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Outcast - Hellllllllp - 06/09/04 02:05 PM

Geeez Louise am I lost frown Does anyone know of printable maps for this game? I searched and can't find any and the one in the game doesn't help me at all since nothing is tagged as to what it is other than I can figure out the big square thing in the middle is the Temple Fae (yep, I'm in Shamaaz). I am wandering around like a Twon Ha with no one to follow (and I sure did pity the one I had to take back to what's his face - the poor thing got tuckered out and shot at before I got him to where he was supposed to go) [sigh]
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Re: Outcast - Hellllllllp - 06/09/04 02:25 PM

wave Hi Syd-
I just finished Outcast-played it a 2nd time to see what I missed. I found out you really don't need all the weapons-just the first 2 plus one more big one. The dynomite, clapper-T, and PPS come in handy too.Pick up all the wierd plants, rocks and shells-they can be turned into ammo.
Sounds like you are in Shamazaar, the land of Ris and temples.
The Shamaz are the temple priests-they know important info.about places and can heal you.
You can locate other Talan and important places by asking other Talan that you meet. They always say "So and so is to the northwest of the Temple Fae",ect.Then you can orient yourself by looking up to the top of the screen to see which direction you're going, then locate Temple Fae on the map and head in the direction they tell you.When you get close to the Talan you're loking for, they will point to him, even if he is on the other side of a building or wall-which can be confusing.
I found the maps very confusing until i gradually found out where things are and marked them on my own maps that I made.
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Re: Outcast - Hellllllllp - 06/09/04 02:40 PM

I found maps for each area in the game here:


Scroll to the bottom of the page to see them. They're not notated or anything, but they may help.

I long for Outcast II! frown
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Re: Outcast - Hellllllllp - 06/09/04 02:55 PM

See bigmamma1??? I'm so turned around I don't know where I am.

I will confess that since I am an action whimp I have Cutter on god mode laugh I do like his pithy comments when he gets shot at like "d*** that hurt" happydance

I did just run out of ammo trying to bring down one of those guards that have that rocket launcher and the key to the ris house I need to get into. I did manage to find my way back to the village and order me up some more ammo - now I'm wandering around waiting for the recreater to make it up so I can hopefully find my way back to said ris house and dispatch that pesky guard praise Just saw your post after I hit reply. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

[Second edit after looking at the maps] - holy cow - Shamazaar is huge scared
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Re: Outcast - Hellllllllp - 06/09/04 08:14 PM

WOW! I took a look at the website-great screenshots and story for Outcast 2-but where is it? Did it just die on the vine? What a shame if it isn't going to be a reality.
BTW-those maps are more confusing than the ones in the game(IMHO)
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Re: Outcast - Hellllllllp - 06/09/04 11:25 PM

bigmamma, the company making Outcast 2 folded, and some of the designers formed another company, but no news on the sequel in some time, so it's still very much in limbo.
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Re: Outcast - Hellllllllp - 06/11/04 08:01 AM

Just thought I'd keep ya updated on my progress - I've found the Well of Essence and talked to Zoe, killed me a few more soldiers, found the Temple Ka, blew up the rock slide (I won't tell you how long it took me to figure out how to get the dynamite to blow up - it would be embarrassing) and got a key to something. Talked to a Talan about magwa and know I need to find Logar (just don't remember what magwa is and how come I need it) laugh I did ride my Twon-Ha - I used a slow down utility (CPU Killer) and put the speed at 40% and had no problems hopping up on Clyde (my Twon-Ha) and riding off into the sunset - or off a cliff whichever came first rotfl

Anywho - that's it to date - am just about ready to head out the door to work. See ya all later.
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Re: Outcast - Hellllllllp - 06/11/04 10:32 AM

thumbsup Something I didn't do-afraid of slow-down utility doing something wierd to my computer.(probably an unneccesary fear)
BTW-are those maps on that website helpful?I found them hard to figure out. The maps in the game show you where the soldiers are if you enlarge it-I found that helpful.
That game just totally captured my imagination all the way thru-it has something special that I havn't found in other games-even Thief, which is one of my faves.
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Re: Outcast - Hellllllllp - 06/11/04 06:37 PM

Maps???? laugh Well they will help as soon as I figure out what is what and where is where. Right now it intimidates me on how much ground I haven't covered yet.

Do you remember any quests that are timed? I know when I played Sacred and also Morrowind, if you didn't complete some of the quests in a certain amount of time they disappeared forever and as lost as I am right now I'd like to avoid one that has a time limit until I get my bearings a bit better.

I'm thoroughly enjoying the game - love the comments Cutter makes every time I make him do something dumb. The conversation with Zoe about the females was a hoot laugh
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Re: Outcast - Hellllllllp - 06/11/04 09:53 PM

I just spent the last 30 minutes looking at those maps. Now I'm downloading the music files.

What great memories!
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Re: Outcast - Hellllllllp - 06/12/04 12:36 PM

wave There are no timed quests,but you do have to complete the 4 "rescue" quests(when you get hologram messages from Marion and the Guardians) in order to complete the game.For ex.the first time I forgot to do any of them until after I got all 4 mons, then went back and did them.The second time I did them after each mon. It went the same way both times. smile
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Re: Outcast - Hellllllllp - 06/24/04 01:14 PM

Me again - still here in Shamazaar but getting toward the end if I could find this $%#@ Essence Stone. Zoe told me the stone I had was a fake and I should go look for the real one in the water with the Sankaara (or whatever those critters are called). Looked in my trusty encyclopedia of Talan words and discovered they were the aquatic critters - I'm guessing they are those nasty fish that swim around the Temple Fae. I have swum those waters for two days now and cannot find the stone anywhere. Does anyone remember the approximate location of said stone? After I find it I can go back to Maar and get him to stop the Ris production. I also spoke with Wolfe and know she's somewhere in the desert with pyramids.

I did find the first Mon (won't tell you how many times I traipsed from one temple to the next trying to get the right stones in the right temple - it would be blush )
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Re: Outcast - Hellllllllp - 06/24/04 01:31 PM

Syd, I believe the essence stone is in a small body of water in the NE near the Temple Eluee. There are two ponds. Look in the one to the north.
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Re: Outcast - Hellllllllp - 06/24/04 01:44 PM

Oh great - so you're telling me I've been swimming in the wrong water for two days????? praise
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Re: Outcast - Hellllllllp - 06/24/04 02:07 PM

Well Syd...you have an advantage over me..I'm not sure which "Temple" is which!! <img border="0" title="" alt="[Confused]" src="confused.gif" /> I have been in both ponds and still haven't found it! Glynn
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Re: Outcast - Hellllllllp - 06/24/04 02:40 PM

Glynn if I remember correctly (and don't quote me because I'm at work and my notes are home) I think the Temple Eluee is the one with the Shamaz on it. Other than that I don't know what the other names are either - which is how come it took me forever and a day to get the stones in the right order so I could get the first Mon.

How are you liking the game? I'm enjoying the heck out of it laugh
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Re: Outcast - Hellllllllp - 06/24/04 08:23 PM

Hi Glynn,

I found the stone - it was in the pond next to the one with the big serpant swimming around in it. I'm now in Talanzaar and seem to be on a quest to find 10 Hotties laugh
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Re: Outcast - Hellllllllp - 06/24/04 09:55 PM

Hi Syd...I am one lost soul in this game.. frown I am using a w/t and it's helping [I guess] but I haven't gotten very far at all! I got the "Magwa" and took that to the Shamaz..[same guy I tried to blow to kingdom come with the dynamite..LOL] I sure wish the developer would have put N,S.E&W on the map, that would have helped! Kay [bless her heart] has helped a lot..I put Outcast aside for a while and played Prince of Persia, now that I'm back..I forgot where I was...I like the game..it's just that I feel "dumb as a rock" because everything/one looks alike! Sounds like you are moving right along, so I will quit looking for you in the rice paddy's... smile Might be a great time for me to go back and finish Crystal Key 2.. smile Glynn
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Re: Outcast - Hellllllllp - 06/25/04 12:29 PM

You're not the only one lost lol I never did figure out where everything was. I was forever losing the village. I got zapped by those blue energy source things more times than I could count.

Yep, N, E, S, W would have helped greatly on those maps. It took me almost a month to get through the first world if that gives you any indication of how "lost" I was laugh Now I'm tromping around another place lost as all get out.

Are you playing in God mode? I am - there's no way I would have survived the first soldier on slot if I wasn't in "whimp mode" laugh

How is Crystal Key 2? I loaded it in my XP computer but haven't played it yet and now my son is "borrowing" that computer so he can run two accounts on Dark Ages of Camelot so mom is back to using her P700 for awhile.
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Re: Outcast - Hellllllllp - 06/25/04 01:47 PM

Well Syd...I "think" I am playing in "God mode" smile I typed in the ~magic~ numbers but really couldn't tell if it worked or not..but I'm not getting killed as quickly as I thought I would...dang..I thought it was just my good aim! LOL Have you gotten "splatted" by the big bird with the bolder?? I didn't have a clue about that, got too close to the lightning stuff, all of a sudden I hear this loud noise and got 'squished! Crystal Key 2 looks good...I loaded it and a few other games, then got to messing with "Outcast" left them just sitting there on my HD, then got into POP [trying to help Kay a little] ended up playing it again..{fun game} Now you know why I am so lost! smile I gave my old computer to my Son..[aren't we Mom's great? smile ] now he has bought a new one with WinXP and I get my old one back as soon as he transferes his stuff...so with the Win98..I will be able to play my "oldies but goodies!" If I ever get past this part of Outcast, will look for you in the next world..LOL Glynn
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Re: Outcast - Hellllllllp - 07/03/04 09:26 AM

Hi Glynn - you still running around Aldepha or did you give it up for other things? I'm still here. My wanderings in Talanzaar wound me up in Okasankaar. I only came here for one thing and wound up staying far too long. Matter of fact I forgot why I came here in the first place laugh I think I need to regroup and figure out what the heck I came to Okasankaar for and get back to Talanzaar and button things up there before tackling the mirad of quests here. Beside I think I left my water wings in my other suit lol
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Re: Outcast - Hellllllllp - 07/03/04 09:43 AM

It sounds like you're having a hard time in Outcast. I not only used godmode I used a walkthrough. Boy, did that help.
You are using the map aren't you? Hit the tab and the map shows up with NESW marked? I couldn't finish the game without it.
This is my one and only action game but I did love it. wave
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Re: Outcast - Hellllllllp - 07/05/04 09:21 AM

Update, update - I now have three mons in my possession laugh I've been playing almost non-stop since Friday (I do believe I've become a tad fanatical about this game - I am now given to tell my son and husband that they'll get something to eat just as soon as I kill a few more soldiers) evil

I rescued Shamaz Keb from his prison confines just last night and now I need to find the doaka to get me to Okaar - that's the only world I haven't been to yet. Saw another vision of Marion who is now somewhere in Shamazaar -

Ah well, back to the game and the hunt for Okaar - the family will get breakfast just as soon as I kill a few more soldiers laugh
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Re: Outcast - Hellllllllp - 07/05/04 11:15 PM

Hi Syd...sounds like you are moving right along!! I sorta put it on hold for now, it is giving me a QT error..which is almost impossible to get rid of, I guess it's "bumping heads" with another version of QT..I have gotten sidetracked..again..I finished Crystal Key 2 yesterday. now I have loaded Shivers 2! It is such a fun game I am hooked again smile Doreen is that map actually "marked" NSE&W??? I didn't see any markings! That would have helped a bunch! Glynn
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Re: Outcast - Hellllllllp - 07/06/04 02:08 PM

Hi Glynn-

I guess I'm moving - I've been roaming around Okaar trying to figure out what I'm supposed to be doing here - so far no luck laugh Killed some gamors, a ton of soldiers, and the Ooogaboogas (or whatever they are called) - I rescued the Shamaz but he wasn't a wealth of info on where the mon is so I've been running around looking at the trees (what a nice change after the deserts and swamps).

Hopefully tonight I'll be able to get my bearings and figure out what the heck is going on here.

Ah Shivers 2 - played that a long time ago - never did get the "good ending". Finally gave up after trying 15 times - hope you have better luck.
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Re: Outcast - Hellllllllp - 07/06/04 03:07 PM

Hi Syd,
You are doing great!! I will come back to it, soon as I quit messing around with all these other games.. smile I think "Outcast" demands my complete attention to play it!
I played Shivers 2 when it first came out..finally got the good ending, by accident probably..I played it on my older computer, now I wanted to see if it would work on XP..sure does!! I finally got it to play in full screen [wouldn't have played it otherwise] that was terrible with the small screen. I also have Shivers 1 loaded..both great games! Have fun with Outcast! Glynn