City of Metronome... gone from the Upcoming List?

Posted by: Carrie

City of Metronome... gone from the Upcoming List? - 05/21/07 02:25 PM

"City of Metronome" used to be on the "Upcoming" list. When I first noticed it, I liked the artwork enough to add it to my BAAGS list. At the time (probably over a year ago), the game was still in its early development stages, & there wasn't a whole bunch of information about it.

Today as I was updating release dates on my list, I couldn't find "Metronome" on "GameBoomers Latest & Upcoming..." list (I was hoping to see it moved off the Waiting list, & on to a list with a release date or year).

I did find it over at GameSpot HERE , where there are January 2007 screenshot additions, & noticed that in many of them, the characters seem to be ready for combat... they seem to be carrying what looks like weapons (the backgrounds are still great, however). GameSpot describes "Metronome" as a 3rd-person adventure game.

So, I was wondering if this one has been re-evaluated by GameBoomers, for having too few of the elements we look for in order to consider it a pure adventure game. Was it removed from the list for being too much of a shooter-type game? Or did it merely get lost & overlooked during GB's recent makeover?

Please prove me wrong... tell me that the characters are not holding weapons, that the game is strictly humorous in that wonderful, dark, bizarre-looking world, and that it's a pure adventure with no combat.
Posted by: MaG

Re: City of Metronome... gone from the Upcoming List? - 05/21/07 02:37 PM


Based on the link to Gamespot: They rated it as action adventure.

Becky does reevaluate the games that is put up. Let's wait for her to verify this.

Check here for more information - City of Metronome.
Posted by: Becky

Re: City of Metronome... gone from the Upcoming List? - 05/21/07 02:57 PM

The last info I read was that the game has been put on hold. I try to keep the Upcoming Games list limited to games that are currently in development and have a good chance of releasing at some point in the future. (I try. :D)
Posted by: TheDerman

Re: City of Metronome... gone from the Upcoming List? - 05/21/07 03:06 PM

It's available to pre-order at, for the xbox 360 at least.
Posted by: Carrie

Re: City of Metronome... gone from the Upcoming List? - 05/22/07 10:53 AM

MaG~ Nothing like going to the horse's mouth (Tarsier) for better information. So... they're holding sound receivers & not weapons! Good! I overlooked the word "action" in "action adventure". Hope that doesn't mean keyboard-controlled gameplay. thanks

Becky~ What a shame that it's on hold. The January 2007 screenshot additions give a little hope that it could make its way back to the Waiting List... if not further up (to a list with a date attached).
From this end, it looks like when you try... you succeed! thanks

That you (Admins & Mods) keep up with all the teensy, behind-the-scenes details is beyond amazing. A simple "Thank you" hardly seems enough. Your hard work is much appreciated!

Derman~ That's the best description of the game yet. The characters remind me of worker ants, gathering sounds (not holding weapons). Looks like you'll be getting it in your part of the world in July. Nice for those playing on Xbox. Hopefully, PC will be next. thanks