Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb

Posted by: LSHAW3457

Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 03/29/03 05:59 AM

If you haven't grabbed up this game, or pre-ordered it yet, and if you're an Indy fan, you might wanna rush out this weekend and pick it up. It's a pretty good game. Granted, the graphics are nowhere near those of Omega Stone, Arx Fatalis, etc., but it's a great adventure/action game. The controls are a little difficult to get use to compared to Infernal Machine and others, but all the's definitely worth the $29.99

I'm wanting to know if there's anyone out there playing this game, and if they know of any PC cheats? Saving in this game is impossible on your own (which is extremely frustrating if you're having a difficult time getting past any particular area....if you die, you have to retrace your steps according to the "auto save" from your last spot). A patch for this would be great, allowing the gamer to save at least once during any particular level.

Any news out there?
Posted by: Barb

Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 03/29/03 06:37 AM

Amen, Linda!

The save system stinks! I've managed to get to level 2 & I killed all the hunters once, but it's frustrating having to do it all over again if I quit the game.

I'm having a hard time getting anywhere in level 2. I swung over to the other side, but I can't get to the box. I can't make him walk or sneak around the corner, so he keeps falling off the ledge. Do you know how to make him walk? I'm getting irritated watching him run all over the place! I see that "left alt" is supposed to toggle run/walk,and "e" is supposed to make him hug the wall, but they don't work.

Other than that, I think it would be a great game.

Hope we can get some dialog going & see what everyone else thinks of the game.

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Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 03/29/03 06:40 AM

Yes, well, sorta! lol

I've customized the controls on the keyboard (not using a gamepad or joystick) so that to enable him to walk, I use the ` key (above the TAB key). Hold that key down and he'll walk while you point him in the direction you want him to go.

I believe that the DEFAULT WALK key is the LEFT SHIFT key, but not sure. CHeck your OPTIONS/CONTROLS and scroll down the list. It's the last one...
WALL HUG is (by default) Q and X, I think. Check those, too.
Posted by: Barb

Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 03/29/03 07:05 AM

Thanks, Linda, I'll try it. I thought I WAS using the left alt, X, and Z, but nothing seems to work. I reconfigured the keyboard so I could use the arrow keys for movement, but he just runs so fast that it's hard to make him go where I want him to! smile

How far have you gotten? I THINK I need to get to that box hanging by a rope at the opposite end of the hunter's camp. I'd sure like to finish this level, but I imagine it's just going to get worse!

Posted by: LSHAW3457

Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 03/29/03 07:07 AM

Well, I'm still on Level 1, but I'm at the Idol of Kouru Matu (sp?)...I have to defeat a HUGE crocodile and then make my way across a broken bridge to the idol and the exit.... This is level 1I, I think. You can find a walkthrough at this location, if you're interested.
Posted by: Barb

Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 03/29/03 07:17 AM

Hi Linda
I'm trying to play without a WT. I guess I'm still on level 1, then. Hopefully it starts over at the "sublevels" so you don't have to play the whole level over.

Posted by: LSHAW3457

Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 03/29/03 07:19 AM

Yes, as soon as you see a CUT SCENE, you'll know that you've auto saved.
I'm not using the walkthrough, but I found it and posted it on my Adventure Games Website for others. I only know the location (Level 1I) because I didn't hear what Indy said (about the Idol).....
Posted by: Singer

Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 03/29/03 07:57 AM

Hi, Linda and Barb.

Glad to hear you're liking the game (over and over wink ). So far, the only PC cheat is a completely useless one (so far as gameplay in concerned) that unlocks an art gallery. Can't see how that will help the save situation. laugh laugh

I'm afraid that save issue will result in me waiting quite a while for the game. rolleyes Idiotic decision by LucasArts.

Posted by: Barb

Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 03/29/03 08:25 AM

Hi Jack,

Do you think they'll ever actually do it? I know several people who aren't going to buy the game because of that one glaring fault.

Still trying to figure out how to hug a wall,

Posted by: joanieS

Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 03/29/03 08:56 AM

Linda, You might want to tell gamers where to get the game for $29.99. I paid $39.99.
Gee, I'm glad to hear others are having trouble moving around with this game. Found the only way to walk (which I really need to do to learn how to operate everything) is to constantly hold down the toggle switch. Also, wish that the first person view did not require one to constantly hold down a key. I would like to have the choice of first or third person view.
Went back to Omega Stone and will try Indy again when I finish Omega.
I was wondering if the way this game is set up has anything to do with the fact that it is also an X Box game.
Will have to reconfigure the keys also. I, too, was thinking about changing the movement keys to the arrows. Please let me know if you solve that problem of Indy running too fast by using those keys for movement.
Posted by: Singer

Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 03/29/03 09:16 AM

Good point, Joanie. I was under the impression the game carried the higher price tag, too.

Barb, I can't answer that question until I start to hear some mass feedback. Only (and I mean ONLY) if this game gets hammered for its save feature will LucasArts consider a fix. Otherwise, for the occasional people like those you know, the Indy name will still sell itself. Besides, I'm sure the greater concern is the console sales, so the PC version will be largely an afterthought (if it wasn't, they'd have made it "properly" in the first place! mad )

So my inclination is to say no, but I'm hoping!! happydance happydance

Posted by: Barb

Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 03/29/03 09:35 AM

OK, Joanie, I'll let you know if I figure it out, & you tell me if you do! Using the arrow keys for movement makes it much easier for me, because that's what I'm used to. I can't make him walk even holding down the toggle switch. I could probably get through the game even with the awkward controls & the save problem, but if the controls don't work like they're supposed to, I'll have to hang it up!

Linda, did you get that alligator yet?

Posted by: LSHAW3457

Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 03/30/03 05:14 AM

Actually, Barb, you can't kill the crocodile. It's a difficult part, that's for sure. When you reach the Idol of Kaoru Matu, move to the left of the screen, watch the crocodile until he goes behind the idol island (in the middle of the water), jump in and immediately swim to the left (there's an opening there) and again, get out of the water on the left. Go up, pull a lever and then jump in the water again (there's a glitch here, or at least in my game because the crocodile stays swirling in circles in the water and leaves me alone!) and move to the cages that lowered at the top of the surface of the water. Jump up on top of the first cage, and then over to the 2nd cage. From here you have to jump to a chain hanging from the ceiling and then jump to another chain before jumping to a ledge. I can't figure out to jump from one chain to another.

I have my controls set as follows (which I have to reset to default each time I swing from a vine or rope because he won't "swing" back and forth with the W or the S keys):
Forward = up arrow
Back = down arrow
Left = left arrow
Rigt = right arrow
Primary Attack = Left Ctrl key
Secondary Attack = Left Shift key
Draw/Put away weapons = Left Alt key
Action = Tab
Inventory = I (makes sense to me)
Inventory Previous U (left of the I key)
Inventory Next = O (right of the I key)
Inventory Close = K (below I key)
Guard Position = Right Shift Key (never use this one)

Those are most of the controls that I use, but like I mentioned.....whenever I swing on a vine, if I don't jump and grab a ledge or something before he stops swinging, I have to use the escape key and reset controls to default so I can swing with the W and S keys. A real pain in the rear.

I did find out, however, that using the ALT+F4 key is an EASY way to exit the game....since that, too, takes forever.
Posted by: PeggyG

Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 03/30/03 06:39 AM

Just finished that whole rope swinging/crocodile section. If all the subsections (between saves) were like this, this game would have to get shelved until a patch; thankfully, they're not all like this. But for those of you struggling, here are a few things I've found useful for those of us without the reflexes of a 10 year old...

When you have to swing from one vine/chain to another, once you're on the first vine, wait for Indy to stop swinging. When you're stable, use the arrow key to have him climb up a bit. Not too much. It seems the higher you climb, the less you swing. But often you can obtain a better vantage point. Then use the A or D key (or the mouse) to turn Indy so he's facing the next vine dead on.

I have found the W and S keys in this key combination to work great for me to get onto the next vine. I hit W to start the swing forward, then hit S as Indy's butt is coming towards me, then hit W for that last momentum swing and the space bar to jump, making sure to hold onto that W key all the while, and he'll grab the next vine or chain. Experiment with this before you use that space bar. I always check to make sure he'll swing enough by using the W-S-W keys (without the space bar) to judge that he has enough momentum to reach the vine and that I'm pressing the keys at the right moment. If it doesn't look like he has enough momentum, I might go down the chain a bit; or if it looks like he won't reach the chain, I go up a bit. I experiment like this with each and every vine swing, and when I feel confident about it, give it a try for real with the space bar.

Note that I'm using the default keys and I don't remap any.

After doing this section more times than I want to count, I can now do the entire vine/crocodile section without error using this technique.
Posted by: joanieS

Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 03/30/03 09:00 AM

Oh, drats, I am having such a tough time with this game.
Playing with left thumb permanently stuck to the alt key to keep Indy walking and turning without madly running ahead. Having a continuing problem with his face being a gray blob of paint (yes, I have the game at 32 bit). Now, restarting for the 4th time because I quit before it saves anywhere, I have had part of the ceiling (or something) collapse when picking up the machette. At that point, all I can see is the debris that fell instead of Indy. Wherever I move to, its the debris that moves instead of Indy. Any ideas here?
All I want to do at this point is load up the Infernal Machine and fly free with Indy.
Posted by: LSHAW3457

Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 03/30/03 09:07 AM

I understand your frustration completely! Trust me! I've asked Peggy to send her saved game just past the HUGE Crocodile and chain-jumping sequence because I get so frustrated I just hit the ALT + F4 key to exit the game!

Try going into your CONTROL PANEL and set your resolution to 16 Bit or 24 Bit.....THEN go into the game and see if that helps you.... Leave your game set at 32 bit..

Please post back if this works for you...
Posted by: PeggyG

Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 03/30/03 09:40 AM

Joanie, what type of video card do you have?

I gotta say that I had to get used to Indy running all the time. Couldn't play the game with thumb permanently stuck to ALT key. The good news is you can get used to it, just take it in short bursts. I could do it, and I'm a spaz.

The movement is not great in the game. Sometimes you get Indy stuck in a corner or something and you don't see him, you just see the object in front of you or whatever. Whether to hit the "w" key for forward or the "s" key for backward is not very intuitive. Keep your mouse pointed in the direction you want to go and try all the keys (not all at once, one at a time) until you get Indy out of his stuck spot.

Make sure all computer resources are as free as you can make it before starting the game to see if you can get better resolution (Indy's gray face). Disable virus checkers, make sure your video card's antialiasing is disabled (if you have this), don't have any other programs running in the background. If your video card is suboptimal, you may not be able to get good clarity. And what resolution do you have the game set at...1024, 800x600, etc. Lowering that might help you. Oh, and in the game options, disable shadows, as well.
Posted by: joanieS

Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 03/30/03 10:14 AM

Omigosh! Thanks for all the quick advice.
First of all, thanks for the "move the mouse in the direction you want to go" tip. Still stuck in the Infernal Machine mode. Never occurred to me to also use the mouse. What a pain it has been trying to get Indy to go "straight". That has REALLY helped.
Did all the other suggestions and it is worse.
Changed to 16 bit in the control panel. Left it at 32 bit in the game.
Changed resolution to 800 X 600.
Disabled shadows.
I now get the "debris" look when I get close to anything like trees and such. It seems to go into 1st person view at that point.
My video card is 64MB DDR NVIDIA GeForce3 TI 200 graphics card with DVI. I don't know about the antialiasing thing.
Posted by: joanieS

Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 03/30/03 10:52 AM

O.K., went back to 1024 X 768 and 32 bit resolution in both control panel and game options. Put shadow back in. Now, the gray blob of paint on Indy's face is there at certain angles but, at least some of the time I can see his face.
When that "debris" field comes up I get the message:
Abort! An invalid floating point camera matrix was passed to the D3D.
Hope this means something to you all.
Posted by: PeggyG

Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 03/30/03 10:55 AM

Joanie, your video card *is* supported by this game, so you should be good to go. I would keep everything at 32 bit (both the game and the control panel display. I would keep the resolution at 1024x768. I do believe antialiasing is off by default, but you should check it only because it seems Lucasarts mentions antialiasing often as screwing things up visually in this game.

So doublecheck that you have it turned off: Go to Control Panel. Open up DISPLAY. Go to SETTINGS. Go to ADVANCED. You should have a tab for GeForce3; click on that. Click on ADDITIONAL PROPERTIES. The first tab should be antialiasing properties. You should be *either* at "allow applications to control antialiasing" or in the radio button selections below that it should be "off." Either of those options are fine.

You might make sure you have the most current direct X driver (I believe there's one on the Indy disk).

If after doing all this, you still hate the way it looks (and my Indy's face looks like a generic Harrison Ford), you might think about updating your video driver.

But go ahead and up the resolution to 1024 now that I see your card can handle it; maybe that will improve things a bit.
Posted by: Marian

Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 03/30/03 03:33 PM

Peggy, excellent advice on everything. I am taking notes for future reference....although my attempt to play this game would probably resemble nothing so much as a total clown show. lol wave
Posted by: PeggyG

Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 03/30/03 04:09 PM

Marian, there's nothing like trying to play a game a 10 year old can whiz through before his Coca Cola loses its fizz...whereas I have to have a little lie down after outracing a crocodile because my heart is pounding so hard.

I'm still hoping for a save-anywhere patch. They did it with Aliens vs Predator and I think also Vampire the Masquerade. I play a game for fun and not for frustration. But I'll keep on with the game until I hit a real bad sequence. If it's any consolation, I do see that I've gotten better at rope swings after having to do them several times repeatedly to where it's become an art. Sometimes you can teach an old dog!
Posted by: LSHAW3457

Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 03/30/03 04:42 PM

Ditto, Peggy!
I finally got past that dang crocodile and cage/swinging chain sequence, only to be captured by the Germans! Now that's a fine howdy do for ya!

I'm in Prague now, and trying to figure out how to whip past that huge and very, very deep cavern. Did you pass that? And all those blades and stuff, I'm dizzy from all the somersaults I had to do to run and get past those! Geez...

I'm sure, however, that with all the complaining and no doubt e-mails that LucasArts has and will be receiving from folks about complains for stupid control defaults and twitchy controls they'll put out a patch....hopefully for saved games, too.

Playing each sequence over and over makes me mad, and frustrates the you-know-what outta me. I usually get so frustrated and mad I just hit the Alt +F4 to get outta the game quick and take a breather....clean house, vacuum, dust, laundry, cook know, the usual stuff you're supoose to enjoy doing! I slam pots and pans, curse out loud to myself, punish the cat (not really), and a few other things all the while thinking about the game and what I should try next!

Take care and if there's anybody out there who knows ANYTHING about an upcoming patch for ET for saved games or any other patch for this game, PLEASE post here! :-)
Posted by: dadguy

Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 03/30/03 05:20 PM


A few comments for all from my first few sections of this game:

1.) Barb, the "sneak" function where Indy creeps along a ledge seems a bit skittish, but I got it to work. First, make sure you put your whip away (you have just jumped across, so it could be still in your hand). Second, make sure Indy is walking straight into the wall with the gray strip along the bottom and then press the E key (or whatever you have mapped to the ACTION command). You'll know you got it when Indy flips around with his back to the wall. Then just use the RIGHT and LEFT keys to slink him along the ledge. He won't fall so you don't have to be skittish once he is in the "sneak" mode. Click E (ACTION) again to release him from the wall on the other side.

2.) Movement is indeed tough with the way they made the keys work. I have had success with this:
- Use the mouse to continuously have the point-of-view facing the direction you want to walk. Try it... the mouse movement will cause the view to slide LEFT and RIGHT (or UP and DOWN) and this way I keep Indy always facing the direction I want to go, so I only need to press the FORWARD button to move. I still use the WALK button (LEFT ALT) a lot when I am near a place where I can fall. And I use the C button (1st person view)a lot to aim him precisely before a jump.

3.) JoanieS, I haven't had a problem with the graphics going screwy (I'm at 32bit), but I have a pretty hi-end machine. Try 16bit sometime after it saves next.

I am a devotee of the Tomb Raider movement controls, and "The Infernal Machine" was OK. This engine will need some getting used to.

Keep in touch. I will help if I can!

Posted by: Barb

Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 03/30/03 07:46 PM

I finally figured out how to hug the wall. But having to hold down a key while moving to make him walk is really awful. For me, anyway, because I can only use one hand. I'm having a ball with the game so far, even though it's extremely frustrating! I've made it to the 4th sublevel.

Good luck, everyone,
Posted by: LSHAW3457

Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 03/31/03 04:20 AM


Were you ever able to get across that chasm in Prague? I read somewhere where you're suppose to do a RUNNING JUMP and THEN use the WHIP to whip the hook and swing across. I've still NOT been able to get across and to be honest: I'm sick and tired of repeating all those saws and blades to get to that point.

Come on, LucasArts, put out a patch so people can save their games!
Posted by: PeggyG

Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 03/31/03 06:29 AM

Linda, I tried about 10 times yesterday to do that running jump and then use the whip and haven't been able to do it. A couple of times were my many keys! I would jump and forget to snap the whip or jump and snap the whip but not jump high enough. It's awfully discouraging to have to go through the whole maze of traps again and again. It's not fun at that point. Although I'll probably try this again later on today just once or twice, I'm thinking of abandoning Indy until a patch of some kind comes out. This is really a fun game, but if I wanted a game with console features I would have bought an X-Box.

UPDATE: Got the rope swing over the chasm. Moved along only to get to another rope swing...seemingly easy...but fingers didn't move to hit the space key. So I get to do the WHOLE thing again....

Posted by: PeggyG

Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 03/31/03 03:42 PM

Linda, always after deciding to hang the game up I end up getting it and am out of the dungeon in Prague. If you need the savegame, let me know.

The jump over the chasm really isn't as bad as all that. It's a mind thing...when we see this big bad bottomless chasm, we (all right, I) become terrified and our fingers don't want to work right. But you can practice the move on the stairway by the red's a basic W for the run, then hit the space bar when you're just at the edge ready to step off into air, then a quick left mouse click (while always keeping your finger on the W)so Indy's whip grabs the hook. I had to do it an additional three times after that (believe it or not, once because I forgot to equip the whip!) and it became old hat.
Posted by: LSHAW3457

Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 03/31/03 04:17 PM


Thanks for the advice, Peg. Actually, after I posted this morning (which is usually ALWAYS the case), I was able to get over the chasm. However, in my celebration for making it over to the other side, I inadvertently walked off the edge into oblivion! So, I'll give it a few more tries and then I think I too, will hang up this game (and Indy's whip) until I find a patch of some kind for this game!

Thanks for all the advice....taking it with a grain of salt (and alcohol to rub in the wound!). Ouch!
Posted by: LSHAW3457

Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 04/01/03 04:09 AM

Figured out how to hug the walls, finally, and made it across the Chasm and along the thing ledge to the lever. Am now in Prague and out of the Dungeon! Boy, those chains are a pain!

Enjoying the game once again! Ya know, I think there should be an automatic save (since we cannot save on our own) after you've crossed that huge chasm and made it to the lever! Man, what a drag to have to continuously get past the blades and things, only to unsuccessfully try to cross the chasm...

Moving on now..
Posted by: PeggyG

Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 04/01/03 06:34 AM

Yes, the game really is fun! But we need more saves than what the automatic save is doing. I don't want to beat a dead horse about this no-save feature, as everyone agrees it's a bad thing, but it's truly a detriment to what would otherwise be a very fun game. I don't mind trying over and over to master a certain thing but having to redo an entire sublevel is more sometimes than my little heart can take.

In any event, game seems a little easier now. I'm in the library of the castle and moving along...
Posted by: Indy

Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 04/01/03 02:26 PM

Dear Gang:

Good afternoon from Canada! I hope this finds you and yours well.

Barb, you can get Indy to wall hug by walking into the wall that you need to hug and press the "E" key. This'll latch 'im onto the wall. Use your "A" key to sneak around the ledge. When you get to your next wide area, use your "E" key again to disengage him from the wall.
Posted by: LSHAW3457

Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 04/01/03 04:16 PM


I wrote an e-mail to LucasArts complaining specifically about NOT being able to save games whenever a player makes progress in the more difficult sections of the game, AS WELL AS complaining that if a player resets the W key to the UP arrow, Indy will NOT swing back and forth on vines, ropes, whips, or chains.

I got a response from them and they said that I am correct (like we didn't know that already). Anyway, he said that they ARE WORKING ON A PATCH FOR THIS....

Hang tight.... I'm off to Prague again, and working my way through the Alchemy..
Posted by: LSHAW3457

Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 04/02/03 04:28 PM


Have you been able to complete the alchemy area? You know, the 4 doors that you open?

I ask because I was almost at the very end of the Gemini door (the manifesto in the tower), misjudged the jump to the tower room to get the manisfesto and now I'm having difficulty getting back to that same spot. Oh, this makes me so mad when you have to start the ENTIRE level over again just to get to that point.

POINT OF INTEREST: Received another e-mail from LucasArts and they ARE IN THE PROCESS of making a patch that will allow the game player to SAVE in the middle of a least that's what I was told...

Keep those finger's crossed (toes crossed wouldn't hurt either! least not until you get a cramp!!)///
Posted by: joanieS

Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 04/02/03 05:30 PM

Thanks for sending me to The Raven site. It was suggested that I update my display driver. Ahem! Pardon me, for treating my computer like I treat my truck. Can't remember to get the basic maintenance done. Anyway, downloaded an update and my display/graphics problems are solved!! Now, since I can concentrate on playing the game, I think I must have missed finding necessary items along the way. Like, how do you improve the health meter? Drinking water from canteen didn't cut it. Do we need to find kits and leaves and such as in the Infernal Machine? Feel quite relieved that I have made it to the first auto save. Looking forward to a much faster assault on those bad guys now.
Thanks again to you all for your help.
Posted by: PeggyG

Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 04/02/03 06:49 PM

Linda, I just completed all four doors of the clock area and have moved to the next area. Got killed rather promptly so figured it was a good point to stop. The whole clock area was a nice puzzle! Getting the last piece--the soul gem--was something else. I swear I was getting vertigo. My hands were actually getting clammy contemplating the various jumps from high perches.

Joanie, although one does find medkits here and there--and one can use them to restore to full health--the prime source of renewing your health is with the canteen. When you drink from the canteen, make sure that after your choose the canteen from your inventory you hold down the "E" key and keep it held down while you're drinking. Watch the progress of the two bars in the upper left corner...the bottom bar shows the volume of water in the canteen. As you drink, the canteen contents get lower but your health bar should progressively turn green. If the lower bar is empty, that means your canteen needs refilling. Never walk by a water fountain without filling it up.
Posted by: LSHAW3457

Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 04/08/03 07:48 PM

Well, I'm certainly glad you're enjoying the game ET. I am too, but the lack of saves whenever you want to, or at worst....once per level is a drag...a real drag, especially if you're near the end of a level and have to start all over again.

Currently I use the following keys for controling:
1) Up Arrow - forward
2) Down Arrow - Back
3) Left Arrow - left
4) Right Arrow - Right
5) Left CTRL - primary weapon/fighting
6) Left SHIFT - secondary weapon/fighting
7) TAB key - Action
8) Spacebar - jump (default)
9) Inventory open - I (makes sense to me)
10) Inventory left - U (next to the I)
11) Inventory right - O (nect to the I)
12) Inventory Close - K (below I)
13) ~ key (next to the 1) - WALKING

The only problem with using the Up, Down, Left and Right keys to manuever (despite the mouse camera view) is that when you are on a chain, rope, whip, etc., you cannot swing back and forth. To solve that problem, I just jump to the rope (or vine, or whatever), then hit the ESC key and reset the FORWARD key to W (temporarily until I swing where I need to and then jump off). Then I immediately reset the forward key to the Up Arrow again.

It's a real pain in certain areas, but after awhile you get the hang of it...

Now, if I can only get past the Turks throwing grenades at me...
Posted by: Dee6

Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 04/09/03 05:53 PM

Hi everyone.
I've just started the game and I am finding it very difficult. Just to keep Indy in a straight line is so frustrating. I haven't mastered the walk yet. He just runs everywhere and not always in a straight line. I'm trying to get him to line up and jump over a pit. Why didn't Lucasarts use the same keyboard system as in the other Indy games. I was really looking forward to the new game but am beginning to get fed up and go back to one of the other games waiting to be played.
Posted by: Gelert

Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 04/09/03 06:09 PM


Same here ! Just in case I can help, I'll tell you what I've done.

I swopped the forward and backward keys, so that 'S' is now forward and 'W' is backward. Try to only use the 'S' key most of the time and turn Indy using your mouse. Avoid using 'backward' if you can. It helps. Also, I've made the 'left shift' key the walk key, 'cos it's easily reached from 'S'.

I hated the inventory set-up too, so I've put 'open inventory' on 'number pad 0', 'scroll inventory to the right' is the 'number pad .' key, 'close' is the 'Number pad 1' key, and 'left scroll' (rarely use), is the 'number pad 2' key.

If you do try this set-up, persevere for a session or two before you reject it. I'm finding it far easier than the default.

Good luck !

Gelert. smile
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Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 04/10/03 04:02 AM

Just incase anyone is interested.....there IS a cheat code (other than the ALT+F4 to quickly exit the game) that gives Indy unlimited ammo, unlimited "air" underwater, and unlimited weapons. It means editing the "default.cfg" file in the C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Indiana Jones\GameData\Indy folder. Copy the default.cfg file and put it in a safe place for the time being. Then open the one in that folder with Notepad and at the bottom, add: cheats:1 Click on FILE, and SAVE.

I tried it, liked it, but changed it back because I'm already at the Peng Lai Lagoon area and have "suffered" through so much to get here, I don't think I'll keep the cheats.
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Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 04/12/03 11:58 PM


Lacking the ability to save at will, the crafty option of extra ammo and health will help us avoid a frustrating death that leaves us at a save from the previous day. I haven't tried it yet, but if it works, you have done us a great service!

I would rather play without the cheat, but lacking a fair SAVE capability, this is an option to consider.


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Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 04/13/03 07:48 AM

Aah-well ! Finally had it with the keyboard and changed over to the gamepad. Eons better, especially for moving around, and he doesn't get trapped in corners at all. If you've got one see what you think, and if you get the message that you've "same buttons" configured for different actions, don't worry 'cos it hasn't casued problems with me so far anyway !

Gelert. happydance
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Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 04/16/03 03:59 AM

Is there anyone out there who has beaten Von Beck's Revenge, on Level 9? I'm stuck there. Can't outrun and make it safely to the outlit when the tank comes at me...

I'd be grateful if some kind soul could send me a saved game just beyond that point....or when the game "auto saves" for you.
Posted by: PeggyG

Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 04/16/03 06:26 AM

Linda, I just got to Von Beck last night before, well, calling it a night. I'll give it a couple of tries tonight after work and see if I have any luck. We've all got the skill to do this, but it's just too fast! I can only be thankful that they didn't tack this on the end of a long level....
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Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 04/16/03 05:35 PM

Hi 2 PeggyG and thanks again....I am playing the Xbox version and you can't save anywhere on it either....has anyone reached the Iron Cross area, where you finally run into flamethrowers?....I can't even get thru the 1st part..I only have 2 bullets in my luger...tees me off that 2 bullets won't kill someone....I guess you have to reach the alarms before more flamethrowers come out but I am getting fried all the time....I try and slice and dice the flamethrowers but it takes forever to kill them...oh well, will have to keep trying until TRAOD comes out...(if ever).....tks for any reply
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Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 04/16/03 06:09 PM

Paul, it seems to me that any time the alarms go off, even for a *second*, that means the flamethrower guy will come out, so be ready for them.

In the first section there, I think the idea is to be as stealthy as possible. I redid this section several times, and I believe I got it so no alarms were sounded (at least in the first area). Careful waiting and watching where the guards go so you can take them out one at a time is very helpful...and then when they die, they'll usually drop a gun, which you'll need if an alarm does go off and the flamethrowers come after you. If you're where I think you are, you can wait by the boxes (where the section starts) until the guard comes down the stairs and around the corner. Then you hurry up and meet him there and punch him out and take his gun. Hurry up the stairs and into the office area where the guy is looking out the window. You can open the door and use the "C" key to target his head. If you get a head shot when he's unaware, one shot will kill him. There, you've killed two guards with no alarms. I think that's the idea throughout most of this section.

If an alarm goes off, quickly turn it off, dispatch any normal guards quickly, and then just stand your ground with your finger on the "C" key so you can target the flamethrower you know is on the way. It usually takes 4 shots to get him. BTW, in the water where you start off there's some ammunition...I think it was machine gun ammo, but you'll get a machine game shortly.
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Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 04/16/03 07:21 PM

STI, there are no hard and fast rules about starting new threads. If it's a simple question that can be answered easily, using an existing thread would be the way to go. But if you think it's an unrelated topic and you're looking for feedback/discussion, feel free to start a new one. thumbsup

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Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 04/19/03 06:38 AM

I take it then, Peggy, that you got past the Von Beck's Revenge? I'm still stuck there.
I even enabled the cheat for God Mode, and then once the tank ran over me (and thus causing me not to be able to do anything else but watch the tank continue to roll on) I could see a hole in a wall a good long way down the "escape" runway area. Unable to make it past a few of the jumps and whippings, I've more or less given up on finishing the game myself!

Sad to say however, since I am truly a big Indy fan, as are most all of us. But, until a patch comes out to correct the repetitions we have to do in order to finally make it through to another "auto save" level, I'm hanging this one up on the shelf for now. I'll not uninstall the game as of yet, but I do have saves from each of the preceeding levels. I paused my game once I knew I'd made it to another "autosave" level, then copied the file from the C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Indiana Jones Emperor's Tomb\DataFile\Indy\Saves folder on an extra external hard drive I have and into a folder I titled Indy:ET Saves.

Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness should be out soon, and if I can handle just going willy nilly all over the Internet and bide my time until Angel of Darkness is released, I'll survive this one.

I've periodically checked the LucasArts website for patches and updates to Emperor's Tomb, but as of this writing, there are no patches. I can't even get them to respond to my e-mails. Gregory, at has told me several times that as far as he knows, they ARE working on a save game patch, but nothing new other than that.

Hang in there folks.
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Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 04/19/03 07:27 AM

Linda, see my post at the Von Beck's Revenge note. I know I could have gotten this obstacle course eventually, but it was taking such a terrible toll on my nerves, my game enjoyment, my general zippy-de-doo-dah attitude of life. I got close enough to see the end of the farthest point was just two jumps away from the end point on the second obstacle course...but it became too hard to fight the game. The actions, as I've stated, were never a problem. At this point, we're all whip-toting crickets and can jump anywhere. But having to fight the game controls was too much.

I did skip the level (details in the above post) and got to the next. But I gotta say that after doing the Von Beck level so many times (I said 100 in my post but I suspect it was much more), I feel a part of me really got eaten away and even though I'm on that last level I just can't face having to replay a level anymore. I'll wait for the patch and play something else. And if the patch doesn't come out, I had fun.
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Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 04/19/03 09:06 AM

Amen to PeggyG's sentiments. I am STILL in Ceylon. After trying two or three times and having to then redo AGAIN, I am leaving this game for days at a time before I have the energy to go back.
Given that complaint, I would like to know exactly where Indy throws a skull to get across the fire pit under the guardians. Going back and redoing that segment 5 times just to turn Indy in another direction to try another throw has gotten to be just too much to randomly throw a skull a sixth time.
Posted by: SewTiyardIndy

Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 04/19/03 11:18 AM

Amen, Singer! That is the experience with this game - the unending repeats of the same level, ad infinitum. You know it has put me off platforms. I wish I had spent my money on Omega Stone. I liked Riddle of the Sphinx. Not currently stuck but although it is Saturday and I can play for hours if I want - I am not. I am up to the Emperors Tomb level where you have to throw skulls to distract orbs - anybody who thought the guardian bats are tough, wait for this fun! frown

My last sticky part wasn't a jumpwhip - it was fighting the bad camera/controls on the scaffolds in the Dragon Fortress, relatively easy jumps made difficult by a wacko camera.

Although it hardly as bug-ridden as say TRChronicles it has just been so not worth it
Posted by: LSHAW3457

Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 04/20/03 07:08 PM

Unfortunately, SewTiyardIndy, I have to disagree with you. Sure, I DO agree that the camera angles make things more difficult at times, and getting the run/then double-whipping, chain climbing, jumping from one chain to another, then whipping again, running, etc., is tedious and monotonous when you continuously die, BUT the game is definitely worth playing. Of course, this is only my opinion, but being the diehard Indy fan that I am (I've played 'em all, including PS2 versions of the same games I've completed on PC and a few others that aren't available on PC), I really do like these types of games.

I'm holding out hope that LucasArts will follow through with their promise to put out a patch for saves, and perhaps for the awkward left-handed keyboard controls as well. We all know that this game was originally made for PlayStation 2 and Xbox systems, so the autosaves are a "gimme" for those game systems, but definitely NOT for PC's.

Perhaps, if more of us wrote nasty letters (not really nasty, just making our point known) to LucasArts about the awkward keyboard default controls and the lack of ability to save whenever we want, we'll get a faster response. Personally speaking, I've written to them 3 times and received a response all 3 times, with promises that it's "in the works", and "we're looking into that."

Hang tight, folks... Help is soon on the way. For those reading this message who have NOT played Indy: Emperor's Tomb.....don't give up on the game, please. Give it a whirl. After a few levels, getting a grip on the controls for the keyboard that YOU set as YOUR preference isn't too bad. You get the hang of it.

Still an Indy fan....always an Indy fan....just disappointed in the way this one was released with PS2 and Xbox default controls...
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Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 04/21/03 06:16 PM

Marian, you know, some games handle these console-type autosaves a whole lot better than others. I just started Enclave, formerly a console game, on the PC. This game has checkpoints spread out, so even if you're just starting at a new area, if you ignore the baddies and run like the dickens to find and activate the checkpoint, you're good. Even if you die, you'll regenerate at the checkpoint and can continue your game without needing to redo anything. And so many of Indy's redo's involved difficult actions that became more anxiety provoking when having to redo, and the joy of seeing a certain area for the first time and accomplishing these fun feats quickly deteriorated into dread and frustration when you'd be faced with constant do overs.

Indy had moments of great fun and had some cute little puzzles, but I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone unless a save patch comes out. It became way too disheartening after a while. I think Indy as is would probably fulfill a spot in some gamer's hearts...those who might normally choose "ironman" mode. For those of us who work hard and need a little fun on our off hours, this type of save for this type of game just doesn't work. I don't want to work at having fun!
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Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 04/26/03 12:39 PM

Dumb question here since no one else seems to have had to ask. How do you save a game at a point where you CAN save a game? I see there are slots for different saved games so there must be some way to do this. In the beginning somewhere I was able to save one game with my own title. Am now doing Prague and thought perhaps there would be a chance to label a new saved game for that level, but there is still only the one game I initially was able to save. Does this make sense?
<img border="0" title="" alt="[Confused]" src="confused.gif" />
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Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 04/27/03 05:27 AM

You can't, that's just it! They give you all these slots for saved games, but unless you start at NEW game and make progress to the automatic save section of a level, you saved game slots will remain with however many games you've started new...
Rediculous, isn't it?
Posted by: joanieS

Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 04/27/03 07:24 AM

So, are you saying when you make progress to the automatic save section of any level you CAN save with your own title in the next save game slot? If so, how do you do that? Or, are you saying even with all those save slots no one can save more than one game and that is only when you reach the first automatic save section for the entire game? Does everyone only have one save slot filled in through the entire game? Sorry to be so dense.
Posted by: LSHAW3457

Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 04/27/03 07:33 AM

What I'm saying is this:
1) The saved slots are mostly for PS2 and XBOX versions, although they appear in the PC version.
2) You'd have to start a NEW GAME and then make progress, and reach an "auto save" section before it would show up in the save slot.
3) There are tons of saved slots, but they don't do any good unless you start NEW GAMES and make progress to auto save levels.
Posted by: PeggyG

Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 04/27/03 11:22 AM

Joanie, the general intent of this PC version of Indy is, yes, to have just one savegame show up when you load up your game. Your continual progress is added on to your savegame. So when you load up your game "Joanie" (I'm assuming that's what you called your game), you'll be at the start of whatever level you're up to. I only have the one "peggy" game when I load Indy up, even though I'm at the last level of the game. You don't physically need to SAVE your game. The game will do it automatically for you by adding on whatever new level you've actually finished.

Keep in mind, though, if you ever want to replay a level you've already played, you can do so just by opening up your "joanie" game and then using the arrows to go back and forth to choose which level you would like to replay. I assume you can do this to pick up any artifacts you missed first time around or just for the dubious fun of replaying. But just to answer your question, yes, you'll just have the one savegame throughout your entire Indy game.

All those extra savegame slots can go to family members! Get your hubby, Mel Gibson, to play! Get your brother, Russell Crowe, to play! Get your favorite uncle, Daniel Day-Lewis to play! Oops, sorry, those are MY family members. But you get the idea....
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Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 04/28/03 09:30 AM


I think I've reached the breakpoint. Such a simple place to fail...

I can not for the life of me get Indy to double-whip his way across the crawlspaces where he has to release the Gondola brakes in the Peng Lai Mountains. I tired different timing, I tried stopping at the first grab and getting my bearings before swinging onward... he just doesn't seem to be able to catch that second ring. It is particularly frustration because I have to replay the whole thing to get just one shot at failure.

Did anyone else have this problem? I have been able to handle the double-whip jumps everywhere else, but here, he can't seem to catch the second ring.


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Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 04/28/03 07:47 PM

I remember I got through it fine the first time I was confronted with it. Then of course after doing the sublevel 50 times or so it became more difficult. I remember you just have to be quick with it. No tricky run jump to speak of. The sublevel is one of the more enjoyable ones so I would stay stick with it a while longer.

I haven't Indied in almost two weeks now. But if I remember correctly there isn't too much to this level before that double whip so you should manage to got enough shots at it before you can't stand the site of the same 2,4,6 nazis.

SewTiyardIndy (two weeks and counting)
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Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 04/29/03 08:22 PM


On your advice (and because I hate to quit) I did go back and try again. After failing 20 times, this time I was successful going both ways and I have no idea why... I did nothing really different. It was such a triumph! I almost blew it after making the hard double-whip jumps when I jumped too far with the rope swing near the end and overshot the catwalk; but I survived the fall.

And you were right, it was worth it to get to the gondola ride and the gunning of the fighter planes. Great fun!

Thanks for the inspiration!

Posted by: joanieS

Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 04/30/03 02:19 PM

Thanks for the save info. I think I finally got that. Now, as to the artifacts. Is it one per level? AND, how the heck do you access the zip line? Have gone through the whole schmear in the Prague section leading up to the zip line THREE TIMES only to have Indy fall to his death because he can't grab onto that line. Thanks, you all out there!!!!!
Posted by: PeggyG

Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 04/30/03 02:45 PM

Joanie, the zip line is an automatic thing. All you have to do is get close enough to it and then hit your action key (the default being the "E" key). The game takes over for you and has Indy ride the line. You don't physically need to jump, whip, or perform contortions. If you hit "E" and Indy doesn't do anything, move him around a little to get to an optimum point.
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Re: Indy Jones: Emperor's Tomb - 04/30/03 02:50 PM

Rats!!!!! Thought it was like jumping on a rope. Thanks. Sigh.