Bloodmoon - Brrrrrrr!

Posted by: Rowan

Bloodmoon - Brrrrrrr! - 10/03/03 09:17 PM

This place is cold and beautiful. Is getting cold a health problem here? I've been bitten by the frost a few times but did not notice any depletion of health. Was I just lucky, or is it not a concern?
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Re: Bloodmoon - Brrrrrrr! - 10/03/03 11:13 PM

Hi Row, happydance
It is beautiful isn't it?!
You know, frost bite has never happened to me here. Now, I don't know why, I'm in glass armor, but you can get lots of the fuzzy warm stuff from about everywhere. Also, there are potions and spells for prevention against frost-just never needed them myself. I'm tough?
Have you seen the first snowfall yet?
Where you at? Whatcha doing? How many quests have you gotten right off? lol
Oh do tell all, it's going to be fun to share this place with someone!
Ingie laugh
Posted by: Drizzt

Re: Bloodmoon - Brrrrrrr! - 10/04/03 03:14 AM

I will probably be getting it next month.
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Re: Bloodmoon - Brrrrrrr! - 10/04/03 06:03 AM

Come on Drizzt happydance
Waiting for you, oh we'll have such a grand time
Can't wait to see what you think
You will enjoy the graphics in this I think
Can't say the dialogue is a whole lot better-little funnier though
Ingie laugh
Posted by: Drizzt

Re: Bloodmoon - Brrrrrrr! - 10/04/03 06:23 AM

I have always loved "snowy" landscapes and cold atmospheres in I'll definitely check it out.
Posted by: VHLMagic

Re: Bloodmoon - Brrrrrrr! - 10/04/03 07:50 AM

Hi all,

Wow.....frost bite???
I never got any and it sounds interesting.
Must have to do with what you are wearing or something...don't know. Hmmmm
I will have even more fun when I replay Morrowind someday hehe.

Did you find the treasure yet? Hehe?
Look for a secret cave and you will.
I just happened to bumble upon it.
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Bloodmoon - Brrrrrrr! - 10/04/03 11:10 AM

Magic lol
I have done a few misc. quests that were fun and finished the Thirst quests-being the boss is busy work though. <img border="0" title="" alt="[Razz]" src="tongue.gif" />
Haven't found the treasure yet, but I'm bound to run across it one day. I still have a lot of areas I haven't been to yet.
Tell me about Dragon Riders of Pern please.
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Posted by: Rowan

Re: Bloodmoon - Brrrrrrr! - 10/04/03 02:00 PM

VHL, I discovered the "frostbite" after I waded through a river with ice floes in it. When I reached the other bank, my weapon and shield had a frosted look. Shortly after, I killed some smugglers and thawed out beside their fire. The frost disappeared. I thought that was an amazing detail in the game.

Ingie, I have delivered ebony to the guy at Ft. Frostmoth, and I encouraged a certain Nord at the construction site to leave. I rescued a missionary. I still have to find the source of the low morale at the fort, but no one will talk to me about it.

I think I know where that magic amulet may be for the guy in Morrowind who sent me up here. He had said something about the "eye of the wolf" which can only be seen from above. Well, the paper map is handy for aerial views.

I'm looking forward to playing some more later tonight.

Drizzt, if you wait a whle month before you get it, you may have real snow on the ground by then. wink
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Bloodmoon - Brrrrrrr! - 10/04/03 06:12 PM

Row, lol
And now that you pointed it out there are times I look frosty and never paid any attention to it.
does it pop up on screen or what?
Did you get the airship quest in Morrowind?
That is solved here also.
Ingie laugh
Posted by: Rowan

Re: Bloodmoon - Brrrrrrr! - 10/04/03 09:31 PM

Ingie, I did get the airship quest in Morrowind but I haven't followed up on it yet.

I explored a few barrows tonight and got my fortune told by a skull. I found a wrecked ship.

About the frost, it is easiest to see if you walk with your weapon drawn. If it is sheathed you don't really see the frost. It also only happens when you are in the snowy areas.

I'm still having trouble with the low morale quest. I know the guards want booze and I've talked to just about everybody who will talk to me, but nothing triggers in my journal.
Posted by: Drizzt

Re: Bloodmoon - Brrrrrrr! - 10/05/03 08:02 AM

Hmm, seems like I'll put this up for my "get" list then in about....25 days frown
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Bloodmoon - Brrrrrrr! - 10/05/03 09:44 AM

Row, wave
Talk to the priest about the low morale problem.
There is one in particular that will respond to help with the journal; and give you a little feeling he knows more than he's saying...
Okay, yep the frost thing...did notice just never paid any attention as it did nothing to my stats that I'm aware of.
Did that skull fortune telling too. Strange..
This is a huge area to cover and lots of places to explore. I still haven't been everywhere yet, but sure am having fun.
I think the low morale thing leads you to the Main Quest in this game, it is very interesting how this plays out.
Don't you just find those stupid Raiders riding the squealing piggy things a pest?
Like Racers on ground <img border="0" title="" alt="[Razz]" src="tongue.gif" />
Have fun, hope the priest talking will help generate conversations for you. Also don't forget to tell the head guy why morale is low, if you've not done that then that could be the problem with further conversations.
Drizzt wave
I hope to see you soon. This game is fun!
Ingie laugh
Posted by: Rowan

Re: Bloodmoon - Brrrrrrr! - 10/05/03 06:15 PM

Ingie, there is only one priest who will mention the low morale but he will not trigger my journal. He is in the stairwell of the shrine section. None of the soldiers will talk to me. I just get to say good-bye. I've been to just about everybody at Ft Frostmoth but no luck with solving this quest. frown When I go back to the guy who wants this quest solved, he just sends me back out to do it.
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Bloodmoon - Brrrrrrr! - 10/06/03 10:47 AM

That's the right priest Row happydance
Did he seem a little shady with his response to you? evil
Talk to the guards about the priest now and find out where his office is from them. Find his office
you'll be able to get in with lockpick skills. You can't open the big cabinet yet, but will be able to find "evidence" in his desk. Once that's done go back to the priest-he'll chatter away then. <img border="0" alt="[talky]" title="" src="graemlins/talky.gif" />
Then you'll have choices to make, once made and performed however you decide go to the guy who is in charge-the orginial quest giver-Captain C....that will complete that quest and you'll be given a new one.
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Posted by: Rowan

Re: Bloodmoon - Brrrrrrr! - 10/06/03 01:40 PM

Ingie, none of the guards will talk to me. frown I've been stuck on this quest for about 4 days now and just can't trigger a journal entry. None of the guards inside or outside will talk to me. There are 2 guards outside with names but they won't talk to me either, nor will the armorer.
Posted by: Drizzt

Re: Bloodmoon - Brrrrrrr! - 10/06/03 02:34 PM

Hmm, I don't know if it will be very challenging or so, though...have a 100+level this just as tribunal, a place you can enter and leave, or a new adventure?
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Bloodmoon - Brrrrrrr! - 10/06/03 08:04 PM

Row, wave
Did you go back to the Captain and report the reason for the low morale? You must tell him the reason is the booze, he doesn't know until you report back. What does your last journal entry on this quest tell you? I have not loaded any patches for Blood Moon, but as far as I know I haven't run into any major problems, not this one for sure. Check your journal, see what the last thing said about this particular quest, that should give you a hint as to what to do or what you have not done to help yourself progress onward. Hope we can get somewhere with this soon.

Drizzt, wave
This game is an expansion, so yep you can go back to the two other locations via boats or flying.
It's much bigger than Tribunal I think. Hm, high stats, but the fighting here is tough at times and pretty intense with ganging up on you. The quest are pretty good so far and again the graphics are top notch.
Ingie laugh
Posted by: Rowan

Re: Bloodmoon - Brrrrrrr! - 10/06/03 08:59 PM

Ingie, my last journal entry says he feels unease coming from the soldiers and he thinks someone is spreading ill will. He asks me to talk to the soldiers to find out more. However, NONE of the soldiers will get into a conversation with me. When I spacebar them, they state that they are unhappy with the booze and say Good-bye. I can't get more from them and my journal doesn't trigger. The one priest will make a comment, but again no journal trigger. When I go back to the captain, he's just mad that I haven't found anything out yet and he sends me on my way to do the quest. I'm running around in circles here. I don't know what I have missed. Do you know of a walkthrough that I can look at so I can see what I haven't done?

Drizzt, it depends on what kind of a challenge you are looking forward to. I personally don't like fighting anyway so I like it that I have high stats and the fighting doesn't start a panic attack. I love exploring and I love the beautiful scenery. I love finding stuff and I love doing quests regardless of how simple or complex. My only frustration right now is not being able to trigger something that should be simple, but it just isn't working for me. Right now if a band of smugglers attacked me, I would consider this easy compared to the silly obstacle that I am facing.

Ingie, the most annoying baddies are the sprigams. It's like having to kill a cliff racer 3 times before they are really dead. It's really annoying when you are attacked by a group of them because each has 3 lives. It was a real surprise to me the first time it happened. I couldn't figure out how many I was really fighting. My first experience with them was 3 at once - that's 9 lives. After that I was much more careful approaching a stranger in the woods.
Posted by: Rowan

Re: Bloodmoon - Brrrrrrr! - 10/06/03 09:36 PM

I got it! I got it!! I got it!!!

Off to find me a wee dram to celebrate. evil
Posted by: Drizzt

Re: Bloodmoon - Brrrrrrr! - 10/07/03 12:41 AM

Hmm, it feels like bloodmoon in my room right now...hate getting up in the mornings.
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Bloodmoon - Brrrrrrr! - 10/07/03 06:25 AM

Way to go Row, happydance
How did you manage? Change in dialogue?
Now onward
Ingie laugh
Posted by: Rowan

Re: Bloodmoon - Brrrrrrr! - 10/07/03 07:55 AM

Ingie, I picked up a bottle of booze. After that the soldiers could smell the booze on me and started talking! evil
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Bloodmoon - Brrrrrrr! - 10/07/03 11:51 AM

Sorry Row,
Never dawned on me you didn't have anything like that with you! They sniffed me out right off the bat and took all I had lol
Got my special made white snow bear armor all done, do I look good or what! lol
Ingie laugh
Posted by: Rowan

Re: Bloodmoon - Brrrrrrr! - 10/07/03 01:44 PM

Talk about money grubbing: whenever I find a chest or barrel with stuff in it I always pick up the coins first even if it is a small amount. evil They could be right beside a weapon worth thousands but I'll still pick up the lousy couple of coins first. evil I guess I am weight conscious. laugh Coins don't add weight.

I am just doing the magic stone quests and am on the wind quest. I have to find a greedy man with a bag. The description of where he is is fairly vague, so I'll just hunt around SE of the lake but haven't found him yet.
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Bloodmoon - Brrrrrrr! - 10/07/03 03:02 PM

Row that's so funny-so do I! lol
Thought I was the only one.
Tsk, where have our values gone? evil
Ah, the greedy wind stealer! You'll find it, directions are vague, but the good thing is even flying over an area will show up all the caves and barrows!
Have, fun-this one is strange. Actually though I loved this quest-the stones I mean-took me a long time to realize they are indicated on the paper map- slapforehead
Ingie laugh
Posted by: Rowan

Re: Bloodmoon - Brrrrrrr! - 10/09/03 09:46 PM

I finished the Skaal Village quests, finished at the castle and the glacier. I wanted to go back to save the captain but couldn't. frown They were very interesting quests. I found the amulet for the guy in Morrowind. I found that treasure cave.

The only thing left now is to choose to help the guy at Ft Frostmoth, or the guy at Raven Rock. Does anyone know which of the 2 has the best quests? happydance
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Bloodmoon - Brrrrrrr! - 10/11/03 11:06 AM

Row, wave
Why not save 2 games, try the quests under different folks? Then let us know which is best!
I have one saved to play as Werewolf. I'm past making my decision as to which guy; for me it was easy since one guy I did not like at all.
Let us know-hoping to finish up this weekend-today maybe.
Ingie laugh
Posted by: Rowan

Re: Bloodmoon - Brrrrrrr! - 10/11/03 08:12 PM

Ingie, I tried playing both sides but I ended up at dead ends now in both:

When I play for the guy at Ft Frostmoth (who I don't like) I got a quest to kill Sprigams near Raven Rock. I can't find any more sprigams and my journal won't update.

When I play from a different save for Falco I got expeled from the EI Company. I like these quests more. Falco said he would shuffle some paperwork and re-hire me for a fee. However, I can't trigger a re-hire. He just repeats what he said.
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Bloodmoon - Brrrrrrr! - 10/12/03 06:10 AM

Oh, well now isn't that a corker.
Hmmm, I haven't been able to go in as I wanted but I am at the Spriggins quest. Wonder why you have none to kill? Were you ruthless and killed them all? I wouldn't think so.
I'll go in and see what happens with mine and let you know how it goes. Don't think I can help with the other; although I do have another save that I could maybe get up to that point.
I'll try and let you know asap. In the meantime, make sure you have all the others entered in journal and haven't missed anything.
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Bloodmoon - Brrrrrrr! - 10/12/03 06:29 AM

The Spriggins are hiding-why didn't they do that before may I ask.
Anyway-head east of the colony, make sure you check behind buildings. They won't come out to get you; you have to go get them. Why? RPG!
I'm not sure about the other part-what quest did you complete before the rehire? What quest is this involved in?
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Bloodmoon - Brrrrrrr! - 10/12/03 06:36 AM

CYE please
Posted by: Rowan

Re: Bloodmoon - Brrrrrrr! - 10/13/03 01:44 PM

I replayed from the decision part of the game.

I redid all of Falco's quests and this time I was able to deliver the report in time. I guess I fooled around too much the last time and wasted precious time in this timed quest. Serves me right for not paying attention to the time limit in the first place. duh

The spriggan quest seems to have a time limit also. I played that part 3 different times until I got it. I would recommend to save just before you start this quest and then not until you have killed all that are necessary. In my games I killed the right number of spriggans each time but because I didn't know where they were I lost some time and the journal never triggered. Once I knew where they were I reloaded, killed them off, and my journal updated. Maybe it wasn't the time, but it seems to have been that for me.
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Bloodmoon - Brrrrrrr! - 10/13/03 06:51 PM

Way to go Row happydance happydance
Oh, I know how happy you are to be through that mess.
Which quests at this point are you enjoying the most and why? Just being nosey lol
Ingie laugh