Silent Hill 2

Posted by: Renee63

Silent Hill 2 - 11/24/04 05:39 PM

Is there a patch for this game and just how hard it it? I assume it is an action game and not RPG. I had a friend play it and said she was really grossed out by the game. I also have bought Silent Hill 3 but figured I better play this one first. I only saw one WT for this game in case I need it so any help there. I usually don't use a WT for an action game but have heard this game is kind of hard. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks blush happydance
Posted by: Barb

Re: Silent Hill 2 - 11/24/04 09:47 PM

Renee, I absolutely loved Silent Hill 2 and 3. They are action games, which I usually don't play, but both of these are great! They both played perfectly for me in XP, so I didn't need a patch. Here is the WT I used for SH2:

Try it, you'll like it!

Posted by: Barb

Re: Silent Hill 2 - 11/24/04 09:55 PM

I gave you the link for SH3, here's the one for SH2:
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Re: Silent Hill 2 - 11/25/04 01:43 AM

Barb thank you so much. This is for a Playstation 2 and mine is a PC. Is that going to make a difference? Also, I looked at the manual and it has only keyboard controls and not the mouse???? Is this true?
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Re: Silent Hill 2 - 11/25/04 02:10 AM

I installed the game and it seemed to install fine but when I put CD1 in, I am not getting the game but a blue screen. Should I uninstall it and install again or what is going on with this game? I have highend Dell with XP.
Posted by: Zanthia

Re: Silent Hill 2 - 11/25/04 03:54 AM

yes there is a patch for SH2.

SH2 patch

one is for a specific video card brand and one is for us version.

you may want to check Konami's site if the patch does not help.

the pc and psx2 version is same game so walkthru version won't make any difference.
Posted by: Renee63

Re: Silent Hill 2 - 12/05/04 01:45 AM

I thank you for the help but it is for a PS2 and of course mine is for a PC and it is just the hints and I need technical help more than anything. I tried to get on their website but it won't let me register so not a happy camper about anything lately. I thought you had sent something that Jeanne was talking about a technical problem. Did I miss something? cry