Dungeon Lords - Sewers

Posted by: Drizzt

Dungeon Lords - Sewers - 06/13/05 11:54 AM

I am having all the trouble in the world getting past the bridge with the Goblin ballista on. It keeps killing me over and over and over again. The trainer doesn't work as it is supposed to either. The health bar doesn't go down when I am injured, but I still die. The main problem is that the ballista keeps turning, thus preventing me from striking at the goblin. And it turns way too fast. It is incredibly frustrating. Anyone have had the trainer actually work or gotten past this?
Posted by: Nipomo

Re: Dungeon Lords - Sewers - 06/13/05 12:25 PM

I am sorry I can't answer your question--I hope someone does.
Now is an awkard time to ask this but what do you think of this game?? I heard it is too buggy to enjoy--did you find it buggy, do you like it anyway?? Maybe you should answer once you get past this hard bit.
Posted by: Drizzt

Re: Dungeon Lords - Sewers - 06/13/05 12:53 PM

There are a few parts of it I like, but sadly, there seems to be many parts I do not like either. I just wish I could get past this and continue into the real game.
Posted by: PeggyG

Re: Dungeon Lords - Sewers - 06/14/05 06:55 AM

Drizzt, with this first ballista, I just jumped right over him and then continued on my path. You don't *have* to kill him; he can't follow you.

A later ballista I came across I actually was able to kill with a spell.
Posted by: Drizzt

Re: Dungeon Lords - Sewers - 06/14/05 07:56 AM

I guess I could do that, too. Will do, later today.
Posted by: Debra

Re: Dungeon Lords - Sewers - 06/14/05 07:30 PM

Drizzt, I'm using the +10 trainer and when I get killed I lay there a second and pop back up. This trainer works like a dream. If you want it let me know.
There's a sewer map on Game Banshee and a WT.
Posted by: Drizzt

Re: Dungeon Lords - Sewers - 06/15/05 05:09 AM

Can you give me a link to it?
Posted by: Debra

Re: Dungeon Lords - Sewers - 06/15/05 06:41 PM

Here you go:

Make sure you are using the patched version of the game or it won't work.
Here's another site with lots of editors and trainers but not the +10 trainer:
Posted by: VHLMagic

Re: Dungeon Lords - Sewers - 06/18/05 06:15 AM

Hi Debra,

I just got this game yesterday and am having problems with automap and also when you click on a magic book and he casts a fireball..he is not able to use his sword then. He just stands there not being able to do anything. Any ideas?

I would appreciate the +10 trainer if you could send it to me. smile Also please tell me how you use it?

I have used a trainer in Might and Magic 9 and all you did on that one is just leave it running in the background.

I have also downloaded the newest patch and I hope the forum on Dreamcatchers has some answers once the registration goes through.
Posted by: Drizzt

Re: Dungeon Lords - Sewers - 06/18/05 06:40 AM

Thanks...I got past the ballista, but am now stuck withthe war troll...hopes the trainer works....seems the site with the trainer does not work. Could you mail it to me, and I would be grateful?
Posted by: Zanthia

Re: Dungeon Lords - Sewers - 06/18/05 11:13 AM


go here for hte 1.1 trainer, never had a problem downloading form this site:

Posted by: Drizzt

Re: Dungeon Lords - Sewers - 06/18/05 05:24 PM

Thanks! Now I'll be sure to get past that troll...
Posted by: VHLMagic

Re: Dungeon Lords - Sewers - 06/19/05 06:48 AM


Well played the game yesterday and am really enjoying it now that I am getting use to how the controls work.

When I went back to the game my guy was able to use his sword again so don't know what the problem was. He does have magic abilities but haven't tried to use them again yet.

I did find a trainer that works for me so am using it.

Still wish they would come up with the patch to fix the automap because it would help a lot if I knew where I was going. But for now I have a map of sorts to help me in the town area.
Posted by: VHLMagic

Re: Dungeon Lords - Sewers - 06/20/05 06:55 AM


Well I found out after you use you magic once you can switch to weapon by hitting the letter Q.

I am not sure about using magic to much because it seems that you can only use it once while in battle and that is not a very good thing.

I am upgrading my magic spell as I uplevel so maybe it will shorten the recharge time? I hope.
Posted by: Debra

Re: Dungeon Lords - Sewers - 06/20/05 07:10 PM

VHL the +10 trainer link didn't work or the trainer itself? Auto map is one of the disabled features which may be patched in at a later date.
I've quit playing until they do patch that part because I'm not observant enough of the compass.
I'm easily distracted lol
Posted by: VHLMagic

Re: Dungeon Lords - Sewers - 06/21/05 06:06 AM


I found another trainer and was using it but will download the +10 today to see how it works for me. Thanks for the link. smile

I am doing OK without the map but sure would be nice so see where I have been and where to explore.

I don't do much exploring without it and just staying on the road for now but it doesn't seem as much fun if you can't go anywhere just to see what is there. I mean...I can go anywhere but am afraid that I will get lost because the roads are faint and hard to see and I will get lost easily.

I do have a paper map that came with the game so I guess I can use that as well to see where everything is.

I hope they come up with the patch very soon.
Posted by: Drizzt

Re: Dungeon Lords - Sewers - 06/21/05 09:00 AM

Have finally gotten out of the sewers and out of Fargrove. Finally feels like I'm getting somewhere.
Posted by: VHLMagic

Re: Dungeon Lords - Sewers - 06/23/05 06:27 AM


Well glad that you finally got out of Fargrove Drizzt. smile

Wait until you see Arindale. I think the eleven lights on the bridges are so pretty.

That is where I am now trying to find stuff for people here.
Posted by: Drizzt

Re: Dungeon Lords - Sewers - 06/23/05 08:04 AM

I think it looks too much like a themepark, but that's just me wink

Am on my first crusade into the Demigoth lands by now. Just rescued Mara Graemere from assasins. After that, I'll be heading for Skuldoon.

What I miss in the game is subquests.
Posted by: VHLMagic

Re: Dungeon Lords - Sewers - 06/24/05 06:06 AM


Wow you are way ahead of me but that's OK because I can ask you for help if I need it hehe. smile

I have been busy building more homes in my Sims 2 and the other games just have to wait for me to get back to them...they have no choice.

sometimes I need to create and not just hack and slash all the time.
Posted by: VHLMagic

Re: Dungeon Lords - Sewers - 06/26/05 06:09 AM


I just went to the forums on The Adventure Co. site and found this announcment for Dungeon Lords patch.

Hello All,

We are now physically testing the new patch V1.3

This should be released in the next week or so, we will get it out to you as soon as we can!

Please take note this is a cumulative patch and will include V1.2 and you will be able to install this update no matter which version you have.

Thank you for your patience.

Well this sounds good....hope its true.

Well how are you doing in the game Drizzt?

I just placed the horn relic and am going to look for the other 4 to bring to the ruins.

I just found out the the gates to Fargrove are locked but remembered that I have to go back to see the wizard in Arindale so off I go back to Arindale to see him. Boy these legs are getting tired of running around and it seems to take a long time to get to places.

I did activate 2 of the Moon Bridges so far.

How many Moom Bridges are there in the game I wonder? Hmmm hope there are more of them.j

It seems that I found the Moon Stone in the Stronghold that I just left and didn't have to go to the Island to the North to find them there.

Well off I go.....ready legs?.....start running. smile