titan quest

Posted by: dannyboy123

titan quest - 03/28/07 10:05 AM

i'm at level 13(just a rookie), my strength is 157, intelligent 110,dexterity 101, i have the smithy's hammer 38 and my armour is at 40 and i was wondering if this is about average as i cannot defeat the three medusas in the cave in the upper army camp is there any thing i should have to make this easier and can anyone tell if there are persific thing i should aimimg for or at (i don't mind spoilers) -any cheat to boost my profiles up?
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Re: titan quest - 03/28/07 10:09 AM

Dannyboy I think you might be in the wrong forum. I'm going to scoot you on over to The Darkside and let those members help you.
Just follow the link to find your threads new home.
Good luck!

Sue wave
Posted by: nickie

Re: titan quest - 03/28/07 10:58 AM

Hi dannyboy wave What skills do you have, and what are you using to try to kill them? The Gorgons can be really tough at this point if you try to take on all three at the same time. When I did this, I would go to one of them just enough to get their attention, and then back off, so I could fight one at a time. Another thing,if you're using a ranged attack, it tends to get all their attention, so you don't want to do that. I relied a lot on my summoned lich.
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Re: titan quest - 03/28/07 12:16 PM

However, I found that using ranged attacks means that you can hit and run very effectively.

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Re: titan quest - 03/28/07 01:00 PM

I did lure them one at a time thanks, the skills i'm still getting used to that, what do you recommend i should concentrate on? and also i'm only using my smithy's hammer which is 38 which is the most powerful thing i've come across, should i be swopping things around to gain more experience or just bludgering anything that gets in my way
Posted by: nickie

Re: titan quest - 03/28/07 04:42 PM

There's lots of ways to play the game, but what worked for me was using the spirit skill, and putting all those points toward getting the liche king spell. Then I continued to build him up - and being able to summon him made the game almost too easy. Although the game lets you at some point have a second mastery, I think its better to stick to the one and just keep making it more powerful. If you don't like the skill you chose, you can change it in town for a price.
If you're comfortable with using a club, I don't see any reason to change to something else (unless you just happen to find something fantastic). Keep building up your strength and dexterity so you can handle the better clubs as you come across them (or buy them).