Never played baulders gate, havent really played an rpg in a long time. I simply dont like em. Dont know why, must be the pointing and clicking or the fantasy.
Posted by: Zanthia

Re: Adventure/RPG - 07/18/02 05:54 PM

Jenny: The only way you could even try to do something like that post is after you already know the game inside out. Some MM nuts will do anytihng to make the game a challenge. This is one way, another way is to have a party with one person or to finish the game in one months game time. There is no way a person playing the game for the first time would be able to accomplish this. The MM series is known to be a very combat oriented series.

salim: Not all RPGs are fantasy both but it is true that most are.
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Adventure/RPG - 07/18/02 06:04 PM


I know that. I just thought it was a funny post.
And if it's the killing that bothers you more than the combat, it is probably something fun to try.
Posted by: fildil

Re: Adventure/RPG - 07/18/02 06:11 PM

Zanthia, excuse my ignorance, but what is a turn based RPG?
Posted by: Mad

Re: Adventure/RPG - 07/18/02 06:36 PM

Hi Jenny.

I thought it was an hilarious post lol

And as Zanthia says - "specialist gamers only" need apply lol


Mad wave
Posted by: Salim

Re: Adventure/RPG - 07/18/02 06:39 PM

Yea. Rpg's can be fun but I like more suspense and exploring instead a person playing a role. but You never know I might like some of them that i've never tried.
Posted by: Nellie

Re: Adventure/RPG - 07/19/02 04:28 PM

I think to distinguish between different genres is important when it comes to adventure gaming. Adventure games are unique in that the challenge is overwhelmingly one of mental exercise. When reflex sequences are added, it alienates and frustrates a lot of gamers (as we can see from the reaction to Simon 3D). Hybrid labels (action/adventure rpg/adventure) let me know what type of challenge I'm going to get from the game.

If you don't like the RPGs you've played, but have never tried a Baldur's Gate/Planescape Torment type RPG, then I strongly recommend you try one out. The gameplay is quite different from Diablo-style RPGs, and I'm sure they must be pretty cheap to buy by now. And if you really believe a long game is a good game, get Baldur's Gate 2!
Posted by: gremlin

Re: Adventure/RPG - 07/20/02 02:49 PM

Two points... it just occured to me that the Tomb Raider games fit into this hybrid category... plenty of adventure and puzzles, but also quite a bit of shooting. Actually, it would be quite a challenge to try and play Tomb Raider (any version) without shooting anything apart from puzzle completing ones (like the dragons at the end of Rome in TRChronicles).

Secondly, I have a copy of Baldor's Gate on DVD (inc. patches and manual) I'd be quite willing to trade.

THe Gremlin.
Posted by: Magician

Re: Adventure/RPG - 07/20/02 04:46 PM

hrmn... some games are able to integrate 2 genres flawlessly.... and especially adventure/RPG, some have this "difficulty" setting or some other options which essentially is asking "do you want to play this game in adventure mode or RPG mode?"... which typically means easier/harder fights, or more/less combats, or how often puzzles are encountered... I recall this game (but can't remember the title) that if you had it to RPG mode then it'll keep track of experience points and levels and skills etc, but in adventure mode you don't have to worry about all of that...

the problem with these games however is they tend to be rather short or linear and superficial, but the concept is there...
Posted by: Nellie

Re: Adventure/RPG - 07/20/02 05:11 PM

Yes. I've played very few adventure/blah hybrids, but in those few the adventure aspect of the games was dampened down considerably. The puzzles were in a much more simplistic form than the real brain-grinders found in good adventure games. I've always assumed this was a natural consequence of trying to appeal to a cross genre audience. However, my experience of adv/blah hybrids is very limited, so I'm wondering if there are hybrid games out there that do include equally good puzzles as in pure adventure games. What do you think?
Posted by: nickie

Re: Adventure/RPG - 07/20/02 05:13 PM

Fildil, I don't know of any either, but the aforementioned Dragonriders of Pern would be one of the closest to that - you actually kill very little, and if you utilize sneak and running probably next to nothing. I, however, was not a good sneak, so had to be better at the sword.
Posted by: Jude

Re: Adventure/RPG - 07/21/02 01:45 AM

fildil, what is your definition of "kill"? If it is the fighting element you dislike, fair enough; that aspect can be hard to get into (or was for me).
If it is the moral aspect of "killing" that upsets you, I have great news. All the RPGs I have played do not "kill" anyone who has been defeated in battle, they are knocked out. That means you can fight the same character later on in the game when they have developed different abilities, or they gradually come over to your way of thinking and join your side.

Where RPGs are concerned, for "kill" think "defeat" in future.
Posted by: fildil

Re: Adventure/RPG - 07/21/02 10:11 AM

Jude, I guess I should have made myself clearer. When I say "kill" I really mean fighting someone or something off. My reflexes seem to be non-existent and I always wind up dead or knocked out. I played Harry Potter with my grandson and found out that I couldn't fly a broomstick, leap or evade things that were trying to get me. I really wanted to play an RPG but I guess their not for me.
Posted by: Polo

Re: Adventure/RPG - 07/21/02 10:28 AM

Practise makes perfect.. give it time you will get your reflexes smile
Posted by: Nellie

Re: Adventure/RPG - 07/21/02 11:24 AM

Reflexes not required! Just pause the game when you see enemies and take as long as you want to tell your characters what to do, then unpause again. You can pause whenever you want, for as long as you want.
Posted by: Salim

Re: Adventure/RPG - 07/21/02 11:46 AM

You dont need reflexes, for games becasue ur not actually catching a ball reall fast, or tryin to target something, just take your time and plan before you play.
Posted by: Mad

Re: Adventure/RPG - 07/21/02 12:26 PM

Hi fildil.

You sound a bit like me smile
You don't have the fastest reactions in the world when it comes to timed sequences or combat ?? happydance


Mad wave
Posted by: fildil

Re: Adventure/RPG - 07/21/02 01:20 PM

Thanks everybody, I didn't realize that I could pause the game so that I can plan my moves. I'm going to give it a try. I have a feeling with all my pausing that I will be at the game for quite a while.
Posted by: Magician

Re: Adventure/RPG - 07/21/02 04:11 PM

nod - I too like turn-based games... which is why I really dislike under a killing moon and pandora's directive (or whatever was the sequel) - there were far too many timed puzzles for my liking. The occasional one or 2 is ok, but there's too many in those 2 games.

Return to Krondor I suppose is trying to simulate the adventure/RPG nature of its prequel - Betrayal at Krondor. In BaK, you can do all sorts of sub-quests solve mysteries, explore dungeons etc and the world is HUGE... RtK however is VERY linearas I mentioned above...