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Zanzarah - 03/15/03 08:02 PM

I finally broke down and bought this game.It is a beautiful looking game.
I was told to pick a fairy and I chose the water fairie.I didnt know there were two more to choose from, but now I have this one..Is it a good fairie to have or should I start over?
There are pixies running around How do I catch them?
Also how do I fight? I have been defeated so many times so I came here. Please help.The manual is so small I can barely read it. Any help would sure be appreciated..thanks wave
Posted by: nickie

Re: Zanzarah - 03/15/03 08:36 PM

I liked the rock fairy myself, and ended up keeping him the entire game. I imagine you will like your water fairy, once you get he or she up in levels. As the game progresses, you will get a pixie bag to catch pixies, but at first you can't do anything about it, if you are talking about the one in the store.
Please tell me where you are in the game and what you have done, and I will help you as best I can.
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Re: Zanzarah - 03/15/03 09:05 PM

I am at the begining of the game. I just again tried to train my little fairie but he/she is still being defeated, cause he cant fight.I am holding down the leftclicker, and nothing happens...he cant fight.I dont know what to do..getting very I need a 3 clicker mouse to play??Do I need to hit a certain key so he can defend himself??? frown
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Re: Zanzarah - 03/16/03 12:36 AM

Hold it down to charge the spell and release it to hit the other fairy. Usually wait until it is turning blue before releasing. Hold it down too long and will hurt your own fairy.
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Re: Zanzarah - 03/16/03 02:49 AM

Like Acornia said, it sounds like you are releasing the left click too soon, before the spell has powered up. Then you want to focus your aim on your target. You might try clicking your left button once, and then holding it down on the second click. You don't need a three clicker mouse. If you should want to use that middle click function, you can reassign it to your keyboard. I believe you can get details on that by hitting F1.Try that, and if it is still not working for you, post again, OK?
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Re: Zanzarah - 03/16/03 12:56 PM

I got it working. The first click was assigned to my space bar, but I changed it. I am on level 14.Great fun so far smile Now where is that ole pixie bag??
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Re: Zanzarah - 03/16/03 01:17 PM

thumbsup Great, Catsmom! Glad you are having fun. You need to talk to Rufus again, who will tell you to talk to Lucius. Lucius is standing in one of the gateways, and he'll tell you about the pixie bag.
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Re: Zanzarah - 03/17/03 09:53 PM

I am really enjoying this game. But I have a few questions.
1. When you are fighting, can you add more mana or heal points to your fairy?? If so How?
2.How do I catch more fairies? I only have two.
3.I have 4 pixies captured(cool how she does that)where can I find more?
4. Is this a long game? How many hours does it take to complete it? I hope a lot.
Yes I have only 1 cat..he is cute..My daughter's name is Catherine so we call her Cats,,her friends call me Cat's mom... smile
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Re: Zanzarah - 03/17/03 11:18 PM

No, you can't add mana or anything else during a fight. Do you know you can switch out your fairies during the fight though? If one of them is getting low in life or mana, you can switch to another one by using your page up and page down keys.
Where are you in the game now? If you have several fairies, you must have had some battles. You have to have a globe for each one you catch, and then you'll have plenty of opportunity!
There are pixies scattered throughout the game. Often you can hear them rather than see them, and have to find out where those giggles are coming from! Some are hard to get to, being up on high hills.
If you stop to look at everything, like JMK and I did when we played it, you will have it to play for quite some time! So glad you're having fun.
And - if you ever find yourself wondering what to do next, look at your map - there will be exclamation marks where you need to go to further the story line.
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Re: Zanzarah - 03/19/03 06:47 AM

Hi there to all. I have been playing this game for a little while now. I have 3 fairies, but my biggest question is: Supposedly when I catch a fairy in a globe, I am go to to London to retrieve it, correct? But so far the three fairies I have captured have shown up directly on my fairy choice, and I go right to work training them. I have traveled back and forth to London a couple of times, but to me, it doesn't seem to be a necessary step. Am I missing the big picture here or what????? I am really puzzled about this, so I would truly appreciate an answer. Thanks so much!
Posted by: JMK

Re: Zanzarah - 03/19/03 07:28 AM

Hi Snowshoe:

I think you have slots for 5 fairies to carry around with you. After you fill up those slots, the the ones you collect later will show up in London. You can go back and forth to London whenever you like, but it's not necessary to "take" your new fairies there. (Someone correct me here if I'm remembering wrong!)

You do have to go to London, though, to switch your current fairies with any that you've left in London, when you're ready to do so.

You don't have to go back to switch the order of fairies in your current panel. I believe you just arrow them up and down.

Hope this helps! smile

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Re: Zanzarah - 03/21/03 09:56 PM

Can you get rid of some fairies, I have 2 lana's and 2 of the one that starts with a c.I thought if I captured them they wouldnt attack me again, I sure was wrong about that.Still having fun.. smile
Posted by: nickie

Re: Zanzarah - 03/22/03 01:59 AM

As soon as you capture more, you can drop the dupes off in London, but you can't get rid of them. Glad you're having fun! Where are you in the game?
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Re: Zanzarah - 03/25/03 10:55 AM

Hello again, I have almost been playing this game non stop. wow what a game. I am at the tower of dwarfs, I have beaten all the dwarfs with my fairies. Now I have a couple of questions.
1. What is a psi fairy? I need one to do another duel.
2.Where do I find a stone to remove boulders that are blocking my way?
3. What is a good fairy combination?
I have been playing this game so much I have trouble falling asleep, I get dizzy..too much playing I guess..and I even dream of it..but its so addicting..just one more level lol
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Re: Zanzarah - 03/25/03 11:34 AM

I think you were suppose to get the earth card when you defeated the dwarves. Then just need to have a stone fairy in the first slot. Just like a nature fairy to remove the weeds. Remember where you fought the last dark fairy before going to the dwarf's tower? Turn right instead and go all the way down. To the right will be a cave and when you go in will say dark caves. Will find psi fairies there. I just try to have one of everything. Will need eventually one air, rock, fire, and the nature fairy though once you clear all the obstacles won't need it any more. Rafi will tell you that you need to evolve some fairies. The only ones that you can evolve are tinfoils, pfoe, metal, and dracwin. If you have evolution cards use one each on the tinfoils. Can only use tools of the dwarves on the metal.
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Re: Zanzarah - 03/25/03 11:49 AM

Catsmom, what duel are you talking about? I never used a psi fairy in my line up, but I might have used a psi spell.
As far as the best combination of fairies, that is a subject of great debate! I did bring in different fairies at some points in the game to make a duel easier, but my main ones were one stone, two nature, one evolved metal (twice with the tools)and the tinefoil (evolved with the fire stone). My best fairies were the stone and one of the nature, but they were both using fire spells.
What are you using?
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Re: Zanzarah - 03/25/03 03:11 PM

As you leave the dwarfs tower going right up the cliff there is another (Ithink) dark fairy, he says he wont fight me unless I have a psi fairy in my deck.I have 14 fairies not one of them is a psi fairy.I already evolved the tinfoil with the fire stone(Ithink), the caves are very confusing, I seem to be going around in circles. I did find a spot where there are 2 glowing items and a space to put a 3rd, but I dont know what to do here.I think I better start drawing some maps.I just need to find that thing that will let me remove these boulders.
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Re: Zanzarah - 03/25/03 06:11 PM

Oh, sorry, I had forgotten about that. But I think it is mainly to steer you away from that part until you have become stronger. Down in the flatlands where you started on the way to the dwarfs tower, is a guy who has one for sale. But like you said, it sounds like you have other things to do first, including removing the boulders. You do know you can look at your map and see where you need to go next, right? Anywhere you need to go to further the story line will have exclamation marks.
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Re: Zanzarah - 03/25/03 06:19 PM

Oh no, why oh why did I read this strand?????
I am loving DD, but this one sounds like fun too.
Sigh, My momma told me it would come to this one day, I wind up a RPGer

Playing Divine Divinity and Post Mortem, well it's
on the puter, but DD is winning hands down.
Posted by: nickie

Re: Zanzarah - 03/25/03 06:46 PM

PCE, I have never seen a more beautiful game than Zanzarah bravo JMK and I went from playing it to DD, and I'm afraid those two have spoiled us, trying to find something similar.
Posted by: JMK

Re: Zanzarah - 03/25/03 08:09 PM

nickie is so right about us being spoiled by Zanzarah and DD. I'm playing Neverwinter Nights, which some people have loved, and it's ok, but not up to par with these other two. If I would have played it first, I'd have enjoyed it more.

Regarding psi fairies, they are useful in a few places, but I don't remember where I used them. I switched my fairies around constantly depending on who I was fighting. The psi fairies are the ones that can zap you to a different spot during battle. It's kind of fun to have one and do it to someone else!

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Re: Zanzarah - 03/25/03 11:40 PM

I have made it to the Ice Caves.But I still havent found the card to get rid of the boulders..In the Ice cave I am getting errors, and being put back to the desktop. So I have been saving alot. The dwarf or dark being, is really hard to beat..I have one guy up to level 50 and we still cant win..Is the earth card in the dark caves??I am ejoying this game alot, I hope DD is the same. I have put in over 30 hours in this there a walkthrough so I can peak at where the earth card is?? smile smile smile smile
Posted by: nickie

Re: Zanzarah - 03/26/03 01:35 AM

Catsmom, you get the earth card in the Realm of the Clouds. There's a decent walk through at (no longer available) - Remember it is not just leveling up your guys that makes you win, but paying attention to what spells they have, and what the other guy has. You can beat stronger fairies if you have the spells that they don't have a resistance to.
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Re: Zanzarah - 03/26/03 09:39 AM

Looked at the fight effectiveness screen and figure you only need four types of spells and can beat any combination of fairies.
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Re: Zanzarah - 03/26/03 08:33 PM

This thread is so long I hope someone reads this. I am in the Ice Caves and I found a Dwarf and he said if I get rid of 4 fairies he can leave. I have found 3 and cant find the 4th. I looked at the walkthrough for help and it says to use the water conch(sp).Everytime I try to use it, it says this item cannot be used. Is the walkthrough wrong? Please help. Thanks wave wave
Posted by: acornia

Re: Zanzarah - 03/26/03 10:22 PM

Climb up by the waterfall though first need to trigger a step to appear. Should be off to the right of the fall in a dark corner.
Posted by: nickie

Re: Zanzarah - 03/26/03 11:10 PM

Did you find it, Catsmom? I remember there was one out of the way in a corner, and it took a real search to find it.
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Re: Zanzarah - 03/26/03 11:13 PM

Thanks smile smile smile whoever thought of climbing a water fall..I found the trigger for the step, and was wondering why it was there... eek now just got to go find that place again, I get lost so easily smile
Posted by: JMK

Re: Zanzarah - 03/26/03 11:37 PM

That was definitely a hard fairy for me to find, also. I spent hours and hours in that cave looking for the right spot to trigger it. I'm glad you got through ok! smile

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Re: Zanzarah - 03/26/03 11:41 PM

nope didnt work, must have the wrong trigger! It was just a stepping stone. I tried climbling the waterfall and nada..cant climb it..Are there supposed to be steps in the waterfall to climb? Do you start at the bottom and try to climb up??Or in the middle?Is the step I am supposed to trigger is it with the green glowing little lights? by the dwarf??
Posted by: nickie

Re: Zanzarah - 03/27/03 01:34 AM

No, Catsmom, look in the corners, near the waterfall (not in the waterfall itself). If my memory is correct, the one I had trouble finding was in a corner at the front of the cave (where you came in) on the left side. I got up by the stepping stone, and hugged the wall all the way to the front. I had to go into the corner smack into the wall to engage it. Is that the one you're missing? I remember it took what felt like forever to find it. Just try sticking to the wall as best you can, using the conch to call it.
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Re: Zanzarah - 03/27/03 10:55 AM

I finally got it! smile I walked that cave forever till that Conch showed up,that fairie was the easist to beat.Now its upwards to the clouds. smile I have 42 hours into this game, its the longest game I have played so far and I love it.I now have 2 fairies to level 59, This game reminds me of the old Super Nintendo games I used to love.I have DD are there any more like this one??I will buy them all smile smile
Posted by: JMK

Re: Zanzarah - 03/27/03 12:48 PM

I wish I could find a game as good as Zanzarah and Divine Divinity. So far, no luck. I think these two have that something special that's hard to beat. lol