Max Payne

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Max Payne - 07/30/03 03:12 AM

I am coming to the end of my journey playing this game and I have loved every minute of it. I am trying to enter Nicole's penthouse and when I go around a corner, there are a bunch of guys on top throwing a bunch of junk at me and I am not finding a way to get them so I can continue. Does anyone have a great idea? I haven't used godmode the whole game and I don't want to start now. I tried my sniper rifle and the jackhammer but they kill me too quickly. Thanks devil devil devil
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Re: Max Payne - 07/31/03 05:20 AM

Renee, I haven't played this, although I would really like to sometime. I know you don't want to use cheats, but have you looked at a walkthrough? I know there is a really detailed one on that has around a paragraph of detail at the point I think you are talking about.
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Re: Max Payne - 07/31/03 06:01 AM

And if all else fails, I have a saved game for each Part and Chapter if you're in need...

Are you on the rooftop? You need to shoot the cables from the tower support to hit the helicopter flying above you, if you're at this spot... Use the sniper rifle...
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Re: Max Payne - 07/31/03 08:12 AM

Hey there

If you're really there where Linda says you should try to kill those guys with a grenade either thrown by hand or by the launcher. I tried to get through those guys dousins of times but I always did something wrong as you have only two minutes (one minute??) till the chopper get's into the air and comes to put you full of lead. (again)
..This of course if you're at the end of the game and on the top of that building.. Again, as Linda said you should try to hit the cables either with Sniper Rifle but you can hit them with a grenade as well (they didn't wanted to break in any other form for me) and important!! when you break all the cables you must still have a grenade to throw at the tower so the explosion would blast it off its foot and smash it on the chopper. That's all you have to do..
Good Luck! smile ))
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Re: Max Payne - 07/31/03 10:46 AM

Ok, I think you guys have me at the wrong place. I am in the building where I am suppose to walk down a corridor and the guys are throwing grenade launchers at me but I can't get past them. I looked it up and I am in Chapter 7 Nothing to Lose but right at the beginning, I am trying to find a way up to Horne's penthouse suite. When I tried to use the sniper rifle, I am exposed and they throw one launcher and I am a goner. I guess what I am asking is, is there a spot where I can stand to kill them or some other piece of advice. Thanks
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Re: Max Payne - 07/31/03 11:18 AM

I think I know where you are - isn't that when you enter that Acer Plaza place that's in the opening intro movie?

....and you go round the corner by the elevators, and there are like 4 guys standing on the different floors looking straight down at you with the grenade launchers?

That was the only place I got really stuck at - I got past it by just running for it, and diving left and right and forward and all over the place with "bullet time" - I think there's a place further down on the left that you can duck into to regroup, but then I think some guys come at you on foot.

It really was difficult - you may also want to use your own grenade launcher with some bullet time to try and nail them all.
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Re: Max Payne - 07/31/03 11:49 PM

That is exactly where I am at......I have health but thought about riding through the mess. LOL I
went through a lot of health when I was in that circle and guys were coming at me left and right. The only way I got through it was holding the weapon down and also the health. LOL LOL I didn't know we had a grenade launcher. I have grenades and that isn't going to help any. As soon as you show yourself, you're dead! I mean dead!!!! I have bullet time but not sure about the granade launcher you are talking about. I would rather do godmode so I at least go through that section. I don't want a save and the WT's really aren't helping. devil devil
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Re: Max Payne - 08/01/03 04:39 AM

I'm positive there's a grenade launcher Max can pick up, but I can't remember where you get it - check the weapons - if there is a space for a grenade launcher under number 7 (I think), then there definitely is one - if not, then there probably isn't.

I guess, if ya gotta cheat, then ya gotta cheat, but I'm afraid then you will never be able to look at your computer in the same way again, knowing what you did. evil laugh

Good luck.
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Re: Max Payne - 08/01/03 10:26 AM

Very funny...........I just want to finish the game. I don't even know where godmode is but I am sure some really nice person will tell me. I didn't say I was going to use it for sure. I will try your way of bullet time and running down the hall. A game isn't suppose to be that complicated.
Posted by: GoldSkull

Re: Max Payne - 08/01/03 10:36 AM

Derman's right, there must've been a grenade launcher lying around somewhere, but anyway, the only strategy I can think of in that hall is to run as hell as fast (bullet-fast!) and during the time you can also try to aim at the grenade launcher guys with the M-16 or the Desert Eagle. These (I think) are the most accurate weapons and you might have a chance hitting them.
Okay, I know now that the info we're giving to ya here isn't the staightest one, we might done so how we're telling it but that won't mean it'll work in your case too but anyway, the idea of running like hell till you reach the elevator or what would be there in the corner is the one you have to follow most properly. Then whatcha gonna do bout the grenade-guys when you'll be on the next floor, well maybe it'll be easier to hit 'em from there.
C'mon, I mean, I've seen a friend of mine having problems in the same spot you are but he finally managed to get through it. So you can do it too. And hold on! cause the hard-action just began.
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Re: Max Payne - 08/01/03 10:42 AM

You gotta use bullet-time (slow-mo) so you can effectively aim your own weapon at those firing at you, whilst dodging their grenades, all the time trying to duck into some hiding place - that's how I remember it anyway - if you just run run run, you'll just be killed.

Don't just hit the right mouse button to go slow-mo though - instead, press forward and the bullet time button to dive forward (in slow-mo), then he'll roll, then do it again, and again - this will ensure you actually move fowards.

Anyway Renee - if you really want to cheat.....

Max Payne Cheats

You have to go to Start/Run, locate the maxpayne.exe file, and then type -developer after it (outside of the quotes).

Then do as it says on that webpage.

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Re: Max Payne - 08/01/03 11:02 AM

The last time I looked, there is no grenade launcher. None guys need to look at the game again. You may be thinking of another game with the grenade launcher. I will get back to you late regarding how I do.
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Re: Max Payne - 08/01/03 11:30 AM

There IS a grenade launcher - it's called an M79 - if you press the number keys 1-6 (or use your mouse wheel) it will bring up the weapon select menu (at the top of the screen) - I'm sure ALL the weapons are displayed there, the ones you don't have are kind of greyed out - the grenade launcher is in with the grenades and molotov cocktails.

Max Payne Weapon Info

Scroll down that page until you see the M79 Grenade Launcher - maybe you can't get it until you kill those guys firing at you - I can't remember where in the game it is, but it is definitely there somewhere.
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Re: Max Payne - 08/01/03 11:36 AM

Believe me Renee, during the game you must find at least 2 times grenade launchers. It looks like a shotgun. 1st time (how I remember) you should get it in Punchinello's estate in the place where you reach to a stairway which is leading two ways up, left and right. When heading left and went to the door you wasn't able to open you must have heard a voice speaking from the room telling something like "Don't worry, this will finish him" Then, in the next moment the door is blown up by the guys grenade. Next I went to the right side of that hall (I remained on the top floor, though) and I've put a hole through him with my sniper rifle. From that place he wasn't able to throw grenades at him as they always stopped in the rails in front of me. Then I went back in that room, killed the other guys and took that guy's - g r e n a d e - l a u n c h e r -. Believe me I also used it at the end of that chapter when you enter Punchinello's room, you speak with him and then 3 other guys with M-16s come in and start shooting and kill Punchinello instantly. Well, before stepping over their dead bodies and exit the room to meet with Nicole's entire army I blew those 3 guys apart using the grenade launcher.
And it had a lot of other uses for me too.... hehe
That would be all about it. Good luck
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Re: Max Payne - 08/01/03 11:26 PM

Oh so that is a grenade launcher. That is not a good weapon. It takes forever to get another shot off. If I have four guys coming at me from the balcony, I will be lucky to get one shot off. I will try it before I do anything else. Great game!
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Re: Max Payne - 08/02/03 01:24 AM

Hi Nickie I tried to look at the WT for Max Payne at gamefaqs but it wouldn't take my birthday. I haven't a clue what I am doing wrong but have tried it enough times. Could you please e-mail the spot for the WT to me. Thanks Renee
Posted by: Zanthia

Re: Max Payne - 08/02/03 01:45 AM


what does your birthday have to do with gamefaqs? you don't need to register to look at the walkthorughs there. you just can't link to one directly( a text file) only to the game page such as the max payne page which lists all the walkthroughs and faqs they have on the game.
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Re: Max Payne - 08/02/03 02:58 AM

I hit the WT for Max Payne and up popped a deal where I had to fill it out and it wouldn't let me go anywhere else. All I hit was WT. Haven't a clue what is going on. It doesn't matter. I actually got through that part all by myself. I went into the left corner and was able to shoot them with my sniper rifle so didn't need godmode after all. I am not trying to shoot some laser beams in an elevator. So you see Derman, you would be proud of me after all. I think that M79 is a wasted weapon. I'll take the colt anytime.
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Re: Max Payne - 08/02/03 12:44 PM


Well done, well done Renee. thumbsup

Good thinking with the sniper rifle - I forgot about that - well it was over 2 years ago that I played the game - the grenade launcher is good for doing a lot of damage though, and I think there are a few bits coming up where you might just be glad of it. smile
Posted by: nickie

Re: Max Payne - 08/02/03 12:53 PM

Hi Renee, glad you got through it! The easiest way to find it - although you said you don't need it now, is to go to and type in the name of the game you are searching for - then you come up with several different choices of walkthroughs or cheats. I don't know how you came up with something that wanted your birthdate. But anyway, you're past that now, and hopefully smooth sailing!
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Re: Max Payne - 08/02/03 01:29 PM

Thank you all very much. I was very proud of myself. I had no idea what made me think of this but I ran over there in the corner and noticed that when they were shooting, they weren't hitting me. LOL I know what I did wrong Nicki. I hit PC first instead of typing in the name Max Payne. I did find some WT's finally and hopefully I won't be needing them now. Derman, if I get one shot off with the M79, by the time he loads up another round, I am dead. That is what I mean by not liking the weapon. One shot and it's ok but otherwise, forget it. More hard stuff to come??????? Great!!!!!!!!! eek eek eek
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Re: Max Payne - 08/03/03 12:34 AM

Derman......I need help on where to put the cheat code. I have only done a couple of these a long time ago and I am not sure where to type this in. I am coming out of the room to go to the other elevator and there are three guys waiting for me and I don't have a lot of bullet time ( which I don't think matters anyway ) and I have done it 50 times and keep getting killed. I have arthritis in my right hand so enough is enough. Anyway, be more specific where I am typing in the word developer. What am I looking for? Or where do I go after I go to Start/Run? Sorry to be do dumb about this but hate to mess it up. Thanks mad mad mad
Posted by: TheDerman

Re: Max Payne - 08/03/03 01:19 AM

laugh evil

hahaha - finally fallen to the dark side.

First go to Start/Find - type maxpayne.exe, and then make a note of where it is.

Start/Run/Browse, find the maxpayne.exe file - when you find it, double click, then you should see the entire path to that file in the RUN window, encased in quotes. Then type (space)-developer outside of the quotes and click ok - that will start the game in developer mode - then once you've loaded your game and are standing there, press F12, and type god.

I think that's all there is to it - if you need more help, just ask.
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Re: Max Payne - 08/03/03 01:47 AM

I knew that is where we were suppose to go but nooooooooooooo my husband tried something else and I told him it didn't look familiar to me. LOL I tried, I really tried but just couldn't get past those guys. I got sick of my guts being spilled all over the place. I will let you know if I need anymore help. The Dark Side looks good to me. Thanks
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Re: Max Payne - 08/03/03 03:51 AM

derman,it seems like you are making the cheat more complicated than it needs to be. just change the desktop icon is a lot simpler

renee, when i go to gamefaq i always choose system first such as pc and then choose first letter of game such as M for max payne. i never type in game name in search box

quite impresive for you playing without cheats this long since you say you have arthritis. i couldn't play more than one level before having to use cheats as it was too much for my hand and that is the "good" hand.
Posted by: TheDerman

Re: Max Payne - 08/03/03 12:27 PM

Zanthia - you are right, however the way I remember it, that way didn't seem to work for me, plus if you change the desktop icon link, you're stuck with it starting in developer mode then, unless you create a second icon, which is almost as time consuming as going to start/run.

When you have located the maxpayne.exe file once and added -developer to the run line, it's there to return to any time you like, and your desktop file can still be used to run the game normally.
Posted by: Zanthia

Re: Max Payne - 08/03/03 12:40 PM

derman, it is a snap to have 2 desktop icons. just copy the current icon and paste. it will already be called a copy to differentiate. then if you want just rename it to max payne cheat or anything else you like. then if you want to use the cheats when starting up you can.
Posted by: TheDerman

Re: Max Payne - 08/03/03 12:51 PM

I know this smile

But I already have 59 million desktop items - I don't want anymore than I need - another option would be to just use start/programs and find the maxpayne folder to start without cheats.

Your way was the way I tried to do it all those years ago, but it didn't work - so that's why I did it the start/run way - did it work for you?

Anyway, how complicated either way is, depends on the individual - I just mentioned the start/run way because I know that way works.
Posted by: Zanthia

Re: Max Payne - 08/03/03 12:56 PM

yes it works for me, i do it all the time. i once tried your way and found my way to be much easier. also even if you don't want 2 desktop icons just because you have the line added to enable the cheats that doens't mean you have to use them unless you just can't resist temptation. i know there are a couple of games that does add stuff running across the top or bottom of the screen, those would be the rare occasion one might want separate icons to start the game.
Posted by: TheDerman

Re: Max Payne - 08/03/03 02:44 PM

Well, there you go - I prefer my way because personally I find it easier than yours and not complicated at all - keeps everything seperate and as it should be.

Neither way is complicated really - the only thing about "my" way that might be difficult is finding where the actual file is located - then again, you could just right click the shortcut to find out where the file is, rather than having to go to "find" - I admit, I didn't think of doing that.

Each to their own.
Posted by: Renee63

Re: Max Payne - 08/03/03 10:44 PM

Hi Derman It isn't working. That is where I went the first time before my husband butted in. It says "DProgram files/Max Payne/Max Payne.exe" and when I type in (space)-developer, I put the game in and hit F12 and nothing happens. I looked at the cheat website you sent and it shows it having Quotation marks before and after developer and no space. What am I to do? Nothing should be this complicated.
Posted by: TheDerman

Re: Max Payne - 08/03/03 11:05 PM

Just to be sure, the (space) represents a space (with the space-bar) - you should not write (space) laugh

So, you put the CD in the drive - when the autorun kicks in, cancel that - then go to start/run and..... the RUN box, it should be:

"d:\Program Files\Max Payne\maxpayne.exe" -developer

.....I think that should work (if D: is your main drive, rather than C:).

I am sure that is how it's supposed to be, but I haven't played the game in 2 years - try putting exactly what is written above.
Posted by: Renee63

Re: Max Payne - 08/03/03 11:18 PM

I am going to do what you did to Zanthia.....I knew that. I thought space meant an extra space right before the - I will try it and let you know. I think the probem is when I put it in. I first have to let autorun work cancel and then type it in..........see.......I knew that
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Re: Max Payne - 08/03/03 11:47 PM

I need some help here. I am not sure if the godmode is off. I have climbed in the elevator and I can hear a helicopter but not see it and haven't a clue what to do next. I don't like this godmode at all. It makes Max act differently and I assume that when I hit F12 again, godmode should be off. Agrrrrrrrr I was having such fun playing. Even killing those guys in godmode wasn't so easy. Am I suppose to be in the elevator and it seems like I have no where else to go from the elevator.
Posted by: TheDerman

Re: Max Payne - 08/04/03 12:57 AM

Isn't there something in the elevator shaft that you're supposed to shoot on your way up, or something?

A walkthru should be able to help you now you are GOD.
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Re: Max Payne - 08/04/03 01:45 AM

If you are thinking of those lasers, that was another elevator. I can't see the helicopter. I looked at a WT and it said the elevator stops which it does and I am to wait until the helicopter leaves, which it seems it never does, and jump to an adjacent elevator on Max's left. I am not seeing this at all. So, how do I take this godmode off? I don't want to be god and it seems you think it is a dirty little secret. LOL
Posted by: Zanthia

Re: Max Payne - 08/04/03 02:25 AM

renee, just hitting f12 is not enough to turn off godmode. looking at the cheat codes i would say you need to type in mortal. normally you just type in the same word for godmode or perhapss god 0 and god 1 as an example but this game looks like it has an entirely new word to type in. try MORTAL and see if you take damage now and can die. when you typed in "god" did you get a message saying god mode was on.

how does max act differently in god mode. i never noticed anything different. now if you typed in noclip that would make your character act differently such as not being able to shoot, pick up items, etc.
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Re: Max Payne - 08/04/03 02:30 AM

I will try mortal or look at the cheat sheet. I didn't go that far since I knew I wasn't going to keep using it. You're right, you usually just re-type the word and it is gone but nooooooooooo not this time.

The scene feels like it is all in slow motion but more annoying is the fact of having all those words typed in. They explain the godmode you are in. You must remember what it was like. Too much information. LOL It seems like things are frozen. Weird. Have you played Rhem?
Posted by: Zanthia

Re: Max Payne - 08/04/03 03:36 AM

rhem, i sure did. the entire game was one giant maze. I kept getting lost over and over again.
Posted by: TheDerman

Re: Max Payne - 08/04/03 12:02 PM

Renee - hitting F12 just toggles the console on/off - you're supposed to hit F12 again after typing in your cheat to turn the console off.

I really can't remember anything past where you are - I remember the helicopter (think the grenade launcher comes in handy for that laugh ).

And.....don't worry your "secret" is safe with all us boomers evil whistle

....I cheat too - well, only after completing the entire game first with NO cheats. laugh