Posted by: Chuck LeRette

ALICE - 12/04/02 11:32 AM

Let's start a new thread. I've used up a lot of pages. I've also hit another snarl. I've come to the bridge that collapses which forces me, according to the WT, to use the two bouncing mushrooms to get to the other side. I jumped onto the first mushroom and then automatically bounced to the second mushroom and then to a small ledge. I climbed up onto the higher ledge, followed the path and ended up seeing two ropes hanging and a fungus in between. I tried a number of times jumping to the rope and always fall to my death. The WT says that when I get to the edge of the bridge I will be greeted by a Pink Rose and a Mushroom and they are guarding a JACK BOMB. Well, when I landed I didn't find any such thing. Anyway, I followed the bath back to where I landed after the two bounces, and I noticed a landing between where I had started and the point I'm standing on now with a glowing object which I guess is the Jack Bomb. I guess that's the landing I should have made, but I had no control over my bounces. Any idea as to how I get to that area?
Posted by: Chuck LeRette

Re: ALICE - 12/04/02 03:00 PM

Well, I did just that and still bounced from the two bouncing mushrooms to the small landing spot as before. Instead of jumping up the low wall to the next landing, I did a running jump to the landing where the jackbomb and a small glob that ran all around, which I disposed of, and a large mushroom that gobbled me up, but I blasted the blunderbluss and killed her. But, darn it, there is no pathway from that area. I tried a number of times to run and jump back to where I was before to no avail. I went to my save and am back facing the two ropes and the fungus. I tried again a number of times to jump to the rope, to no avail. I'm knocking off for awhile, but I guess I'll keep trying to reach the rope.
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Re: ALICE - 12/04/02 05:10 PM

You are in the right spot. As you walk forward there is a big tree and a rope with a fungus on the right side of the tree. You can see the other rope ahead. You should be able to make this jump easily. Just move straight to the edge and jump forward. Are you falling without getting to the rope?
Posted by: Chuck LeRette

Re: ALICE - 12/04/02 09:12 PM

Maybe the problem has been that I've gone right to the edge. When I jump and get to the rope, I just seem to go through it as though it's not there and then fall to my death. I've moved back and forth to many places, but I haven't moved backwards. I'll try backing up and give it a try. I know that the target light is right on the rope. Let's see what this new ploy does.
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Re: ALICE - 12/04/02 11:35 PM

Chuck, I just saw your thread. I, too, am having trouble bouncing on those %#$*@ mushrooms. (and I thought the river sequence was troublesome....)

Apparently, you can change your direction of travel in mid-air by using the mouse or arrows to turn once you bounce. But since I haven't made it past there yet, you can't say I'm successful using that tactic. laugh This game has too darned much jumping for my taste. I had no idea it was so arcade-like when bought it. Still, I am loving the environments and the whacky characters.

I'll be watching to hear if and when you get going again, then I'll try YOUR tactic.
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Re: ALICE - 12/05/02 10:37 AM

Well, Pokey and Renee, I have been jumping to the darn rope for 1 1/2 hours. I went all the way to the right side of the platform and sidestepped with the A key one step at a time, saving with F4 after each step and jump, and went all the way to the left side, to no avail. I tried backing up a step at a time, with the same result. I'm tired of hearing Alice scream while she falls to her death and then hitting F1, making a little move and hitting F4, always with the same result. Pokey, you asked if I fall before getting to the rope, and the answer is no. Til I hear how someone has made it, I've had enough of these screams. I hope someone out there can come up with the answer.
Posted by: Pokey

Re: ALICE - 12/05/02 08:06 PM

This is very strange. I tried to recreate what is happening to you and I was able to get the same result (flying through the rope) a few times--but it was from the other direction, from the fungus to the rope. I have never been able to do it going the direction you are. I assume you have tried from the very edge and hitting W and the spacebar at the same time? I works every time for me. Do you have another save you could start from?

Something else you might try is letting up on the spacebar immediately after you hit it. Someone said it makes Alice catch the rope.
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Re: ALICE - 12/06/02 09:35 AM

Thanks Pokey. You gave me a little more hope. I'll try letting up on the space bar and see if that helps. I don't quite understand what you mean by "going the other way, from the fungus to the rope". The area where I am is standing on a ledge and I can see a rope and to the right of that is a fungus, and to the right of the fungus is another rope. I can see the fungus and both ropes from where I'm standing on the ledge that I landed on after bouncing on the mushrooms to get across where the demolished bridge had been.
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Re: ALICE - 12/06/02 10:06 AM

Chuck, I only meant that I had already jumped to the first rope and the fungus and then jumped back to try it again. It may be the way you are hitting the keys, but I had no problem making the jump. Your description is correct.
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Re: ALICE - 12/06/02 10:20 AM

You were right, Pokey. I hit the W and the space bar and then released the space bar immediately and Alice grabbed the rope. I did the same thing with the second rope. But it sure didn't take long for me to pull another LeRette, (hit a snag). I followed the path along the river and came to a swirling portal, but I can't seem to walk into it. I assume this is where I'm supposed to leave the level and into the next.
Posted by: Pokey

Re: ALICE - 12/06/02 10:55 AM

That's great. I don't think you use the portal. Try going along the water and the level will soon end.