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Reah - 01/12/03 12:21 PM

What is Reah worth? $40+? I know it isn't worth this price. At least the CD version opened. Maybe the dvd version unopened might go for that much.
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Re: Reah - 01/12/03 12:39 PM

WOW eek It surely isn't worth that! I got mine from a Gameboomer for about $30.00. That included shipping and in very good condition with box and manual. I've seen them go for more on eBay, but never over $80.00 that I can remember. Maybe someone else can be of more help.
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Re: Reah - 01/12/03 01:26 PM

I'm sorry. I didn't see that you did because I didn't look at that discussion past the first post. Honest mistake. lol I do remeber asking about the Westerner and getting very few replies and then later somebody else starts a thread about the same game and gets all the replies. <img border="0" title="" alt="[Confused]" src="confused.gif" />
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Re: Reah - 01/12/03 02:10 PM

I figure a boxed version in excellent condition could go for about $50-$60... I have seen red-boxed versions and blue-boxed version, and the blue ones seem to fetch a little higher price.... (I think red ones are UK and blue ones are US, but not sure)
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Re: Reah - 01/12/03 02:37 PM

I thought it never made it to USA. But then why would it be the same game with a different subname? Anything is possible. Discworld 2 made it here and had the subname the name Mortality Bytes. I think Yellow Brick Road might have had ULTRA limited distribution in the US. I think the Red box is Face the unknown and the Green box is An Atmospheric adventure. I wonder if the dvd comes in a Green box? I know it comes in a Red box.
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Re: Reah - 01/12/03 02:44 PM

I never knew there was a red box Reah. I thought the picture at the Playing Games website had off-colors.

I remember seeing Reah in an EB store (USA) about 2½ years ago. It was in a somewhat shopworn "blue" box and was selling for $30.

Mobygames has pictures of a red DVD version and the blue (looks more like green to me) CD version.,1684/
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Re: Reah - 01/12/03 03:43 PM

Jenny1...You have a remarkable memory! laugh

My copy of Reah (circa 1998)developed by LK Avalon and distributed by ProjectTwo, is definitely in predominately blue picture box, with a composite photo of the water city on the front.

I can't find any price on the box, but if I recall correctly, this was one that was up in the $50 to $60 range, purchased new.

Love, Witchen =O) smile
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Re: Reah - 01/12/03 07:37 PM

I've bought and sold copies of REAH with both the red and the blue boxes on eBay. For some reason or other, I paid more for the blue one (and of course, it drew higher bids than the red one). <img border="0" title="" alt="[Confused]" src="confused.gif" />

Makes me wonder if the "red" box is a reissue--I always thought the only difference was that the "blue" one was the U.S. issue. That is the one that I have as my "keeper".

Interesting. I don't really fancy myself as a long as the game installs/runs well on my pc, I don't care what color the box is. laugh

Incidentally, I've never sold a copy of REAH for more than $50. smile
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Re: Reah - 01/12/03 09:01 PM

I saw the blue/green box CD version years ago, I think at Comp USA. I bought the blue/green box DVD version from Chips N Bits right after it first came out. The two boxes were identical except that the DVD box was (I think) a bit smaller. The USA DVD version was recalled before many people bought it because of an installation coding error. I don't think it ever made it into the stores.

I've also seen the UK DVD version, which is in one of those plastic jewel-case boxes like the ones you used to get when you ordered from Software First. It has a red background. It does NOT have the installation error.

<img border="0" alt="woozy" title="" src="graemlins/woozy.gif" />
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Re: Reah - 01/13/03 11:51 AM

I recently sold a copy of Reah on for $75. Didn't think I would get that much for it but started out with that price and someone bought it. Lucky me. I haven't played an adventure game yet that was worth the price that is asking but if they can get that price for it than more power to them.

Posted by: fanatic

Re: Reah - 01/13/03 12:20 PM

I got the game pre-owned at an EB in California for $13 a couple years ago. I gave it to someone I knew as a present. I played through it a little and wasn't that impressed. It is supposed to be the prequel to Schizm. Mine was blue as well although it just had the jewel case (6cd set kind) and the manual.

Wanna bet Playing Games Interactive trades on Gametz then sells what they find? <img border="0" title="" alt="[Razz]" src="tongue.gif" />
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Re: Reah - 01/13/03 01:34 PM

I saw Reah in a Goodwill this summer, jewelcase and big manual for 29.99. It was the bluish green version. Green at the top and then fades to blue mid box.
Posted by: Maciek

Re: Reah - 01/13/03 02:37 PM

There were 2 version of the box, with two different backgrounds - blue and red. We, the developers, preferred the blue one, but many distributors had different preference, therefore the actual box varies from distributor to distributor. Also, where two version were available (CD and DVD) they had different colored boxes. There's no relation between the color and the contents and quality, but it obviously buyers think differently smile
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Re: Reah - 01/13/03 02:58 PM


Any idea where to buy the DVD version in Enlgish?
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Re: Reah - 01/13/03 03:09 PM

Hi there, Maciek! laugh

Thanks very much for clarifying the red/blue box discussion. Nice to see you! smile

Best wishes, Witchen =O) smile
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Re: Reah - 01/13/03 05:43 PM

I remember seeing Reah at a Fry's Electronics a few years back selling for I think $40-50. It was subtitled An Atmoshperic Adventure I believe. I didn't buy it then because I thought the price was too steep. Little did I know I'd end up paying pretty much that same price to get one off ebay! lol
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Re: Reah - 01/14/03 03:20 PM

Any idea where to buy the DVD version in Enlgish?
Second hand only I'm afraid. But beware that there are some copies of the US DVD version in circulation which don't work.

The master had been prepared incorrectly by the mastering facility but nobody there cared to check it and that malfunctioning DVD was manufactured and went to distribution. The whole stock of DVD games was to be withdrawn from the market, but some slipped by. They need a hefty 300MB "patch" to get them working.

This "accident" pracically killed the Reah distribution in the US - no more CD version were ordered and none DVD versions. Soon after that Project 2 went backrupt and this meant the end of Reah availability.
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Re: Reah - 01/14/03 04:50 PM

The Reah DVD being sold on ebay looks like it's packaged like the one I bought a while back. I bought mine from a place called DVD Direct in the UK which sold mostly DVD movies. Someone had posted the link in Gameboomers.

Mine is in a clear plastic DVD case and the installer worked fine on it. Were all the Reah DVD games packaged the same way? Were the corrected ones (like mine) packaged any differently?
Posted by: Maciek

Re: Reah - 01/15/03 02:55 PM

We haven't seen that faulty US DVD packages, therefore I can't say anything about their appearance. That one on eBay seems to be the European version, at least it looks like my only DVD copy.
Posted by: granny

Re: Reah - 01/15/03 10:10 PM

Wow, that last one is at $76.00 with 7 more days to go.
I noticed the one at Playing Games says,'Preplayed', wonder what shape the CDs are in??

My box has blue sky at the top, with the old City (Citidal?) imposed on it (embossed) and a bridge going to it at the bottom. I loaded it (3 years ago?) when I first got it just to make sure it worked, so CD 1 is the only one that has been out of the case. Doesn't that make it 'Unplayed'.??? happydance
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Re: Reah - 01/16/03 12:28 AM

I purchased 2 copies of Reah in the last 4 months. Paid around $40 for a CD-only copy and $53 for a boxed version in good condition. Reah is becoming increasingly hard to find at a reasonable price.
Posted by: Liz

Re: Reah - 01/16/03 09:56 AM's crazy!!!!! I can't believe it's going for that much on ebay. I guess I should feel very fortunate; i got it for nothing from a VERY generous Gameboomer a while ago. (cd version) Wow..........thanks Bev!!!!!!! thumbsup

It's a great game, too, i really enjoyed playing it! That gong puzzle was nearly the death of me though.... eek
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Re: Reah - 01/16/03 11:18 AM

Oh good Liz, I thought I was the only one the gong puzzle made crazy.... eek

Posted by: Liz

Re: Reah - 01/16/03 12:53 PM

ohno, Dee......that crazy gong puzzle had me racing around for days and tearing my hair out......i thought i'd NEVER get it!! What a relief when i finally did!!
Posted by: SnowMoon

Re: Reah - 01/16/03 12:59 PM

I agree..... that gong puzzle had me going quackers!! <img border="0" alt="woozy" title="" src="graemlins/woozy.gif" />
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Re: Reah - 01/16/03 01:16 PM

It's not surprising that the DVD version is going for more than the CD version. It never was very commonplace.
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Re: Reah - 01/16/03 01:59 PM

Well for all the hours of pleasure I have had from this game.. my £5.55 for an unboxed CD version seems a real bargain thumbsup


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