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Posted by: looney

pagoda site - 06/16/03 08:53 PM

I am so sorry... oops but I don't remember whose site this is! I know he is Boomer! I just wanted to thank him, it really has been a !great! help to me in finding out everything I want to know! A very helpful site! wave
Posted by: MaG

Re: pagoda site - 06/16/03 09:36 PM

That boomer is the great, the one and only Peter Smith!!!
Posted by: Kickaha

Re: pagoda site - 06/17/03 04:48 AM

Glad you find it useful looney! Hearing people finding it useful keeps me working on it!

That there is anything for the site to list for each game depends on the hard work of many other people not least Game Boomers. Boomers like MaG!
Posted by: sami5901

Re: pagoda site - 06/17/03 09:45 AM

thumbsup Hi Peter, Oh I love this site, I visit it at least a dozen times a day. So much information there. I would be so lost with out it. Diane smile
Posted by: gatorlaw

Re: pagoda site - 06/17/03 02:08 PM

Peter has done such an outstanding job with his site. bravo

I agree that it is a valuable game info resource. I really love the Journeyman page. smile

Posted by: lasanidine

Re: pagoda site - 06/17/03 07:44 PM

Could we have an URL please?
Posted by: looney

Re: pagoda site - 06/17/03 07:54 PM

Hey! I figured out who it is! It;s Peter Smith! haha! Okay, you caught me, I read it! Really Peter, thanks, whew, that took alot of work didn't it!? Excellent! is a link... pagoda
So far, every game I've looked for is listed there! bravo
Posted by: Andy

Re: pagoda site - 06/17/03 08:52 PM

Are you kidding? Pagoda is the first site I visit when I want info on a game! It's a wonderful site, and I thank you SO much, Peter!

laugh Andy
Posted by: Kickaha

Re: pagoda site - 06/18/03 02:54 AM

As a link please use just - the pages ending in php3 will go eventually as I've migrated to PHP version 4 (like what Game Boomers' forum uses.)
Posted by: Scout

Re: pagoda site - 06/18/03 11:00 AM


I want to say that I find the listing of games by years especially fascinating. I like to click on a year and look at all the games that came out then. Odd that most of the games I own all came out between 1994 and 1996... Wonder what that means?
Posted by: Kickaha

Re: pagoda site - 06/19/03 02:49 AM

Probably something very significant but I'm not wide enough awake at the moment to think of it.

If anyone wants to do research into trends I'm happy to make the raw data I have available.
Posted by: Scout

Re: pagoda site - 06/19/03 01:59 PM

Sorry Peter, that was a rhetorical question. What it means is I like the kind of games that came out in the period, when developers were still experimenting with the relatively new media of cd-roms and taking all kinds of risks, with all kinds of results, good and bad. Those were "interesting times". :-)