Quake 2 - Long Jumps

Posted by: jim112332

Quake 2 - Long Jumps - 03/28/07 08:24 PM

I'm in the Research Lab in Mission 8 of Quake 2 and am required to make a couple of jumps off a transparent bridge to nearby ledges to push a couple of buttons that will deactivate the force fields that will allow me to proceed further. I've tried making these jumps many times and keep falling short. I've tried jumping diagonally but that doesn't help either. Is there any secret or special technique to making this type of jump in Quake 2? One of the walkthroughs mentions a "rocket jump" but doesn't elaborate any further. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Posted by: nickie

Re: Quake 2 - Long Jumps - 03/29/07 12:46 AM

For a rocket jump, aim downward, press fire and jump. wave
Posted by: jim112332

Re: Quake 2 - Long Jumps - 03/29/07 02:37 AM

Thanks a whole bunch, Nickie. Using the rocket jump as you indicated did the job but I also used God mode just to make sure I didn't kill myself doing it.
Posted by: flotsam

Re: Quake 2 - Long Jumps - 03/29/07 03:03 AM

Yep, its a fine line between success and kablooie!
I really liked that game - must get it out and give it another go. How are you finding it in this day and age?
Posted by: nickie

Re: Quake 2 - Long Jumps - 03/29/07 05:57 PM

lol Wheeeeeee! Glad it worked out for you.