What is a RPG game?

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What is a RPG game? - 07/25/04 05:46 PM

This must be the other side of the world woozy .

Don't laugh! I really want to know what exactly a RPG (what does that stand for?) game is as apposed to "Adventure". How does a person even recognize such a game when shopping in a store or on-line? Are they just another type of "Action" game?

Don't want to buy something I'll be sorry for later. think That was a stupid comment! There have been several "Adventures" that I was REAL sorry about mad .

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Re: What is a RPG game? - 07/25/04 07:13 PM

RPG stands for Roll Playing Game. The difference between a RPG and an action game is that in an RPG you start out with a weak character and you develop that that character into what you want him or her to be. You do quests and earn points and money. The points are used to "learn" various skills enabling you to do better in the game as you go. Most RPGs seem to take place in a fantasy type world with monsters, wizards, and such. Although, I would love to see a RPG take place in a different type of setting.
There is usually fighting in an RPG but unlike a first person shooter or action, that isn't the main focus of the game. To make sure I end up with a true RPG as opposed to an action game in RPG clothing, I read reviews and see what other boomers say about different games. I look for developing a character and doing quests.

I'm sure many people here have their favorite RPGs they can recommend to you. My favorite is Morrowind.

I came over to this side about a year ago but still will play adventure games when they come along. smile
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Re: What is a RPG game? - 07/25/04 07:14 PM

RPG-Role Playing Game- You are able to build your own character. You can decide what course you will take. The outside of the box will tell you what type of game it is such as First person shooter, Action, Adventure,Strategy, etc. I am not very good a explaining things. I'm sure someone will come along that can explain better than me. But this might help.
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Re: What is a RPG game? - 07/25/04 08:20 PM

I too used to be an "adventurer ONLY." But...the lure of the dark side finally captured my soul! LOL I just HAD to see what all of the hooplah was about! So...I dabbled with Planescape Torment (which I found to be too complicated for me), then went to Diablo I and II and the expansion. THAT hooked me in pretty good! I even got into the online multiplayer games and built myself QUITE A POWERFUL sorceress. THEN....along came Divine Divinity....and THAT was all she wrote!!! I was hooked for life!! NOW...I predominantly play RPGs and play adventures on the side. Most of the adventures I find myself interested in are the new, new ones that are somehow unique and have AMAZING graphics, with enthralling stories. Mostly this is because I had already played most all of the OLD ones! So...there were many meager years for adventure game releases...and in those times of famine...I found an OASIS in RPG-land!

To sum that all up....you CAN do BOTH!! I would encourage you to purchase Divine Divinity and give it a go! It's a very story-driven rpg, with simple controls, and it's LOADS of fun! It has "converted" many an "adventurer ONLY!!"
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Re: What is a RPG game? - 07/25/04 08:27 PM

Everyone has done a good job explaining..now how to take the first step.
One of the best trainee games for the "dark side" is Divine Divinity IMHO and others.
It's easy to understand, the character choices are easier to decide and the game has a great story line and a lot of humor and fun. happydance

Ingie laugh
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Re: What is a RPG game? - 07/25/04 08:39 PM

I thought Syd made an excellent comment a while back, when she said "Divine Divinity is like a bunch of adventure games put together" (Or something like that, I've "borrowed" evil the phrase enough). Sure worth a try if you have any thought of dabbling in a new genre. You really get your money's worth from an RPG that you like, because you can play it for so long, and may even want to replay, and replay - and it can be different, unlike an adventure (except for Post Mortem, but that was unusual). I love both genres, and my top ten would be pretty evenly divided.Just for fun, here's the hybrid list: DD, Zanzarah, M+M 6,7,8, Touche, Discworld 1+2, Gabriel Knight 1+2. The only thing they all have in common is humor, just noticed that. laugh
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Re: What is a RPG game? - 07/26/04 12:27 AM

Thank you guys!

That really was great info. I've heard of "Roll Playing Games", but never put it together with RPG blush .

You mentioned Gabriel Knight. We bought the Limited Edition, GK 1&2 (had a novel with it), a long time ago. I started playing it (back before I really knew what a PC game was), and stopped because of the keyboard controls. Didn't touch another game until Myst came out. Thought they were all alike. Was so happy to find a mouse controlled game. I'm VERY new to all PC games in general. Never wanted a computer either, but caved-in a couple of years ago. Now look at me! Talk about a crash course after 50 eek !! Incase your wondering, my husband had a computer that I found very confusing and intimidating.

So much for the history :yawn:. Back to RPGs. I know now that the GK games are old. Are some of the new RPGs mouse controlled for the most part? That's really what I'm looking for. Don't have the dexterity or reflexes anymore happydance , I'll get it.

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Re: What is a RPG game? - 07/26/04 03:40 AM


welcome to the dark side!

i thought GK2 was mouse controlled. that was one of my favorite adventure games.

like adventure games control schemes can vary from keyboard to mouse. many rpg's are mouse controlled. when mouse controlled, you can use keyboard shortcuts for things like inventory and maps or use the mouse but i find for these things the shortcuts are actually a lot easier.

if you want an rpg that there is zero worry about reflexes or dexterity than you have to go with a turn based game. unfortunately that is a dying art.

as others have mentioned the rpg divine divinity has been very newbie friendly to those here on this board. this game is mouse controlled and not very hard. it has an easy difficulty level. there is tons of help here for it should you decide to start it. since it has been out for a while the game is cheap too. sure hope you decide to take the plunge. you won't regret it.
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Re: What is a RPG game? - 07/26/04 05:57 AM

Milee, SNAP.

I am a newbie with RGP and also needed to ask what RPG was!

I started with Divine Divinity, then Sacred (which I didn't finish - too difficult for me at the moment,) then Beyond Divinity. Now waiting for Morrowmind which I am told it the best of them all. These are all mouse-controlled with some Keyboard help which I can manage.

I received so much help with the silliest questions from Gameboomers on the threads. Everyone was so understanding - posting became part of the pleasure of playing. Now I am hooked.

Happy RPG gaming.


An after thought - I am well past 50, Milee.
If age is a number mine it not listed lol
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Re: What is a RPG game? - 07/26/04 07:45 AM


Notice ALL the folks pushing Divine Divinity??? It REALLY is a great game. AND...the dislike for keyboard controls is absolutely NO problem with that game. It is almost totally mouse-driven. I think the only keyboard control that I USED to play was holding down the control key to target the closest enemy automatically in battle. And don't even let the words "enemy" and "battle" scare you...it's VERY easy and LOADS of fun! You just hold down "ctrl" and click ONE time on an enemy and the game automatically takes over, for the most part. It's just a great, fun, crazy time!

I too sound like a DD commercial! Can't recommend this game enough!
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Re: What is a RPG game? - 07/26/04 10:19 AM

Milee, I hope you decide to take the plunge into the world of RPG's. I haven't played Divine Divinity yet either but it is on my list. wave laugh
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Re: What is a RPG game? - 07/26/04 10:29 AM

Oh Mugsy,
I can't wait un til you start playing DD, you must let us know! happydance

If you could play BG first time out of the gate, then DD will be a snap for you- lol

I liked DD first because it was so easy and the learning process for me is usually difficult.
Morrowind is a beautiful game and a lot of fun.
BG is a thriller and learning to work with more than one character was challenging..the end game even more so- <img border="0" title="" alt="[Razz]" src="tongue.gif" />

Good luck at whatever you decide Milee10, you won't regret it evil

Ingie laugh
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Re: What is a RPG game? - 07/26/04 12:23 PM

Another good thing about Divine Divinity, whether or not you are new to RPGs, is the ability to pause the game. I play with my right hand on the mouse and my left thumb on the space bar, which is the pause key. Its not turn-based, but it does take a lot of the reflex out of controlling the game.

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Re: What is a RPG game? - 07/26/04 04:41 PM

Milee one more vote for DD from someone who was an "adventure only" gal not too long ago. I actually started with the Quest for Glory Series and totally loved them but they are a bit hard to come by now-a-days. Divine Divinity was the game hooked me big time into RPGs. I've never played any game 8-10 straight hours at a stretch and I did that continually with DD.

RPGs have so much to do and see. You can't get stuck because you can always move onto something else and come back later - like if you're trying to kill some monster and it keeps beating the tar out of you, you can leave the area, build up your strength or fighting skills and come back later and make toast out of it laugh

I hope you'll give an RPG a try - I don't think you'll be sorry.
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Re: What is a RPG game? - 07/26/04 07:44 PM

Ingie, I'll let you know when I get DD up and running. Right now I'm just finishing up KOTOR and having a good time with it as well. laugh

Milee, I really enjoyed Baldur's Gate I , it was my first RPG. Maybe after you try out Divine Divinity you could give it a try. If I can play it anyone can....I don't care for too much keyboard action either and you can set the game up so the hot keys are convenient for you. wave
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Re: What is a RPG game? - 07/27/04 02:20 AM

GOOD PEOPLE, I'm overwhelmed with emotion lol .

Anyway, I'm convinced and will give it a try, thanks to all of you over here on the "Dark Side" evil .

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Re: What is a RPG game? - 07/27/04 03:03 AM

Milee, to find out for usre if GK2 usese the mouse( i could be wrong) ask over in the adventure discussion forum. i am sure there is osmeone who has played the game recently who can give you a definite answer.

Zoo tycoon is considered to be a simulation game or sim for short. this is very different from an rpg.

Divinie divinity is about 2 years old and plays great on XP.

gogamer has it for 14.90. there shipping is a bit high(5.99) for one game but it is the same if you order 3 games. if you have never ordered from them , they are a favorite around here for mail order.
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Re: What is a RPG game? - 07/27/04 05:28 PM


Thank you so much! Finding a new place to order from is a big help also. I know nothing about different sites except TAC. Never even knew what a forum was until this year. Everything I know has been gotten threw a forum. Can't believe the new world that's opened up for me because of the people here.

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Re: What is a RPG game? - 07/28/04 02:49 PM

Milee, so glad you're having a good time! Those tycoon games can be a lot of fun - another good one is Rollercoaster Tycoon, just amazing how you can get wrapped up in it! I haven't tried zoo tycoon, but it sounds fun.
I remember GK2 as being mouse controlled also, but not sure about one puzzle at the end of the game.
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Re: What is a RPG game? - 07/28/04 04:44 PM

Milee, a few of us "adventure" gamers use a little something called God-Mode. lol Not all games have this cheat available but a lot do, as well as other cheats if you need them.

If all else fails and you're stuck, you can always come here & ask for a saved game to get you past your stuck point. If it's possible & someone has one, poof, problem solved. smile

If you didn't care for GK1, still give GK2 a try. They are very different styles. You might like what you see, ahem. wink I also want to recommend DD. Morrowind as well, but it's a tad more complicated. Good luck!

laugh Love, Jen laugh
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Re: What is a RPG game? - 07/28/04 09:02 PM

Until becoming a member of Gameboomers I always thought RPG's were games where you gathered a party of people and explored, solved quests and built them up etc. as in Baldur's Gate, IWD and my first, Betrayal In Antara. I've since learned that RPG's can have just one hero and be 3d person 1st person and just about anything but the one thing they all have in common is the leveling up of characters and choosing of equipment. I've learned a lot on these boards and have a lot yet to learn.

Color me grateful to Gameboomers.
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Re: What is a RPG game? - 07/28/04 09:04 PM

jen, what you are talking about godmode , the term applies more to action games than rpg. but yes you can cheat in an rpg.

same thing with save games. asking for a save game in a rpg is practically pointless. they work just fine for action games or action adventure games which are level/mission based. but rpg's which are non-linear and you develop characters they just don't work. take morrowind for examole. you can have oneperson who is level 15 and a good way into the main quest ad oanother person same level who hasn't even started it yet, done and has done a whole bunch of different quests and boht peopl have completely differnt type characters. what use would be a save.
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Re: What is a RPG game? - 07/29/04 01:50 PM

What is it about RPG's that really attracts you. <img border="0" title="" alt="[Razz]" src="tongue.gif" /> I know for adventure games for me its working on solving the puzzles and the poking around needed to do it. (I'm a first-person, puzzle solving game lover(myst ect. & clones) though I'll play 3erd person games if their good but I sorta get bored with all the talking). I like the feeling I get when I solve a puzzle. What is it about RPG's that gives you that feeling?? I tried SIMs duh Building up a charector sounds alittle like SIMs and fighting stuff...eh not my cuppa tea...Quests yeah now that might do it. So tell me what about RPG's makes you feel great and knocks your socks off. woozy
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Re: What is a RPG game? - 07/29/04 07:50 PM

For me it's a feeling of becoming that character and being able to immerse myself completely into the game and the atmosphere. You start out with a weak character just barely able to survive and by doing quests and killing the bad guys and finding equipment you build the character into a strong self-sufficient person. I really become attached to my characters and have a feeling of controling the outcome.

Perfect examples that immersed me into the characters were Morrowind and Divine Divinity.

I'm sure others can explain it much more eloquently than I but those are my thoughts.
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Re: What is a RPG game? - 07/29/04 08:00 PM

My preference for RPG's has to do with how you get rewarded so often, for doing just about anything. Whether you vanquish enemies, complete a quest, or just progress along the story line, you get rewards the whole way: experience points, money, items etc.

Like Oldman said, there is also the pleasure of seeing your character get stronger or more proficient in their skills. I identify much more with an RPG character than an adventure character because I have a little more input into how the character develops.
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Re: What is a RPG game? - 07/29/04 08:44 PM


Glad to hear someone else likes the tycoon games. "ZOO Tycoon Complete Collection" is my first. I'm an animal lover so picked this over "Rollercoaster Tycoon". Think I'm reverting to a second childhood lol . Love "Nancy Drew" also!

It's worth trying all games because a person just never knows. Even an old stick-in-the mud like me! I'll give GK2 a try and see if it plays better for me now that I know more about what's going on.

I'll do just fine unless my PC gets "Twitchy" on me again. Wouldn't boot since I was last in the forum until today! GRRRRRRRR mad .

Thanks guys laugh

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Re: What is a RPG game? - 07/30/04 08:52 AM

I'm with Schwab on this. ALL of those reasons are
reasons why I love this genre. You just can't beat it on rewards and instant gratification!!! Even in adventures, where you gradually earn "rewards" as far as solving puzzles....rpgs give you MORE "cool stuff!!!" I just became hopelessly addicted once I started! Never would have thought THAT could happen, BUT...I was so, so wrong! LOL
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Re: What is a RPG game? - 07/30/04 11:11 AM

Thanks Milee10 for starting this topic happydance
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Re: What is a RPG game? - 07/30/04 11:16 AM

Milee, you're so right! If you don't try other genres, you never know if you are missing something you may love. And hey, why not revert to childhood if we didn't get to play these fun games back then? WHEEEEEEE. I really thinks these games keep our minds active and imagination going, so that we aren't older than we have to be.

Nipomo, another thing about RPGs that is immensely attractive to me, is that most of them are so less structured than most adventures. You can go where you want to, and decide how you want to accomplish your goals. As the others have said, you invest more of yourself in your character, and because of that, the game seems more immersive. Also, most RPGs take longer to complete, so you work with/as that character, or characters, for quite some time - I played Divine Divinity for months, and I think I could play Morrowind for years without running out of things to do.
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Re: What is a RPG game? - 07/30/04 05:37 PM


Thank you for saying that! I'm always afraid of asking a stupid question. I expected to be ignored going to a RPG thread asking what RPG even WAS. Your living proof that for every question, big or small, there's always someone else out there looking for the same answer.

GBs has wonderful, understanding, and classy people that I will NEVER underestimate again praise !

Welcome to the family Nipomo welcome .