Divine Divinity Started

Posted by: syd

Divine Divinity Started - 06/08/03 06:26 PM

And I already have a question laugh

When I woke up in Joram's hut (and which other game is his voice used????? - It's driving me bugs - it's an adventure game) and I could hear his voice (obviously) but now none of the the other characters I "talk" to have voices - you just read - I can hear them when they talk to each other however. Is this the way the game is supposed to be?

Okay I lied - I have two questions - somehow I gave my whimpy wizard an axe and now I can't seem to put the sucker down. I just got through running around slashing at poor little bunnies - luckily I didn't get any of them rolleyes I cannot figure out how to take the axe out of her hand so she's going around smashing things and pissing people off lol
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Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/08/03 06:35 PM

bravo I know it is going to be wonderful hearing your comments about the game, and already you are showing your delightful wit. To answer - yes, that is the way the game is, because of the huge amount of dialog, only some of it is out loud, which can be a goose out of the middle of silence laugh You have an icon on your interface (uh, just right of center, I think) that shows you ready for battle or being peaceful, and you just click it to change it from one to the other (and you autmatically will pick up the active weapon or drop it). If you forget, no doubt there are several characters who will remind you wink
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Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/08/03 07:05 PM

Thanks nickie - I'll look for that icon. I really don't need to be chasing after small furry mammals with a double bladed axe laugh

I'd just like to know how the heck I gave it to her in the first place. But it did come in handy when I was smashing my way through barrels in the well and I even somehow killed a skeleton (I know, I know - how do you kill something already dead) wave
Posted by: JMK

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/08/03 08:55 PM

Hi syd:

I'm glad you're playing DD! It's a fascinating game, with a lot of side quests, along with the main one. It will keep you occupied for some time.

I had the same question about the speech when I started, and, nickie is right, that's just the way the game is made.

Have fun! smile

Posted by: Schwab35

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/08/03 09:28 PM

Syd, the game auto-equips your character if nothing is already in that slot, so I'm thinking you didn't have a weapon equipped already, so the game put the axe in your weapon slot automatically.
Like Nickie said, click the button to get out of combat mode.
If you want to put the axe in your inventory, you have to open your inventory AND your weapon/armor paper doll screen and drag it to your inventory from there.
I love DD!
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Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/08/03 10:17 PM

Hi Schwab - I discoverd that very fact when another furry little bunny came hopping by and an axe all of a sudden appeared in my hand and this time I killed it!!!! Arrrgggghhhhh - Seems I needed it for "meat" lol
Posted by: hagatha

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/09/03 12:48 AM

Watch what you kill by mistake. The whole race will take offense (except rats - they don't seem to mind). You really don't want to spend the game being attacked by cats and dogs.
Posted by: nickie

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/09/03 02:55 AM

Hagatha is so right! And don't kill the healer's pigs, no matter what the game tells you to do.
Posted by: syd

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/09/03 08:38 AM

Thanks for the warning - I didn't even mean to kill the bunny - before I knew what was happening I had the axe in my hand and the bunny was dead meat so to speak - I didn't hit a button (that I recall). Just don't tell me I need to kill the rats for food - yech - I was grossed out enough taking the meat, cheese and bread from the well - all I could think of was "I'm not eating that" especially when I saw the critters running around down there.

Haven't seen the healer's pig yet - but I promise not to get a hankering for pork chops laugh

One thing I do have to get used to - this is the first game I've played where I can get caught walking into someone's house and taking stuff. A lizard guy got real upset at me for strolling in when he wasn't home and helping myself to what was on the table, and I also got caught taking a herb from Lanilor's garden without permission - I of course said I didn't know who's garden that was since there wasn't a sign rolleyes Looks like I need to curb my "take anything that's not nailed down" tendencies <img border="0" title="" alt="[Razz]" src="tongue.gif" />
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Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/09/03 09:33 AM

Congrats on starting Divine Divinity, Syd! wave You better be careful that you don't pick up anything around guards. They'll catch you at it even if they're not looking. They also will be a bit nicer to you once your reputation goes up. Mine is at 7 for reputation right now. I also have a level 12 warrior at the moment. Have fun killing the orcs. They deserve every slashing and thrashing that they can get! Good luck with the game! I'm still have fun with my warrior! wave wave

P.S. You are allowed to give your mage anything you want from weapons to spells to the stealth skill.
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Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/09/03 11:36 AM

Level 12 huh mackie? My whimpy wizard just made level 2, which I guess is why I could massacre a poor defenseless bunny lol
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Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/09/03 02:18 PM

Hi syd:

The food looks gross, but will help restore some strength. Not a whole lot, but some. Experiment around with different things. I think I remember chicken doing the most. smile

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Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/09/03 02:23 PM

There's a funny thing about playing the wizard, Syd - he/she seems to get less hungry than the other characters, so maybe you won't have to hold your nose and gulp too often! Have you visited crazy Mordaneus yet?
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Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/09/03 02:53 PM

Syd lol
Shocked, just a little. Not very understanding these folks.
I loved this game, it opened a whole new world to me I never thought I'd be involved in, save, save save that was how I got of so many jams!!
Have fun, it's GREAT!! laugh
Posted by: audrey522

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/09/03 07:45 PM

Syd -

Definitely listen to Hagatha. Cats will make your life miserable if you've killed their kind. Dogs too...it's easy to accidently kill things you shouldn't. Don't kill any thieves in the catacombs or the poor citizens will also turn on you. Stick to killing monstery things. Also boars and wolves are ok because you get meat. I just couldn't bring myself to kill bunnies. There was plenty of other protein available. wave


PS: Just close your eyes, click your heels together and say "There's no place like Morrowind". Hee hee.
Posted by: syd

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/09/03 10:18 PM

Hi nickie - yep, I've talked to Mordaneus (he's the one that turned Lanilor into an ice sculpture, right?). I did figured out how to get down into the catacombs but I'm missing a key to open a gate so I came back up. I also talked to otho and just found Goemoe's healing shrine. I think I know what I need to do - we'll see laugh

About the food - I found a piece of cheese in the well and also saw the rats. I thought I could catch the rats using the cheese (why I wanted to catch the rats I have no idea) so I clicked on the cheese thinking I would pick it up - well, I ate it rolleyes I wasn't sure if it was rancid and would make me sick so I started that part over thumbsup
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Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/09/03 10:25 PM

Oh, I killed a few bunnie too and cats and thieves I did just about everything you weren't suppose to do eek
but I had a great time doing it.
I thought the same way about cheese-didn't look good, nope didn't try to catch a rat that one is totally yours lol
I'm so glad you're having a good time, believe me it only gets better and better laugh
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Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/10/03 06:37 AM


You can kill bunnies,frogs,bees,wasps,boars,wolves for experience points.
Boars,wolves will give you meat.
I am level 22 in all 3 games I am playing now and so far, there are very few dogs and cats in the area but they also give you meat if you need it.
Eating is part of this game but you can also buy you meat and bread from merchants.
If you press the letter C you can also equip your weapon and be ready for battle.
Left clicking will make you use your weapon and right clicking is for you magic.
First you have to decide which magic you will be using.
I use Meteorstrike a lot because it only costs 2 to use. The number changes as you get stronger in that magic.
Posted by: Skinter

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/10/03 09:45 AM

Also, Lightning Strike is good on the Wardrummer's when you run into them. Remember to keep right-clicking to use your magical abilities on the wardrummers when you attack them. They have their own restoration powers that makes them invulnerable weapons. So, I wouldn't even bother attacking them up front and personal. The wardrummers work with the orcs. So, if you ever see one with the the orcs and you're not ready to attack it. The best thing to do is be a chicken and run away!!!!!!!!! laugh laugh laugh laugh
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/10/03 09:57 AM

Yes, that little drummer boy was the first one I went after when I leveled up. wink I also discovered, quite by accident that if you in fact face him, not his back, you can kill him faster. I had one that chased me everywhere, even inside a tavern. Left me alone while I was-er-conducting business, but then chased me when I was done. Very polite these monsters, they let you do your business, rather it be talking, sleeping or picking up goodies then on you like a swarm of bees! And no one else seems to notice them! happydance
Playing Ghost Master-a real screamer! bravo
Posted by: nickie

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/10/03 10:37 AM

In the beginning stages, freeze is very good as well - since if you are attacked by something too tough, or too many of them, you can freeze and run!
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/10/03 02:53 PM

Laughing at Nickie, lol
she's right when all else fails freeze them and run like the wind-or go over and beat them up! Me, I ran <img border="0" title="" alt="[Razz]" src="tongue.gif" />
Playing Morrowind
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Both games a true gems in the gaming world laugh
Posted by: syd

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/10/03 03:44 PM

Freeze and run - hey, I learned how to do that in Quest for Glory V. Finally a skill I know how to use lol lol
Posted by: JMK

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/10/03 04:27 PM

I got the drummer boy with the life leech spell. It's not a nice one, but it does the job. Suck the life out until he's almost gone and then hit him with freeze or whatever you have.

Posted by: syd

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/10/03 08:47 PM

Ah oh I think I screwed up already. If you drop the teleporter stone down can you pick it back up and put is somewhere else? I put it down by the entrance to the catacombs and it transports me right into the middle of a hoard of skeleton archers and being the whimpy wizard that I am I die immediately rolleyes I also stepped outside the gates and watched Sir Seth (I think that's his name) wipe out orcs and tell me to go back inside the gate. Can I wander around outside or will that tick Sir Seth off? There is gold sitting out there just waiting for me to pick it up and I can't find anything else to do inside except find the key to the catacomb and I can't find that critter anywhere.

Can one of you fine ex-DDer's give this poor lost wizard a nudge?

Oh I also got the gem from the healing shrine - should I have?

Oh again - I'm writing down most of the info found in the books - is it necessary? <img border="0" alt="pacify" title="" src="graemlins/pacify.gif" />
Posted by: nickie

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/10/03 10:53 PM

Nope, you don't need to write down a thing. Yes, you were supposed to take the gem - do you know why you need it? (You can heal one person with it, or...you can think about how to duplicate it to make two and get more points!- yell if you want a nudge, I think that's hard).
Next time you go outside the gates, Sir Whoozits won't say a thing. If you run into too many orcs, run back to him and he'll fight them with you (but you only get the points for the ones you kill yourself).
Are you saying you haven't figured out how to get into the main dungeon? One of the characters should give you a big clue (again, yell if you need a nudge).
Sure you can pick up the transporter again. If I'm understanding your question right - go to where it is, hit your space bar to pause the game if you want, drag the transporter back to your inventory and transport back to the other one. wave
Posted by: syd

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/10/03 11:26 PM

Thanks nickie - I didn't know how to repick up the transporter - clicking on it transports you instead of picking it up like normal - I'll use the space bar and drag method.

Yep, I know I need a magic mirror in a pond to duplicate the gems - that's why I took it - figured I needed it to duplicate with. Now I need a pond laugh

I got inside the catacombs (statues right?) There's a door down there that is locked and I can't find a key for it. Must have missed something somewhere.

I did run out of the gate and grab the gold laugh but then went back inside. Maybe I'll venture out a bit more now that I know Sir Sethie won't get ticked at me wink

I also think I better do some more manual reading and more than that manual understanding (I am truly living up to my intelligence starting stats) lol
Posted by: nickie

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/10/03 11:53 PM

Yeah, I did the click on the transporter numerous times before I figured out the drag...You don't have to use the space bar, but it gives you a wee bit more time if you need it.
As best I recall, the mirror only works on one pond, but not hard to find.
Yep with the statues, I didn't know if you had done that or not. Not sure about the key - I know I picked up some in Mordaneus's house, but I can't remember if they were for the catacombs. If you don't find it soon, and no one answers, I'll restart a game to see. Hey, an excuse to play it again, LOL.
Sounds like you're doing just fine!
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/11/03 02:12 AM

The image of you running grabbing the gold is priceless, thanks for sharing. thumbsup
The Boneyard is fun and some areas easy and some very hard, but you'll beat those bad boys! <img border="0" title="" alt="[Razz]" src="tongue.gif" />
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Posted by: Skinter

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/11/03 10:05 AM

Syd: About those locked doors in the dungeon or as PCE says the Boneyard, there are certain levers that open certain locked doors in the area. You just have to do some searching until you find a lever and then pull. It'll unlock a gate for you. Also, if you run into a floor tile with a star on it. Don't click it until you think you're ready. If you do, you'll be transported to a room with a skeleton baddy that's tougher than the warriors and archers. But, you'll get treasure in the end. Good luck! wave wave
Posted by: nickie

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/11/03 11:34 AM

Mac is absolutely right. I don't know how far you got into the dungeon. But if you can't find levers to open something up, and do need a key location, let me know and I'll go back and look. Don't get discouraged by the dungeon - once you're out of there the game opens up into a huge world where you can quest all over the place laugh
Posted by: syd

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/11/03 02:35 PM

Thanks mackie I'll look for a lever because there sure aren't any miscellaneous keys around that I can find. I wish you could take a torch so you could see down there better - it's dark ya know laugh Nickie I'll let you know if I can't find it -

Ingie you would have been proud to know me if you'd have seen me dart out - grab the gold - dart back - dart out - grab the gold - dart back happydance I swear Sir Sethie was chortling at me every time I wizzed by him lol
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/11/03 06:26 PM

Yep, but you got the gold! happydance
Playing Morrowind and GhostMaster-2 GREAT GAMES
Posted by: syd

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/12/03 02:58 PM

Well, I found the levers and I am crunching my way through the boneyard but I'm running seriously low on health potions - in fact I'm down to one. Can you buy more or do you just have to stumble on them? I have some minor magic potions also - anyone know what they do? Guess I should just try one and see what it does. I've also found a couple of magic orbs - don't know what they're for either.

I did find the orcs that want me to find Slasher for them. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? I'm thinking it's a bad thing. Everytime I talk to them I lose all my axes so the last time I just walked by the big galouts without saying a word and I kept my axes lol
Posted by: acornia

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/12/03 03:26 PM

Minor magic gives you magic points so that you can cast spells. A good one to get is heal. And don't worry about not finishing this quest before leaving though would get up a couple of levels. Got a couple more quests cause hadn't. If you want to be sneaky, get quest points when you give them Slasher but can store it someplace else and then just let them know that you found it. Now both of you got one. lol Am playing warrior so might not need the axe.
Posted by: nickie

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/12/03 04:08 PM

You can backtrack and go back out of the dungeon, and load up on some more healing potions. You'll come across a few, but may not be enough. The three orbs will be necessary to get into a different part of the dungeon - you'll know when you can use them. Remember if you leave your teleporter by a bed, you can just zap to it and sleep, which will then make you fully healthy and magically powerful all over again (and more cheaply too). You can leave the other teleporter where you left on, and come right back when you wake up.
You'll know which ax is Slasher because you have to fight a real baddie to get it, and it has kind of a blue glow around it. Plus the level of identification is higher - four I think.
Have you checked out the statue south of where those orcs are? Don't do it until you're back to full strength though, as you'll lose the help it can give you if you leave the dungeon. Once you get your little helper, make sure you don't go around the orcs, because your little helper and the Orcs hate each other and will fight.
Posted by: syd

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/12/03 06:59 PM

Finally fought my through the hordes of skeleton critters to get the second teleporter stone (also made it to Level 4 whimpy wizard) laugh - so now I have two. I went back into the catacombs and got my "helper" but ooops he walked right by an orc and my, my was there ever a tiff <img border="0" alt="woozy" title="" src="graemlins/woozy.gif" /> But now I seem to reached a dead end. I can't open this one gate (it's sorta right of where the stone statue was)- is that what I use the three orbs on? Didn't try them - hmmmmm -

Can a whimpy wizard use the lockpicking skill? I got one just in case because one of the skeleton hordes had lockpicks on him.

The only quest I have left in Aleroth (I think) is to find out how come Mordaus is nutso. Got all the others taken care of. The other two I have deal with the plague in Rivertown and guiding the healers there after I first go see the general (I think).
Posted by: JMK

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/12/03 08:08 PM

Hi syd:

Don't forget that your helper can't go above ground with you. He dies once you leave.

Posted by: Schwab35

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/13/03 12:02 AM

If you see three satanic-looking rings on the floor, that's where the orbs go, just drag from your inventory to place them. This will open a door to the next level.

You can put points in any skill you want, and I do recommend lockpick since you will get more money and items and also be able to do some optional quests.
Posted by: nickie

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/13/03 02:37 AM

Happy Birthday, Syd! Since you were already asking yourself about the orbs, I'll bet you used them and are still dungeoning. When you're finished with the dungeon, you'll have finished the Mordaneus quest. There is actually one other quest there in town (sort of), but it might be kind of hard to do it until you get stronger- you'll find it in the graveyard. If you get to a point in the catacombs where it seems too hard, just go up top and kill more orcs and return.
Like Schwab said, you can get any skill you want, and lockpicking is good to have. Alchemy is another you want, and will want to put several skill levels into it, as it will save you a lot of time and money making your own health and mana potions. Another one I couldn't have done without is first, skeleton wall, and then when you level up, death knight (both of those skills summon help for you). The good thing about calling up help is that you can put them in front of you, and the baddies will have to attack them first.
Posted by: syd

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/13/03 05:10 PM

Thanks for the BD wishes nickie happydance
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/13/03 09:57 PM

Happy Birthday, just saw your cute cake happydance
Have fun in the Boneyard-good pickings laugh
Learning and playing Morrowind-great game
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Posted by: JMK

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/14/03 12:01 AM

Happy Birthday, Syd! I hope you got to spoil yourself today. smile

nickie, you and your Death Knights are something else. laugh I'm glad I took your advice and got them later in the game. Syd, they're really ferocious, but so funny while they're waiting around for you to do something so they can fight. They kind of slap something from one hand to another while being very obviously impatient! lol

Posted by: nickie

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/14/03 12:44 AM

Darn, I just uninstalled the game, and my memory is bad, but do you understand that you can switch your skill screen from survivor to warrior to wizard, and take from any of them? Yes, you're right, you can't get some skills before certain levels. And that's good that you got more strength, because you'll be able to carry better weapons, but don't neglect your intelligence, so you can do more powerful spells. There are SO many choices on the skills that sometimes it is overwhelming. Ha Jean, clickety-clack!
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/14/03 08:43 AM

Impatient, yes, but aren't they polite? laugh
I mean, if you're talking to someone, they just stop and hang about and let you finish what you're doing. My favorite though has to be the 2 skeletons in the boneyard, talking to one another,
that was a snorter! lol
Also that darn drummer orc that chased me all over the place, as long as I was busy with something else, he'd just stand there drumming, when I was done, the chase was on.
We went through the farmlands and 2 taverns together, I was beginning to think he had a crush on me eek
Loved DD and Zanaraha
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Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/14/03 09:32 AM

After bashing my way for three hours last night I finally made it out of the catacombs -but I absolutely could not kill all the baddies so I just started running and all of a sudden a portal appeared with Marbaneus that took us back to Aleroth. I did save right at the start of the battle and may go in again today to see if I can run - freeze - kill - run - freeze - kill - run (you get the picture) lol And I probably forgot other stuff down there also, but oh, well laugh
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/14/03 09:48 AM

Syd, happydance
After a while you'll be thinking how easy they are to handle. But you did the right thing, you've completed a big quest and can now do more, uh huh, more. Before leaving the little village, make sure you talk to each person there. Use the filter on your journal that will help you with your quest.
You're doing great, bravo I spent weeks down in the boneyard, I was such a chicken. It really hurt my feelings that they didn't like me-but I got even! whistle
There are 4 levels in the catacombs and you had to find them all to have M....help you in time.
Make sure to use your alt key to survey an area, it will highlight those little goodies you may miss by sight.
Now, go to Ortho, let him repair your stuff, get potions, or make them whichever you're doing and happy hunting-sounds like it's orc time. Here orcie, orcie <img border="0" title="" alt="[Razz]" src="tongue.gif" />
Learning and Playing Morrowind-great game
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Posted by: nickie

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/14/03 10:03 AM

Yep, and when you want to go on, head south down the path out of town.For the time being, you might want to leave one of your teleporters by a bed, so you can come back in a hurry. When the path forks, don't go north (leads to a tough area for you right now).
Posted by: syd

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/14/03 10:10 AM

Oh man, no dwarf ale that I remember frown but I'll look see again in the inventory to make sure. Otho is not too keen on me - I think I may have asked him one too many questions.

I had a lot of fun in those catacombs I'm ashamed to admit laugh I went looking for trouble lol

Ok nickie, I'll leave the teleporter by the bed. Don't go north? Okay but I can guarantee that I have no clue which way north is <img border="0" alt="woozy" title="" src="graemlins/woozy.gif" />
Posted by: nickie

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/14/03 10:19 AM

laugh After you cross a bridge you can go up or down - up is to the cursed abbey, and you probably don't want to go there until you level up. And it won't make sense to you now, but don't go to the castle until much, much later, after you've done a lot of other stuff, because it immediately kicks in the main story line.
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/14/03 12:06 PM

You guys are doing great. happydance
Playing GhostMaster- a howling good time thumbsup
Posted by: syd

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/14/03 02:38 PM

Alrighty then - I slashed orcs and made my way to the Blue Boar Inn - I just found out I was robbed arrggghhhhh - sneaky bugger. Anyway, is there anything to do in the poor section of town besides talk to the residence? I talked to the girl at the inn so I got the quest to take the letter to her uncle -

Oh, just thought of something - do I need to clean out all the orcs? I mainly concentrated on the ones that were blocking the path - I ventured out into the nether regions once or twice and did some in but there are still a bunch hanging around.
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/14/03 03:24 PM

You're going town-literally! laugh
Yep, you need to get rid of the orcs you'll be finding more, but should try to clean them and other things from around the village back, front sides, as you level you can go back.
Have you met Maria? Talk to everyone, you may be able to find the drunk pickpocket that took your stuff-the rat-I found once and he gave me back my lockpicks. bravo
You're having fun and that's the main thing.
Just talk to everyone and SAVE, find safe places to sleep and stash your goodies and a good person to trade with.
I love reading what you all are doing, it's like playing it again!
Thanks so much for sharing
Posted by: nickie

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/14/03 03:54 PM

There are a couple more things to do there, but you might want to head to the farmlands to get some easy quests, and the fort to pick up a couple you will need.
Posted by: syd

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/14/03 07:49 PM

Had to surface for a bit and relax my clicking arm. Trying to level up by only killing orcs and other assorted small critters takes a lot out of a person.

I did make it to the farmlands - didn't know I was there until I talked to one of the farmers however laugh Now I just need to find the barracks and deliver my note. The milkmaid said it was on my map but darned if I can find it. Also where does this Dr. Whatshisface go to? I tried to follow him after he talked to the soldier but by the time the game let me move he was gone. Guess I'd best do another door to door sweep whistle
Posted by: syd

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/14/03 09:00 PM

Found the barracks and delivered my note and got another quest. I keep getting killed by these stupid bees however arrrggghhhh
Posted by: acornia

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/14/03 10:15 PM

Try picking up repair skill and deadly gift in the warrior category. Deadly gift is really nice when you pick up scorpion traps, mines, and something else. Use the scorpion ones when there are alot to kill and then follow the scorpion.
Posted by: nickie

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/14/03 10:23 PM

Don't worry about the doctor yet - you'll run into him (or his house) in a while up north near the trader's market. The bees and wasps are annoying, aren't they? Did you get the quest to see who is poisoning the crops?
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/14/03 11:56 PM

Syd, wave
Also, did you get the quest about the poor farmer whose son was killed by the trolls, whistle
Oh, there is so much there!!
Ingie laugh
Playing GhostMaster and Morrowind-both GREAT
Posted by: syd

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/15/03 09:18 AM

Good merceful heavens people, how many quests does this game have??? lol

I talked to the two guys in front of one of the houses last night - somehow missed them the first go around and the one talked about the trolls (I think it was trolls) killing his son. Better check to see if I have that on my quest list. I took the love letter to Gareth and talked to the General who gave me a note to visit Captain Matix - which I did (of course I also brought along a whole legion of orcs that were chasing me and let the soldiers kill them - told you guys I was a whimpy wizard) laugh He got ticked off because I'd opened the letter from the General (I didn't but he said I did) so I have to blow up the supply line and am lugging around a barrel of explosives. Sure hope it doesn't go off on it's own). I found the way into the mines through that guy's house but there is a big sucker down there that I cannot figure out how to kill yet so I headed back up to farmland where I found another teleporter and talked to those two guys.

No quest to find out who's poisoning the crops and I didn't find anyone hiding in the barn that I remember - I killed a nasty that followed me in there however.

Also I went back to have Otho repair some weapons and he's gone, flown the coop, left the building. Does he do that or is he just out on a walk and will return? If I can't find him what do I do? Do I need to find another town and look for a weapon repair man?

Acornia I acually found a scorpion trap but had no idea what to do with it. I also have four trail traps that I'm not sure what to do with either. I'll try to get those two skills from the warrior - I don't seem to be having much luck getting skills for some reason. I'm still not too sure what I'm doing when it comes to that. If you are the correct level how come when you click on them they don't appear in the center box? Does that mean you are never destined to use them?

I did finally discover that you can move the map around and I found where the red flags were so I know where the supply train and the Dwarian Inn are. Not that I'll be able to get there anytime soon - but I know where they are now <img border="0" title="" alt="[Razz]" src="tongue.gif" />
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/15/03 09:53 AM

Syd, happydance
Try to fight some of the orcs with the guards so you can level up and increase that skill.
Use magic if you can, I always liked the Metorstrike,lighting and flying disc(you'll really need that one much later in the game)
While you're back in the first village explore the outer regions as much as you can on all sides.
Watch out for snakes!
There is so much to this game, but you're having fun so that's all that matters.
Here orcie, orcie
Playing Morrowind and GhostMaster-2 great games
Posted by: syd

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/15/03 10:06 AM

Thanks Ingie - I'll transport myself back to Aleroth and ransack buildings then work my way through those orcs and start down south again.

Hi ho, hi ho - it's off to kill orcs I go happydance
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/15/03 10:11 AM

You'll have a grand time lol
Good Luck laugh
Playing Morrowind and GhostMaster-2 GREAT games
Posted by: nickie

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/15/03 11:34 AM

Woohoo, there are a ton of quests! You can do as many or as few as you like at this point, but if you want to be big and bad you might want to do a lot! How I did the quest with the explosives - I used the black potions to make myself invisible, and I ran there, clicked the explosives to the appropriate place, took more potions and ran out of there. The black potions are a must have for us wimpy wizards!
I don't know about your skill question, unless you don't have enough points to get the skill? I never used scorpion traps or anything like that, so can't help you there. Every skill is available to you though, at the appropriate level and if you have the points to get it.
For repairing your stuff - you need to head north when you can. If you stick to the path, it shouldn't be much of a problem. You'll first come to the dwarven town, and north of there is a trader's market, where the blacksmith is at his forge. Once you ask him for help, he'll go to his house, which is just north of his forge, and you have to follow him there.
Posted by: syd

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/15/03 02:34 PM

Well here I am four hours later and almost to Level 10 wimpy wizard laugh I cleaned out all the orcs between here and the farmlands except the orc captain - he is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too strong for me right now - two smacks and I'm a gonner. I did go back underground and looked for Slasher - can't find it anywhere - did pick up some more gold however, so it wasn't a total loss.

I looked at my quests and no quest about the little boy so I guess I either didn't ask the right question or I need to go talk to the guy again. I did get a quest to catch cattle rustlers however lol

I do have a question. When I leveled up I got the repair weapon skill and can repair Level 1 weapons (just not sure which ones they are) - now this has happened twice - when I come across a troll and start to fight him I get what looks like a hammer hitting an anvil when I go to attack him. Any idea what the heck this icon is? My son thought it might mean the game is auto repairing my weapon but I don't have a clue.

I'll head up north nickie and look for the trader. I really need to get these weapons repaired and some traded in.

Make youself invisible huh? I wondered if that's what that one potion does. Now that I'm back in the farmlands I'll go back into the mines and give it a try.

This game is sucking up way too much of my life right now lol
Posted by: hagatha

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/15/03 02:59 PM

You have just encountered the "attack of the anvil"!

You have to make sure that after you repair something, you return your action icon to the weapon icon, otherwise you will end up trying to "repair" your enemy. Where you now see the anvil icon, click, and select your weapon of choice.

This is also rather embarassing (not to mention fatal) if you have left your lockpicks active).
Posted by: syd

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/15/03 06:17 PM

Ah no wonder the troll was laughing at me. He didn't need repairing lol Good thing he was slow and dumb or I'd have been dead meat before I got my weapon back laugh Thanks Hagatha - the obvious is always the hardest to figure out sometimes whistle
Posted by: nickie

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/15/03 06:53 PM

Arggh not the attack of the anvil! I did that so many times...You don't need to go into the mines if you use it, just straight across the board, since they can't see you.
Posted by: syd

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/15/03 09:18 PM

Oh man, I just tried to lockpick an undead corpse to death lol . But I made Level 10 laugh
Posted by: nickie

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/16/03 12:06 AM

lol lol lol I'll get you with my rusty key, argggh.
Posted by: syd

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/16/03 12:32 AM

Hagatha was right - that was soooo embarassing happydance

I'm now off to blow up a supply train for real and get one of my quests off the books. I cannot get the quest about the little boy to show up so I guess that's one I won't be doing. I've talked his father three times and the conversation comes up correctly but the quest never shows. Guess I'll live without that one but I so wanted to dig up a grave whistle
Posted by: acornia

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/16/03 01:02 PM

Try talking to mom instead.
Posted by: syd

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/17/03 01:22 AM

Hi acornia - I don't know if I talked to the mom or not but I talked to someone named Carolin and she told me her son was lost over by the Dark Cave - is that the same quest that Ingie was talking about?

I got the supply train blown up and finally found slasher. So far that's it for tonight. I've been roaming around killing things and have made it to almost level 14.

I'm having a terrible time trying to solve the poor scared soldier's delima and the cattle rustler quest. I've been told that the assassin has been seen running through the cornfields but for the life of me can't find him. I've tried day and night and nadda. Does he show up somewhere?

I also stumbled on some zombies (Jake I believe) dragging some poor lady underground. Naturally I followed - naturally I died lol

I did finally manage to find the weapon repair guy in the merchants village. I even sold off a lot of my inventory laugh I still have some stuff stashed around George's place that I think I'll go back for and sell. Do you need the rings and stuff for anything other than selling to get gold? I found a bunch near some "ahem" grave robbers that were pretty miffed to learn I killed their boss and they were now unemployed whistle

That's enough babbling for tonight -
hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to accomplish a bit more quest wise.
Posted by: Magician

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/17/03 04:42 AM

good god - I've been following the thread, and by the description of the gameplay, it certainly reminds me of Morrowind... and the almost boundless limit and freedom of the world frightened me away from that... yikes! Dare I enter the world of Divine Divinity...? wink
Posted by: acornia

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/17/03 07:50 AM

Oh yeah, go play. Most of the quests are in one (large) area and until get most of them done, don't really want to go someplace else. Syd some of those items have been charmed and if you wear them, will get more vitality, magic, or resistance to poison, etc so have them appraised if you can't identify them. Go all the way to left side of the farming community and talk to someone hiding in a barn. Then around the middle of the farming community should find an orchard, with the assassin in the middle. Find him too soon and only get to talk. Don't worry about the soldier, just say that you will do it. Will be a long time before can find that potion. Carolin is the person need to talk to find the son. Save game once you get inside the cave. Boy does it get harder to level up the higher you get. Need about 900,000 to level up--am at level 26. One more thing, if talk to Hugh about a bill, don't offer to pay it unless you're carrying alot of money.
Posted by: syd

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/17/03 09:28 AM

Orchard??? Man, I didn't check the orchards because whathisface told me he'd seen the stranger running through his cornfields - I shoulda known lol I tend to roam alot and check stuff out and in doing so get myself into trouble <img border="0" alt="woozy" title="" src="graemlins/woozy.gif" />
Posted by: nickie

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/17/03 10:51 AM

Yes, most definitely get armor! And when you can, get a protection spell - you'll need it before too long. The two quests on the two sons are two different quests - does that make sense? Don't worry about the troll one at the moment, though, and the one Acornia is talking about involves a rather strong opponent.If you can catch the baddie for the guy in the barn, you get a real nice present. Sounds like you're really rolling along!
Posted by: syd

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/17/03 12:50 PM

Oh great - I think I just sold all mine off arrrrrggghhhhh I hope I stashed some at George's or I'm gonna have to buy it back at 12 times the price I got paid for it. Sometimes I'm not too smart [okay, so most of the time I'm not too smart] lol lol

If the two little boys are separate quests then I guess I'm SOL on the one in the Farmlands. I absolutely cannot get that one to appear - but I'll keep trying periodically. Maybe I'll hit on the right formula.
Posted by: nickie

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/17/03 03:00 PM

Ah, maybe the one in the farmlands that Ingie mentioned is not actually counted as a quest, more of an explanation later when you find the troll bunch.I can't remember it ever showing up on my game either.
Don't worry about the armor, you'll no doubt find more. Besides, unless your strength is up a lot, it's heavy. Just at some point it will be good to have, because the baddies become more difficult, and you will want as much protection as you can get. Don't forget to periodically hold down the alt key, so you can see hidden stuff all over the place.
Posted by: Magician

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/17/03 06:12 PM

hahaha - has anyone actually finished the game in its entirety yet, including obtaining all items and finishing all quests? wink
Posted by: syd

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/17/03 07:06 PM

Magician I'll let you know in about six months thumbsup
Posted by: acornia

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/17/03 09:57 PM

LOL Everytime get a couple solved, find a bunch more. One time actually manage to get three quests done at the same time by talking to one of the merchants twice. So far only got the Aleroth quests done, I think.
Posted by: JMK

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/17/03 11:20 PM

I finished it a while back and got almost all the quests. I think the game took me 3 months to play.

I never did get the assassin. I found him but was never able to make anything happen other than have him tell me to get lost.

It's a fun game, and I can't wait until they do another one! lol

Posted by: nickie

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/18/03 12:41 AM

I think it took me close to 200 hours to finish it, but I looked in absolutely every nook and cranny, because I was so amazed I had so much with which to interact, and then I replayed scenes several times to try out different things. I did all the quests but three I believe, just because I didn't want to do them. It was a great game, and I'm another that is going to be in line for Riftrunner and for DD2.
Posted by: syd

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/18/03 05:39 PM

I'm sure you've all been waiting with baited breath to see how I've been doing, right? Of course you have lol

Well I made it to level 16 and 1/2. I just poisoned the orc well and now I'm off to Captain Matrix to give him the good news and hopefully get an invite to Castle Stormfist so I can look for the wizard Zandalar. I'm still not sure how to catch the cattle thief at the Farmlands - did anyone else get this quest and have a suggestion?

I found a cave that had a couple of not very nice and very strong bandits in it - they wiped me out before I could blink - luckily I save right before I went in so I'll attempt to go back in later.

I still haven't figured out how to solve the plague problem in Rivertown nor found a cure for the two poor victims. Guess that comes later. Also I haven't found out who's been tampering with the harvest. Poor Hugh is going to be moving if I don't get on the stick.

Other than I now have 22 un finished quests right now I'm doing just swell laugh
Posted by: Rowan

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/18/03 05:48 PM

Syd, I found 3 plague victims, and have a quest for each of them. You might want to go back and find the 3rd one.

I found out how the crops are being poisoned. You will have to descend into one of the many caves and come out alive. Have you got the polymorph skill yet? It helped me in some almost impossible places. Happy hunting.
Posted by: syd

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/18/03 08:09 PM

Well Row I can't go anywhere right now because I'm being held captive for the next 40 years by Duke Janus slapforehead

And some *&(^ imp stole my pyramid teleporters so I'm elstucko until I can figure out how to get out of here. I've even resorted to washing dishes for the cook but can't get him to inspect my work <img border="0" alt="cry" title="" src="graemlins/cry.gif" /> I think I would have been better off with the plague. I am now in the process of trying to find Zandalar - sure hope when I do he can get me out of here.

I haven't got the polymorph skill yet - I'll grab it the next time I level up. Sounds like something I'm going to need - I could probably use it right now <img border="0" alt="pacify" title="" src="graemlins/pacify.gif" />
Posted by: Schwab35

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/18/03 08:19 PM

You'll get out of the castle eventually once you've served some time as Janus' errand-boy.
Then the fun really begins...
Posted by: acornia

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/18/03 08:36 PM

Well can use a statue instead. There's a place where you can find a cat statue and use it.
Posted by: syd

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/18/03 09:10 PM

Janus already sent me to look for his white cat - which I found and who refuses to follow me. He did tell me to head back to Janus for further instructions (that bossy little twerp) and on my way back I stumbled on the kitchen so I thought I'd lend the cook a hand.

I do have a cat statue - also a spider statue that I used once to see what happened laugh

I'll tool around the castle to see what happens - sure hope I can find my teleporter stones.
Posted by: nickie

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/19/03 12:06 AM

Syd, are you really sure you don't want to go back to a save before you went into the castle???You're not going to have your teleporter stones for a while...Oh, and the cattle rustler quest, look to the poor section of town. For the washing dishes, have you dragged everything into your bucket, and then picked them back up before you talk to the cook?
Posted by: syd

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/19/03 12:35 AM

Hi nickie - I already decided after being in the castle for a bit to try this part later when I'm a bit stronger and have more potions etc.

I went to the Archer's Guild and found the little boy whose parents are being held hostage. Killed the mercenary and the chief bandit guy and got one key but am not sure where to look for the one the little boy dropped.

I'll head back to the poor part of town and see if I can discover who that cattle rustler is laugh

I went down the into the cave that had the poison and destroyed all the barrels - then went back to Hugh. I still must be missing something because the quest is still showing not completed. Think I'll head back to the cave and look around again - must have missed something down there.

I also cleaned out the spider cave - yuck - I'll have nightmares for weeks on that one.

I'm about DD'd out right now - my eyes are crossing so I think I'll call it a night and see if the morning brings any new insights.
Posted by: nickie

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/19/03 02:59 AM

There should be a baddie living in the cave with the poison, and he has a key - wherever that key fits, will solve the quest (big conspiracy, ya know).It'll tie in to another quest.
For the key to the kid's house, I think I found it by pressing alt north of the house. Be sure and save before you go in, kinda tricky.
Posted by: acornia

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/19/03 08:33 AM

That quest generates alot of subquests and experience points. How high in levels should you be before being blessed and killed? Went up five levels after the blessing to level36 but not sure that's enough has bought it with the dragon.
Posted by: syd

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/19/03 09:30 AM

Gad I can't keep track of what quests I have now. I'm thinking I may avoid the kidnapped victims for a bit longer lol I got the key from the orc I killed down in the poison cave and Hugh has no clue where it fits so it's off to find something it works in.

Found the cattle thief (but I didn't turn him in, so that one quest I guess I failed). I had been down there before but because I never talked to Tom first it didn't tell me that it looked like someone was butchering cattle - I just remember seeing lots of meat whistle

Missed talking to Balin the first time through the poor town so now I have another quest - to find a stolen necklace. 'Cept I have no idea where to look or what it looks like. Luckily I haven't sold any jewelry other than gems. Hopefully the guy that stole it didn't pawn it somewhere laugh
Posted by: Rowan

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/19/03 11:10 AM

Syd, I got the polymorph skill by picking up a book in one of the caves. It lets you change an enemy into a friendly animal like a frog or a rabbit. However, you only get experience points if you kill the animal after. Sometimes I've had to polymorph a whole crowd of baddies and then pick off the little critters later. Then teleport to a bed because it drains your mana.
Posted by: JMK

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/19/03 11:50 AM

I found out the hard way that the little critters you polymorph eventually turn back into themselves if you don't kill them. lol

Posted by: syd

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/19/03 12:08 PM

Yep I got the polymorph skill and used it just to see what it would do. I then spent half an hour chasing a frog around lol Next time I froze the sucker and blasted him with my metorite skill whistle
Posted by: nickie

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/19/03 01:07 PM

lol Syd, that was more my style as well, and I hated having to kill cute stuff, rather bash ugly monsters. But Rowan, you're sure right - it can be helpful in a bad situation!
As for the key Syd, let me know if you need help. I think re the cattle rustler, you get points either way. Isn't it interesting how some of the quests give you a moral choice?
And...I don't think the kidnapped family is too difficult for you, there just are a lot of wrong ways to go about it, thus the save.
Acornia, I don't know, depends on your strategy I guess. I think I was a 37 at the blessing. Did you get the divine weapon before you were blessed? And do you have high spiritual stats? That helps a lot - and if you don't, helps to get the (mental blank) little things you put on your stuff to up your stats. laugh
Posted by: acornia

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/19/03 02:05 PM

No just wondering if should complete the dragon suit first. Missing the amulet for the trio. Will work on the spirtual stats. Any way of getting back into Dr Elrath's house? Cured two of the plague victims but got another one or two to do.
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/19/03 04:31 PM

Syd and Rowan
Well my goodness, a girl leave for a few days and look what happens.
First off, didn't mean to confuse you about the old man and his son that was killed by troll, he doesn't ask for you to do anything, but he's quite happy when you avenge his son's death.
Syd, you're leveling FAST, lots of loot still out there!!Rowan, where you at??
this game took me 3 months to play, have no idea how many hours and I loved going back and killing the dudes that got the best of me first time around-well, 2nd and 3rd time around too.
Did you get the guy in the Orchard?? I was wondering, didn't read that on the strands, but egads I missed a lot of fun stuff-
Syd, I made sure I did all the quest everywhere before going to Stormfist, that's another whole mess of yikes there, as I'm sure you caught on to, with that brief but unpleasant visit. Did you do the Abbey??You should be able to have some fun there. How about the sewages been there??
I remember the quest at the Archer's Guild, I'm with Nickie, you'll be able to help there and get good points to boot-place to stay too if I remember correctly.
Oh, and of course some goodies!
Oh, I'll just have to go back and reread everything to catch up with you two.
I'm home, will be playing Morrowind and Ghostmaster tonight!!
Posted by: nickie

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/19/03 06:24 PM

Acornia, the dragon armor is really expensive to fix,and breaks easily, and I dropped it in the wastelands, using some great armor I picked up there from a dead imp. You can get back in Elrath's house, but if you turned him in, you'll have to lockpick to get in (unless you didn't pick up the key in the first place, I don't know if it would still be there or not). However, there are only the two potions for the plague victims (some people have been able to pickpocket the potion after they give it to one person,and give it to the third person, but I had no luck with that, and it just gave me bad reputation points).
Posted by: syd

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/19/03 06:27 PM

Hi Ingie

Yep I got the assassin thumbsup And I just got through with the upper part of the abbey (good grief that was a battle and a half) whistle And I'm sure I'll be going out in a heart beat <img border="0" title="" alt="[Razz]" src="tongue.gif" />
Posted by: audrey522

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/19/03 06:32 PM

Syd, you can actually leave off going into the castle until you've done just about everything else you can do (including the Dark Forest eek .) It saves you the pain of having to be without your teleporter pyramids for too long. Once you've done everything else (!) and are leveled up some more, go into the castle. It will be a lot easier and faster to get your pyramids back then.

I enjoyed DD a lot and am now playing Morrowind. Talk about a big game and lots of quests! I'd give my right arm for some little blue flags right about now lol


Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/19/03 07:20 PM

Hi Marian thumbsup
Posted by: syd

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/20/03 12:26 AM

Hi Ingie - I found Slasher laugh but now I've lost the good doctor eek When I didn't need to talk to him he was all over the place - now that I actually know what I want to ask him - he's disappeared - the sneak!

I also found some sort of teleporter stone that zapped me from the soldier's fortress to somewhere dark so, I zapped myself back. Not sure where I went but I marked it so I can go back. I'm now on my way to rescue the little boy's folks from the house - that is if I can find the key he dropped.

Wish me luck lol
Posted by: nickie

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/20/03 10:00 AM

Syd, there's some good treasure to be had from that garden! Don't miss the sewers that Ingie mentions - it will level you up in a hurry. Did you go to the church itself and solve the quest there for the priest?
Posted by: syd

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/20/03 10:53 AM

Found the gold in the garden - didn't find anything else however laugh

Haven't been in the sewers yet - where are they?

Just rescued the kid's parents and killed a few more orcs. I need to go back and find their teleporter scroll and the Imps one (whoever the imps are - haven't seen one yet that I know of)

Went to the church early on and that one specter wiped me out in a heart beat so I decided to go back when I was a bit tougher - which I am now. I also need to figure out how to get past those traps in the cursed abbey.

I also can't kill the troll king and his minions in the troll cave, but I'm working on it <img border="0" alt="woozy" title="" src="graemlins/woozy.gif" />
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/20/03 12:01 PM

Hi Syd, happydance
Playing Ghost Master thumbsup
Being gone 5 days means I have to try to remember what I was going to do!
Posted by: syd

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/21/03 12:08 AM

I went underground to follow Elona who'd been kidnapped by the zombies. For one thing you can't save once you're down there - for another what on earth do you use against a steel scorpion??? I was doing okay zapping the zombies but that sucker got me in two shots.

I was thinking about getting Elemental bolt - is that a good one? I have four skill points I saved up because I wasn't sure what to use them on. I want to increase my metorstrike skill but can't do that again until level 25 - which hopefully will be tomorrow. Also my lock picking skill is only on the lowest - is it worth upping it one more?

That's about all I can think of right now. Went to the Dark Forest and wound up with 3 more quests before I hit the end of the road slapforehead The mountain trolls were a bit too tough for me so I'm going to head north.
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/21/03 12:41 AM

Your levels are high enough to beat those suckers.
Is that the lighting skill? If so, yes I used it a lot, that and meterostrike. also don't forget flying disc, you'll really use that skill later.
Lighting works great on trolls and anything you don't won't to get to close too, Also you sword will work on them, though not as quickly, then you have repair cost.
You're really doing so good, if you left an area earlier that you thought was too tough, now's a great time to back and whopp up on them. You'll level up and get loads of expierence points.
Did you do everything in the boneyard?
Also, the trolls and abbey area and don't forget the church, that's an easy quest and you'll need it.
The steel scorpion, I would try the lighting, but it seems to me I might of froze them and then beat them up, it's hard to remember, but you'll get it. Trail and error is the only way.
Also, I did the same, saving my skill points.
You can go in and up a level if you're able or start another. I know so many choices, but your wizard isn't whimpy no more, If you chose intellegence, you get a lot more expierence points.
This game is so good because other than about 2 scenes you can save anywhere.
You need to clean the sewers out, did you join some of the guilds? That would be good.
I liked the lockpick skill, used it a lot, but think I stopped at about level 3.
Also, I really think you can nail the Troll King.
When you found the poision did you report it to get the quest completed?
Boy, I forgot how much of this game I forgot. <img border="0" alt="woozy" title="" src="graemlins/woozy.gif" />
It's a hoot though, lockpick probably is not as important, you're a mage, so I would zone in on those mage skills and some of the warrior-don't know your choice of weapon, but get good at it. Did you get the charm spell so you can enchant your weapons with the stones? That's a great one to up on so you can use those babies.
I know Nickie will be a little busy next day or 2, but she'll help, she's got the best memeory on this game. and I repeat, read the older strands, it helped me so much.
How many of the scrolls do you have now? and did you activate each of the teleporters so you can just use them zooming back and forth?Remember to have weapon ready when you transport wink
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Posted by: nickie

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/21/03 01:17 AM

I don't know if you can go back and get the treasure or not from Nericon's garden, but you can activate a hidden portal in the water.
I can't remember the name of the spell I used on those scorpions - fire wall? or something like that, which leaves a trail of fire behind you (but you do have to move,ha!)Eventually if you have enough strength and a good sword, that's easier.
I only got level two lockpicking, and I was overqualified, since there are so many keys laying around.
How I did the abbey - I used skeleton wall (no laughing, Jean!) and put them in front of me so they would set off the traps, plus I used a protective spell. At the end of your battle, you may find a hidden room, and it is not necessary to beat the baddie, might call for a little negotiation instead.
When you say undergroud, you must mean in Jake's Lair, where there is a glitch in the game and you can't save. You can get to the sewers through grates in the ground - there's one in Verdistis, and one in the merchant place, that I can think of.
Might be worth your while to do other stuff before the Darkened Forest, more difficult. Remember to save before you pull that sword out of the stone (very important,because it can wreck your game).
Posted by: syd

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/21/03 02:22 PM

Saturday afternoon update laugh Found the sewers and have been zapping my way through them for the past couple of hours. My gad they are huge!

I've finished the church quest, the abbey quest, got into Jake's lair and rescued the kidnapped lady, killed the vampire, and gve Gareth his feign death potion. Still haven't finished George's murder quest nor the plagues. Also have had no luck getting Balin's necklace. I think the sucker hocked it somewhere and isn't talking about it lol

When I finally get out of the sewers I'm on my way to Verdists to see what's happening there laugh
Posted by: Rowan

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/21/03 02:34 PM

You've done a lot, Syd! bravo I'm still orc hunting. I am having a devil of a time in the SE corner of the map. Have you done this yet?

Check Jonas' house for the necklace. It is on a piece of furniture near a wall and quite well hidden. Use the ALT key to find it.
Posted by: Rowan

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/21/03 02:37 PM

Sorry, I sent the same message twice. Don't know how I did it. Must have been in click mode after clicking on so many orcs.
Posted by: syd

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/21/03 08:24 PM

Hi Row - okay I'll go back to Jona's house again. But I still say the sucker hawked it laugh

I know I ran into all sorts of nasty trolls where the prison pits are - are you further SE than that? Have you gotten into the head orc's tent yet? He's a nasty tempered beast rolleyes

I also wound up on one of those raised mounds and found a sign that said "old battlefield to the north - don't touch the stone" Well, I touched it lol (never did follow instructions well) laugh Holy mackrel - that let loose a skeleton horde like you wouldn't believe. When I was done the mound was riddled with bones and I was sweating.

I found where Tingalf hid the goods but there must be something else I need to do because I can't get the quest to end. There's one chest that's booby trapped with poison so maybe I need to somehow get in there for the proof I need.

I'm now wandering around Verdists just getting my bearings. The owner of the Ducal Inn (who also is a member of the thief's guild) wants me to pick a pocket - I don't have that skill yet and not sure I want to waste a skill point. But I don't think I can do it without it.

Anyway - that's it so far. I think I'm level 24 now.
Posted by: Rowan

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/21/03 08:47 PM

You actually killed those baddies that came out of that stone? What skill worked for you? I've died every time, but you are probably stronger than me. I just made level 20.

I've cleared out all the orc territory except for the furthest SE corner where a teleporter should be. I just can't get near that corner at all.

I haven't tried Verditis or the Dark Forest yet.
Posted by: nickie

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/22/03 01:00 AM

laugh Everyone just has to touch that sign!!! In Verdistis you will find George's murderer, and after that, you need to go back to Mordaneus and tell him about it.
On the Tingalf quest, when you kill Pedro he drops a note, and you need to show the note to - can't remember his name, the military guy.
Yeah, you do need to get a point in the lockpicking skill, but you won't need more than that. And getting in the Thieves' Guild is important.
Posted by: syd

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/22/03 10:06 AM

Whew I'm glad I'm not the only one that can't resist touching things she's been told not to wink

Row I think at the time I found the mound I was level 22 and had a level 2 on my metorstrike skill (man, I love that skill) laugh I'd hit them and then run so they would fan out a bit and not bunch up on me. Then I'd blast away with finger on the ready to hit the space bar and zap out of there to recoup. Then zap back in - hit, run, hit, zap out.

I checked the orcs to the SE - nope, I hadn't gotten that far - they are stronger down there and as soon as I got the scroll from the orc captain or whatever he was I left for awhile. I just leveled up to 25 last night and put one more skill level on my metorstrike and I think I have two or three skill levels on my lightening bolt (I've used this one a lot lately for some real toughies) and went back in and am currently wiping them out :laughing: It's starting to take a lot to hurt me - I have some pretty nice armor on and my strength is getting up there so the health bar doesn't move down like it used to.

Nickie it dawned on me that I needed to pick up the note Pedro dropped after I got to Verdists and found the book about the guy falsefying the financial records. I thought just reading the note would trigger it but when I found I could drag the book into my inventory, I went back and did the same with the note. All is well - quest solved laugh I also solved the plague quest and cured two of the victims (I think it's rude that there are only two cure potions and three victims) frown

I do have one question - that fenced in area where the soldiers are - I go in and a wizard or something appears and makes the soldiers attack me - if I kill the soldiers in there (which I'm forced to do or they kill me) then all the others on the outside attack me. I saved right before I went in just in case something bad happened - and decided that maybe this comes into play later, so I went back to a previous save. Is this supposed to happen or after you get the main quest going does the outcome change?

Okay, I have one skill point unused so I'll assign it to pick pocketing if getting into the Thieves' guild is necessary.
Posted by: nickie

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/22/03 10:13 AM

No, you can go ahead and kill those bedazzled soldiers if you want to. Any soldiers not near them shouldn't turn against you, unless you accidentally kill some that aren't bedazzled!
Posted by: syd

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/22/03 04:21 PM

Well I must have killed a few that were not bedazzled lol because they all came at me.

Next time I go in I'll be more careful who I blast laugh
Posted by: nickie

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/22/03 06:13 PM

To clarify, I meant if they are outside that barracks, like at the next barracks, they shouldn't be against you - were they? If they were, then yep, you must have caught an extra!
Posted by: syd

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/23/03 03:22 PM

I don't know if I killed a "friendly" or not - but as I was leaving the compound the soldiers were still attacking me. I decided then that I may have made a mistake so I went back to a previous save and avoided that area for now.

I just cleaned out the assassins guild and solved the question of the duke's murder. Still need to find out how poor old George got it. Then I have a few more things to do in Verdists and then it's either visit Stormfist Castle or head down south to the Dark Forest.
Posted by: Rowan

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/23/03 03:35 PM

Syd, I had to kill off the entire barracks full of soldiers. The soldiers in the other barracks are friendly, but this one set is mean.
Posted by: acornia

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/23/03 05:27 PM

Syd, aren't you using the mini-map? Good guy are green crosses and the bad guys are red crosses.
Posted by: syd

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/23/03 07:12 PM

Yep I'm using the map but when I start zapping I don't pay too close attention to what color the crosses are - I just aim and fire lol
Posted by: nickie

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/23/03 07:18 PM

lol Did you already do all the quests in Verdistis except find George's murderer? You're really movin'! I'd sure do the Dark Forest before the castle, since the castle kicks in the main quest, and your teleporters are temporarily confiscated.
Posted by: syd

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/23/03 09:00 PM

Nah I've got at least three more quests in Verdistis and that's if I don't talk to anyone else laugh

I have to go get the brooch for Sir Dante's wife, find who's murdering those poor woman and I still haven't done the pick pocket thing. I turned down the opportunity to burn some poor guy's cart and am not sure if I want to buy a house or not. Got the offer but haven't made up my mind. Is that a quest or just a waste of money?

Also - how strong do you have to be to beat the sucker in the basement of the Blue Boar Inn? I've wasted 1000 gold pieces so far - even drank the Super strength potion to see if that would help but it didn't.

And now it sounds like I need to go back to the barracks and clear out some bad guy soldiers [yipee] whistle
Posted by: syd

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/23/03 11:22 PM

Quick question - I'm the the Thieve's Guild - there's a guy guarding a door - I tried to lock pick the one to the north of him and he attacked me - I let myself die because I wasn't sure about killing the thieves. Do you attack the thieves?
Posted by: nickie

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/24/03 03:11 AM

No, you don't want to attack them - there's too many of them, and it will make it harder to do some later stuff. After you become a member of the guild, you can wander in those rooms to your heart's content.
Getting the house I think is just a waste, but it may give you experience points, I don't know, didn't do it.If you have the portable bed, you don't need it.
As a member of the wimpy wizard club I was nowhere near strong enough to beat that guy in the basement, so I have no idea what it takes. I sulked away when they all laughed at my pathetic attempts...
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/24/03 07:36 AM

Hi Syd bravo
I played as thief first go round and joined the Guild, I'm not sure which door you can't get in?
I did buy a house, don't waste the money..you can't even live there! The few points it was worth wasn't worth it.
Tried renting too, same thing-couldn't stash my stuff or me there, very aggravating. I think I just wound up renting a room at the inn.
Let me know about the door-where it's at and all, it may jog my memory-that's a big MAY JOG, but one never knows. laugh
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Posted by: syd

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/24/03 10:11 AM

It was the door where the assassin lady was locked in. I discovered all I had to do was leave the scene and the guard books it out to go "potty" laugh Sure hope I was supposed to release her - it did give me another quest - and there's one door I can't get in so I'm not sure what else I can do down here for now. Guess I'll head above ground and see what's going on there.

I sulked away too nickie - sheez you would think with super strength potion I could at least bruise him a little, but nope - sucker just lol at me.
Posted by: nickie

Re: Divine Divinity Started - 06/24/03 10:17 AM

Oh, that door! I thought you were talking about the head of the guild's bedroom - and he does have something in there that you want, by the way!