Sacred Plus

Posted by: popcorneater

Sacred Plus - 05/01/05 06:17 AM

I finally loaded Sacred Plus. Wanted to play awaiting the expansion.

There is a difference so far in what I've played.
Couple of quests I could not get done before-especially timed ones-now can. And areas that just were not there before now are.
Didn't address the fact that respawn is overkill, shame on that one.
But, still I do enjoy the game.

Have 4 characters going to see who I'll pull over onto expansion.
I have to say the Vampire one is fun. Those spells are down right wicked. evil
Also have a BattleMage-very effective.
A Wood Elf, enjoyable, especially since I found her a Wood Elf Bow.
A Dark Elf-fun, pure the Duel weapons I have for the dark elf.

I know oldman is going to be playing; anyone else?

I didn't download the "Plus" I just bought the game.

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Posted by: Nanjoan

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/01/05 06:36 AM

Hi Ingie - yes I have played Sacred Plus and am waiting for the expansion. I was a dark elf and loved the game and had great fun, especially going to new areas. It is a game I would play again for sure but perhaps as something else.

I am now avidly awaiting for my expansion to be delivered - soon I hope.

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Posted by: Pib

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/01/05 06:53 AM

I have been playing Sacred then Sacred Plus for months now. It takes a long time when playing only over lunch at work. Still playing a Seraphrim and she gets to be pretty wicked after a while.

I'll probably get the expansion and try a different class.
Posted by: looney4labs

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/01/05 08:14 AM

I keep looking at Sacred, but knew I want to get the plus version--Question, where on the box does it say Plus??? Is it prominent or does one have to read the fine print?
Posted by: Nanjoan

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/01/05 09:27 AM

On the game I got it said Sacred + Plus+ thats how I realised that the Plus was included with a copy of the full Sacred game. I did however have the original copy of Sacred on its own, if that helps.

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Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/01/05 01:10 PM

Sacred +Plus+ is a good game for beginners and those who have played for a while. It's easy point and click and the different character's are fun.

With the original you had the option of download of the +Plus+ but,I wanted the hard version of Plus.
The expansion for the game, something titled like "Under the city" is due out this year..and you have to have Sacred or Sacred Plus on board to play.

Pib, wave
I think we were playing together first time through, and I think Zanthia, oldman, Alice and..there goes the mind ..
The first time through I was a Seraphim, and Schwab helped me load pics of my gal..she was awesome and had some great spells.
Still need to add Gladiator. Right now, my two favorites are Vamp and Dark Elf I think.

Please CYE with a location and description

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Posted by: nickie

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/01/05 08:39 PM

Oh Ingie, how soon they forget! Sigh, you forgot me! cry At the time I was playing as a Battlemage, and it was a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to the Underworld expansion also. laugh
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/01/05 11:01 PM

Oh Nickie, :kiss:

My true sidekick, me Tonto you lone ranger...
Battlemage, got him going now too..he's actually one of the better guys I got, I love the "Now you know why you shouldn't say bad things about mages" as he fries another goblin eater..His 'fire power' is one awesome show. praise
The Vamp has these lips you shoot at the bad guys and they go sailing through the air hitting one target after another..the bad guys look like a strawberry jam truck ran into them as they wander amok blindly before getting the kiss-"so sweet" she says. evil

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Posted by: oldman

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/02/05 02:31 AM

Hi Ingie,

I went through the first time as a Seraphim and thought I'd try to get a different character.

I'm trying a Vamp this time getting ready for the expansion and I don't remember what the best attributes for her are when you level up.

Could anyone give me a clue?
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/02/05 11:13 AM

Hi John, evil

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Posted by: oldman

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/02/05 01:15 PM

Hi Ingie,

Those are skills and I've pretty much decided which of those I'm going to use.

But attributes are different for each class. For instance Vamp's Mental Regeneration is 0 when she starts so I assume she doesn't need (or use) this attribute. Since you only get one advancement point per level I was wondering which to concentrate on between:

Physical Regeneration

I'm going to compare the Vamp and the Battle Mage and then decide which to do for the expansion. Although I really like my Seraphim and the Wood Elf is cool with her bow expertise but weak otherwise. Hard to decide.
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/02/05 06:50 PM

Oh John, I'm such a nutter, I'm sorry. lol
I sure did misunderstand your plea didn't I? oops

Mine are like this:
Strength- more there
Physical Regeneration
Dexterity-I use a bow, although not suppose to be that good at it and no skills for ranged weapon, I still like one handy..and good for the movements and kicks(she has one movement that is like speed walking)
I stick very few in Charisma and really don't need mental regeneration because she doesn't cast spells just uses her skills.

I like playing a different character each day. Right now trying to get everyone to Crow's Rock.
Got my Dark Elf there(have to say he's one of my favorites)
Vamp getting there today..
then tomorrow try either Wood Elf or BattleMage.
I still haven't loaded a Gladiator, but think i will and I loved my seraphim from the 1st time I played, but lost her when puter crashed, so may go ahead and try her again too.
Don't know at this point who'll I'll export into the expansion..but this Vamp is a fun one.

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Posted by: oldman

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/03/05 06:01 PM

Thanks Ingie. It looks like Strength and Physical Regeneration are the two biggies for Vamp. My Seraphim I concentrated mostly Dex and Mental Regeneration if I remember correctly. My new Battlemage needs a lot of strength and Physical Regeneration. What's different about this game is that each character requires different skills and attributes depending on which route you want to take them. Can get very confusing.
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/04/05 01:08 AM

I know what you mean John, I usually work with the skills and then eventually go in and do the attributes..I very seldom worry with Charisma when playing a single player..figure I would rather work with skills other than buying and trading, at some point(especially this game) you have enough loot not to worry about charming folks. And plenty of quests.

Started my Gladiator and Seraphim last about opposite ends of the poles..I think the Sera is still my favorite with Vamp and Dark Elf coming in behind her. Gladiator is..interesting, more like driving a Mac truck compared to a Honda accord rotfl

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Posted by: VHLMagic

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/04/05 05:50 AM

Hi all,

I have been getting back to play Sacred more these days and I have a Seraphim,Battlemage and Gladiator going.

I find that the Seraphim does better and has some good moves to servive longer that the Battlemage but I do like a lot of the spells the Battlemage has also. smile

I do have Wilbur with me in all of my games and hope he stays with me through the rest of the game.

I have been exporting all 3 of them as I go because can't decide which one I will use later on when I get the expansion. Hmmm maybe I will just keep 3 or more games going hehe.
Posted by: oldman

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/04/05 10:37 PM

I agree Ingie. Charisma, to me, is worthless in all the characters. You pick up enough stuff along the way.

VHLMagic, you are pretty far along with both of your characters having Wilbur. (Don't get too attached to Wilbur) I'm also playing two at the present, Vamp and Battlemage. I too am exporting as I go. I'm thinking of keeping a Dark Elf running at the same time and I really would like to try the Wood Elf cause I've always liked bows and ranged stuff in RPG's but she's so weak at the start.

The expansion is due out in days and I don't think I'll be ready for it. I'm really getting immersed in this game again getting my characters up to snuff to export.
Posted by: VHLMagic

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/05/05 09:38 AM


I now have Wilbur in all 3 of my games.
Why not get use to him? How long can I have his help?

I finally figured out how to use the shield.
I looked and looked in the book and couldn't find how to equip it but by accident I found out that all you have to do is put sword and shield in the same spot. Hmmm go figure.

Before I found that out I had them in sparate circles at the bottom so it was either I use the sword or I use the shield but not together.

Now that my people are getting stronger....I am beginning to enjoy the game more. smile
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/05/05 10:30 AM

Oh Magic,
That's how I found out about the shield. Also found out if you can't accept a shield with a weapon it pops out. lol By the time you really get use to Wilbur and his company and fighting you will lose him.

I have now got them all loaded. Out of the 6 the hardest to start with is the Seraphrim..She is just not strong enough or quick enough until you can get her up in skills. The Wood Elf worked well for me John, I found a Wood Elf bow almost at once and she's good with it.

The gladiator, now there's a bus. I tell you, he's a mess. Reminds me of the guy in BG who had the pet name Boo..dumb as an ox and just about as strong.

Still like the Battlemage,Vamp and Dark Elf.all at Crow's Rock now.
Wood Elf has Wilbur, the other two just starting out, level 5 for them I think.
I think I'm going to have to make a decision and stick with one..between the 3 at Crow's Rock..hard decision though.

Are there more "magic spots" then before? I sure seem to be finding a lot of them.

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Posted by: Zanthia

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/05/05 01:42 PM

i played the vampire in the original game and it was a lot of fun. there is not enough new content in plus for me to bother with it as it would be essentially replaying the same game which i don't do. will have to see if the expansion has a brand new main quest and new major areas to explore before buying it.
Posted by: oldman

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/05/05 01:44 PM

VHLMagic I was kind of half joking about Wilbur. When we played before several players complained about missing Wilbur when they lost him. You do get other help though when Wilbur leaves.

I really like my Dark Elf now. I got him going and he's really getting powerful. Using two swords in one weapons slot and that funny looking duel weapon in the other. I'm not sure which runes to concentrate on though with him. I have several saved up to trade (4 for 1) but don't know whether to get the explosions or the poison.

The characters I'm concentrating on now are Vamp, Dark Elf and Battle Mage and I have Wood Elf waiting in the wings (did get her up pretty good with multible arrows) and of course my old faithful Seraphim is always standing by.
Posted by: pantheon

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/05/05 03:57 PM

Hi everyone
Sounds like you're having fun with Sacred. I have a few questions about the game:

Is there much npc dialogue?

Are there lots of towns with different look/feel and traders?

What are the quests like? Kill this, fetch that? - or are they more detailed.

I have the opportunity to purchase sacred plus - on special at eb games....

Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/05/05 11:34 PM

Sacred is fun, very huge though..
Hi pantheon wave
Thought the best thing to do for you is hook you up to the offical website..can get all the information and screen shots there..then if questions, let us know..

We're now doing the Sacred Plus edition, which this gives details on .. along with details on the new expansion which I just got word today is in the mail.
Sacred Offical Webstie

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Posted by: Zanthia

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/06/05 03:42 AM

this is the description of the expansion pack from the official site:

Underworld contains 2 new characters within an even greater world of Ancaria, including vast regions such as the Pirate Isles, mystical forests and deep, twisting caves. Hundreds of new quests, monsters, weapons and new set items can be found for characters old and new.

Underworld also expands in the multiplayer mode with the addition of a friends list and much more.
based on that, i will be passing on it. while it says lots of new quests, there is no mention of a new main quest. the new small miscellaneous quests that are in each town in the new areas are not enough for me and i would not be starting a new character as that would mean replaying so without a new main quest plotline like other expansion packs have there is no reason for me to buy it. too bad frown this is disappointing to hear.
Posted by: VHLMagic

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/06/05 06:23 AM

Hi all,

I am so glad to hear that I will have other help when I loose Wilbur. smile Although by that time I may not need help but we will see.

I am now beginning to think twice about getting Scared plus or the expansion if they are going to be pretty much the same stuff as the original Sacred.
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/06/05 09:13 AM

The expansion is totally different.
At the website I provided you, click on the expansion..Sacred: Underworld.

The other thing that Plus did was correct a lot of bugs that the original quests, especially the ones timed..that you couldn't do.

But, if you have Sacred, play that; I would download the patch for it as the patch fixed a few things.
Then wait and see if Underworld sounds interesting when some of us start playing it.

For me, Plus was worth it..and after having sold the original and wanting to play the expansion, knew I had to start over so did so with Plus.

It's a good game, I like the quests given and enjoy the characters..not so sure about the gladiator one(he's growing on me though), but I like the others..
The thing I dislike the most, is the constant re-spawning of areas you cleared..drives me nuts.
I like to explore a bit without having to always be fighting to take a peek in areas..but it's a fault I can live with and still enjoy the game.

Okay, playing today..Have to decide on which character I want to export to expansion.

John, wave
have you decided yet??

Posted by: oldman

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/06/05 01:20 PM

Ingie, I'm torn between my Seraphim, Vamp and Dark Elf. I'm kind of leaning towards my Dark Elf as he is really getting powerful. His Sudden Fiery is awesome. Of course the light thingy on my Seraphim is pretty good as well.

My Dark Elf is going after Sheerifa in the plains now so I might got to my Vamp and catch up. Don't know how high a level you need in order to export to the expansion so I'll probably wait for a while to get it and see how other people are enjoying it.

VHLMagic, you'll be alone again for a while after losing Wilbur but you should be strong enough to handle it. I wasn't too fond of Wilbur anyway he kept dying all the time.

Well guess I'll get my Vamp to catch up with my Dark Elf. These characters are so uniquely different that it is fun to play different ones.
Posted by: oldman

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/06/05 04:59 PM

Hi all,

I just realized something in Sacred Plus. My horse never dies!!! In the original Sacred I gave up using a horse cause he died all the time. Now he's always there to transport me all I have to do is whistle. I dismount, of course, to fight but a horse is nice to travel the map.

Speaking of traveling the map, I seem to recall that there was a map someplace that showed all the portals locations but can't seem to find it. Anyone know anything about this?

Well back to my Vamp. She has Wilbur now and I'm just doing side quests and trying to find runes and build up experience.
Posted by: Zanthia

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/06/05 05:18 PM


did you read what i quoted. that came directly from the official site which you linked to . what is so different. were you reading from a differnt part of the website. if so link me directly to that page. there is NOT one single mention of a new main quest--the initial game had one which was divided into several acts. why no mention of that. without a new storyline, the expansion is just more general exploring and leveling up and opportunity to try out new characters which hold ZERO interest to me as that is replaying as somehow i doubt that the expansion pack areas is made for level 1 characters as people like you are leveling up characters to bring into the expansion. therefore if i was to play the epxansion i have no choice but to use my vamp character if it is not geared for level 1 characters. and without a new plot, it is pointless for me.

i am glad you are excited about the expansion pack ,wish i could say the same.
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/06/05 07:03 PM

Zanthia, happydance
I gave up on the gladiator and I think my Seraphim too..been there done that..wish my old puter hadn't of crashed, she was awesome, but a lot of work to get her leveled and spell worthy to do lots of damage.
Right now we're at Crow's Rock and I'm finding my way around that again..forgot how horrible that area is to get use to where things are..

Oh Magic, wave
wanted to let you know, you don't have to give Wilbur any health potions..he more or less faints and then bounces back full of don't waste your potions on him. Give him a new sword every now and then as he levels and he'll get busy and be happy. He'll take a shield if usable, but sometimes grumbles about it.
Actually sometimes he gets in the way..but he's trying to be helpful. rotfl

Ingie laugh
Posted by: oldman

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/07/05 03:02 AM

Anyone been to Porto Draco yet? I have a side quest to get rid of the evil spirits at the Porto Draco Villa. I went into the house and killed all the spirits got a message group eliminated. Went into a grave type place and killed all the spirits and got a message Group eliminated. I can't find any more spirits but the blue marker is still on the Villa indicating that I still have more to do there. I don't remember having this problem before.

Has anyone done this quest?
Posted by: oldman

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/07/05 04:16 AM

Never mind. Duh!!!!! I was supposed to talk to a spirit in that dungeon. I went back and found a ! over a grave and from there on everything fell into place.

This changing out of a vampire at inoppurtune times is getting pretty hectic. Maybe when Vamp gets stronger she'll do better. Maybe I should get some more vamp runes. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
Posted by: FeathersMcGraw

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/07/05 04:52 AM

Of course Sacred Underworld has a new (excuse of a) story. The main quest has 4 chapters which take about 10-15 hours to complete if you ignore the 40 side quests.
The biggest difference to Sacred is the removal of random side quests. They are replaced by 70 hand-scripted mini-missions.

Underworld offers a choice between parallel installation and integration into Sacred. The former maintains the option to play the classic Sacred.
Posted by: VHLMagic

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/07/05 05:56 AM

Hi all,

oh Thank You Ingie for the potion tip since I was giving him potions to heal faster and kept buying enough for both of us. smile

Baldur's Gate has gotten in the way past few days because I never got very far into that one the first time I tried to play it but will have to try to play back and forth between the two.
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/07/05 07:49 AM

Magic, wave
Ah, of the two BG is probably the better IMHO..
but Sacred is fun..

John, wave
I haven't run into that problem with the Vamp yet, but know I will at some point..I stopped last evening and installed DL and fiddled with it a bit. I see you found the Lady that awaits you and tells you her side of the story, bless her heart.

Feather, wave
You've already played Underworld? What was your impression of the expansion overall?

Ingie laugh
Posted by: Schwab35

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/07/05 03:01 PM

All this talk of Sacred made me re-install it, and add the Plus download. I'm playing the Vampire too, having a blast!

I'm noticing the little additions, or maybe I'm crazy, but I don't remember the townspeople carrying torches around at night when I played before. Neat.
Also, I did a random generated quest, and it worked! Guess they fixed those.

My vamp is now in Silver Creek kicking butt left and right. I don't remember it being this easy before, I'm thinking they added a lot more items cuz so much of what she loots is just for Vampire. Unfortunately this makes the game a little too easy, I may have to switch to Silver setting.

I don't understand what those skulls are for, does anyone know? I've got 2 in my inventory and they have damage stats but I don't know how to equip them.
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/07/05 08:40 PM

Hey Schwab, wave

You're right, I didn't think about it, but I don't remember the night torches from before either..
Also,my horse has yet to change colors. In the original when I would whistle for him, he'd show up a different color, so far same one.

I agree about Bronze being a bit too easy except for the Seraphim..she's still hard and I played her on Silver by accident first time. eek

The skulls can be used as can throw them. Equip them in a weapon slot and give a shot..
haven't used them in Plus yet, but that was what I did with them in the original.

I need to ask you all..what is the best weapon for the Vamp??
I have yet to find a weapon that has Vamp on it, not even when playing another character. I'm using her Vamp skills more and more instead of any type of those flying lips. rotfl And some of her lines when she kills a big monster.."ah, how sweet the blood of this goblin eater is"..she's a riot for what is usually a villain.

There is a difference in the game, can't put my finger on it, but it's more fun, I actually am browsing around more..also I think there are a lot more magic hot spots than before.
I haven't had a quest yet that I haven't been able to complete, rather it be timed or not..big difference in that..

Ingie laugh
Posted by: Schwab35

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/08/05 01:47 AM

Ingie, my vampire is level 14 and just bought a sword just for Vampires, got it in Florentina from the merchant. It had 2 of those upgrade boxes, which I put rings in for added goodness.

I think the game is much easier than before, there are so many items the game throws at you, it's a little ridiculous. I even brought her into a higher level area, she said it was dangerous, but she still took on multiple enemies without breaking a sweat. Also, I love the bats, I have all 3 bats swirling around her even when she's not in vamp form.

I'm also trying to explore more since the first time I played I didnt see much of the game world. Just gets a little tedious sometimes, what with the mowing down of enemies.

p.s. Here she is in Florentina, with the bats flying around. That's Wilbur to the right, of course:

Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/08/05 08:35 AM

Looking good, and I love the sword, well at least I know there is one, so it will show up somewhere for me..I love the bat guards too, I think there are 2 bat skills..isn't one attack and one guard?
Anyway, I'm sure as I am narrowing down my choices it will be either Vamp or Dark Elf..Battlemage is great, awesome powers..drat, hard to decide.

I got my confirmation that Underworld was shipped Friday!! happydance

Ingie laugh
Posted by: oldman

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/08/05 07:30 PM

I've been to Florentina several times and no such sword. The merchants stock things randomly so I guess a good sword could be at any merchants. I've looked every place I've been and can't find the sword. Does the one you found Schwab have Vampiress in blue under the title like the armor and stuff?

I'm about to go to the Monastery in the Ice area with my Vamp and she's at level 23. Maybe I'll get my Dark Elf to catch up with her. He has a Dark Elf Sword.
Posted by: Schwab35

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/08/05 08:13 PM

John, here is a screenshot with the sword description:

vamp sword

I think the merchants wares update every game day, but I could be wrong, just keep checking.

Ingie, there are actually 3 bats, the 3rd causes confusion among enemies. Usually this means they run away, which allows my damage bat to dive bomb them. Fun!
Posted by: oldman

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/08/05 09:08 PM

Thanks Schkwab I finally found a Vamp Sword. It only has one slot but pretty good stats. I'll keep looking. Would like to find one with 2 or 3 slots.
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/09/05 09:58 AM

I found a Vamp sword, while playing as the Dark Timberlake area..not from a merchant but as a Magic Item..but at least I have an idea what it looks like now and the stats were very nice, wish I could have somehow given it my lady of the night..hmm, evil that sounds a bit wicked doesn't it.

Anyway, I had problems with a quest, failed Timberlake, couldn't get the barbarian to the location he wanted to go safely.. he got killed every time, took the Vamp there and tried, nope, Battlemage, we'll see, I hate failed quest..

Still exploring the area around the Crow Rock-Timberlake region..just cause.
Can't decide yet on who or what is coming along with me..have to say, I have more fun with Vamp.I just love the way she coos at her 'victims' the dark elf is funny too though and the battlemage with his "make fun of wizards will you, bet you won't next time, oh that's right you'll not have a next time" rotfl

Ingie laugh
Posted by: VHLMagic

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/10/05 05:49 AM

Hi all,

Well.....all of you talking about the Vampiress made me try her. Wow am I impressed with her moves. So far she seems to be the best one in fighting. smile I like her.

So now I have 4 games going hehe.


Wow I didn't know that Wilbur could use a shield also. Hmmmm have to try giving one to him in my games.

Does the Vampiress get Duel Weilding like the Seraphim? My Seraphim has a sword in each hand.
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/10/05 01:17 PM


I love the Vamp though, she is truly a gal after my own heart. lol

I'm really loving the vamp though...yesterday was battlemage all day and he's awesome, really has some power behind him..
haven't been able to play anything maybe in a bit..time to choose one and play..

Ingie laugh
Posted by: FeathersMcGraw

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/10/05 03:31 PM

Feather, wave
You've already played Underworld? What was your impression of the expansion overall?
No, I haven
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/10/05 05:31 PM

Hi Feathers, thanks. wave

Looking forward to it..It's been mailed but I had it placed on the slow mailing list.
Still enjoying Sacred Plus and having fun with my Vamp this afternoon..awesome powers and finally found one of her swords..not the one I found as a Dark Elf, but they're out there and she does some damage with it.
We're touring the country side, just fighting and finding magic items.

Ingie laugh
Posted by: VHLMagic

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/11/05 05:45 AM

Hi all,

Well yesterday it was Battlemage's and Gladiator's turn but today will be Vampiress and Seriphim's turn. smile

So far we are at level,

Battle Mage 17
Gladiator 10
Vampress 5
Seraphim 16
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/11/05 10:26 AM

Magic, happydance

Ingie laugh
Posted by: VHLMagic

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/12/05 06:09 AM

Hi all,

Ingie....How do you charm a weapon or Armor???

I looked in the book and just don't see it anywhere as to how to charm.

I know the Blacksmith will upgrade armor or weapons because I have a sword already that he did this to.

Does it have to be a special weapon or Armor?
If so....where do you find these???
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/12/05 08:41 AM

Magic, wave

As you know if the Blacksmith is upgrading..any item that has a slot can be "charmed" you can use rings..some have damage(good for weapons) some have protection(good for armor), the amulets and the skeleton heads can be used also.
I try to get items that "add" something different to an item. Say I have a helmet that has protections against poison, I try to find an amulet or ring or skellie head(though I think they only do damage) that adds a new protection; like against fire, magic.
Some have as many as 4 slots, not sure that goes any higher.
You take the "charm" place it in the slot when you're at the blacksmith's (you can do all at one time;or as you get them) and then click on the hammer. His talents are the 3 to the right of the hammer, though good, you can do much better using
the rings, amulets, skulls. But you can never get them out once in.
Hope that helps.

I found my 3rd sword for the Vamp and still not the one I saw with my Dark I know there is another one out there.
We're finally at Crow's Rock and having fun..
Spoiled the mission of the map..have you done that; if not..don't go past the bell or do anything else, ring the bell and get the map or you've failed the quest. I walked past the bell and got the message mission failed. So I had to back out..I'll give it the right go next time in.
I think I'm keeping the Vamp, I like what she can do and I love her dialogue, so funny.

Ingie laugh
Posted by: oldman

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/12/05 02:33 PM

Yes, look for slotted items. The more the better. Then depending on your character put in items that increase Defense regeneration or whatever. Some of the best items are Vamp runes that add life drain. Not the ones that extend night but drain life. They really improve your weapons and work whether they are on armor or weapons.

I've got my Dark Elf, BM and Vamp looking for the elements now and they are all levels around 25. I'm now trying to build a Wood Elf. I really like this character but it is hard to build her up. She doesn't have the crowd clearing combat arms like Dark Elf's Poisen mist and BM's ice ring and she can't do the miltiple hits like Vamp so I have to do more shooting and running and when the monsters follow rapidly she has problems.

I'm also having more difficulty finding good equipment for her. The others got slotted equipment early and she is stil hunting.

I'm not sure she's going to make it all the way to the end or not but will keep trying to get her up to snuff cause, as I said, I really like her.
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/12/05 04:58 PM

I got my Vamp up to level 20 or 21 I think last night..
I may just stick it out with her..although..well see there's the problem I like the other's too.
But now that I'm finally finding weapons for Vamps I am having a better time of it.

Wood Elf is hard, hardly ever see equipment in the other guys stuff(I always check out the other character's stuff just to see what I can find as that character)..if I see anything slotted for your Wood Elf I let you know John. Mine is too far behind now that I'll leave her for a while and work on the 3.

Ingie laugh
Posted by: Schwab35

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/12/05 07:54 PM

I wish I could post more often but I can't access GB from work so I have to wait till I'm home.

My vamp is also level 20, in Crow's Rock. She and Wilbur are backtracking to Lumberton before going to Icewind Pass. Stumbled into a dungeon full of undead enemies. My vamp actually took damage! Wilbur died repeatedly, natch.

I've been raising the level of my bat skills, but I'm not sure what that does, increase their health and/or damage? I wish the game gave more info about the special skills.

I wish vamp form lasted longer. I know raising the skill level increases duration, but I always go for the other skills when i have enough runes to trade laugh
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/12/05 10:30 PM

When do you get the runes?? I don't remember that part at all.
I have a lot of points invested in vampirism and bloodlust and meditation so my vamp last a long time. Blowing her kisses to everyone.
My guard bats do just that anything attacking me they yell and go after them and the attack bats..they'll go after anything I click on..they stay even when not in vamp form. I have yet to find bat that's the only one I do not have for the vampire mode.

Also, John, found 2 long bows for a wood elf with 3 slots no clothing so far though. Found them at Crow's rock.

Ingie laugh
Posted by: Schwab35

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/12/05 10:55 PM

Ingie, I meant the Combat Art runes, like the bat swarm, multi-hit, etc.

They can drop from any enemy, but I think they may drop more often off enemies around your level or as quest reward.

You ARE exchanging the ones you can't use with the combo-master to get ones for your character, right?
Posted by: VHLMagic

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/13/05 06:56 AM

Hi all,

I have got a lot to learn about this game and Ingie what you said about the Blacksmith does help but I still have questions.

How do you tell how many slots an item has?

In Divine Divinity when you had the skill for charms all you had to do was right click on the item and a window would pop up so you could see how many charms to put in and also it would tell you on the item's window.

Does it work the same way in this game? How do you know how many slots you have?

Do you have to wait until you go to the Blacksmiths or can you tell ahead of time?
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/13/05 08:57 AM

Hi Schwab, wave
No I forgot about exchanging things with the Mage wave
You can tell an item has slots, when you see circles or squares under the item. When you mouse over the item, the description of the item comes up and you can see even clearer if it is available to accept "charms"
Only the blacksmith can do the work but you can see the circles or squares anytime..sometimes that inventory screen is hard to see, but mouse over and you'll get a better view.

If you do not see any circles or squares under an item, then it cannot be charmed.

Only those items with circles or squares can be.
any item you can equip can if it has circles or square under it be charmed.

If you find an item that can be charmed, but don't have a good charm to use, you can keep the item in your storage trunk at the well of the town (that is your storage trunk in every town) until you find or purchase a charm that will beef up that item.
Hope that helps a bit more.

Ingie laugh
Posted by: Schwab35

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/13/05 07:45 PM

Ingie, when you open the combo training window at the combo master, hit the EXCHANGE tab at the top, you can then put in runes in the slots and get one of your character's runes in exchange. You need 4 runes to get your choice of rune. If you only put 3 in you get one of your character's runes, but you dont get to choose which one.
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/13/05 08:25 PM

thanks Schwab, wave

that's right, I remember now..geez I totally forgot that ability..shall be holding onto them now.

Ingie laugh
Posted by: nickie

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/13/05 09:02 PM

You all were having entirely too much fun, I had to put on Sacred Plus. I don't know why for sure, but it seems a lot more fun than Sacred was. Did they add more dialog? Some of it is hysterical! I wasn't doing anything and my Battlemage said, "Are you asleep?!" rotfl
Posted by: Schwab35

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/13/05 11:45 PM

Welcome to the party Nickie, it does feel like they added more dialogue, but what I love is they fixed so many of the quest bugs..also I think they added a lot more loot, perhaps too vamp is a little overpowered evil

I have to hand it to you folks who play the battlemage, I've tried but he gets hurt so much I feel bad for him frown
Posted by: nickie

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/14/05 03:51 AM

Thanks Schwab! I wanted to play the Battlemage again to see how it compared to the first game. So far - and admittedly I'm not far into it yet- he seems more powerful. Except at the moment I'm getting killed by the same boss trying to rescue the mage's books...Wonder why my meteors always miss him! laugh
Posted by: oldman

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/14/05 04:18 AM

Schwab I have a Vamp, Dark Elf and BM at around level 25 and going for the elements. I used slotted equipment and filled all the slots using runes, amulets and rings. When I find a better one I just go to a Blacksmith and replace it. Of course you can only save one item in the slot and you lose the other two (if it's 3 slots). Anyway my BM is strong enough to withstand everything thrown at him so far and for offense I use the Ice Shards and the ice circle thingy which I can't remember the name of right now.

That said, I'm trying to bring a Wood Elf up to the level of the others and she doesn't level up as fast, can't find as much good stuff dropped and there is not really good combat arm rune to control hoards of monsters as the other three have. I'm working on poison tendrals and they are helping but with my other 3 characters I was finding all kinds of runes and with her they are few and far between. She's much harder to bring up to snuff but I'm stubborn and haven't given up yet.

When I finally get around to the expansion I will probably go with either the Dark Elf or Vamp.

Incidently for anyone who is still in the Silver Creek Porto Vallum area there is a grave right on the road half way between Silver Creek and Porto Vallum that has a good sword and a rune. You click on the grave and kill the guy that appears and he drops this neat stuff.
Posted by: VHLMagic

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/14/05 06:31 AM

Hi all,

Oh Ingie Thank You for that explanation and I think it helped. Will let you know once I go into the game to see those squares and circles. smile

LOL LOL LOL nickie boy the amount of times I have slept (not really..just looking at items in inventory)and the character getting tired of waiting for me to move. smile

I love the chest in every town which is really the same one to store stuff in. There are many things I really like about this game and that is one. I now have 21 skeleton heads in my chest in the Vamp game. smile This chest being in every town is the same as in Diablo II.

I really like the way the journal keeps track of stuff you did and where it was located and so on.

I really like the way the map shows you where your quests are located and subquests also.

Can you tell I am really beginning to like this game? smile
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/14/05 08:06 AM

Hi Nickie, lol

Magic, wave
I agree on all you said. I think the quest/log book is one of the best in games I've played and I too enjoy the map..I do wish there was a small onscreen map, but if there is I can't find it.
The chest great idea, I do remember the likeness to Diablo 2, but had forgotten until you said it..mine right now has potions in it and one bow I can't use yet for my vamp.

John, wave
I can find bows for my Wood Elf, but equipment is difficult especially anything with the slots. But I do find runes, just happens to be the same ones, which is nice for leveling the "spell or skill" but not much help all around.

Ingie laugh
Posted by: Schwab35

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/14/05 02:00 PM

John, do you know what the different colors of the blacksmithing slots mean? Most are tan/brown but some are gray, does that mean you can remove and replace upgrades?
Posted by: oldman

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/14/05 02:52 PM

Schwab I'm not sure about the colors but if you use the upgrades from the blacksmith you are stuck with that and can not change them. However, if you use rings, amulets or runes you can remove one of them and you lose the rest but you can change the slots. (ie if you have three slots and remove a onr you lose the other two items but get to keep the one you removed.)
Posted by: oldman

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/14/05 03:28 PM

Schwab I just found this post on the Sacred Forum about socketing and colors.
Posted by: Schwab35

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/14/05 04:30 PM

Oooh, thanks for the link John! praise
So, the color of the socket relates to an increase in fixed value of the item being socketed, as I understand it. So much to think about..
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/14/05 05:53 PM

Thanks John, :kiss:
you were looking as I was searching and you found translate it please..

That's a lot of information for those things..
I was a bit confused over the use of other characters rings and amulets..had no idea I could use them for my character at all..but if I understood it correctly, if it's a trait your character cannot normally have-think they used the BM and concentrate, then it will do nothing for your character..wonder if it would kick it out?
I'm not sure I've seen a ring just for one character, amulets yes..
Also, I understood another character's rune could not be that correct?
Geez, You wouldn't think something like this would be so complex. Or is it just to me?
Also, the minimum effect part...explain for me please, it would seem the maximum would be the one to discuss, not the min... woozy

Posted by: oldman

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/14/05 09:16 PM

Ingie it's just as confusing to me as it is to you so I doubt that I can explain very well. As I understand it you can use runes that are for other characters to socket but you may or may not get all the upgrades that the runes list. Your own character's runes, of course, upgraded the equipment as stated.

What I do is save before I socket and then equip my character and see how the stats advance. If I don't like them I reload and try a different item in the slot.

What I have learned is that the more sockets you have the better your character is so I'm always looking for equipment with more sockets and then items to put in the slots.

The thing that has always confused me about this game is the regeneration time and how to shorten it. I've read many posts from the Sacred board on this subject and the more I read the more confused I become. But that's generally sop for me. duh slapforehead
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/14/05 09:28 PM

Well I'm in good company then...Yes, I know what you mean about the regeneration time..I thought that meditation had something to do with it..or the mental what my BM is fast, but the Vamp is slow..the Dark Elf, is about in between the two.
I haven't figured it out at least I know I now how company; perhaps Nickie, Schwab or Magic can lend a little knowledge our way..I need a memory slot. lol

Ingie laugh
Posted by: nickie

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/15/05 05:00 AM

I'm not sure I understand the question, but that's par for the course. laugh Haven't you clicked on upgrading your physical or mental regeneration when you get the points? You know, when the game tells you that you have advanced a level, and you get to put points on the two little screens?
Posted by: VHLMagic

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/15/05 06:04 AM

Hi all,

Well I finally saw the circles and squares that the items have. How could I have been so blind??? There they were the whole time. Hmmm.

As for regeneration as Nickie says you have to use your numbers when you uplevel to improve those.

As for the mini map.....Ingie you did know if you hold your tab key while you are walking that you get a mini map which shows you where you have been and where you still have to clear the fog???

That is the way you see the mini map by holding down the key.
Posted by: Schwab35

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/15/05 05:10 PM

You can increase the speed of combat art regeneration with the skill Concentration, this is for characters that don't use spells (BM, Seraphim)...they need Mental Regeneration, which is an attribute rather than a skill.

Physical regeneration just raises the rate at which you regain your hit points.

There are armor/weapons that increase "special attack regeneration" too, my vamp has some and they increase her combat arts regen noticeably.
Posted by: Schwab35

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/15/05 07:08 PM

Okay, a warning.. (SPOILERS A COMIN')

When you get to the point in the main story where you have to escort Lady Mascarell to the Prince's hideout, there are some wood elves in the forest who want you to help them kill ice elves. Apparently this is a big old quest added as part of Sacred Plus. My vamp is level 27 and all the ice elves were level 30. Not too much of a problem until the dragons showed up...

I think I have been moving too quickly along the main storyline and need to level up a wee bit more before I tackle this one. I have to go back to a saved game because this awful quest is TIMED!

Just so you know whistle
Posted by: oldman

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/15/05 08:38 PM

Hmm, I've taken 4 characters past that point in the game and have never found that particular quest. I guess I'll have to explore that forest some more.

My Wood Elf has finally caught up with my other 3 and they are all looking for the second element now. Since I worked so hard to get this poor gal up to the rest of them I'll probably just carry on with her for now and bring the others up later. Maybe I'll take a break and look for those Ice Elves.
Posted by: nickie

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/15/05 11:29 PM

I forgot about that mini-map VHL; thanks!
Posted by: oldman

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/16/05 03:02 AM

Whew that Ice Elf Quest was quite lengthy. I advanced four levels completing the quest. As for the dragons Schwab, the trick is to entice the first one out and then get in as close as possible and he wont' breath the fire on you then have a lot of health potions and pepper him with your most powerful attack. For my Wood Elf it was multiple arrows and poison tendrals. Got them both. The last Ice Elf Princess was guarded by a ton of ice elves and I had to run away several times and pick them off a few at a time but eventually got the Ice Princess. Quite a quest. slapforehead

Now it's back to element 2.
Posted by: VHLMagic

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/16/05 05:44 AM

Hi all,

Glad I could help nickie smile Your Welcome. said that I could get other help after I lose Wilbur?

I have now lost Wilbur in 2 of my 4 games going and wondered who else is going to help and where I will find them?

My Vampiress can summon a wolf to help so she is all set with help for now.

My Seraphim and Gladiator are the strongest people I have and they may or may not need help but just wondered anyway.

I just love the Gladiator's Back Breaker skill where he picks up and throws the person down...even very very tall Hill Giants. Just cracks me up. smile
Posted by: oldman

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/16/05 10:21 AM

VHLMagic, the help you get is not that great anyway, including Wilbur, since they just distract the enemies while dying. Later on you will have some help in a main quest and towards the end some more help but basically you're pretty much on your own.
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/16/05 10:34 AM

Thanks for the advice of the map, totally forgot about it. happydance

I have to ask..I y have run into a bug;
In Wolfdale, was doing the tax collector quest for the mayor, found her, took her to the cave, she said leave me..and now she won't go away. The quest is still open on the book..she's driving me nuts.
I thought if I left the area she would vanish, but you think she'd get killed..nope she runs but no one ever goes after her..
anyone else been there? I've taken her to that cave at least 6 times now and she just will not stay put; and the quest won't close..I've tried all the other caves anywhere I see one..Can't get rid of her..can't get the quest off the books..weird huh?

Schwab and John wave
you all are way ahead of me..clear the path, and if you see a tax collector running amok, kill her for me please.

Nickie, wave
how goes the BM?

Ingie laugh
Posted by: nickie

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/16/05 01:58 PM

Gosh, Ingie, for a moment there I thought you were getting personal! lol I haven't been able to play much, but when I do I have a grand time! I get to laughing about the comments though, and wind up dead. Why, oh why, can't I kill off these annoying children that follow me? I'm laughing so much thinking of this annoying woman you can't get rid of! What a pain! I'm wondering if you had to click on something at the place where you had to take her, if the quest is still showing that it's not completed.
Right now I'm still on the road taking a guy to Porto whatever. Glad the game doesn't let him get killed or he'd be a goner, since he runs away when we see a goblin, silly man.
Posted by: friedmonky

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/16/05 02:06 PM

Originally posted by nickie:
Gosh, Ingie, for a moment there I thought you were getting personal! lol
rotfl rotfl rotfl

Rusty rotfl
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/16/05 02:13 PM

Hi Nickie, lol

Ingie laugh
Posted by: nickie

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/16/05 03:52 PM

Maybe you have to talk to someone at the mayor's office again?
The vampiress sounds so funny! For all you folks that are playing several characters, which one do you think has the funniest comments?
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/16/05 05:48 PM

Hands down for me has been the Vamp and Mage..
My Seraphrim was sugar and nice, the Dark Elf is full of himself, the Wood Elf is nice, the Gladiator..well I really didn't get too far with him, so I shall not be able to give a report..did I leave anyone out??

Ingie laugh
Posted by: Schwab35

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/16/05 07:40 PM

The vamp is my favorite for dialogue also, she strikes me as a charmingly sadistic noblewoman.
Posted by: oldman

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/17/05 03:49 AM

Well let's see I've always liked my Seraphim. The Dark Elf is a little too egotistical, the BM is a little too pompous, the Vamp has some really great lines and of course last but not least my Wood Elf, that I worked so hard to get up to a high level, has the memorable line "Now you'll know what it's like to hit a lady" or something close to that. I hate to admit it but for lines my three ladies are my favorites.

Oh and as an added comment, I learned that there are two additional areas in Sacred Plus, one was the area with the Ice Elf Quest and the other in the vicinity of Gloomoor. Did the Ice Elf and I'm presently looking around Gloomoor but haven't found it yet.
Posted by: VHLMagic

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/17/05 07:12 AM

Hi all, have to make sure you click on the blue looking chest way in the back of the cave. I am not sure if that is the problem or maybe check on the map to see if you need to go anywhere else to complete this quest. That is all I can think of to do.

I had a similar problem with my seraphim when she freed the ladies in the Slater's Grave quest and they just wouldn't leave her alone and kept following her around until I checked to see that there was one more thing to do.

Oh by the way....I found out by accident that my mage can heal Wilbur by selecting heal and holding the cursor over him (not the portrait) and right clicking to heal him.

I know it doesn't matter with him since he bounces right back by himself but if you are escorting anybody from one place to another it will come in handy. smile

This only works if you have heal but otherwise you will have to give them one of your heal potions.
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/17/05 11:29 AM

Yep, that heal will help with the escorting of certain folks, I can think of 2 right now..

I tried everything and in the DE game, it popped up with even doing anything..whatever..
I'll keep going back and trying though..never know when something will be there that I missed..

I forgot about the wood elf saying that John, I still have to say though the Mage and his "this will teach you to respect magicans, oh yeah, you won't be around long enough to tell anyone" zap lol

Ingie laugh
Posted by: oldman

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/17/05 12:27 PM

Hi all,

Well my little Wood Elf will soon be at level 39 and I've found the 2d added quest in Sacred Plus and am gaining mucho experience completing the quest. If anyone hasn't found it and wants to let me know and I'll see if I can explain it.
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/17/05 03:29 PM

Hi John, happydance

I just got Underworld and have installed, going in to take a'll be fine with any of your characters..have to be level 25 or better..I have 3 there or over..but I want to check out the 2 new characters..

I will need directions I bet on the two new areas, also..did you do the Wolfdale area?? did you have my problems?

Ingie laugh
Posted by: Schwab35

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/17/05 07:33 PM

Ingie, did you get Underworld from GoGamer? I see it there, but it's $40, kind of a lot for an expansion, IMO
Posted by: FeathersMcGraw

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/17/05 07:45 PM

Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/18/05 01:20 AM

Hm, don't remember if from there or EBgames..I think probably gogamers though..I took the long shipping make the cost less. but yes feathers you are correct it is an import. I guess it is high, but know I have at least 2 new games out of ok by me.
I played with the Dameon a bit to see what the heck that was..interesting..also the new storyline..picks up where you left off in the old.
Want to play with the Dwarf a bit, just to see..I have seen some of the equipment and weapons a dwarf can use..a small shoulder cannon was one cracked me up.
The Dameon character has been kicked out of Hell and placed back among the living..powers are very weak at first, first person in the world you meet is your "old" self explaining what is happening to you. Folks have a tendency to clear a path when you come through.
I have to say the graphics are clear and crisp and the dialogue of the character is interesting. You can chose now among all the characters to redo the old game or import a level 25 character or more, chose one that will begin at that level to do the new part..which according to the map is very large.
I just fiddled a bit to see what has changed again, interesting. New sections as the towns have grown in the old world game..I'll try just the new world game a little later.

Ingie laugh
Posted by: VHLMagic

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/18/05 05:56 AM

Hi all,

Ingie.....I just thought of another possiblity which is that you may not have picked up the tax money off of the ground. Check your journal to see if it says that you have it.

I have been keeping my left hand near the tab to see where I am going and where I have not gone and when I have to pick up stuff I use the letter A which picks up everything that is on the ground to pick up and its easier than useing the cursor which with that you may miss stuff that is hidden.

In one of my games that is exactly what happened and it was still there on the ground where I left it. LOL LOL LOL smile Hope that is it for you to complete that quest.

Wow yesterday I met my first Dragon with my Battlemage and boy oh boy is he BIG. YIPES!!!
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/18/05 01:13 PM

Tis possible Magic, thumbsup

Ingie laugh
Posted by: nickie

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/19/05 01:33 AM

It sounds great, Ingie! I'm going to have to get it too, since I'm enjoying Plus so much (much, much better than the first game). Have to admit I love my Mage so much I haven't even tried to do stuff with other characters, but I can sure see doing it eventually with the vampiress since you all have enjoyed her comments. I finally picked Wilbur up since I couldn't find any more quests in the close areas, and now ol Wil and I are cutting a swath through the countryside. laugh
Posted by: oldman

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/19/05 02:47 AM

Hi all,

Well I've gotten my Wood Elf to the end. There was a problem in the cellar after I storm the castle. I kept dying like with an instant death thing half way through. Checked the Sacred boards and I guess it is a bug but since I have the plus download it should have included all the fixes. Anyway, I found out that I was dying when I shot, or killed, some skeletons or zombies or whatever and using undead potion fixed that. Then I ran out of undead potion so just quit killing the baddies and ran to the exit and got through it. I don't know if anyone else will have this problem but I'd suggest you stock up on undead potion for that particular quest.

Also, F9 and F8 are supposed to be quick save and quick load. Not for me. I discovered that I can get quick save with F2 but I have no quick load.

Am now moving along with my Dark Elf doing the Plus quests. Got him up to level 30 and am in the middle of the Ice Elves Quest.

Ingie I don't recall if my Wood Elf did Wolfdale or not but after the Ice Elves will go there with my DE and check it out.
Posted by: VHLMagic

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/19/05 06:03 AM

Hi all,

I found the Dragon by going into the cave area near Crow Rock Castle and at the end is a Teleporter that takes you to an Island where the Dragon is.

I have to be honest and tell you that I used the God Mode to kill him because I didn't think that I could do it any other way because he is not that strong. The Battlemage is my weakest guy.

It took a much longer time and I had to try several different weapons before I saw damage being done on him. He may be imuned to some magic...not sure.

I will try him with my strongest person again without God Mode to see how I do though.
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/19/05 10:12 AM

I know what you mean Nickie, bravo on being through the game!
I don't know about the rest of you, but the potion I get the least of is the undead.

Ingie laugh
Posted by: oldman

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/19/05 12:26 PM

Originally posted by VHLMagic:

I have to be honest and tell you that I used the God Mode to kill him because I didn't think that I could do it any other way because he is not that strong. The Battlemage is my weakest guy.

How do you get the cheats working? I put in the /cheats=1 thingy and hit ~ and got the console but when I type in a code I get the message cheats disabled. I typed in sys cheats 963 and got the message and typed in sys cheats 369 and got the message and when I typed in cheat lord I got the message to go to help which told me nothing.
Posted by: threads

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/19/05 12:38 PM

Hi - have just ordered Sacred Plus so hope to be joining you. ( laugh I typed that as Scared Plus - makes me think!)

Is it any easier than Sacred? Thought that hard but I was very new to RGP at that time. Sacred Gold is due out in August.

Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/19/05 01:09 PM

Hi Alice, happydance I think Sacred Plus is easier, but like you; am now use to RPGs and that helps.
Also, the fact that they have fixed some of the quests bugs is a great help. And new areas opened up.

Well you all, I took the tax collector quests back through Wolfdale and all around the area where I knew the collectors were, where she was and where she should stay put. Nada. My log book says I have the tax money, have the rebel and now must take her to the cave..I have tried all the caves including of course the one she should stay put in.
She will not stay put. I guess I have her with me.
I'm not worried about her, but I sure wish she'd just stay where she should..maybe she wants to be a Vamp? So that will be an uncomplete quest, though not timed, it won't go off my log book and that dang blue book is staring me in the face.

I give up trying. I'm off to find the Ice thing John was talking about.
one of my new favorite quotes "If this is suppose to be a challenge, then I'm missing something"

Ingie laugh
Posted by: PeggyH

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/19/05 02:15 PM

I, too, have begun replaying. I never finished the game last year, but decided to download Plus and give it another try. I am finding it harder, I think. Or the respawn rate is just much worse than I remembered. I can't seem to get through the goblins to get anywhere. And I have two horses out there in the wilderness waiting for me!! I have finished several quests but the two timed ones from Silver Creek timed out while I battled bad guys and goblins. cry

I am playing a Wood Elf and I know they are weak, but I got through a lot easier last time! Playing silver both times, too.

Ah, well. Must just persist. This is a fun game, but I don't know how you guys play so many characters at once. How do you remember what you have done as whom? I'm confused with just one little elf! lol
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/19/05 03:22 PM

Okay, Silver is the harder version to play..Bronze is the easier..could be why you're having so many problems...I don't think you can change the game in mid-stream, but check to see..If not, I would back out start another game on Bronze and you'll find it much easier, even if you chose a Wood Elf.
I played one for a bit and didn't have any problems at first.
Sacred Plus on Bronze is easier, I tried one game on Silver with the new characters and it's hard..

Good luck,
Ingie laugh
Posted by: oldman

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/19/05 04:29 PM

Well Ingie I did the tax collectors quest at Wolfdale and had no problems. Here's the sequence for me as I remember it.

1. Got quest.
2. Killed bunch of baddies and picked up a tax document.
3. Went to tax collector girl and took her to the cave.
4. Talked to girl in the cave and she told me to go to the mayor for reward.
5. Went to mayor got reward, exp points, end quest.

Could you have forgotten or missed the document when you had the fight with all the bad guys in the town?

What I do is hit alt so I don't miss any pickups.

Peggy what I advise you to do is export your character (you keep all your stats and equipment) then start a new game (bronze) and import that character. The wood elf has to be built up and then she's really powerful. Silver was meant to play after you completed the game in Bronze and you need to be level 40 or above to really play silver. (At least I do)
Posted by: Schwab35

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/19/05 07:55 PM

Peggy, Ingie and John are correct, Silver setting is way too hard to start the game, try exporting your character like Ingie described, or just start over in Bronze.

As for me, my Vamp got to Prince Valor's hideout with Vilya in tow, and got the portal opened to that place in the desert, but I decided to forego taking the portal and will run around levelling up a bit first.

I'm also working hard on getting the Battlemage up to speed, I have to go a lot slower with him, but it's fun to strategize my spell line-up, a lot more thinking involved than with a melee character.
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/19/05 08:40 PM

Well, that young lass and I had quite the trek together..
I tried everything I could think of to end this quest, but nope she would not stay put...trotted right behind..

Have no idea what went wrong..but, she followed me about the whole evening, finally managed to get her killed took ghosties that would go after that quest is in the red.

I've been in that Pig Shire Place and then braverock castle for just a visit to open the portal..
and stopped for the night. The Vamp is running strong, we have all but mind control in the combat positions..
It's a toss up still between the 3..don't have the stamina to get wood elf up..another time

Have fun you all..
Ingie laugh
Posted by: Schwab35

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/20/05 01:00 AM

Oh, WHY did they have to make the skellies so annoying to fight?! Just DIE already! Those potions of undead death just DON'T last long enough!

Rant over. My vamp is doing great otherwise. Soon we will get those Ice Elves!
Posted by: VHLMagic

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/20/05 05:59 AM

Hi all,

Well in all of my games Ingie I know that you have to have the money and it sounds like you do.

Also you have to click on the grey/blue chest in the back of the cave before she will stay there.

Don't know that there is anything else unless you didn't talk to the Mayor but that shouldn't matter.

Don't know why they put timed quests in and on some I don't get any clue on the map where to go???? Also can't get to some of them in time if you have to stop and fight every to seconds either. frown

I didn't think the cheat code would work in my game because I put it in and the health bar still kept going down but I discovered that even if it does your person won't die. The health bar just goes back up by itself.

You have to type:

1. Press ~ key to get the counsel.

2. Type this exactly as is

sys cheats 963

3. Press Return and you will get CHEATS ENABLED
4. Type

cheat lord

5. Press Return and you will get GOD MODE ON

I beleive that the number 369 is to turn it off.

Hope this helps. smile

It seems that every time I start the game all I have to do is press ~ and the counsel comes on without my typing anything else except the above and it works. Good Luck and hope it works for you too. smile
Posted by: PeggyH

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/20/05 11:26 AM

Thanks, guys. I did export my character and restart in Bronze. MUCH better! 'Course it kinda helps that I am already level 10 when starting over and I got to keep all my armor, weapons, money, etc. Am now redoing all the early quests. I will be interested to see if I can get the two timed quests I missed before. I guess this is a cheat, but eventually I bet it catches up with me.

Thanks Ingie, OM and Schwab, for your help and suggestions. praise
Posted by: oldman

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/20/05 08:51 PM

I guess I was doomed not to cheat in this game. I didn't really want to anyway just thought I'd check it out and it doesn't work for me. I did exactly what all the cheat sites told me to and after hitting ~ typed sys cheats 963 and it said cheats disabled rather than cheats enabled. No matter what I type it says cheats disabled.

Back to more important matters. My Dark Elf has gotten all the elements and is on to Blackrock Castle to meet up with the Prince and storm the castle. (I wonder if I'll have the same bug in the cellar.)

So far, my favorites have changed. Wood Elf has moved up and Dark Elf has moved down. Now it's either Vamp, Seraphim or Wood Elf to go to the Expansion.
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/20/05 11:52 PM

John, wave
Where's the ice thing??

Ingie laugh

Edit here: I had trouble getting the water for the dying man..could not find the mules..found a horse, no water..went on the official web-site and indeed, there is a new patch out for some things the water
being one of the , it's patch #1.8.6 I think..
Anyway, I should have read the full thing, but there are a few bugs still..I wonder if the tax one was there? Too late now for the Vamp..but some of the bugs as before may only occur to certain characters. The Dark Elf had the most from what I read.

Just thought I would pass along the information
Posted by: threads

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/21/05 11:34 AM

Ingie - I installed Sacred again yesterday evening. Unfortunately when I uninstalled it I also uninstalled all the save games so could not take a character forward.

Anyway - the expansion, Underworld, arrived this morning and that has been installed BUT - a very big but, am told to play the game with disc 1 of Sacred. Then for several minutes, after literally two or three seconds play, when I left-click the mouse I'm taken back to the desk top.

Gone through this scenario several times before the game actually takes off.

Also tried to get the latest patch and can't find any patches anywhere! My game version is 1.7.60 - is that the newest version?

Laugh, when I logged in on the Sacred site I was told my password was incorrect. Well, I was copying it from the email I received in March 2004. After several tries I asked to be sent my password by email. Received it and, guess what? It was the exact same password which had been refused several times earlier today. Sooooo went back and entered it again - and I was logged on. duh

At the moment am just trying things out with a Seraphim again, trying to open up the map. Doubt if I'll get back to the game tomorrow as a friend is taking me out.

There is so much to re-learn. Perhaps after searching around like this I may start another game by importing the character I have now when she has gone up a few levels.

Will go off and search for patches on the other site.

Be back.

Posted by: PeggyH

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/21/05 11:51 AM

Alice, did you download Sacred Plus? It updates your game, I believe.

Posted by: Schwab35

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/21/05 02:06 PM

The most recent patch version is 1.8.26, this includes the Plus content, follow the link Peggy provided. I haven't ordered Underworld so I don't know how that affects it.

Ingie, do you mean the Ice Elves quest? On the forest patch to the Prince Valor hideout (north of Mascarell) you will see a guy with a scroll over his head, he tells you there are some wood elves up the path and to the west a little who start the quest for you.

I am going so slow, I play the Vamp one day, then switch to the Battlemage, he really is coming into his own, I love running up to a group of arrow shooting enemies and casting fire spiral or ice ring, they just stand there and die willingly.
Posted by: nickie

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/21/05 02:30 PM

I was just wondering - there's a ton of loot everywhere, but did anyone find something really, really special? I haven't, I don't think.
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/21/05 04:09 PM

Thanks Schwab, that's the quest I wondering about.

Nickie wave
I think I have, when I do a character check, it gives off certain "special" equipment..I found a long blade-Vampire one- that I also was able to get an vamp amulet with a % of ability to use long weapon..wish I could remember the names..also was reading a bit about some of the items that have a grouping and what happens when you get the whole was on the Sacred Forum

Alice, wave
When I put on Sacred Underworld...and want to play the original campaign I was told to use Disc 1 of Underworld, and it works find..all the characters come up and of course since Sacred is loaded the full game is on..try using that disc.
I know you have orderd Plus, and will be getting there until later in the if you download any patches, make sure you're in the right section..

Ingie laugh
Posted by: oldman

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/21/05 04:52 PM

Ingie, in case you still have problems with the Ice Thing, as you leave Prince Valor's hideout, (after rescuing the princess) heading south, take the first right you can into the forest. You will run into the guy that triggers the quest and then just follow the blue icons.

I'm about to take my Vamp to that area next.

Have fun!!
Posted by: Marian

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/21/05 07:43 PM

I could be wrong about this, but I just installed the UK version of Sacred Underworld, and based on what I have read on Ascaron's forum, the expansion includes Sacred Plus and all patches.

And if you install the UK Underworld over a North American version of Sacred, it overrides the less-gore version of North America and you end up with full gore.
Posted by: nickie

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/21/05 09:06 PM

Thanks Ingie, I'll keep looking - there's so much stuff I am not looking very carefully at it. How do I make Wilbur's inventory come up? I can't remember, and if I give him a great shield through his cameo, he gives me his sword, and vice versa...

Glad you are having fun now with it Peggy! I think in the early stages of the game, you level up so quickly that it really wasn't a cheat. wink
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/21/05 09:38 PM

I don't know how to get his inventory up..don't know if I did and can get his stats..
He likes it when you give him a sword, doesn't think much of a shield, but I give it to him anyway and he uses it..he's suppose to take a bow too..but wouldn't from me.
I'm going to get the Mage up with DE and Vamp and see how it goes..
I think I've done some things out of sync.

The official website has the patches for Sacred I assume, from what I was fixing some bugs still left in the game..Now I did think with Underworld loaded it would take care of things, but only if I startd a new game on it I think.

Ingie laugh
Posted by: threads

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/22/05 02:57 AM

Hi everyone - please would someone kindly give me a link to the latest updates?

Have tried registering with Game-Stop but they refuse to take any of my suggestions for a user name and password. Went over that so many times I eventually gave up and went to bed.

In the meantime am trying to refresh my memory of the game-play with Seraphim. Love her. laugh

Posted by: VHLMagic

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/22/05 05:50 AM

Hi all,

My Vamp has the boots of a special set and haven't found the other stuff yet. Don't remember the name of the set...starts with a T.

Ingie....the water for the dying guy is just to the south and there is only one horse near it no mules whatsoever.

I was wondering when my vamp will get the spells on the right side like the kiss thing and so on. Does she have to have all the stuff on the left side first? She has nothing on the right side now. She is level 18 now so does she have to reach a certain level before she gets them?
Posted by: oldman

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/22/05 07:08 AM

Originally posted by threads:
Hi everyone - please would someone kindly give me a link to the latest updates?

Have tried registering with Game-Stop but they refuse to take any of my suggestions for a user name and password. Went over that so many times I eventually gave up and went to bed.

In the meantime am trying to refresh my memory of the game-play with Seraphim. Love her. laugh

Here they are:
Posted by: oldman

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/22/05 07:16 AM

VHLMagic, My Vamp is at level 31 and I have yet to find a set item. I guess it's just hit and miss on those things cause I found several for my Wood Elf.

As for the right side spells, they are for vampire mode. While you are in Vampire mode check and if you have read the runes (ie bats etc) then you can drag and drop them onto the slots.
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/22/05 08:41 AM

Magic, wave
I did the same thing at first with my Vamp..
I knew I had a rune that was vamp mode, but couldn't see it..When she first went in using the cup symbol; which is on the left side, I popped open inventory and bingo they were lit..but as John said you can only put them in when in vamp mode..I went ahead and did a combo for my best ones..lips and bat swarm ..that way I have it there and just need that one..but when in Vamp mode the ones I drug over light up and the left side ones disappear..does that make sense?
I may play my Mage today and get him caught up..I'm with who ever said the Dark Elf is getting on my nerves, he's a conceited frog.

Alice, wave
It'll be nice to have a Sera in our band of

Peggy, wave
I plan on going back, I loaded the latest patch and that was suppose to correct the situation. Only some of the characters seem to have certain problems, don't know if you're a Vamp or not. Did you download the patch?

Ingie laugh
Posted by: threads

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/22/05 11:32 AM

oldman - thanks for that link - may be wrong but guess I need ths 1.8 download. There it was but nowhere to activate the download.

Any suggestions - my brain has been scrambled.

Appreciate your help,

Posted by: Schwab35

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/22/05 02:50 PM

Alice, the links are here: SACRED UPDATE LIST

Scroll down and choose the one that matches your game, did you get the U.S. non-gory game or did you order the English Language International version with the shooting blood & guts? If you got the non-gore version, download the Sacred 1.8.26 English (US). For the un-censored game, download Sacred 1.8.26 English (International) / Australian Sacred +PLUS+ Retail
Posted by: Schwab35

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/22/05 02:52 PM

Update! The Vamp is level 31 and got there by killing the ICE DRAGONS!!

I followed Oldman's advised and did the hit and run so I only had to deal with one dragon at a time. Fun times. Now to go back in and look at the dragon loot!
Posted by: PeggyH

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/22/05 05:32 PM

These goblins are like mosquitoes, just when you think you've got them, another one bites. thumbsup
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/22/05 10:46 PM

Great comparison Peggy...I love it in DD when the character calls them ankel biters...

Ingie laugh
Posted by: nickie

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/23/05 04:15 AM

Happy Birthday, Alice! Hope you were able to do the download and get all on the right track.
Posted by: threads

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/23/05 04:56 AM

Schwab35 - many, many thanks. The thing which had stumped me was the fact the link was to Sacred Fansite Kit - thought it would be a Beta patch.

Whatever - have now got 1.8.26/Sacred Plus and Sacred plus retail on my desktop.

Am off to see if I can install them laugh

Keep your fingers crossed.

Thanks a lot.

Posted by: VHLMagic

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/23/05 06:36 AM

Hi all,

Oh in vamp I get it. smile

I played the vamp yesterday and once my new partner Shareefa and I left the Prince to try to find the Monastery to the North I found I really like that she keeps herself healed.

Wow checked on the vamp's vampire abilaties and I have all but 2 of them. smile Wow pretty good.

Well we found the Monestary today and are ready to go into the Library to see what surprise is in there. **** I want to know this?...***

Oh well onward we go.
Posted by: VHLMagic

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/23/05 10:32 AM

Hi all,

Hey can't see Wilbur's inventory but you can see how strong he is by looking at you stats in inventory and placing the cursor on his cameo and you will see his skills. If you change to see your skills then you will be able to see how strong he is and so on. In other words what you see on yours you will see the oppisite on his.

I just ignored him when he told me to keep the shield because he did take certain ones but not all of them.
Posted by: threads

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/23/05 11:59 AM

Thanks Nickie - yes, a whole year older than I was the day before yesterday - it's showing lol Am not sure about the download.

Schwab, Not sure about the Plus + retail. Should I have downloaded the Australian? My original game was bought in the UK. The Scared+plus+retail I downloaded, when I tried to install was told it was incompatible. So, I've obviously gone wrong somewhere.

Started a new game with my level six character and it appears to be running very well - when I remember the space bar does not pause the game but uses up my healing lotions, and I don't get frustrated because I cannot swing the game around to look in the hidden corners, as in NWN.

At the moment I am picking up lots, and lots of things for a vampire - anyone give me an offer for them? laugh Nearly everything I'm finding for a seraphim is either broken, rotting or badly made!

Back to the game - trying to get a nobleman to Porta Vallum.

Be back.

Posted by: nickie

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/23/05 01:48 PM

Thanks, VHL! wave Yeah, I just got confused because I remembered that before I could give him a great shield - but maybe I'm trying to give him a shield and he has a two handed weapon. Oh well, he lives despite my poor handling of him, so... laugh
Posted by: Schwab35

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/23/05 07:32 PM

Alice, if you're in the UK, I guess you would want to download Sacred 1.8.26 English (International) at the bottom of the download page, underneath where it says "This Update is for those that do NOT have Sacred PLUS installed"

Let's hope that works.
Posted by: VHLMagic

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/24/05 06:15 AM

Hi all,

Well moving right along in all 4 of my games.
2 of them the Vampiress and Seraphim are looking for the elements now. Boy some really tough Ice Giants there. phew.

Well still not sure which one is coming with me to the next expansion but the Seraphim is the strongest while the Vampriess is ahead in levels.

I thinking Battlemage because he has heal and some really neat other spells but not sure either. is everyone else doing???
Posted by: threads

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/24/05 06:32 AM

Schwab - I did download and installed the 1.8.26 - now I'll go back and download the other plus one.

Fingers crossed.

Alice thumbsup
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/24/05 09:49 AM

Hi guys

Well, had a big scare, was playing my Mage to get him up to speed and crash went the computer, big time crash went the computer.
That was Sunday..
big problems, caused by "hiccup" in game.. eek

Nickie, yep, take his sword and see what he may be able to up grade if you want..never saw any reason, he won't die..well; you know what I mean.
Anyway I like taking it from him and then giving it back and listening to his comments!
you're doing great!!
Sounds like you got the right one now..I have the import version so I had to download the top section one too.
Have fun you all.. happydance
Ingie laugh
Posted by: threads

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/24/05 11:45 AM

Ingie - haven't got it right - checked and found I have the 1.8.6 something. Can't remember now but it was higher than the one Schwab mentioned.

Have two queries. There are five empty slots in the 'export' screen. Can I only export five levels of my character or, when all five slots are full can I over-write them?

Second query - what are those lighted yellow balls roaming over the countryside both day and night? - can see them better after dark. I don't mean the coloured butterflies - these are about three times the size of a butterfly.

No name appears when the cursor is run over them.


Posted by: Schwab35

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/24/05 11:52 PM

Alice, I don't know for sure if you can override the characters you've exported, I would think you could though. Why would you want so many exported, though?

I don't know what those glowing things are, I figured they were fireflies or something.

In other news, My Battlemage found a dragon! Waaaaay up the river northwest of Porto Draco is a level 19 dragon, and he's MEEEAN! Lonilor, I think his name was. Anyway, Wilbur was nice enough to sacrifice himself over and over while my mage dragged the big beast down the riverbank with Ring of Ice. The dragon had plenty of fire resistance, so my Fireball wasn't too effective, I had to rely on the slow death from the icy ring. Took 45 minutes to kill him. And the loot was just not quite what I had hoped for. Still, it's fun to find stuff like that in places I wouldn't normally go.

Question: Does anyone know what "Split" means on an item?
Posted by: Schwab35

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/25/05 01:02 AM

Oops, forgot I took a screenie of the dragon, turns out his name is Lorinor of Tyr Fasul, and his level is relative to yours when you meet him. Here he is killing Wilbur:

Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/25/05 06:01 AM

Absolutley awesome Schwab happydance if I can just remember how to do that..I know you've told me so many times..but once more wouldn't hurt too much would it please? praise

Alice, lol

Ingie laugh
Posted by: threads

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/25/05 09:30 AM

Schwab - that dragon is a little on the large size. Oh boy!

Ingie, Amazon have just informed my they have mailed Sacred Plus. Do hope I can install it with the installation I have at the moment laugh If it goes well I'll cancel the Sacred Plus Gold pre-ordered for October.

Keep you fingers crossed.

Alice PS - think Scwab is correct about the yellow globes - my dead leave their bodies in a misty white cloud. Anyway - I know I have killed at lot of baddies but not as many as the globes which are floating around. If they are dead spirits then they are certainly not on their way to Heaven laugh They are definitely earth-bound.
Posted by: VHLMagic

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/25/05 09:32 AM


I keep exporting my people because I want them to be ready with their latest level.

Each time they uplevel I export them.

I noticed yesterday that looking at them in the export screen that 3 of them had what looked like rabbit ears on their heads and rabbit paws on their hands. Weird. Has anyone else had this happen????
Posted by: oldman

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/25/05 05:41 PM

Alice, if you're exporting your characters into an empty slot then you are duplicating. If I understand you correctly you want to update your exported character. If you click on your old exported character and then click on export, the game will ask you if you want to overwrite the existing character/file. Click yes and you keep updating your present character. You can then use the other slots to export other types.

VHLMagic I read somewhere on one of the Sacred boards about characters turning into rabbits if you used cheats. As a guess I'd say that that's probably what your characters will look like if you use them in Multiplayer mode. I don't think it effects the Single Player though. I can't find out first hand cause I can't get the cheats to work.

Well, I've gotten my Vamp, Dark Elf and Wood Elf to the end of the game and they are all over level 40.

I'm now working on my Seraphim and have her at level 12 and just got Wilbur. So far, it's between Wood Elf and Seraphim as to who progresses to the Underworld. After I get Sera up to 40 and finish with her I'll probably give Battle Mage a chance just to be fair. (He does have powerful magic). Anyway by the time I get them up and ready maybe Underworld will be available at retail stores he says with tongue in cheek, holding his breath.
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/25/05 08:30 PM

I'll be interesting to see if anyone notices the sounds in Underworld. I have none from my character, but the backgroud noise and the chatter from the goblins and grunts from the orcs are way loud.
I can't figure out which sound I need to raise or lower, has 3 settings..I tried voice, that got the goblins mutters to full "me lazy".."oh mama" "me see hospital in future" cute, but I miss my mage and his wit..along with the dwarf's ooh-rah before battle, anyone figure it out let me know..probably should check out the forum ... sugarjets, I don't like that thing though

Ingie laugh
Posted by: Schwab35

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/26/05 12:22 AM

Has anyone been to the Inn in Braverock, the one with the Ascaron sign outside? I remember this place from when I played a long time ago, but this time my vamp spoke to one of the NPC's outside the locked door on the right side and suddenly they all attacked! One of them had a key to the door and I was able to get to the basement levels, I dont remember doing this before..I won't spoil it but there is some pretty good loot down there, and the bottom floor seemed to be's pretty amazing how much there is in this game if you just tool around.

I'm compiling a list of the most annoying enemies, feel free to contribute:

-goblin shaman: run away and summon help, very hard to target
-skeletons: won't stay dead
-sakkara priests: helium-voiced runners that summon help
-anything that flies: again, hard to target
-those guys on the horses: waaaay too many hitpoints, and you have to kill the horse first!
Posted by: VHLMagic

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/26/05 05:47 AM

Hi all,

I agree with all the choices of annoying enemies and also add tall Ice Giants that swarm you and they take a while to get rid of.

Wow I had a surprise yesterday when a very big Dragon showed up near Frostgard Castle.

Has anyone noticed the different speed at which the different caracters run?

My fastest runner is the Vampiress next in line is the Seraphim. The next fastest is the Battlemage and then the Gladiator.

I wonder why they run at different speeds?
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/26/05 09:07 AM

Hi all, wave
I like your list Schwab, but I would so have to put those blasted golden goblin champions on the list..
Finally went into the forum and figured out the voice and sound thing..turned off the 3D, reset the volume controls to default and hey, we have characters that speak.
I've had to start over as I said, so here I go again.
Using Mage and Dwarf-which btw has the funniest start cut-scene than any other is a riot.
Got to get him a horse, talk about running slow..he waddles.
I think my Mage is a smoker, if you could hear him wheeze away after a little running you'd see what I mean.
There are a lot of little "extras" in this game.
I remember that tavern, but not the rest of that Schwab, interesting..wonder if it depends on which character as to the goodies you get?

I found a great piece of equipment and on the look-out for's for the Mage..titled
Dogrite's Ghost..something like that, shoot should haven written it down. When I go back in I will and Edit to spell it correctly.
It is canary yellow..right now have the helmet, the stats are unreal and has 2 slots to boot.

Schwab, thanks for sending the information again, I saved to file instead of print out which I always seem to lose.
I'll send you all a snap of the Dwarf when I can.

Ingie laugh
Posted by: oldman

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/26/05 11:25 AM

Hi all,

I don't know if anyone else has, or had, this problem but I was missing a lot of stuff (possible set items) because I was getting too lazy to hunt for it after I killed oodles of baddies. I have discovered the take all key and now I just pick up everything and when I get too full and can't get to a store I throw away what I don't want/need that is taking up too much room. Have found several set items for my seraphim by killing everything that moves and takng everything that is dropped.

In case I'm not the only dummy that missed this cool key the default is A on the keyboard.
Posted by: nickie

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/26/05 07:24 PM

That's a big dragon! Yikes! I'm presently being incinerated by the dragon in the desert. My fault, I have only really worked on the fireball spell, and it's so strong it is able to wipe out even those with big resistance. But not this dragon. laugh I'll give it a few more tries, and then head off to try another strategy, trying to find more spells dropped to get my ice shards up...
Posted by: Schwab35

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/26/05 08:14 PM

Nickie, I've noticed the game gives you a lot more runes when I play the mage, I guess they did that because that characters relies on them so much. Just run around the desert area and you should have quite a few after awhile.

VHL, I've seen a lot of items, like boots, that have +(#) to "speed" which increases your movement speed. Not sure if one of the attributes contributes to run speed also.

John, that "loot all" key is certainly handy, been using it all along. Did you know you can also go into Options and set limits on what your character will auto-loot? You can choose to have her just pick up special items and/or gold instead of everything.
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/26/05 09:12 PM

That set I've got one piece of for my mage is the dagowit's ghost..dagowit's mind trick is the name of the helmet.

Nickie, lol
I don't think he can climb on a horse..should be interesting anyway.

Ingie laugh
Posted by: nickie

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/26/05 10:22 PM

rotfl Ingie, sounds like more good writing in the expansion - such a riot! Mine's on the way, so I can have a dwarf too. Oh, and I just picked up part of the set you were talking about, isn't that funny! I think I have two pieces now, good stuff.

Thanks Schwab, yeah, I'll be desert hunting. Kind of reminds me of the endless desert in DD.

I didn't know you could make the game do that - only pick up gold, etc. That's great! You do know that you can just click on the little hands and it works like the "A" key, right?
Posted by: oldman

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/27/05 01:22 AM

Originally posted by Schwab35:
John, that "loot all" key is certainly handy, been using it all along. Did you know you can also go into Options and set limits on what your character will auto-loot? You can choose to have her just pick up special items and/or gold instead of everything. [/QB]
Hmmm, I'll have to check that out. I'm really, at this point, only looking for special items so that would come in handy. Thanks Schwab
Posted by: Pib

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/27/05 04:37 AM

My seraphrim has partial of two sets on her now. Man, those set items are cool. I went for ages not finding any then found two in one session. I used some slots to add poison resistance which is handy when headed through Drow Elf territory.
Posted by: VHLMagic

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/27/05 06:03 AM

Hi all,

My Vampiress is the only one so far that has 2 pieces of a set.

There are 6 pieces to this set and it was weird because when I picked up all after killing a bunch of baddies in the north I found a 2nd bracer which was the same thing I was wearing of the set.

The set is called Thorwyn's Set.

I for the heck of it started a new game just to see what the imported person with the rabbit ears would look like and they looked normal so not going to worry about it.

It seems the that only one person (My Seraphim) has a ruin for a teleporter in inventory with which I don't know what to do with.

I will keep it for now but it can be sold. Not sure if i missed activating a teleporter somewhere so have to keep an eye out. Sometimes the teleporter is shown on the map but you haven
't activated it yet.

Hey Nickie wait until you see the dragon guarding the Frostguard Castle. Now that is what I call a really really big dragon. yipes!!!

Oh and the Battlemage has a funny thing he says when you let him stand there for a while. Wish I could remember the exact saying but it was something about the pause button being used. Have to let him stand around again just to see what it was hehe. smile
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/27/05 08:10 AM

My Mage usually, says, "hey anybody there?, Are you asleep?"
Can't remember some of the others, but so cute.
I love the Vamp when her inventory is full "What do think maids and servants are for? I refuse to be a pack mule" Ms High and Mighty, I guess. wink

Nickie lol

Ingie laugh
Posted by: threads

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/27/05 10:55 AM

Hi everyone.

Ingie, further back on this thread you mentioned your horse is not changing colour as it did in the early Sacred. Well, I'm nudging level 20 and still have the same horse - Lucky Jim is his name - lol - called him that when I found a jeweled saddle early on which gives him protection of 100. Last time we played my horses not only didn't turn up after a while - the one which took his place was always a different colour, but also minus his saddle.

Wish the character's inventory was like the one in NWN, with several pages.

At the moment I've just started escorting the kidnapped wives back to their husbands. Be difficult as there are still a few Hill giants around.

Soon after I was told to go to Icecreek Dale I found a portal behind Crow's Rock Castle. (can't find it now!) I saved and went through to be faced with the huge dragon. Soon discovered I need more XP so went back and got myself up several levels before heading north again.

While in Slater's Grave some time back I'm dashed if I coould find the nasty merchant I have to dispatch. Can someone give me a nudge in the right direction please. Would appreciate it.

Am I mistaken - thought the mini-map showed the whole of the local area. Feel sure it did before the expansions, etc.

It really is fun playing Sacred this time. Have difficulty tearing myself away. laugh

Be back.


Posted by: Schwab35

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/27/05 05:07 PM

Alice, make sure to have that merchant quest selected in your journal, that should give you a blue flag on your map to indicate where the quest target is.

The mini-map shows your immediate surroundings and will have the colored arrows for your main and secondary quests showing the direction they are in.
Posted by: oldman

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/27/05 05:51 PM

Hi all,

Well my Seraphim is now Level 36 and heading to Mystdale Castle. She's still my favorite character and the easiest to level up. I really like that Light Sphere (I think that's the name) it wipes out enemies and racks up the experience points.

I'll have her to the end soon and then I guess I'll go ahead and give my Battle Mage a shot before I decide who goes on to the expansion.

Adding my bit to the enemies I don't like it's those Dark Elf Mages (I think) who keep throwing those white string things at me that immobilize me.
Posted by: Schwab35

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/27/05 06:14 PM

John those dark elf priestesses are very annoying, but my bats are often the ones getting immobilized so my vamp is free to swing her axe at those screaming mages. "Sliceable!" she screams.

Alice, thanks for the info on the dragon. To be more specific, on the north west end of Crow's Rock zone there is a cave entrance, level 18 soldiers inside but at the back a portal opens up to an island south of Shire's Pen, where that dragon is. My vamp just killed him, his name was Draconis Mortis. Loot was okay, sorry I forgot to take a screenshot duh

You know, it seems dragons are level appropriate when you meet them, he was 37 boss monster level to my vamp's 35..
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/28/05 01:25 AM

Hm, have to check that out since starting over again, Mage is up to about 18 I think and Dwarf is about a 10..he's slow poor bugger..

Yes those priests in those long black robes yelling "repent, repent"..I loathe them..gads they get on my nerves.

Been leveling up the ice very imprressive..wipes out at least 5 in a group and one injured for me! evil

Alice the big map you can place your pins on and then the mini map, use tab and there it is..also can use tab and alt and find any goodies you're missing!!

Ingie laugh

Posted by: VHLMagic

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/28/05 06:17 AM

Hi all,

Well I played my gladiator/Brutus yesterday and found that he is gaining speed as he runs and think it may be from him getting stronger.

He has the wind and fire elements now and going for the next one.

The Battlemage/Kalore is in the same place as Brutus.

My seraphim/seraphim (forgot to give her a name) and Vampiress/Valentina are next to get the elements.

Boy have run into 3 dragons now one in the north near Castle Frostgard, one in the cave near Crows Rock Castle and one in the lava area.

I have not found any really good armor or weapons for any except 2 items for the Vampiress which are a set.

Hope there are some for the others out there.
Posted by: threads

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/28/05 07:20 AM

cry I have lost Wilbar. Got to that part much to early because I am now back near Porto Vallum catching up with a few quests without the dear man. Became very fond of him.

Am now level 20 and those peskie goblins don't stand a chance and the orcs are trying to ignore me lol

Schwab - the dragon I found was just the other side of the portal from the nasty soldiers camp where I delivered a ring from the chief of Crow's Rock and the wretches attacked me. And Wilbar departed for good. Am sure it was not on an island because I've since got myself there on foot/horseback. It seems there are much larger dragons to meet. Phew - makes me hot around the collar rotfl

Off to make more mincemeat of those goblins and orcs as I search for the wizards book. Poor man has been waiting long enough by now.

Be back.

Happy gaming, everyone.

Posted by: Schwab35

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/28/05 03:00 PM

Alice, if you mean the Icecreek Dale portal, where you end chapter 1 (Bye Wilbur!), I went back there and didnt see any dragon in back of the portal. There is a river you can cross and a path northward which is blocked by a landslide, but no dragon for me. Maybe he was lost..
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/28/05 07:49 PM


Alice killed it..remember.. rotfl rotfl
Sorry, I just couldn't resist that
..heading that way eventually..I have 1/2 mind to put in plus and use my players..but so afraid of another I'm sticking with it.
Have you all noticed the quests involving #s of things to kill in a quest? I never had that in the original that I can recall.
Like 10 Thieves or 8 ghosts..whatever?
Just an interesting side note.
Is it in the Plus version? Or just the Underworld added it on?

Posted by: threads

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/29/05 01:35 PM

Schwab, I was playing as a seraphim (the "I am not a pack-horse" gal) laugh Perhaps the yellow dragon is only there for a Seraphim!

I'm trying to fill my backpack filled with healing lotions - ran out twice, even though I'd started off with 20 odd!

At the moment I would appreciate a push to where Zaphod DeFaltar is hiding. Am standing right on top of the flag and can't see him. Need to dispatch the evil so-and-so and get the key to rescue the Noble Lady. This is in Braverock.

Ingie, those group quests are a new thing with Sacred - didn't have any the first time I played.

Cannot fathom how to exchange combos - have only one space left and want to make it much better than the rest. Am having to rely on combos when fighting.

Am level 23 at the moment - must get stronger before returning to Icecreek Dale.

Well, battle on.

Be back.

Posted by: SkeeterUK

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/29/05 03:10 PM

Anyone willing to play Sacred with the PLUS download with me, Iv'e had sacred original since the publisher sent me a early copy as i won it in a competition thing.

I recently got broadband you see and couldnt play it using 56k dialup. So now i wana try doing the campaign with someone, starting together and play it at the same time with someone so we level up at same time.

If anyone is willing, i would be gratful for the game. I heard from Nickie that Popcorneater might be willing, if so gimme a bell mate if ur interested.
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/29/05 09:52 PM

Hi skeeter, wave

Well I will check into it..not sure about the online thing, haven't checked it out for this game.
I have Sacred plus and Underworld loaded and playing single player right now..

Let me check out the details and I'll email you or you may of course email me..not sure how the server works...will it allow for UK and US players to match up??
Edit Here: I tried getting online and sign up..didn't want to accept my CD Key #s; although reading them right from the back of manual where they are written..anyone else try and see what they got?
Posted by: SkeeterUK

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/30/05 04:18 AM

All i did was have plus download installe and then the latest patch, then u start a mp option ingame and click open games then enter details remembering to use the - things as well for cdkey. then you should be ok.
Posted by: threads

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/30/05 04:30 AM

cry Still can't find Zaphod DeFaltar - where is the blighter hiding? help

Are you all willing to leave a Noble Lady in distress?

Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/30/05 12:24 PM

Alice, wave
I don't know..try several things..
use the tab key and look where the little title is and where you there a cave?
Also, check your log book...does it say anything different on the quest?
I was looking for cows, and hadn't realized one of the pick up all after a fight was "bones of the dead cows"

Skeeter, wave
I tried and still says wrong CD Key #
I have both Plus and Underworld loaded and patch downloaded..I am going to see if I can get an email addy and find out what's wrong. I'll let you know.

Posted by: Schwab35

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/30/05 01:03 PM

Alice, I didnt even have to look for the guy, when I approached the big manor house north of where you get the quest, he was there with a mean look and a big exclamation point over his head. Go back up there and use the ALT key to highlight everyone's names, like Ingie suggested.
Posted by: threads

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/30/05 02:54 PM

Thanks Schwab - that is what I'm doing every time I'm in the area laugh Last time I was up there discovered I could walk across the waterfall (it had a magic hiding place in the middle!!!)and cleared out the top area of magicians and elves - went up a whole level doing that. The two people who asked me to find the Lady stand out very well but haven't yet had Zap show me where he is standing - and the doors remain locked thumbsup

Back to the fray.

Thanks for the help - much appreciated.

Posted by: oldman

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/31/05 07:12 AM

Originally posted by threads:

I keep forgetting where people who give me quests are. Did start making notes but forgot to do that for one or two and have been trapsing all over the place looking for them. The only way to finish a couple of quests was to keep the Alt key pressed when I revisit places. What a memory I have.
Alice this game has a blue marker on your map that shows you where your quests are and once you finish the quest that blue marker then shows where the quest giver is. Once you complete the quest it turns green I think.

Well folks I finally got all my characters at level 40 & above and have ordered the expansion from GoGamer. I checked online and the only places I could find to order it were Interact and GoGamer. It's not at local stores yet. It's coming Fedex so should arrive this week.
Posted by: PeggyH

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/31/05 11:15 AM

Hi, all. Received Underworld in the mail this morning. Hubby and I were out of town last week and I did not get to play until last night. Sure missed my tough little wood elf.

I am level 21 and am just kind of rambling around killing scary critters and bad guys while I complete quests here and there. I am heading for Wyvern Pass, but keep getting sent in different directions. It is very easy to level up without doing much but slaying things because of the respawn rate.

Just dropped in to see how everyone was doing. Now back to laundry!
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/31/05 11:23 AM

Hi Peggy,
I can't remember, did you lose your Wood Elf? If not, she can imported into the Underworld.

Hi Alice,
If you open your quest log, on the first page will have the area your quest came from..helps me to remember the area. Then on your large map, zero in on that area..sometimes the quest givers show up..not always though.
Oh thanks for the information about that waterfall, didn't know that!!

Posted by: threads

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/31/05 11:45 AM

Nobody is going to believe this - I'm still in a state of shock.

For days I've been searching for this fellow Zaphod DeFaltar in the Rescue a Noble Lady quest. After every other quest I return for another search with the Alt key pressed. His name never appeared.

Today started searching every inch of the ground - widening my circles. No Zaphod! Then reached a farmer's house tucked up against the mountain - no room to walk behind - which had a hedge to the right-hand side. The hedge appeared to grow against the house. It was miles away from the area. The Alt key didn't give the name of a person in that place but brought up the following:
Room key,
All hidden behind the hedge.

It was so far from the big house I thought the key might belong to another quest. Whatever - I picked up the three things. (and put them in a safe place - hehe)

Later, when I was near the mansion decided to try the doors yet again - and they opened eek Can only think I wasn't the only one after Zap's blood. He had been zapped and gone to hell a long time before I got there. Anyway - the quest is finished without me ever catching sight of the man. lol

In the Rascals' Quest I came across the rascal concerned some time before I received the quest and have his ear tucked away somewhere. Then was given the quest by the Captain of Shires Pen.
There was no way I could tell him I had the ear so went off to do somehting else - now have no idea where I met the Captain (forgot to write it down) and the red arrow points back to the blue square on the map whenever I haven't got a quest pinned.

As a matter of fact - presently I'm on the dole, living off of benefits rotfl Am level 25 and can't find anyone to give me work. Like having half a dozen degrees and the only work awailable is to wait on tables. rolleyes

The last thing I dispatched was a large level 28 Gladiator - brute of a man.

Ta-ta for now,

Back to the fray.

Posted by: nickie

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/31/05 07:50 PM

Alice, that guy was right in front of the house for me too, right in front of the stairs. I know sometimes I have a really hard time finding the people with exclamation marks, especially when they're in something like crow's rock (I think that was the name, with all the different parts of the city to it).
I just changed a combo - I put the icon for the combo I had up there in the wizard's box, and it automatically showed the different slots. I put the new items I wanted in it over the old ones. Didn't that work for you?

I have the air or wind element now from the ice fortress, but where oh where do I go for the fire element???I don't see anything on my map, and I'm doing a lot of trekking!
Posted by: oldman

Re: Sacred Plus - 05/31/05 08:22 PM

Nickie, you can scroll the map. It took me a while to figure it out. You move your mouse to the bottom of the screen and the map will scroll downward same with left or right. The element of fire can be found in the bottom left area of the map. It's in the area North of the Fields of Urkuk. Hope this helps.
Posted by: VHLMagic

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/01/05 05:44 AM

Hi all,

I have been taking a little break from this game the past few days.

I played The Journeyman Project 3-Legacy of Time and enjoyed that.

Now am playing Beyond Atlantis 2 and am enjoying that again. smile

Three people in my game have already gotten the Wind and Fire elements and just the Seraphim has the wind and needs to get the fire one. Then its on to the next one.

I will get back soon but just needed a break to enjoy something else. smile

Sounds like everyone is moving right along and doing great. smile
Posted by: threads

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/01/05 03:31 PM

Nickie - you can only change your combos if you have collected more of the same icons you have already used - then you can strengthen the combos you have. Didn't discover this until I was using all four combos - now I haven't anywhere to use different icons if I pick them up.

Hope I've explained that clearly.

Have found some work but keep failing the quest. It is one I did fairly easily last time I played. Back working under-cover again. Am at Crowsrock trying to help myself to Inquisition Plans and leaving false ones in their place. Keep failing because I get myself seen. I know I have to ring the dinner bells but can't remember what I did before.

Laugh! My seraphim was tucked away out of sight, and I was looking through my print out of the thread for the first time Sacred was played. Apparently was taking too long because I shot out of my chair when the seraphim (forgot to name her) shouted "What's happening? Have you fallen asleep?" I was still wearing my headhones and my left ear got blasted rotfl

I'm off to bed,

Be back,

Alice sleep sleep
Posted by: Schwab35

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/01/05 08:23 PM

Alice, I just followed the wall around the building on the lower left and went up to the bell, rang it and ran back to where i started, then went up to where the documents were on the table in the upper right.
Posted by: threads

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/02/05 07:03 AM

Thanks Schwab - think that is what I did last time we played. Why to I never think of the most simple solutions, always expecting things to be more complicated.

Fine, I'm off to try that. Hope the lass doesn't shout at me again for going to sleep on the job. She nearly deafened me last evening. rotfl

'Bye for now.

Posted by: threads

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/02/05 02:20 PM

Much later.

Have been all over the place today. More quests under my belt but.........

Was given a tip by a Mayor when I completed his quest;I should take the south more seriously, that was where the seat of the trouble was. Have fought my way down to the entrance to Wyvern Pass and the guards refuse to allow me through to talk to their boss. Got in easily enough to speak to their captain last time I played - has anyone any idea why I can't this time? It is getting very frustrating. Need a change of scenery laugh

My other course is to try Icecreek Dale again.

There is a place marked on the map which came with Sacred+Plus+ called Dwarven Ruins which seems inaccessable at the moment. Also most places east of Bravewall appear to be out of bounds - do these click in at a certain point in the game? Really puzzled.

Whatever, I've been playing for hours and hours, so think I will get myself off to dreamland - as if I haven't been there all day! laugh

See you all tomorrow - with a long list of ideas for me lol

Good night every one.

Bless you.

Posted by: nickie

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/02/05 02:36 PM

Originally posted by threads:
Nickie - you can only change your combos if you have collected more of the same icons you have already used - then you can strengthen the combos you have. Didn't discover this until I was using all four combos - now I haven't anywhere to use different icons if I pick them up.

Hope I've explained that clearly.
Yes, you're absolutely right. It's I who did not explain clearly. laugh
Posted by: nickie

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/02/05 02:39 PM

Originally posted by oldman:
Nickie, you can scroll the map. It took me a while to figure it out. You move your mouse to the bottom of the screen and the map will scroll downward same with left or right. The element of fire can be found in the bottom left area of the map. It's in the area North of the Fields of Urkuk. Hope this helps.
Thanks Oldman! I had just discovered that about scrolling the map, but I still couldn't find the fire location. My arrow just points to the monastery, so after visiting that location many times now, thought I would rather ask. laugh
Posted by: oldman

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/03/05 01:04 AM

No problem Nickie. I don't know if you used the teleporter from the Ice Palace (or Monastery or whatever) but when I did the arrow didn't change to the new quest. I went back to the Monastery and walked back to the Ice Creek Pass one and somewhere along the way it triggered the new main quest and the arrow changed and I got the new gold icon on the map.

Well, I just got my expansion in today and loaded it up. I like it. It is a stand alone game and you can play both the original Sacred and the new Underworld campaigns. I checked out the underworld real quick and it looks good. I then tried out an Ancaria campaign (which is the original Sacred). There are changes in the original that make it interesting and I'm going to explore those before I tackle the Underworld.

The interface has changed and buttons for weapons, special skills along with the option bar for inventory etc have become a little more eye appealing (at least to me).

I noticed during one of my battles where there was a lot of action with lightning and thunder etc that the screen actually shook to the thunder sounds which added some realism.

It shows my Wood Elf actually mount and dismount here horse rather than just appear on the horse.

My Wood Elf bends down and picks up items now rather than just zapping them into inventory.

There are additional side quests that were not there in the original which is one of the reasons I'm going to go through this before moving on to the Underworld Campaign plus I'll attain a higher level while doing it. So, I'm presently going through the Ancaria Campaign with the expansion at the Silver level to see what changes they have wrought.

There are probably other changes that I either didn't notice or will notice as the game progresses but overall I'm pleased with what has been done to the game.

Oh and my Wood Elf won out beating the Seraphim by just a smidgen.
Posted by: threads

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/03/05 09:39 AM

John - can I ask which expansion you have received, pleased.

Is there already an expansion to Sacred+Plus+? My game is doing most of the new things you mention although, as mentioned yesterday, I cannot gain access to places on the map I installed before Sacred+Plus+. The Underworld expansion.

Would be grateful if someone can sort me out about this.

Off to get supper although I doubt if anyone in the U.S. will be awake yet when I get back laugh

Will be back anyway - At the moment I'm not getting anywhere very fast.

Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/03/05 11:16 AM

Hi all, happydance
Did you try out the dwarf? Oh do, just let him stand and start singing to get one of the best laughs you'll's a riot.
I was playing the Original Campaign on it and found loads of quests, the game isn't as statickie..(not a word, but I don't know what else to call it).
However, I still have not been able to get my CD keys to work with the online registration, which I would love to play with Skeeter..I've emailed the company, but no response and that was probably about a week ago I can't get on.
I'm back with my original Mage..on Plus..I'm taking him into Underworld with me..
Thing is, When you have underworld loaded, I could not play my original characters for the first game..had to chose and start all over again..I did, but my heart is with this guy right now.
I can import for Underworld part, but not the first.
The Underworld graphics seem sharper and clearer to me, however..I had to turn off 3D sound in order to hear my heroes' comments.
Let me know when someone is ready to start the Underworld Campaign and I'll join in..I have a dwarf that is ready to go and hoot to play...gotta get him a horse though. He crashed his helicopter.. rotfl
Posted by: threads

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/03/05 12:23 PM

Poppy/Ingie - hope you are still around.

I'm very confused.

First I re-installed Sacred then, before I started playing, Underworld arrived. So I installed that.

To the best of my knowledge when I started a new game I wasn't given the choice of choosing a dwarf, only the five original characters. The game-play is slightly different from last time and the graphics are improved. My world map is exactly the same on the screen as it was with just Sacred installed. But the paper map which came with Underworld shows far more areas.

Sooo...... the $24 question is - does one need to complete the original Sacred before the expansion clicks in?

And why have I now installed Sacred+Plus+? My silly little brain, from reading the thread, assumed S+P+ improved both the previous things I'd installed.

One puzzle I have is the fact I cannot understand why I'm unable to get into Wyvern Pass - did it easily the first time I played.

At the moment am trying to get into the eastern side of the original map, Mystdale Castle, Moorbrook, Drakenden, Gloomoor, Highmarsh et al.

The only thing happening otherwise is that I'm gradually edging toward level 28 by killing off all the baddies as I explore.

This afternoon the game crashed three times - each at the same place. The whole screen became a pea-soup through which one could vaguely see parts of the game area. Then I sat through a psychadelic ever changing display of coloured pillars, flags, ships (!) until suddenly the screen cleared and I was back where I was. the moment I moved my character to carry on then the same thing happened all over again. After three or four attempts to get going again, when the screen righted itself I immediately 'saved', quit the game and reloaded. It's been ok since then.

So can any one possessing a 'real' brain straighten me up about the above? PLEASE!

Alice rolleyes

EDIT: Yesterday, if possible frown
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/03/05 01:01 PM

Well I don't have a real brain, lol but here goes..
You can take any level 25+ character and import to play Underworld.
In the Underworld little icon on your desktop, you may click on it, with Underworld Disc 1 in drive and play the original story-line(but cannot import a character from Plus) or you may select to play the Underworld Campaign and import a 25+ character to that game.
You have that option.
If you chose the can play it with the first cast of characters or one of the two new ones.
I've been having some problems with Plus also, so I understand what you're saying..I know Nickie has also..not sure what's going on with it. I have downloaded and installed the patch to both Plus and Underworld.
Quite frankly I think Underworld seems to run smoother and is cleaner, at least for me.
My Plus is "jittery" in spots..not sure what that is all about, but from the Forum, I'm not alone.
Can't answer Wyvern Pass..I have entered there and had no not sure what's going on for you.
Some character's seem to display more problems than others..using magic really seems to blow a few circuits.
I started over with the Mage and Dwarf using the Underworld disc 1, but I really missed this Mage, had found some good items that I'm greedy about.
But, if it continues acting up..I'll go back to Underworld.
Hoped that helped a biggest problem area has been Slater's grave, still having difficulty in that area getting quests done and also at Crow's Rock area..again, not sure why. But folks are gone when I escort someone back..I gave up had 3 different people at one time joining Wilbur and I..they slowly died off. Ghosts chase anything. lol
Try putting in your Underworld Disc 1 and clicking on Underworld Icon, or however you have it set up and see if you can see the difference. When it comes up to select hit the Arcanna Campaign..that's the original..and you'll see what I'm talking about I may chose a character with the 2 new ones added in but cannot import..or at least I couldn't. Not saying someone else can or not.

Posted by: threads

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/03/05 02:50 PM

Thanks Poppy - will print this out and try again.

If I have grasped what you are saying:-

I can start to play Underworld and keep the main Sacred game going at the same time - using the Underworld disc as the game disc.

Hope that is correct - will try in the morning although will visit here first.

Must closed down as I have developed a splitting headache with double vision - or have double vision which is producing a splitting headache. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Of course, I'm hoping the head and eyes clear up after a night's sleep and I can play tomorrow laugh

Thanks a bundle.


Posted by: oldman

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/03/05 03:52 PM

This is all a little confusing because of the way they did it. If you play off the Underworld disk then you can only play games you create in Sacred or import your old characters. You can play either the original Sacred, which is called the Ancaria Campaign or the expansion which is called the Underworld Campaign. If you choose the Underworld Campaign then you have the option of the 2 new characters.

I have 2 icons on my desktop. One for Underworld and one for Sacred. If you start Underworld then you must have the Underworld disk in the drive. You can import your characters from your old game but Underworld will not recognize save games from the old Sacred. So basically, to play the Sacred (Ancaria Campaign) using the Underworld disk you need to either start over from scratch or import you character and start over.

Whew! I'm confusing myself.

Alice, I got my expansion from GoGamer and I think it is the UK version but I'm not sure. My original was the US Version from Encore and the Expansion is from Ascaron. I have the Sacred and the plus download but when you install the expansion I don't think it matters because I think it incorporates everything.

They now have a Sacred Gold which includes Sacred Plus and the Expansion but I don't know if it's available for purchase yet. I just read about it on one of the Ascaron boards.

Now that I've thoroughly confused everyone including myself I'll go back to my game (after I watch my soaps).
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/03/05 06:56 PM

I understood.
You can not play your old Sacred game on the Underworld expansion. You may start a new game of the old game on it however, with all the characters including the 2 new ones.
You can import you old character onto the Underworld only if you are playing the Underworld game..not the original.
I know John, makes my head swim a bit..all I can add is put in your Disc 1 of underworld and click on the campaign at the'll see that's the original'll even see you saves if you hit load..but you cannot play it from the old characters, must start again.
Have you tried the Dwarf just for a kick?

Posted by: PeggyH

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/03/05 09:03 PM

Wow! What an utterly confusing situation. scared

I installed Underworld as a separate install rather than an overwrite and I am still putzing
around in the overwhelming city of Braverock Castle. Suffering the same problems with the rescue the noble lady as everyone else has. No key for me yet! I am level 26 and in Chapter 3. I seem to have a couple of quests here (Ancarian Snow) that I think I have completed and the log book says completed, but the blue thingy is still on my map. Perhaps I completed it incorrectly? The bad guy I was dealing with was killed when I got him to his destination.

Anyway, I'll just finish this game and then import my gal to Underworld. Probably will give the new characters a shot. Gotta see the dwarf in action! laugh
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/03/05 10:23 PM

Surprised it still shows Peggy, I chose to turn him in too..and that ended it for me..did you go to the blue page and see what was there?

I like the way Underworld plays but just really hated losing my Mage for the Plus.

We're at the Ice Elves thing time

Posted by: oldman

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/03/05 10:35 PM

Ingie I just tried the Dwarf for a couple of quests and he's a kick. Tough little rascal. I also tried out the Daemon for a couple of battles and I like her too. I just have too much invested in my Wood Elf now to start over with another character. I have her up to level 50 so will probably inport her into the Underworld Campaign real soon.

For those of you who are wondering about the Noble Lady in Braverock, there is no ! over the guy after you get the quest. When you approach the house he just attacks you. After you defeat him if you hit the A key you will pick up everything and the key to the house will be included but you don't see it in inventory. Then you should be able to enter the house and bring the Lady to the gate. I've done the quest several times and never had a problem.
Posted by: PeggyH

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/03/05 11:40 PM

You know, that did happen to me but I couldn't open the doors. I killed the guy that attacked, but just clicked to pick up things. I'll have to see if I can still use the A to locate the key.

Going out of town tomorrow for a couple of days so I hope I remember what I am doing when I return. wave
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/04/05 01:14 AM

Peggy, wave
The "a" key and the little hands icon do the same thing, collect all goodies within an area.

Use the "alt" key to locate things..just hold it down and it tells, who and what are within an area.

I know John; wave the dwarf is a hoot..did he sing for you? The Dameon I just couldn't get use to what she was attempting to be or do..
Posted by: Zanthia

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/04/05 01:58 AM


not sure i am following you in regard to importing your character. what i think you are saying makes no sense at all--it just can't be right. it sounds like you say that if i have say a level 30 vampiress from the original game i cannot use that in the expansion pack. i would have to start over. but the expansion is not for level 1 characters though, you have to be level 25.
Posted by: oldman

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/04/05 03:21 AM

Zanthia you can import any character from the original game that is level 26 or above provided you exported them. What you can't do is load a game in the expansion that you had saved in the original game. So, if you have a level 30 Vamp that you exported you can import her into the underworld Campaign. If you start a new character in the underworld campaign it will automatically be level 26 with comparable weapons and runes and inventory for that level.

My Wood Elf is level 51 and I just started the Underworld Campaign and imported her with all her equipment and everything.

Ingie the dwarf never did sing for me just complained constantly. I wonder what he'd look like mounting his horse.

The Daemon is a little weird but I think she would be fun when you get used to her. I imported her and she started at level 26 so I could see what equipment and spells she had and they looked fun. Like I said I only did a few battles with her and then quit.
Posted by: threads

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/04/05 05:13 AM

Hi everyone.

Re importing character from Sacred to Underworld.

On page 17 of the Underworld manual, near the bottom of the page, there is a FAQ about this.

I'm having more eye problems at the moment and have difficulty reading small print. Think it says some thing about the Save folder in Sacred, copying certain files then pasting them in the "save" folder of Underwood.

Would appreciate if some one could investigate this and explain, in detail and words of one syllable laugh how to do this. I'm pretty dumb about technical things.

Will be back.

Alice thumbsup
Posted by: oldman

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/04/05 07:45 AM

Hi Alice,

First thing we need to know is did you Export any Characters while playing Sacred?
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/04/05 09:49 AM

You may import a character for the new expansion game Underworld, states 25+ level or chose one of the 2 new characters which start at the level John said.
You (or at least I've not been able) can not import a character from the original or Plus game to play the first game from the Underworld Disc.(Which is the original game). From the Underworld disc you can play the first game, but must start over with your choice of characters which include the 2 new ones from the Underworld Disc. They all begin at Level 1.
Hope that helps..I know it sounds confusing, but when you load Underworld, the screen will come up asking which game..Aracana Campaign(which is the original game) or the Underworld campaign, which is the expansion game. Load, Options, Quit.
When you click on the first one, that's the original then go to the character choices and you'll see all of them including the 2 new ones.
I have not been able to pick up my save game in the original (to continue with it in the original game) and move it to play under the Underworld Disc.
Were you able to do that? I copied all save files to the Underworld Game, but still cannot load my save game from the Underworld Disc to play the first campaign from it.
I can import my character to play problem there..just cannot to continue playing the original with any of my saves from the original.
Posted by: threads

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/04/05 11:09 AM

John - yes I have exported my character several times.

Today have searched my computer for Sacred and Underworld saved games - came up with nilch.

Does that help?

Keeping my fingers crossed.

Posted by: oldman

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/04/05 12:15 PM

Ok Alice here goes. When you installed Underworld it should have transfered your files automatically. I'm assuming because you're asking this question that it didn't.

Go to My Computer and click on the C Drive then the Program Files then the Ascaron Entertainment folder. You should now see 2 folders, Sacred and Sacred Underworld. Open the Sacred Folder and you should see a save folder. Open the save folder and you should see some files that have a .pax suffix. (ie Hero01.pax etc.) Highlight all the Hero files that you find and copy them to your clipboard. (ctrl/C will do that) Now open your Sacred Underworld folder and find the save folder therin and open it. Hit Ctrl/V and it should copy your files to the new folder.

When you start Underworld you should be able to import your characters.

I didn't know how detailed you wanted it but you indicated that you wanted it detailed.

Hope this helps.
Posted by: threads

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/04/05 02:42 PM

John - a very big THANK YOU.

It worked like a dream. Have made one 'save' and leaving it for a while now.

Am intrigued with what has been happening with Sacred=Plus+. Been down to Wyvern Pass where I expected to meet Dragons. Went up two levels before retreating through a portal to get back to a trader for potions.

Came back ok with my darling Lucky Jim. Got off for another orc/goblin fight and wandered a bit - then cry I whistled Lucky Jim and Wandering Meg turned up complpete with a saddle and hide as black as pitch. Know this is daft but I was very fond of Lucky so was extremely annoyed to have him swapped.

Whatever - went a short way with Meg, dismounted for a big battle and afterwards walked to a fallen figue with a ? floating above his head. It was Baron DeMordrey (I think) dying of thirst. Left Meg behind and ran down to the oasis to collect water and who should be there besides orcs and goblins but Lucky Jim. In the ensuing fight between orcs and goblins Lucky was killed. Before he came on my pay roll again.

This is so funny. Queer, really.

Took water back to the dying man who then found enough energy to command me to tell Lady Varia that Prince Valor (bottled gas?) survived the massacre.


EDIT: Lucky is still with me - long may he reign - no pun intended laugh
Posted by: oldman

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/04/05 08:26 PM

Hi Alice,

Glad that info helped. I'm not always good at explaining things.

As to your other problem/question. You don't want to be at Braverock Castle. If you scroll around your map you should see a gold icon that tells you where your next destination is.
Posted by: threads

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/05/05 04:28 AM

John, thanks for that info. Now I can get on with the game. It is hilarious.

Big hug.

Posted by: VHLMagic

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/05/05 06:21 AM

Hi all,

Was playing with my Seraphim yesterday and got all the elements but am now trying to figure out how the heck you get to Mystdale Castle? Not sure if this is the right name but the yellow tag is on a castle way to the south. There doesn't seem to be any way to get there because it looks like tree are close together.

Can anyone tell me the way to the castle?

I will be playing one of my other people today until I find out how to get to the castle. soon as I get back to the game a way to the castle will become clear hehe. smile
Posted by: oldman

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/05/05 12:11 PM

VHL your last element should have been obtrained at Zhurag Nar or Verag Nar I'm not sure which. So you need to head south and just follow roads in that direction. The roads will take you accross rivers and through Gloomoor Drakenden and Moorbrook. You can find several side quests along the way and be sure and check out the colliseum in Gloomoor for a real involved Sacred Plus Side quest. Anyway if you find roads and follow them in a southerly direction you will eventually end up at Mystdale.
Posted by: threads

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/05/05 12:11 PM

Hi need some advice please rolleyes

Sent to the desert by Prince Valor to report on Orc invasion. Did numerous quests but eventually was told by the station master every thing was ok - no need for me to stay.

Couldn't find a portal which would take me back to where the Prince was in hiding to report.

As my Seraphim was getting bored, I took the portal to Icecreek Dale. She is even more bored now. lol

Can you tell me, what I rather suspect, that the pass to the monastery is going to be blocked until the end of Sacred+Plus+? Or do I now have to start Underworld?

At the moment Beth is now around the Slater's Grave area doing odd quests for which she gets an average of 5XP for dispatching wolves and their owners. Boring slapforehead

Getting rather confused!

Posted by: oldman

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/05/05 12:16 PM

Alice, did you get the horn and fight the Dragon?
That's in a Fort South of where you get teleported to by Sareefka (or whatever her name is) Once you have the horn this triggers the next chapter and you have to go back to Braverock to find the Prince.
Posted by: threads

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/05/05 12:20 PM

John - this is the first time I've heard a horn mentioned. How do I get back to that duh
Posted by: oldman

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/05/05 01:44 PM

Alice I assume that you rescued the Princess and went to the Prince's hideout and then was teleported to the desert. How you got back to Ice Creek Pass is another story.

If this is where you are then you do need to go back to Tyr-Fasul again and use the telport. This will get you back to The Oasis of Abil-Tar. From there head south to Khorad-Nur. You either fight the guy at the gate or do his quest and then you can enter. Once inside look for the guy with the quest sign over his head and there will be a horn. Click on the horn and you can get teleported back to the next part of your quest.

If you did go to Khorad-Nur already and clicked on the horn not realizing it was the horn then Prince Valor is at Blackrock Castle. Check your map and see where your gold marker is. If it's still in the desert then you need to go back to Khorad Nur if it's at Blackrock Castle then you need to find the Prince.
Posted by: VHLMagic

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/05/05 02:48 PM

Hi all,

Thank You Oldman for you help. smile
I am playing the 1st Sacared. I haven't got any expansions yet.

Well onward we go.
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/05/05 07:56 PM

The horn just is laying on the ground
Use alt and it will say horn, you pick click on it and get the cut scene and Chapter 3 begins. Click again a you've got it in that secret inventory place.

Didn't get to play today at all, maybe tomorrow, have fun..I think everyone is way ahead of me now..but I'm visiting places I didn't before and enjoying the goodies.
Posted by: threads

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/06/05 04:25 AM

Oldman and Poppy,

Thanks for all that info.

Do you know, I did click on something in Khorad Nur and started a cut scene which left me standing exactly where I was but didn't think to pick up whatever triggered the cut scene. My memory is getting so bad it is possible I picked it up and sold it lol Did return there a while back but certainly didn't highlight a horn.

At the moment am looking for it way over in Nomad-Nur which has brought me up another level - Beth enjoys a good fight.

Two appointments will fill my day but hope to get back to the game this evening.

Hugs to all,

Posted by: threads

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/06/05 07:44 AM

Well, here I am between appointment lol

Yes, I did get into chapter 3.

Yes, as horn is still not on the ground at Khorad Nur, it is possible it was picked up and sold to the merchant at the Oasis.

Yes, I kept the key to K-Nur and placed it in my 'chest'.

Yes, I took the Portal to Braverock Castle.

Yes, got directed to Tavern to connect with Prince's spy.

Yes, the door to the cellar is locked. No key.

Yes I went to pick up the key from the chest.

No, it doesn't work. Nobody in the game has suggested finding a key for this door.

Yes, I'm going mad

No, can't stay to sort it out now. I'm off to the hospital for my next appointment. Isn't real life a pain in the neck.

Alice rolleyes
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/06/05 12:51 PM

You can't sell never appears in your inventory screen..most quests items do not and this is one of if not on the ground, you should have had and sounds as though you did the yellow book leading you back to Braverock Castle. It's where I am at now. Getting ready to enter the Tavern

Try if you can to forget the first time you played all together and just go with what you're playing now.
For me that was easy..I couldn't remember anyway.
But I think your memory is better than you think, you're remembering the first game and it won't work together as too many changes were just pretend you never played before. Makes it much easier this time through.

Posted by: oldman

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/06/05 12:58 PM

Ok Alice I assume that your next quest is to find King Valor at Braverock. Around the corner from the Vendor and Teleport there should be an NPC with a !over his head. He will give you a message. Next you need to go to the tavern there should be another fellow in front of the entrance to the tavern who will tell you the Prince is in the cellar or some such nonsence and he'll open the cellar door. Sometimes when you get in there you have to wait for him to open the door. There's another guy with a gold crown thingy over his head that I always talk to but don't know if it helps advance the game or not. Anyway it appears that you need to find the guy who opens the cellar door.
For all going into the Underworld. I suggest you get your character at a high level before attempring it. This game bombards you with enemies and they respawn everytime you return to an area. I mean RESPAWN! If you fight your way to a place and decide you need to go back for whatever reason they are there again and you have to fight your way back. My Wood Elf is level 54 and has CA skills at 23 and I have to use a lot of Health Potions to get her through some of the battles. There are times when she is completely surrounded by hoards of monsters and I have no choice but to fight my way through and use a lot of potions. The good news is the chests that you store your stuff carrys over and I filled mine with potions so am able to fill my inventory with potions and only pick up unique items.

If you're not careful at the Pirate's quest you can find a dead end. I did and had to go back and redo all those quest cause the bad go didn't show up and I couldn't get a door open to advance because you need to kill him to trigger that door opening. So, when you run into Pigeon Pottypercy and Captain Vernon be sure to save often and make sure that you have picked up all 3 of the medalian pieces.

Forewarned is forearmed.
Posted by: threads

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/06/05 01:26 PM



Posted by: threads

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/06/05 01:29 PM

PS to above. John did you have the horn when you reported to Valor? If so - did you have the sorceress for compnay to Icecree Dale?
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/06/05 06:22 PM

Yep, that's how it works Alice,
Talk to the Prince, he says talk to S...
She apparently takes the horn and bingo she's your's

Posted by: oldman

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/06/05 06:23 PM

Way to go Alice!!!!! The Ice Giants are fun.

And yes I had clicked on the horn and I used the Sorceress (I believe her name is Sareefa) to do all my side quests before going to Ice Creek Pass. She was helpful but I got a little peeved at her standing around watching sometimes as I tackled hoards of monsters. I guess she needed her rest.

Anyway good luck in the Monastery.
Posted by: Schwab35

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/06/05 07:18 PM

Alice, I don't know if you're aware, but quest items show up in your log book, I think it's the last tab on the top of the left hand page, then hit the tab at the bottom right of that page when you get there.

I appreciate the way they did that so your inventory doesnt get cluttered up. (except with potions, why dont they stack??)
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/06/05 11:25 PM

Or at least give you a bag to store more items??

Agree inventory is a ? in this game. While the log book imho is one of the best in games.

Posted by: VHLMagic

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/07/05 05:43 AM

Hi all,

Well my 4 people are 2 at level 26 and 1 at 27 and the other at 28.

I just love finding surprises when I play all 4 games.

I found out that by moving the wheel on the mouse makes the camera zoom in and out. smile

By clicking the shield on the swords that you can equip both hehe. smile

You can keep the wheel and the right mouse button down to have the map stay on while you are walking.

Guess you can tell I haven't really read the book but this way is more fun in finding out stuff.

I did look and look through the book when I was trying to find out about the shield but the info was nowhere to be found.

Well 2 of my people are on their way to Mystdale castle and the other two will be soon.

I am really enjoying this game and wondered if getting Sacred Plus was worth it since it sounds like more of the same stuff?

I will be looking out for the Underworld and will get it though.

I love the way they keep track of the quests in the journal and the way the yellow and blue arrows keep you on track to where you are going next.

I also love the map marking the spots where your quests are and where the person you are looking for is. I wish other games would have these wonderful features.
Posted by: threads

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/07/05 07:36 AM

Hi again - You are all mentioning quests being logged in the journal.

This was fine until I got into the Prince Valor quests - now nothing is entered in the journal. rolleyes Well, a book was logged - a rare happening because I seldom have room to pick up a book.

Is this a glitch in my game? Or has anyone else discovered this?

Unfortunately have to spend the afternoon writing letters - a MUST. *sigh* All takes time away from the game. The Ice giants will just have to read a good book while they wait.

See you.

Posted by: threads

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/07/05 02:01 PM

WELL! have just spent several hours killing thousands of giants and millions of goblins plus several hundred ice wolves and ice lizards. And am no nearer finding the wretched book called Sakkara Demons, and I have got Shareera at my side chanting a mantra - Om-ah-shoo - all the time.

Am beginning to wonder whose side she in on rolleyes

Wasted many, many healing potions on her before making a 'save' then just allowing her to die. Her portait didn't disappear and several seconds later she healed herself. Was she experiencing Near-Death syndroms?

On the plus side I have gone up more than two levels trapsing around the snowy wastes of Ancaria laugh

During this time several odd things occurred.
At different times the gold plaque disappeared from map as though I'd completed every thing up north and, as there wasn't a gold medallion anywhere on the world map, I knew I hadn't.

The the white cross showing where I stood didn't didn't show where I stood - if you understand that.

My secret weapon works well on the giants - they fall like nine-pins with a little help from the angels thumbsup

Now I must give up - my eyes are going haywire cry Hope to play tomorrow but not until the evening. If I survive until then, going to be a very full day for me.

Now, where is that blessed book? I've searched every nook and cranny for miles around - and it certainly isn't showing up in the library.

Think I might take the portal back to civilisation and buy myself some snow-glasses.

Lucky Jim could do with some snow-shoes. The dear lad is still with me.

Now, where did I put my Harry Potter book to relax for a while. thumbsup
Posted by: oldman

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/07/05 09:48 PM

Whew! bravo praise It is by no means as good or entertaining as Sacred and a lot more difficult. There are constant battles with hoards of monsters level 65 who are constantly respawning. Even when trading with merchants and/or blacksmith I had to pause in my trading to fight monsters. And this was on the Bronze level. I wouldn't even do the Silver level in Underworld.

I advise anyone to get your character that you're going to import into Underworld up to level 50 and have a chest and inventory full of healing potions before you import. (you can carry all that over when you import your character)

Going to rest for a while and return to the light side. I may later try the Dwarf and/or Daemon in the Ancaria Campaign and I'm also thinking about Obscure and Dungeon Lords. But that's another subject.

Alice I don't know what to tell you about the Ice Monastery. If you follow the arrow in your compass you'll eventually get to the "book" you're searching for. Good luck.
Posted by: VHLMagic

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/08/05 05:52 AM


Oldman is right about following the yellow arrow on your map to get to the book.

You don't have to heal Shereefa because she heals herself.

As for the journal I couldn't find the newest quests logged in it until I realized that there is a few tabs on the left of the book for other pages to look on. The tabs will be numbered

III so click on them to see your quests continued.

Hope this helps.
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/08/05 06:46 AM

That's right, depends on which chapter you're in as to where your quests are.

Also, Magic...I know the fun of finding the different things you're able to do in the game.

Congrats on finishing already the Underworld..I stopped playing didn't think anyone is doing it..duh

Is there a reason to get plus if you've done the original..not really. There are 2 more areas and more quests, but basically the same game.
I am enjoying it simply because it has been a while since playing Sacred and figured if I was going to play again, I wanted to do Plus. However,
I am still have some problems with Plus even with the patch.
The game is "bumpy" I am sure it's the sound card..the game want Nvideo and I have Rad. not changing for the game though. Didn't see that problem in Underworld..

Have fun you all, we're on our way to Icedale..if that's the name..and if I can remember how to get there.

Posted by: threads

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/08/05 06:52 AM

Hi again - I AM FOLLOWING THE ARROW! There are places where one moment it is pointing for me to go on, then a few steps in that direction will see the arrow turn 180 degrees. AND THERE IS NOTHING THERE. Alt key shows nothing as well.

Perhaps it was written in invisible ink on invisible paper laugh

Whatever - will return to kill a few more giants and goblins.

Be back, I expect whistle

Posted by: threads

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/08/05 11:31 AM

Later - Found the correct place - I think.

Didn't find what I expected but have been given tasks by Sareera, and a place to meet later.

Am now on the way to start those tasks and no longer having mantras chanted by my ear all the time. laugh

If I am wrong about this, the arrow is still pointing back to the same place, just say yea or nay and I will turn back to have another look.

Before the jouorney am off to find traders with plenty of potions - who knows? might even find better armour.

Be back - some time think

Posted by: PeggyH

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/08/05 12:01 PM

I have three of the elements and am moving right along. However, I have not been able to complete the Noble Lady quest (I think I killed that guy early on. Was he carrying the key?) If so, I can't find it and am locked out of the house.

My other incomplete is the Magical Thistle quest. I got the thistle and returned to the medi-woman, but even though she thanks me I evidentally need to talk to him. Where and who is this merchant? Have been into the houses and visited all the merchants I can locate but, alas, still incomplete.

Also show a little green marker about an "egg something" and it does not show up in my log book. Guess I will have to take a side trip to the marker to figure it out. woozy

Level 32 and going!
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/08/05 02:25 PM

Magic Thistle
I'm the same on that one...he should be in the house; but it isn't. I've looked everywhere for him..gave up.

I did have that quest completed in the Underworld game, so I know he should be there..

Alice, I'm not sure where you are, as you look at your large map, can you zone in on the blue book and see what's around it?
Posted by: threads

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/08/05 02:49 PM

Oh boy - something odd happened to my game just now.

Was trying to find a way to obtain the air thingy for Shareera. Exploring everywhere - left horse behind and went through a tunnel to be met by two giants and a wolf. Was fighting them from the tunnel entrance, tapped the spacebace bar to give a potion - and the game collapsed to the task on the desk-top.

Opened the game again and was still fighting the giants. Had to take a healing potion so tapped the spacebar and went back to the desk-top a second time.

NOW, opened the game again and this time found myself fighting two giants - hold your breath - in the old library right on the spot where Shareera disappeared after the Blue holograph spoke to us. The blue lass was still there and gave me the same message. I was still level 34 and everthing in the inventory was there - but the logbook now showed the extra space for quests. The latest quest from Shareera was entered but no places mentioned. Actually only the air one is marked on the map - no idea where the other 3 places are!!!!!!! I did make a note of the place names yesterday but they are not named on the world map.

Was stone's throw from the back entrance of the monastery so went back to find the Seraphim with blue wings who told me to find the book - and she is still telling me to find the book.

To say I am confused is putting it mildly - I appear to be jinxed.

See you - I'm off to bed laugh

Alice sleep sleep sleep
Posted by: PeggyH

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/08/05 05:12 PM

I think that is what happens when you die. Remember in the beginning how you always got sent back to ledge outside the cave? I think the library is where this Chapter sends you. I had the same thing (minus the crash to desktop) when I died. I restored my last save and went from there. Maybe that's it? think
Posted by: VHLMagic

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/09/05 05:39 AM

Hi all,

My game crashes randomly to desk top too but not that often so I don't worry about it. Don't know why it does that either. Oh well.

My 4 people are doing good and my Vampiress and Gladiator being the strongest in the group.

My Seraphim is working her way down south to Mystdale Castle so she is ahead of the others in the game.

Boy I really like how rings or amulets really really bring up the armor or weapons to be really good damage or protection.

Yeah you guessed it...finally finding stuff with slots to put stuff into. smile

Well onward we go.
Posted by: oldman

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/09/05 06:06 AM

Alice you obviously died. It could be that when you hit the space bar on your keyboard you also hit the key that takes you to the desktop (it's right next to the space bar) and while you were away the giants killed you. Anyway the first element is in the Monastery area and your compass arrows should point the way. Ignore the Seraphim and just keep following the arrows and you'll eventually get to the first element. If you find a dragon you'll know you're there.

Good Luck

VHL I don't know if you realize it or not but you can slot runes as well and they give you a lot better stats. I slot a lot of stuff with Vamp runes that steal life and it really adds to my attack power.
Posted by: threads

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/09/05 06:51 AM

John, many thanks for telling me that - I'll return and have another look. Or hire Sherlock Holmes and Watson. laugh

So here I go - plodding on regardless of the fact I have a severe case of frostbite trying to reach Frostgard.

Now, dragon, show yourself.

Hugs (to you, not the dragon)

Alice thumbsup
Posted by: threads

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/09/05 02:22 PM

John, the dragon did show itself after I 'saved' having got the element. I died laugh

Loaded the Saved Game and carefully dodged the dragon and went south.

Having spent all day trying to find dragons in that area - the only sign being scorched earth everywhere - thought they must be up on the higher ground but could not discover a way up.

Came to the conclusion, as the yellow arrow was still pointing to the monastery and the gold thingy was still up there, I ought to have killed that dragon. Soooooo......plodded all the way back, stopping off in a town to fill the backpack with lotions and visiting a combo master.

During this period I suddenly realised, this late in the game, that the yellow potions quickly replenished the combos rolleyes If only I'd discovered that earlier. Now I set off to meet the Frostgard dragon with more hope. And never found the dashed thing.

Whatever, was coming up to the next level by downing giants - they respawn by the dozen - and suddenly noticed some thing had triggered the arrow to point south. Wasn't the least surprised the gold thingy had been teleported to the sahara! Now, would you believe, I can't find my way out of the frozen north cry

Have had to give up for the day - am having a lot of trouble with my eyes this week.

Will see what tomorrow brings.

Posted by: oldman

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/09/05 03:29 PM

Alice if you've gotten the first element then you're through with the Seraphim Monastery. I found that some times the gold marker stays there until you "walk" south back down to Ice Creek Pass. You need to retrace your steps to Ice Creek Pass and then the Marker should show your next objective(quest). I hate to be a broken record but if you follow the compass direction you should end up back at Ice Creek Pass. When you here a sound and see a circular thingy on your screen then the Marker has moved and your objective changed.

Good Luck
Posted by: threads

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/10/05 05:01 AM

John - Thanks once again for your patience with this dumb idiot.

Haven't had a chance to get the game loaded yet today but am about to trot down to the Sahara again because the thingy was showing up there when I closed down last evening.

Wish me luck. How many dragons are there to dispatch? Not to many, says she hopefully. lol


Posted by: VHLMagic

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/10/05 06:33 AM

Hi all,

I afraid you will run into dragons in a few places. I think I ran into at least 4 already.

I have placed rings and amulets but not sure what you mean when you say runes. What do they look like or what do they say when you place your cursor on them???

Are they the ones you get and click on them to upgrade you skills???

Hey I just noticed that I am now an addicted boomer hehe. Yeah that would be true enough. smile
Posted by: oldman

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/10/05 11:57 AM

VHL what I mean by runes are those that you use for spells or combat arts. Like the Hard Hit and for the vamp change into vampire. You can slot those even if you have them for other characters. If you are a vampiress and you slot one of the Combat Arts rather than double click on it you get the same effect as if you read it (double click) plus it adds effects to the armor/weapon you slot it in. The best ones to slot (and it works in both armor and weapons) are the vamp ones that draw life rather than the ones that extend night.
Posted by: threads

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/10/05 01:46 PM

John - at last I have the fire element - taken me most of the day laugh But I didn't clear the cave of all the baddies. I lost Isabella four times so gave up on that quest - pity, she had become such a nuisance!

Should I have cleared the ruins, because after getting back to the hidden village and out the front door, the map still shows the arrow pointing to the fire thingy. Hope I haven't got to trudge all the way back to Icecreek Dale to be shown where the next element is hiding out.

I have collected a new type of icon - a piece of slate marked Portal some thing or other - should have made a note of that. My memory is........

Oh, was that Portal Stone?

Now I must find time to have some supper.

Tomorrow is another day.

See you,

Posted by: oldman

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/10/05 09:29 PM

Alice you must have gotten past another dragon on your way to the fire element then. If you look on your map and scroll to the top right you should see another gold marker in Zhurag-Nur. This is your next element.

Good luck
Posted by: PeggyH

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/10/05 10:47 PM

Finished Sacred Plus and have begun Underworld. It is rather full of critters! I think they come in larger hordes in this expansion than in the game. Haven't gone too far yet.

I am having some trouble with the saves. They just don't show up except for the Quicksaves! I;m going to check through Windows Explorer to see where they have gone as it shows them "being saved". Curious thing. think
Posted by: oldman

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/11/05 12:16 AM

Hi Peggy,

The monsters are non-stop in Underworld and they respawn consantly. Be sure and have plenty of potions and whatever crowd clearing spells your character has.

Have fun.
Posted by: threads

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/11/05 04:26 AM

John - did kill the dragon who was holding the fire element. Wasn't aware there was a second drgon to kill - plenty of wyverns and I downed those.

Oh well, when I load the game will have another look.

On my way south, before the gold thingy showed up at noc Draco, I accidently wandered through the Zhurag-Nur region and downed some of those eleves - surely this would not affect the game?

Well, will soon find out laugh

Posted by: VHLMagic

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/11/05 06:54 AM

Hi all,

Oh wow oldman I just learned another new thing for this game. smile Thank You.

Well I played my Seraphim yesterday and she is just got the 4th elament which was void. A really weird element.

Hey think the dragons are big...wait until you see some really really big monsters way down south. Not sure what they were because I just kept running and didn't bother to fight them with my Seraphim. Maybe will try with my strongest person.
Posted by: oldman

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/11/05 09:50 AM

VHL glad to be of help. It took me a while to figure out what to slot and to look for slotted items.

If you get Celestial Light up at a high level you can just stand in the middle and watch the monsters die while swinging away with your weapon. It's the best combat art for the Seraphim. Sometimes I used to cast Celestial Light and then run around in cirles and have them chase me through light and die.

Alice, I hope you didn't assume that you got the fire element from the Dragon. You just get a key from him to open a door that leads to the file element.
Posted by: threads

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/11/05 02:32 PM

Hi all - am lagging behind you more than a bit.

John, I found the element looking for the second dragon laugh Never did find the second dragon though lol

Whatever - I'm now plodding through the Dark Elf hostel with the head of the slaves getting under my feet - can't find the darned armoury. He doesn't intend to help until he is armed.

Had an inventory full of red and yellow potions when I started but it looks as though I might run out. Have come out of the game to come here, also because my eyes are getting to tired - but there looks as though there is an interesting area just north of me. Hope it takes me to the earth element before I die the death scared

VHL - I find the Celestral Light mixed with BeeGee (if I have the last name correct)works fine on monsters.) Could have been stronger had I known about exchanging combo arts before. Hadn't realised one used the icons of other characters and not one's own.

I'm now level 38 - is that about average for where I am at the moment?

Now I must get myself to bed before I drop rolleyes

Good night all.

Alice sleep
Posted by: PeggyH

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/11/05 10:30 PM

Strange about the saves. I finally started overwriting the old ones from Sacred and that works. Otherwise they don't show up.

I'm not sure I like Underworld. The graphics are great, but so far it is nothing except hack and slash. I have no room in the inventory for anything other than healing potions! And the merchants are very far apart. frown I am not sure that I am going to continue. Perhaps tomorrow I will have a fresh outlook. lol wave
Posted by: VHLMagic

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/12/05 05:37 AM

Hi all,

Well so far I am not liking the sound of Underworld if its just hack and slash.

So how do the rest of you feel about Underworld?
Posted by: oldman

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/12/05 11:39 AM

I agree with Peggy. The Underworld Campaign in this expansion was dissapointing to say the least and it is constant wading through hoardes of monsters. That said, I do like what they did with the basic game (or the Arcaria Campaign as they call it).

I commented on this earlier;
Posted by: threads

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/12/05 01:35 PM

Has anyone else ever done such a foolish thing. Was just about to grab the earth element when I died the death. Ended back in the dragon area surrounded by wyverns without a single potion in my inventory

Had to go back two saves and lost 2 levels mad

See you.

Posted by: Milee10

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/13/05 12:46 AM

Yes Alice. That's exactly what happened to me also so don't feel bad. I died because I was out of potions and re-spawned to a place I couldn't get out of alive without them. Catch twenty-two! I've been doing a new save as soon as I level each time. At least that way I don't loose moore then one level if I'm forced to go back.

Can someone please tell me what kind of stats a person needs to stay alive? I'm level 42 and playing as a Seraphim just like Alice. I'm trying to beat my way through the "Forge of the Ancestors" quest after the Storming of Braverock Castle and killing DeMordrey. Can't do it. There's a lot of undead in that cave and I think the Skeleton Mages are my problem. I haven't run across this before. I go from full health to dead in a split second! It's so fast I never know what happened or why. My poison and fire resistance were over 200...magic over 300. What am I missing or just how high do all of these kinds of stats need to be?? From the sounds of it I wouldn't make it two feet in Underworld the way I am now!!


Posted by: VHLMagic

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/13/05 06:09 AM


Well I just took Underworld off my wish list because it sounds just like Diablo II which has the same thing when you go back the monsters just keep respawning.

Well I suppose this might be a good thing if you want to keep upleveling but is does become annoying in any case.

I may change my mind about this...who knows.
Posted by: PeggyH

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/13/05 05:35 PM

I decided to go back to Icewind Dale, which I had put aside to play Sacred Plus and Underworld. It's almost as bad but at least the respawn is less. However, I think I may wait even on it and try something completely different for a while. Considering Thief 3. I'll see if sneaking is better than slashing. lol

Another gripe about Underwold before I totally keep quiet, I found having the folks join my party made it even harder as I could not simply run since they were determined to stop and slay every monster, bug and bad guy! rolleyes

Will check in now and then to see how you guys are doing. wave
Posted by: threads

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/16/05 12:43 PM

Hi all.

Another odd thing has happened in Sacred. Was asked by a magician/sorceror to kill a large spider and bring its brain back to make a magic potion/article. This I did but as the spider was nearing its end it gave me a quest. Wanted me to rescue the woman kept as a prisoner by the evil magician who required its brain.

When I returned to the man he knew I'd been given that quest and started a fight to the end. Found the key to his cellar but the doors in the cellar were locked. In fact the first door was open as I entered the cellar but it shut itself before I reached it and the key didn't work.

Have done this over eand over again. No go.

Then I killed a similar spider and collected a brain, when I returned to the area the place was deserted and the cellar doors were locked. So I gave up on that one.

Am now back in Braverock trying to reach the castle to meet Shareera and hand over the fifth element.

Surprised I've got so far and up to level 43. Have had little time to play for two weeks. Hope the tide has turned.

See you,


Edit: Got to level 42 unaware I had abilities to sread around !!!!!! There were over 45 waiting for me to use blush
Posted by: threads

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/16/05 02:38 PM

What a rotten guide I'm making - can't find my way to the castle - would someone draw a map for me please rotfl

Jolly good job the Valor Gas company have brought their own potions otherwise we will lose this war laugh

Or do we parachute in?

I'm off to bed.

Be back

Alice sleep laugh
Posted by: vermin

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/16/05 04:17 PM

I have a level 45 dark elf; I'm attempting to get to Shaddur Nur (I think) to take care of the big bad guy. But I can't find any undead potions or health at any of the merchants; without them, I'm a goner. This is driving me nuts.

Any suggestions?

I also started Bambi, my wood elf. She's at about level 19 or 20, but I don't think I chose the right CAs. What are the best skills and CAs to pump up for a wood elf? She has a level 25 unicorn to help her, level 6 hard hit, and level 6 poison tentacles; everything else is pretty low level. Should I start over? I hate to, as I do have two of a unique set -- first time that's happened to me and I'd hate to lose them.
Posted by: Schwab35

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/16/05 07:43 PM

The merchants replenish their stock everyday I think, use the portals to pop around to the different towns to check the merchants for potions.
I played a dark elf when the game was released, I relied almost entirely on Battle Fog, it freezes the enemies and you can kill them while they just stand there.

Can't give you any advice on Wood Elf
Posted by: oldman

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/16/05 08:16 PM

Hi Vermin

I went through Underworld Campaign with my Wood Elf and finished with her at level 58.

For me I liked Multiple Shot, Eye for an Eye, Poison Tendrils and Quick as a Flash. Hard Hit and Penetrating are good for a few points but I only used them in combos with Multiple shot.

I pumped all my points into Physical Regeneration and advanced other attributes with equipment add ons. My highest skills were:

Ranged Combat
Moon Magic

Using Poison Tendrils and peppering them with multishot made her pretty powerful at higher levels.

I also got equipment with the most slots I could and put my runes into those slots. Vamp runes that draw life help to make your arrows more powerful so I slotted them a lot.
Posted by: threads

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/17/05 11:37 AM

Hi - I've completed Sacred and started Underworld as a Daemon.

In Sacred I discovered I could buy all the potions the trader had then, after coming out of the trading scene could go straight back and buy more. In Braverock I went round and round the traders doing this until my backpack was full.

Now must return to discover what that Daemon can do.

See you,

Posted by: Milee10

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/17/05 08:30 PM

Hi All!

I'm in Underworld and at a stand still. I'm on Pirate Island and trying to get to the next one...Natchet Crab Island. I've been everywhere and can't for the life of me find anyway to get over there. I've leveled-up seven times just on that Island and in the crab cave (that got me there) trying to find some hole I missed. Pleeeese help cry !! I'm dieing here!! help help

Posted by: oldman

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/18/05 03:47 AM

Milee, there's a cave that you have to go through and at the other end is an exit to your next island.

Good luck.
Posted by: Milee10

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/18/05 04:40 PM


Thank you but I was already on Pirate Island (not the beach on the main). Finely found my answer at the Sacred forum site for Underworld. Someone else had the same question (thank God). Didn't think I would be taking a rowboat thumbsup
Posted by: oldman

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/19/05 03:58 AM

Hi Marilyn,

The Daemon you import is really neat and has some awesome equipment. I tried to build my own in the Ancaria Campaign (Basic Sacred) and got her up to level 35 and have yet to find one of the swords and good stuff that they have in the imported version. At level 49 and with the spells and equipment that they give you to start your gal ought to be awesome.

Have fun
Posted by: threads

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/19/05 04:36 AM

Hi all,

Am plowing through Underworld as a Daemon and, to date, am really bored stiff. In my opinion it is nowhere near as interesting as Sacred. Am in Purgatori at the moment and no one appears to recognise the fact Prutuk didn't make it. Even with the best weapons given him I couldn't keep him alive.

Have mentioned this before. The merchant in Purgatori will supply lots of potions almost immediately. When I trade the first thing I do is download his potions and then offer to sell two or three items. Then I trade again immediately to find he has many more potions, and the type I need so buy the lot. If it doesn't work I cross one of the bridges out of the town and return to do the same thing over and over again.

Also did this in Sacred - works like a dream.

Now back to the game. No fun dispatching worms and other monsters. And have not made up my mind if using combos really helps. They take ages to start working and am using more health potions than usual to keep alive.

Such is life.

Posted by: Milee10

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/19/05 01:40 PM


Did you know that over at the Sacred forum (Underworld thread) that someone found a way to get into Underworld with the Ancaria Campaign? Because the Daemon can fly (skill has to be at least 10) they were able to reach Pirate Island from Pirate Beach. The person gave a thumbnail of the route to take in the forum. You can't do any part of the main quest but everything else is a go. You should check it out. Someone else gave some info about also getting into another place, but I don't remember much about it.

I'm level 52 now, and just recently found a knock out sword. Some great armor as well, but these things didn't start appearing till I was almost to 50 level. Some of the swords I found in the Embalmed Forest gave over a thousand damage, but with no special magic affects. It seems that the higher your level is the better the equipment you find is. These things are always found, not bought. Bummer! The Merchants DO suck razz .

Have a good one John!

Marilyn woozy

PS. I re-checked the crossover location and it's not from Pirate Beach but from East of the Oasis at Nomad-Nur if playing the Ancaria Campaign. Sorry about that.
Posted by: Milee10

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/19/05 02:37 PM


You poor dear. Your right. In the beginning there really isn't anything that can beat the Daemon if your on your toes. I never died until trying to beat some real tough guys in graves. Think it was on Volcano Island. There aren't as many quests but people to give them are harder to find unless you are looking really hard. There's a fair amount that don't show up because of being hidden in a house or something else. The only way to tell if something or someone is to use the big in and look for the white dots in areas you've covered. Even then people may not have ?! above there head. I talk to them anyway to see if I can find out what's up. I've had a few quests that seem to "evolve" on there own doing this.

If you continue to be I said before...we can both just load BG :kiss: . I'm surprised that the combos are slow for you. I've found the opposite from playing Sacred. Now I'm able to quickly use any combo in the middle of a battle. It was a no-go in Sacred. There are also a few chars in this game that can strip you of all you magic (and something else) when in a fight. They were talking about this little known fact over at the Sacred forum.

Anyway, let me know what you want to do or if you want to stick it out.


Posted by: Milee10

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/20/05 02:30 PM

Well, I finished last night at level 57. The end came fast and I wasn't expecting it. I kept dying in the last fight because of being completely out of potions, but I would keep re-spawning on the spot and he didn't regain any health each time so I was able to wear him down till it was over.

I wanted to leave and go to some of the places I missed, but with no health potions I couldn't stay alive long enough to get to any Merchant. That's OK. All's well that ends well.

Alice...I'm ready for BG if you are happydance . Will EM you incase you don't see this.


Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/21/05 11:17 AM

Congrats on finishing Milee happydance bravo are you doing with it?

Ingie laugh
Posted by: Milee10

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/21/05 03:00 PM

Thanks Ingie!
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Sacred Plus - 06/23/05 12:05 PM

Welcome Milee.. lol joke a clown..well I had saved(I know what other strange thing will happen) so I could go back..but I was just a bit amazed..anyone else?

Ingie laugh