vampire bloodlines tutorial

Posted by: Zanthia

vampire bloodlines tutorial - 03/25/05 02:44 AM

just loaded this up. have no idea how well this will run but will give it a try.

anyhow, in the screen to change controls, for each key there are 2 columns. one is called "key button" and one is called "alternate". i can change the one called " key button" but cannot change the one called " alternate"

how do you change the one listed under alternate. .
Posted by: Barb

Re: vampire bloodlines tutorial - 03/25/05 05:49 AM

I didn't change the alternate button. Whatever you have under key button is what you'll use. Hope the game runs ok for you. Be prepared for very long load times - even on high-end machines!

Posted by: Zanthia

Re: vampire bloodlines tutorial - 03/25/05 11:29 AM

i would have to think there is some way to change it as it can be changed---i can change it if i go into to the file that stores the settings and do it manually.

i have been reading about things to do to make the game run better since i cannot buy more ram as everyone says the game needs 1 gig.
Posted by: Zanthia

Re: vampire bloodlines tutorial - 03/25/05 05:42 PM

i am up to the point in the tutorial where you have to change the disciplines to do a blood buff on the door to do lockpick. up to this point for every thing they told you what keys to press. here they do not.

can anyone tell me where in the manual is this information.

DH just told me what it was as he was able to read the keyboard reference card on the back cover ( bracket keys said scroll through disciplines) but with the font so tiny i could not read it but where else is this info in the manual. even in the options screen it makes it seem that the bracket keys is for inventory not for disciplines. all i find in the manual is how to activate the selected disciplines and how to turn them off.
Posted by: hagatha

Re: vampire bloodlines tutorial - 03/25/05 06:38 PM

I don't think the manual is particularly good, and I had a heck of a time with this part of the tutorial. My eyes aren't good enough to read that tiny writing either. Did you manage to work it out in the end? ALl I can remember is that once you have the discipline selected you right click to activate it.

I haven't finished this game yet - took a break for a while, but I'm close to the end. It's very good! I hope I can remember how to play after this interlude.
Posted by: Rowan

Re: vampire bloodlines tutorial - 03/25/05 07:42 PM

Select your discipline with the mouse wheel then right click.
Posted by: Zanthia

Re: vampire bloodlines tutorial - 03/26/05 01:37 AM

got it. just can't believe something this essential is not in the manual. what an oversight
Posted by: babyblair

Re: vampire bloodlines tutorial - 03/26/05 06:50 PM

The back of the manual is a great help. Although, like you said, it is in very small print. I used a magnifying glass and saw that you could use the brackets key to scroll disciplines. I found out from Lucca that you could use the scroll on your mouse. What I am going to do is zerox the back of the manual and enlarge it so I can read it. I did read that the Tab key will alter some of your weapons. I have tried this on some weapons and e.g. you can single shoot, or you can fan. Makes a big difference. Only certain weapons are effected and are effected in different ways. This game is awesome. I'm going to start a new one.
Posted by: Zanthia

Re: vampire bloodlines tutorial - 03/27/05 03:51 AM

i did try the magnifying glass but it didn't make it any more readable.

finished the tutorial. the questionaiire chose a tremere for me but i decided to go with ventrue. think i will focus on melee. don't recall seeing you guys mentioning that clan a lot. tremere was my second choice but i wasn't sure how ell they would be in combat as they seem to be the " mages" and i didn't want to rely purely on disciplines.

just met with mercurio and am down at the beach. probably not going to be able to get much playing time until tuesday.
Posted by: lucca

Re: vampire bloodlines tutorial - 03/27/05 05:09 AM

i'll give you some free advice laugh .
don't focus on melee alone, it'll make the game very difficult towards the end.

and... i wouldn't want to be a ventrue in the warrens.
Posted by: Rowan

Re: vampire bloodlines tutorial - 03/27/05 09:06 PM

If you develop your stealth skills it will eliminate a great percentage of the fighting for you. It will allow you to stealth kill your enemies even in the presence of others. They just don't see you or their pathetically struggling gasping dying comrade. evil A high stealth skill can make you almost invisible to others. They know someone is nearby and they can virtually trip over you and still don't see you.

Lockpick and hacking will also get you information easier especially in the beginning. Gamebanshee has a great list of hacking codes if you want to cheat and put your experience points elsewhere. Maybe I will do that the next time I play.

I found that the unarmed fighting was particularly powerful and used it more frequently than melee. I found that the gun fighting was valuable only in certain places so don't disregard this because it will be essential in a few places.
Posted by: Zanthia

Re: vampire bloodlines tutorial - 03/28/05 03:55 AM

stealth is out for me. had more than enough of it in the tutorial. don't want to waste a single point on it if i can help it as experince seems to be a very valuable commodity.

lockpicking seems to be a worthwhile skill.think i will invest in that. doesn't bother me having the hack codes in advance.

as a second combat skill how much ranged skill will i need. if i pick a second combat skill i would like one short range and one long range. doesn't seem like there is enough experience to get 2 combat skills to around 9. ranged would be the secondary one. would 5 be enough then.

i still need to have enough experience to develop the disciplines(2 of them for sure) and social skills.
Posted by: Rowan

Re: vampire bloodlines tutorial - 03/28/05 10:22 AM

Don't rule out stealth. There are some areas in the game that may be impossible without it. I found the tutorial quite hard but the occasions in the game itself seemed much easier.

I used presence as my main discipline and occasionally I used blood buff to improve my lockpicking. I'm not sure which disciplines you get as a ventrue.

For social skills I would invest in only one of persuasion, seduction, or intimidation. I think any one of those will get you what you want but not sure. I used mainly persuasion. A little bit of manipulation may also be useful for better prices but I wouldn't put a lot of points into it. Most valuable objects will either be found or given to you. Putting points into the feat that lets you read books is also valuable as you can improve many stats by reading books that you find. You will also need points into a feat that lets you identify found objects (forget the name of the feat). These objects once identified will also give you powers if kept in your inventory.
Posted by: SKIPPIDY

Re: vampire bloodlines tutorial - 03/28/05 01:43 PM

Thanks for the imfo, I'll be playing this game in a while.
Posted by: Zanthia

Re: vampire bloodlines tutorial - 03/29/05 02:25 AM

thanks for the advice rowan.

well my stealth skill is now increased by 1--picked the lock across the hall from my room with blood buff and what do i find but a stealth book.

after character creation i had 5 in research and 6 in persuasion. not sure which feat you mean that identifies found objects- inspection?

ventrue gets fortitude, dominate and presence. ventrue can use dominate in conversations unlike tremere. fortitude is the most important i think.
Posted by: Rowan

Re: vampire bloodlines tutorial - 03/29/05 07:51 AM

Yes, I think it is inspection. Read the description just to be sure. Some items will need a specific amount of points in certain areas before you can identify them.

I think stealth also helps you feed. Feeding can also be used to kill enemies. You will need stealth to get through the parking garage quest in the downtown section.

Zanthia, I wish I had asked your questions before beginning this game. I might have had better luck at the end. I'm stuck at the very end. I'm not sure I want to replay but if I do it will probably be as a ventrue.
Posted by: Zanthia

Re: vampire bloodlines tutorial - 03/29/05 12:14 PM

i read that if you replay the game a second time it is really good ot do it a as malkavian because of the funny dialogue you get.

if the end battle is that hard i have no doubt i will need to use cheats. as it is i fully expect i will need to use cheats for the difficult battles throughout the game. i will try to do it legit but if i can't then i won't feel guilty using them as needed. i can't move my hand quickly to change keys to hit on the keyboard and that does me in a lot of games.
Posted by: babyblair

Re: vampire bloodlines tutorial - 03/29/05 07:25 PM

This is a tough game. Multitasking is definitely a must. Rowan I think played as a Toreador. Lucca and myself also played as a Torry. The game goes so differently depending on how you spend you xp and money. I agree with Rowan about melee, if it fits your personality and clan. I forgot about potence and my range was low. I didn't spend xp there because I was so good at melee. I could sneak up anyone and steal right out from under them. Zanthia, your playing a Tremere? I think that would be interesting because they are into blood rituals; Thaumaturgy. I thought this game is so complex I didn't need to deal with magic. I will be following your progress to see how the experience is. Rowan, don't give up. Did you play Redemption. It is hard to keep these games straight.
Posted by: Zanthia

Re: vampire bloodlines tutorial - 03/30/05 03:55 AM

babyblair ,

i am NOT playing a tremere. I am playing a ventrue. so no magic. can't feed on rats. tremere was what the questionaire picked for me. tremere did sound interesting but didn't want to rely so heavily on magic without knowing how well they do with combat skills too. wasn't sure if they could be played as a battlemage.